Return of the Dark Lord (F for a Tom Riddle/Voldemort)

Started by LamentingQuill, March 19, 2018, 06:19:03 PM

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Years after the defeat of Voldemort at the hands of Harry Potter, a few Death Eaters still loyal to their lord have finally found them... they finally found the key to restoring their magnificent lord to power!

The Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Book of the Dead was an Ancient Egyptian book made of pure obsidian. Known colloquially as "the Black Book”, the Book of the Dead contained ancient spells and incantations that could resurrect the dead and can summon the Warriors of the Book (Ghost Warriors)
The dark lord is restored to his glorious youth and vitality... virile and strong seventeen, the book had even granted him the immortality he so desperately craved...

It wasn't enough though... he wanted more... he wanted to take the wizarding world tightly within his grasp and claim his rightful place of superiority as their supreme leader leader...

For that though, he was going to need to rebuild the depleted numbers of his followers... so where then could he find a batch of brilliant and young moldable wizards and witches?

Why the answer to that was simple... Hogwarts, it was bonus that Albus Dumbledore and anyone else that would recognize him was either dead or retired...


Gryffindor Rosalyn Howard is excited for her 7th year at Hogwarts, she couldn't wait to graduate and pursue her dream of wizard archaeology. There was so much out in there in the world of Wizard history not yet discovered!

Plus... who is the cute hunky new Slytherin 7th year with the fabulous dark hair and stormy blue eyes she was seeing around?

I'd to do a non-con romance between Rosalyn and Tom Riddle, she won't know who he is for awhile, but once she does... a mission will begin to find the
Egyptian Gold Book of Life
The Book of Amun-Ra was an Ancient Egyptian book made of pure gold.
Known colloquially as "the Book of the Living” or "the Golden Book", the Book of Amun-Ra contained ancient spells and incantations that could take life away from mortals and immortals alike.
and stop him!

Or will she inevitably succumb to her dark pursuer?

Let's find out ;)