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December 04, 2020, 08:50:00 AM

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Author Topic: A Blondie Looking for GM Partners to Play Solo Games and Build Worlds Together  (Read 3919 times)

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What I am looking for?

I am looking for a writing partner to create a world together around the main character I have in my mind roughly. In the ideas part of this post you will see some themes mainly about the worlds I would love to create around a heroine or female adventurer. Those are not fully written ideas so need to be built up together with right partner who are also enjoying creating worlds and loves to see a character(s) life in it.

What I want from a partner?

I want my partner to focus on the bigger picture and some key NPC(s) while I mostly focus on the Main character and her surroundings. Of course that doesn't mean that my partner to be will be doing all  the work. We will communicate exchange ideas about what is happening and what is going to be happen as we also work together for the details about the world around the main character. I will do my best to act as a co-GM behind scenes as much as I can.
*Important note: One line responses are really turning me off from the RP.  I kindly request my partner to post around 3 to 5 paragraphs at least.

What I am into?

I am a big fan of a slow corruption and descent. Especially through coercion, tricks, peer pressure, manipulation, a good dose of a little shame/humiliation. This is all the more perfect if there is some degree of premeditation on the part of the male character/s. A guy who is deliberately cocky, yet jokey and dismissive can be very disarming. That being said, I'm NOT really a big fan of going down the blackmail route. It's way more satisfying to see the results of some well laid plans.

So what now?

Please take a look the ideas below and message me if any of them sounds interesting for you to work on it. Do I limiting myself with does ideas or they have absolute borders? Of course not, we can always talk about and twist them to adjust as we like.

1. Ons and offs & kinks and limits
2. Open Ideas
3. Taken Ideas
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Offline DummieBlondieTopic starter

ONs and OFFs - KINKs and LIMITs

I think, I couldn't managed to list down everything. So this part will be updated in the near future.

Abusive relationshipsBlackmailAge differencePregnancy
CorruptionMutilationAnal sexHeavy pain
Detailed characters and their progressionHeavy bathroom stuffCum play.
Feeling over poweredPhysical tortureOral sex.
Manipulative partners.Rough Sex.
Mental abuse.Verbal humiliation.
Multiple Partners...
Older men with dad bod and cunning mind...
Sexy, porn-star looking female characters...
Tricked or talked into silly/akward situations...

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Offline DummieBlondieTopic starter


1. Stan Lee's Stripella Themed World Building.

For the ones who doesn't know about who is the Stripella. She is a Jaymes Bond kind of super hero created by Stan Lee. Also a series made for it for 13 episodes. I don't if there is any copyright issiues so i am not putting any links here but i am sure you can find the series online if you google it.

I do not want to make this idea as a fandon or anything but would like to play a smiliar character and create a world (which is probably more of an adult version) around her. It can be a sandbox type of play or the one who is going to GM this can make it more of a quest based. All is open to negations.
2. Pirate's booty. - Pirates of The Caribbean Themed World Building

Well just close your eyes and think about the so called pirate scum jack sparrow for a second. Now replace him with a hot chick in the world of pirates (well more of XXX verison of the movies mostly) with the same luck and arrogance. I don't want game to take place in the PoC universe. And we can even use some table top systems (or not we can talk about it). The game can be in any kind of timeline historical/modern/futuristic. And thy so called pirates can be in cyberpurk/steampunk/space/middle age/what ever we find fancy.

She is clever, ambitious and shameless. That guy has a map to a treasure she wants, she doesn't mind that it will cost some nights at his bed until she steals it. A prevented general caught her, well maybe she can find a way to negotiate with him about her release.

4. She Survives. - A Post-Apocalyptic World Building

She had survived the great atomic war. She survived as one of the lucky few and maybe that was when she spent all of her luck. After the Great War, the world turned into a wasteland and the humans on it started live in anarchy and chaos. Some managed to find safe shelters while some tries to keep themselves alive in the wild.

She has the endurance mentally and psychically to keep going what ever happens to her. Maybe she will get enslaved by some crazy mob when she caught and had to endure torture and rape so many times, but she will endure and wait for the opportunity to break free. She will wander in those wastelands of what left over Earth until her next survival adventure. What I  think about this is game will be darker than many mostly includes torture/rape/slavery and such.

5. Stories of The Talented Journalist. - Scene by Scene Damsel in Distress Advantures

She has just gotten out of the university and start work as a freelance journalist. She knows that to be successful she needs to fallow stories that people want to read. So she is mainly focusing on kidnapped girls and women. The funny part is she is not a crime fighter and most of the time ends up as one of the victims in the hands of the criminals she was tailing for the story and in the end, she ends as a successful story for another journalist. But she never gives up on her dreams.

What I think about this idea is she tails the leads and finds the criminals before everyone else sometimes even before the FBI or CIA. But she fails every time to make the story about it because she gets captured. She will be rescued always. Sometimes, when she got captured. Sometimes after she bound and gagged. Sometimes, after the criminals had their fun with her or maybe a few weeks after she sold as a slave.

6. Behind his back - A loving but also an unfaintful wife's life story

This idea is all about a sultry wife who is constantly cheating on her husband. It is not a cuckhold story or where her husband likes it at all. But they love each other and even when she got caught up, they cannot stay away from each other for long. But again in the end she cheats on him again.

What I am looking for is a partner who would love to play the jealous husband of hers along with her one night stands and our fuckbuddies.

Her lovers will be different kind of guys like, a coworker from work, a guy she meets while she was out with girls, maybe a friend of her husband?, possibility of lovers are limitless.

7. Streamer's Downfall - Story of a teenage streamer's transformation into a bimbo

She was streaming the video games she plays every night whenever she has time to play games. It was not like she has thousands of viewers or something but somehow she will catch an eye from a professional streaming company and they came with an offer to her for stream at their channel.

After she started to stream professionally, she will have to give herself more and more into the company's and her followers' demands to keep up the view high at her channel as well as the number of her followers.

Just how much will she sacrifice for fame and glory?

8. Magician's apprentice - a young girl's journey to learn how to be a stage magician from a prevented veteran magician

Her eye and hand coordination was always good and being one of the magician's who performs marvelous show on the stage was her childhood dream since the day she watched a magician for the first time. now she is in university, her freshman year is pretty slow in the women studies major and she decided to take a part time job as a magician assistant.

Does the magician actually teach her any tricks? or he is just going to find ways to objectify her for his shows to get a bigger audience?

Is her university major or her childhood dream going to be victorious?

11. Flying over the clouds - Life of a Flight Attendant  *the original idea of ADoggett's idea post can be found here.

A young and beautiful girl managed to land a job as a flight attendant. The allure of an airline flight attendant is all too apparent: a classic representation of prim beauty, manner and poise... but what would that look like if it were to unravel? In the world of so called glamour, where “legs” put you on your last one and tensions are high, one can wonder what truly goes on in the lives of the beautiful few. These plots revolve around high flying men and women of all types.

I am seeing this as series of one shot stories if possible with the same partner.

•   What are surprises waiting for her in her career?
•   Which countries is she going to visit?
•   Will she have any off days to see the country or maybe even the night life?
•   How will be her relationship with her colleagues?
•   Are pilots really jerks who constantly hitting on hostesses?
•   Will any of them be successful talking her out of her panties?
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3. Space Chick. - Outer Space Exploration World Building

She was at the top of her every class she got at school. After her graduation, she directly enrolled in the Academia of Space. And, no one was surprised when she was selected as the pilot of the first intergalactic exploration ship even before her training in academia was completed. So with that, her adventure began. From galaxy to galaxy, from planet to planet, she wondered. After so many years passed, the Earth stopped the program. Hence, she couldn't turn back. There were so many more places to discover in this beautiful and infinite space.

What I have on my mind about this, she is going to have so many misadventures on most of the planets or space stations she visits but some how she will always managed to get away safely. Well probably humiliated or sexually abused maybe but alive and safe at least in the end.

9. The evil Therapist/Hypnotist - An Instagram model's struggle to keep her dignity

She was one of the rising stars of the Instagram, slowly but steady gaining more and more fans by everyday. She even got herself a contract with an model agency to take care everything for web pages, income, taxes, etc... One day she got assaulted sexually by one of the photographers and everything is ruined. She hasn't done new content as before her fan base started to decrease and finaly the agency started to get worried about their income and forced her to start therapy to get over what happened.

only thing is the therapist is more twisted and deviant than her attacker or attackers. He started to use the therapy sessions to get her to talk about the graphic things that happened to her (which at times can be played out in flashback if needed), using hypnosis to change the way she looks at the world and instead of helping her get over it, he started to ruin her dignity and self respect with their therapy seasons.

Does the agency know what is going on? Do they find this therapist on purpose to get more profit out of her? Will she survive everything he is going to do her or she will end up as a dumb, sex obsessed, fully objectified bimbo?

10. Combat Barbie – A fresh CIA agent’s daily life in an Aircraft Carrier

She looks like your usual coed girl but in reality, she was a fresh recruit of the Central Intelligence Agency. After her training for being a decent agent, she was going to assign for her fieldwork. She wasn’t thinking that it would cause any trouble to her when she got in a catfight with one of the instructors in the agency. But now her instructor pulled some strings and our fresh agent had found herself in an aircraft carrier.

She was the only female in the entire aircraft carrier which was set sail to the ocean. And there was no utility prepared for that. She will have to use the common toilets, common showers, and even the common dormitory with a full ship of misogynist marines.

What is waiting for her in her first field assignment which will take about a year long? Will she survive and stay in the CIA or will she resign because she couldn’t take it anymore?

12. Undercover Stripper  *the original idea of DILF's idea post can be found here.

She is a promising young cop in the NYPD, having just completed a big drug bust in Brooklyn, she's sent to Hell's Kitchen to infiltrate and take down a new gang rising in the city. They own a strip club, high-end, fancy, and where is a front for their operations. She applied for a bartender position, but the club manager thought he should west a beauty behind the bar and pushed his luck to convince her to take a stripper job instead. Even if her boss in NYPD hadn't approved of it, she accepted the position, and eventually, she got in.

She had no prior experience of striptease or pole dancing. Hence, she started to as a waitress. However, the strip club's manager made sure that she got enrolled in a pole dancing class and wants her to be able to dance on the stage in a few months at most.

•   How will her relationship with her colleagues in NYPD be affected?
•   Will she able to blend in with the other girl in the strip club?
•   How far will she fall to get closer to the gang?
•   What would she think about being a cop after she starts to earn one month's salary in one night as a stripper?
•   Will she catch the bad guys? Or will she end up as one of their bitches?

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still looking for my open ideas..

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