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May 17, 2022, 01:34:16 pm

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Author Topic: (F seeking M) Fandom: Devil May Cry : Rule 63'd Vergil : Canon Characters Only.  (Read 808 times)

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Hello there! Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? My name is Enthroned AKA Ent and it’s a pleasure meeting you~ I wish to inform you that I am looking to tack on a couple more scenes I desperately want to play out...and yes, they’re going to be from fandoms and with canon characters. I do not wish to dilly-dally with original characters as I don’t have the time to flesh one out from scratch. Besides, there are potential scenes to be had within fandoms! Anyways, here we go:

+ = Other kinks can be included :)

Devil May Cry: This is what I want. Right here, right now.
Pairing: Dante x Vergil
Story 1: Two-Faced Devils
It includes: Incest, Pseudo-Noncon (optional), Romance, Risk of Pregnancy, Devil Trigger, Femdom, +
This takes place within the setting of DMC3, when Vergil wishes to bring havoc upon the world with the help of Arkham. You do not need to have complete knowledge of the game, just the general idea and how it went down. It would have Dante attempt to have Vergil come back to him, fight the demons instead of unleashing them upon the world, and lastly, wrangling the she-devil into a twisted relationship with him. Yes, you read that right! Dante has always loved his older sister and realized the love extended into the forbidden territories, which he gives zero fucks towards. With Vergil being the only family he has in the world, he wants her back...but of course, loses her in the end as she gets swallowed into Hell.

Story 2: White Sapphires
It includes: May to December, Incest, Pseudo-Noncon (optional), Romance, Risk of Pregnancy, Devil Trigger, Femdom, +
This can be a continuation from Two-Faced Devil’s storyline.This story takes place right after DMC4, after Dante figures out that Nero is Vergil’s child but decides not to inform the crazy brat about his lineage. Anyways, as Dante finally succumbs to accepting that Vergil is officially gone, he debates whether or not to close up shop and do something else. But what else can he do besides fighting demons and performing odd jobs? Hell, he needs money to pay for all the pizza he racked up, right? Right. Well, returning from a job, Dante finds out his shop was broken into...but nothing was taken---hell, as if the guy possessed anything of value. Upon further investigation, he finds a trail of water and blood that leads him to his bedroom...finding the ever familiar Vergil, his older sister, passed out in his disheveled bed, roughed up and naked. It appeared she hadn’t aged at all; stuck in the time when he last saw her, which was when he saw her get swallowed into Hell/him defeating her as Nelo Angelo.

Pairing: Credo x Vergil
Story: The Blue Rose of Sparda
It includes: May to December, Noncon (optional), Romance, Worship, Religion, Devil Trigger, Femdom, +
This takes place after DMC4 and Credo has not perished. Dante has helped Nero establish a shop of his own within Fortuna City, Nero and Kyrie end up getting together, and Credo walking around with a crippled sense of purpose in life. Despite that his religion was horribly sullied with how the leaders forced the reigns, he still couldn’t convince himself to be split from it. Thinking it would revitalize the city’s faith in a way, he goes forward to building another cathedral, erecting a massive statue of Sparda, and soon the civilians of the city return to their house of worship. Then one day, Credo spots an individual perched on the right shoulder of the statue of Sparda, clad in blue and black, possessing long, snow-frost hair, glancing down at him. He would then find out it was Vergil, the eldest of the twins, the one who nearly brought calamity upon the world.

If there's another pairing you wish to try out with Vergil, please let me know and perhaps we can hash something out.
If you're interested, please take a look at my O/O page. Thank you~
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