Anachronistic Superheroes: World War Neo and an unlikely alliance

Started by Darthvegeta800, January 24, 2009, 02:36:26 PM

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Anachronistic History: World War Neo

In a world where all nations have their own over the top projects and superheroes/supervillains, the First World War turned out quite differently.
A mysterious man, known as 'Der Kaiser' or 'Der Megakaiser' used his brilliant intellect and superpowers to lead the German Armed forces to victory over Europe. The USA was never involved in the war as it already ended in 1915 due to the sheer technological superiority and Elite superpowered units of the German Reichsmacht.
The newly established Reich united the entirety of continental Europe, partially into Eastern Europe. Minor conflict in the East led to a strong foothold in the region and a perfect, efficient and smoothly functioning policestate was established.
The system worked well but was also opressive, neglecting individualism and opting for total statecontrol and an obsession with both science and the occult.
The mysterious Kaiser rumored to have been a man that had even lived in the Middle Ages as a Teutonic Knight initiated a multitude of secret projects. The veneration of his person went widespread and his Elite 'Black Guard' were composed out of diverse powerful and fanatically loyal supervillains, distinct by their german style but personalized black uniforms.

However his control was less absolute than one may think. The Resistance was strong and a band of female superheroines aided the remnants of Freedom Fighters in their quest to reinstate a democratic regime.

The USA though opting for a policy of consolidation and isolationism is growing greatly worried by the massive leaps forward that the Reich's warmachine has taken. The risk of an attack rises with each passing day. However they dare not to awaken the German Behemoth and thus opt for subtler means, aiding the Resistance in limited ways.

However a new danger has arisen. The Communist Collective rose forth out of the ashes of a Revolution and where previously it lost ground to the Reich, it has now withstood it. And prepares to unleash a complete genocide on Europe if one does not bow to the Collective. Russia, China and their Satellite states have united into one grand superpower and prepare to attack the Reich and it's allies and the USA's Pacific presence. The new Japanese Shogunate, ally of the Reich feels threatened and has appealed to the enigmatic Kaiser for aid.

When the Communist Bear comes knocking the Resistance and the Reich may have no other choice but to unite against the oddly enormous masses of forces assaulting them, fanatically upholding an ideology that greatly deviates from true history.
But alliances always tend to come to an end. And the Kaiser may have a great surprise in story for his unlikely allies...

This is an rpg that i don't mind playing with more than one person if need be. But preferably not too many.
It's as one can guess an anachronistic historysetting where things went different. A hint of superheroes, scifi and the occult is thrown in to add to the mix. The atmosphere should go for 'coolness' and a certain 'grim atmosphere'.
Over the top things such as cyborgs, zombies, sorcery, superpowers and traditional military technologies can pop up.
The starting point can also vary, be it pre alliance or during. Or another potentially appropriate date.

Most likely the player(s) are part of the Resistance 'superpowered' ones, the Black Guard or less likely on the side of the Communist Collective or the USA.
If there is interest in this one, i'll put up a profile for the Kaiser, my main char but i'll also npc quite a few people when the need arises of course.
Player(s?) can pick more than one char to rp if you want. It matters not to me as long as the story is good and fun.
The level of adultness and content can be discussed. Depending of the faction you take, the 'adult atmosphere/preference' of your char will probably change.

Feel free to sprout suggestions, ideas etc in this thread.

Thank you!


I am not really into in this plot, but you may find the following link to the board game Tannhäuser interesting:

Tannhäuser entry at Boardgamegeek

My bf assured me the game itself is pretty lame. You may however find the background and artwork useful as it is very similar to what you outlined above. There is also a Youtube video link on boardgamegeek as well as an image section. No idea if the publisher FGG has any of its material online for download too.


Yeah i know of the game. And several wargames that give a scifi twist to WWIII.
Thanks for the hint though!


I know I'm already trying to get a game started with you, but this sounds really cool too!


Give me a pm and we'll see what we can do. I'm starting to consider more and more doing it with a small group. Say 3-5 people. But not fully certain just yet.


skim read past a few sentences...sounds interestings. I'm always one to like superheroes/villains and alternate history.
Here's my request thread. Dominant Sub, male or female, I don't mind:


Nifty. I placed this thread in the groups one too. And i'm still open to discussing things. I've come to think of it more as a 'small group' rp. Nonetheless feel free to post suggestions here.


I'm awaiting approval, but I was curious if at this point you were still accepting Black Guards?
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