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Author Topic: Maeve's Craving - Tug of War (M/M/F - looking for M Character)  (Read 851 times)

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Maeve's Craving - Tug of War (M/M/F - looking for M Character)
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:08:50 PM »
23) Tug of War - CRAVING

She's not sure how the affair started. All she knows is that four times a week she wakes up in a five-star hotel, a breakfast tray with a single rose, a few hundred pounds and note that says: Till next time. Best, Jae. She had met Jae 'Just call me Jay' Cho at a charity event. She had been serving and he had been drinking champagne, their eyes had met, something sparked and she had received an invitation to join him for a drink. She turned it down of course. Good girls like her didn't get mixed up with gangsters like him and make no mistake, despite his well-tailored suits and impeccable manners, Jae Cho is a ruthless gangster. A second generation Londoner, born to Korean parents, he did not make the mistake his father did working his fingers to the bone to barely scrap by. Jae went out and made a name for himself, even if it meant he needed to erase a few others.

Still nice, sensible girls who were training to be art restorers like her, don't get involved with such men. It simply isn't done. Even if she does like the way his eyes sparkle and the suit hugs his lines. She intended to never think of him again, but it's pouring rain on the way home and there's simply no cabs to be had. She's walking along a back ally, her coat over her head and her heels rapidly filling with water.

A black limousine stops and the door opens. They don't talk as he ushers her in, nor do they speak as he checks them into the most expensive hotel she has ever seen. The first thing he asks her isn't her name but if she prefers red or white.

Their unorthodox relationship hasn't always been smooth. The first time he gave her money she threw it back in his face. His embraces border on the possessive and she can only imagine what would happen if she refused to get into that black car, which comes to pick her up with increasing frequency. Overall though, it's the most pleasant relationship she's ever been in. He's witty and always happy to see her, he lavishes gifts on her and seems to be relieved in her presence. They talk art, play chess and make love long into the night.

Still something is wrong. He holds all the cards and she can't help but suspect that part of her appeal for him is his unquestioned power over her. It can't last, it's not sustainable. She'll either get out or be consumed by him. It all comes to a head one night when he tells her that he's buying her an apartment. The dream shatters and she's faced with a reality as cold as the keys she holds. She waits for his breathing to slow before she sneaks out of the hotel room, the keys laying on a note saying simply that she couldn't do this anymore.

She then begins the long walk back to her family home. She needs to clear her head and the predawn air is helping calm her mind. When she stops at a local market to stall to pick up black coffee and bagel a black car stops and the door opens. Biting her lip she gets in, figuring the only right thing to do is to give him an explanation.

The man who waits for her isn't Jae, but a powerful rival.

"Right then lovie," he greets, "Don't scream. You keep your wits about ya and you'll leave my company without a hair on your head mussed. Your man and I made a deal and I'm going to keep a hold on you until he comes through with his end of it."

She sinks back into the fine leather, her breakfast forgotten and wonders whether the man she rejected will come for her at all.

Hello, Maeve here! As some of you may know I have a huge interest thread, which if you find this story appealing and or want to know more about what I'm like as a partner,  I suggest you check out -

That list, however, has gotten rather...long. So I've decided to pluck out the plots that I'm really anxious to do and see if anyone bites. This is one of those plots. If you're interested, pm me.
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Re: Maeve's Craving - Tug of War (M/M/F - looking for M Character)
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Re: Maeve's Craving - Tug of War (M/M/F - looking for M Character)
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