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December 12, 2018, 08:30:25 AM

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Author Topic: Maeve's Craving - Serial Killer Small Talk (Seeking M Vampire Character)  (Read 333 times)

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Serial Killer Small Talk

The rhythm didn't soothe the savage beast, not today. Today it beat out the raging, swirling ugly thoughts in her head. The ones that made skin feel too tight and thinner than paper, ready to be ruptured at any time by that damn silver bracelet welded onto her right wrist.

She was dancing with the mop by the time her favorite song came on.   

"I didn't know you liked music," he said behind her, locking the door. She flushed red and then turned the radio off, "I like it when you're not here."

He didn't respond. His silence her only inclination that he was upset by her insult. "I'm hungry," he told her petulantly. Just like that, whatever protection spell the music had cast broke into a million bloody shards.

In retrospect, she calls herself a dumb bitch for not recognizing the signs earlier. That no flags were raised when he asked her personal questions, his deep, still eyes searching for confirmation of the truth. That he only came into the bookstore at night. That despite the fact that he was awkward and kinda creepy, he had no trouble leaving with whatever girl he wanted.

She had brushed it off. He was good conversation once she got over the initial heebie-jeebies he gave her and nights at the bookstore could be long and dull even for a night owl like herself. Eventually, she felt almost safe when he was around. There was something quiet and unsettling about him, but she didn't mind when he directed it at some of the less desirable elements that stumbled into the store after dark. As to him asking whether she had family (no, not that she spoke to), whether she lived along (no, she had her cat and parakeet), and what her plans for the future were (future? what future? can't afford school and despite her bookworm ways she had been a shit student anyway. Figured she would just work here until they sold her the place or people stopped reading entirely), she figured it was because he was socially inadequate and had boundary issues. Nothing out the ordinary when many of her customers were also varying levels of socially awkward. Hell, who was she to judge? She was bad at boundaries to, but she just never let anyone get beyond hers and if they tried she would wrap herself up in a cloak of thorns, or a really snarky comment. As to him using the store as his meat market? It wasn't like he was unattractive and obviously the vibe he had worked for him. It wasn't like all of those girls disappeared.

No, none of those things raised a red flag. Life went on as it always did. Until one random Friday night, when she was finishing a book on the Haymarket Riots and seriously craving Ramen, he came in more agitated than normal. Her stomach sank. He was going to ask her out, she knew it. She was already prepping her speech in her head, the one where she would let him down gently. Tell him that she could only commit to herself and even though she really liked having him come in and keep her company it just wouldn't work between them. Or she could do what she really wanted and throw the book at his head while she yelled at him for ruining their friendship, cause there was no way that they would be able to go back to the easy camaraderie that they had both worked so hard for.

Instead without saying a word, he laid down a silver bracelet with his name engraved on a bed of filigree.

"Holy fuck, you're a vampire."

So unwilling thrall/unconventional vampire story. I have a hankering to play the F character in this but I could be persuaded to play the M role. I'm seeing lots of world-building for this one.

Hello, Maeve here! As some of you may know I have a huge interest thread, which if you find this story appealing and or want to know more about what I'm like as a partner,  I suggest you check out -

That list, however, has gotten rather...long. So I've decided to pluck out the plots that I'm really anxious to do and see if anyone bites.

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Super wanna do this one.

Offline MaeveTopic starter

I do have this one on the go, but with me in the female character and set in bondage. If you're interested with me in the M role or setting this story more as a non-con romance, hit me up.

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