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June 08, 2023, 11:35:57 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking a charming, worldly warrior/priest/adventurer/etc. ~ [VAN/BON]  (Read 1258 times)

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Offline CaeliTopic starter

First: If sex = your main objective, you need not look further. I have a craving for a rather substantial story at the moment.

Second: I openly admit to being picky about my partners. See my ONs-&-OFFs for more details about my roleplaying preferences, and feel free to browse through my active roleplays for examples of my writing style and post length.

Third: I am wary of accepting requests from new members - in my past experience, many of them end up disappearing from Elliquiy and leave me without a word, partner, or a story. It's frustrating.

Lastly: This is not first come first serve.

If I haven't scared you off yet, please read on. ;3
This story is one of my Fractured Fairytale ideas - very idyllic and romantic. I'm looking for fun and adventure!

Singers of Cerifa

To keep the hearts of many happy, the freedoms of a few are stolen.

Because those with power, are bound to their duty of using that power.

In Cerifa, there are young girls born with the power of Song - they Sing for the happiness of all the people of Cerifa. It is a gods-blessed, but cursed ability, for they must sing every night from their rooms at the top of their tower. The several towns that feed and support these Singers, desperate to keep their town exempt from taxes, go to great lengths to ensure that the young woman is kept happy in her gilded cage of gold.

But a Singer can never leave her Tower... and she is considered so precious by the town that supports her, that she is ever forbidden from meeting outsiders, lest she fall in love and wish to leave. The Tower is a cage that she can never escape in her lifetime.

But that which is forbidden, will inevitably happen.


This story isn't entirely fleshed out, and I have no real direction that I want it to go in, beyond the following:

My character is a Singer of Cerifa. She's spent her entire life in her Tower, with only vague memories from her childhood of the beautiful world beyond. She is considered a valuable asset to the town that her tower is located hear, and the town's mayor is planning on marrying her off to his son. The mayor isn't cruel, or an evil person - merely looking to keep the Singer from wanting to leave.

She is not entirely unaware of his intentions, but as she's never known anything else, and has never known hardship, she willingly remains in her Tower. She recently found a secret passage leading to a nearby glade/meadow/forest copse - and met a traveling scholar/warrior/priest/adventurer there. They talk in the daytime - he shares his lunch, she listens eagerly to his tales, she plays music for him... He never realizes how trapped and caged she feels, because he has no idea that she is a Singer.

After a few days, though, he moves on, and they never meet again. Or so they think.

Well, not so coincidentally (he was traveling in the area, after all), he ends up in that town. And one day, while exploring, he sees her, and makes the connection.

The story itself is very flexible, though - I'd like to start from when they first meet, and from there build up a friendship. This is a bit of sweet, romantic story, but I'm not looking for a fairy tale or something sugary-sweet. I would also like to continue planning this - maybe work out some more details about setting and story, flesh it out a bit more before we write anything.

As my ONs-&-OFFs note, I do prefer dominant partners. If you're interested... Please PM me!


If this story doesn't appeal... some other story ideas from me include Anonyme, a modern fantasy that takes place in France, amidst cult murders and angels on earth. If you're into romantic, humorous, and historical, I am currently searching for a partner for Flight of Fancy. I would also be willing to try a steampunk or cyberpunk setting, if you don't mind that I've never done either before. All of my previous conditions also apply. ;]
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