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Started by Caehlim, January 25, 2009, 08:06:47 PM

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Just as a quick note. I am completely in the mood for some Wuxia and Mystical Kung Fu stories at the moment. If anyone has ideas along these lines let me know. I've included some ideas of my own amongst the ones below, but if you have some story ideas of your own I'd love to hear them.

With these stories if I have a preference for the genders involved or which role I would prefer to play, then I'll specify within the idea. If I don't say, then the roles can be any gender and I don't mind which I play. If you're responding to one of these, please let me know what your preference for the gender and role of the character are.

The warrior's greatest challenge (Light, Multiple Partners)

A famous warrior is know far and wide for their swordplay and kung-fu, yet their reputation as a lover is even more famous. According to the stories, they have brought pleasure to many but no partner has ever been able to satisfy their endless appetite for lovemaking. Many have wondered how many courtesans it would take to satisfy the warrior and now the Garden of a Thousand Blossoms, the greatest pleasure house in the empire, has offered the services of its one thousand courtesans and limitless cellars of saki to find out.

I see this tale as ridiculously over the top, raunchy, slapstick fun with feasting, jokes, music, revelry and perhaps the occasional fight, mixed in with exotic tantric moves and the desperate struggle of this warrior to make their way through a thousand concubines.

The Secret (Light, M/M, Incest, Prostitution)

A young man grows up in an idealic lifestyle. His parents are wealthy and permissive, he goes to the best schools and has a solid trust fund to set himself up for the rest of his life. Everything seems perfect. Then he finds out that his parents are actually his adoptive parents, who were infertile and desperately wanted a child. He becomes obsessed with finding out who his real parents were who abandoned him. He hires a private investigator who manages to track down his biological father. After warning him that he might not want to know, the private investigator reveals that the father is working as a gay prostitute in the city.

The young man originally intends on confronting his father and revealing that he is his son, but changes his mind at the last moment and hires his services instead, partly out of curiosity, partly out of resentment.

I see this story as being rather psychological focusing heavily on the emotions of the characters involved as they work through a very unconventional meeting and have a lot of issues to resolve. I'd rather play the role of the son and see this as an M/M story (M/F could work but it strikes me as a bit stranger somehow). I'm imagining the ages involved as 20/Late thirties.

(More to follow, as I come up with ideas)
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