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Author Topic: Looking for a long term Romance Story F Looking for M  (Read 737 times)

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Offline SilvermystTopic starter

Looking for a long term Romance Story F Looking for M
« on: May 14, 2018, 08:42:43 pm »
I am looking for partners for the following romance story ideas. If you are at all interested, then please message me.

Title: Unexpected Love
Pairing: Prince x Queen's Friends Daughter (Foreigner yet not)
Notes: This is more story driven. I want a slow build from hatred to friends to lovers.
Plot: The prince lives a life of doing what he wants when wants. He is suppose to be in college, but keeps slacking off. Out of no where a girl shows up at the palace. The princes parents inform him that she will be staying with them while she goes to college at the same college as the prince. The Queen is adamant that she is off limits to the prince as far as dating goes, but he is in charge of showing her around and looking after her at school. Things he would rather not be doing, because he has a life and showing some bookworm, serious school girl around is not it.

Title: Unlikely Roommates
Pairing: Guy x Girl
Notes: I want this to be story heavy. Sex will be part of it, but I want the tension of them not liking each other, and the awkwardness of a guy and girl living in a small two bedroom apartment.
Plot: They got a rent by the room apartment. They were guaranteed their roommate would be of the same gender, but the company renting to them never met either of them in person and with her name being one that is typically male, and they didn’t double check what she had put on the form as her gender. Now, they are stuck in a two year contract that would cost too much to get out of, so they are stuck living together. I see this in my head of lots of fun pranks being pulled on each other, heated fights, fun awkward run-ins in the bathroom and such. (Could be interesting if the guy was secretly a prince)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Prince x Commoner
Plot: The heir to the throne of England (can be another place, does not have to be England, I just like England), meets a beautiful, down to earth girl while in disguise. He sneaks out of the castle in disguise a lot as he tries to escape all the princess and women of means in the land that they are trying to hook him up with. He is closing in on his 21st birthday and they want him to be married. She is a orphan, that group up in the system until she was 18. Since she was 16, she has worked at a diner in the blue collar part of town. She has a small, single bedroom apartment, in a rundown building not far from the diner. One day, the prince comes in while in disguise and they meet. From there it is a story of two people who have fallen for each other and fight against the Prince’s family, because they do not approve of her. She has to learn how to deal with life in the spotlight.

Title: The Arrangement
Pairing: Wealthy man x College Student
Plot: Your character lives in London, he is very rich, the owner of his own enterprise company. His company stretches to many different markets. He is only 32. He is the most eligible bachelor in the world. He is always on the list to many events, to which he usually goes alone, however, he has grown tired of all his friends wives trying to set him up at this events. The women that throw themselves at him are just in it for his looks and money, the do not care about the beneath it all. The thief he use to be. The child living on the streets that he use to be. All the care about is his image.

However, he has this event to go to in London, where he knows that he is going to have like five different girls shoved at him and he is just not in the mood to deal this time. So, while one a business trip in Sweden, he sees a girl, she is American, traveling in Sweden as a student for a study aboard program. Her time is coming to an end and when it is over she will graduate and try and find a job as a teacher. She is living in Jonkoping, Sweden, but he sees her one day while she is visiting Gothenberg for a day. What attracts him is how she doesn't notice him, she is laughing and walking right past the group of media and girls flanking him outside a business tower, as he was on his way back to London. When her group of friends points the crowd out, she looks right at him and just shrugs and they all move on. Her and her three guys and one girl group, head back to the train station to catch their bus back to Jonkoping. He decides right then and there that she will be the one to go with him to the event the next night and gets his secretary to track her down.

From there my character is tracked down and invited to come to London and attend this event with your character. She will be hesitant and unsure, but with the request to have her friends come too, to make her feel more comfortable, your secretary gets your approval and they all go. Private jet to London, and a fancy hotel, in which they all get their own rooms.

Well, when they finally meet, he is so controlling over how she will look and how she will dress, that they have fights, basically it is going to be a love/hate relationship. While she annoys the hell out of him, by back talking and arguing all the damn time, he finds he likes it. Now days if he tells someone to do something, they do it. She questions it all.

So, after the event we can decide together where the story will go, she will have to return to Sweden to finish her study aboard, but once she graduates, it will be free game.

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Re: Looking for a long term Romance Story F Looking for M
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2018, 12:37:12 am »
Bumping because I added a new idea.