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Author Topic: The Makings of a King (m/m)  (Read 721 times)

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The Makings of a King (m/m)
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:06:01 pm »
Background Information
The King of Maronia is a disinterested, uncaring, and quite frankly somewhat cruel man. He has had many children over the years spanning the ages of 8 years of age to 27 years of age. He has had 4 sons all by different women. The eldest is 27 and just like his father, the second prince is 25, cold, and greedy, the third was believed dead or kidnapped for 10 years and is 23, the forth is only 8 years old and is a gentle, fragile soul.

The King of Maronia has several playthings that are referred to as his "Children". They are all young men ranging in age from 16 to 24. The eldest is his favorite. They all bear a magically enchanted item that they themselves can not remove. It is the symbol of the King's ownership. It is a single amethyst stud in their left ear. Only the King of Maronia can remove it. All of the boys are virgins who have not yet had to suffer the King's carnal appetites. The King is very possessive of these boys and it is a punishable offense to be seen taking an "INTEREST" in any of them. They are well schooled in the royal ways.

The King and his eldest 2 sons are quite gifted in the magical arts.

There is a legend of the royal family that those born with Silver Hair and Violet eyes are ones that carry the blessing of the Wolf Goddess. The legend says that should one ever try to poison a royal who has violet eyes and silver hair that their bodies will be able to fight even the most toxic substances and that it will not kill them. Very few know if this rumor is true or not but nobody has ever had the courage to test it.

 It is therefore the MOST sought after trait among the royal bloodline.

The Story Idea
I would be playing the Third Prince and my partner would be playing the eldest "Child" of the King. The "Child" is the son of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and is the only one of the "Children" to have parents still alive. He's been looking to find the perfect pawn to overthrow the current King, get his stud removed, and become the Minister of the High Treasury to finally start to fix up the kingdom. The eldest two sons are too much like their father to be used as such pawns and the youngest has silver hair and BLUE eyes which will prevent him from being the perfect pawn. The third prince is rather common in his behaviors and requires much schooling and such to make him the perfect prince so it will be no easy task for the "Child" but he is the best chance that the "Child" has.

Starting Post from me
Vincent closed his eyes and sighed as the carriage bumped down along the road. He had to remind himself that he had done this for the sake of those kids.

"Hey boss, we got the food" three kids threw down a couple of sacks filled with fruits, vegetables, breads, and cheeses. As the rest of the gang began rustling through the food Vincent picked up a piece of fruit.
"Strawberries aren't in season..." He looked up at the boys. "You stole this from the King's caravan didn't you!" He tossed the strawberry back into the bag and grabbed the oldest of the boys. "What is our number one rule?"

"D...don't touch anything that belongs to the king..."
"That's right! Go return the food. We will eat something else." The boy picked up the bags and ran off.

"Hey boss, we found a piece of paper today...can you read it?"
Vincent grabbed the piece of paper and skimmed over the words written. "This is a declaration that since it has been 10 years since the 3rd prince Vincent Silverwolf went missing that they are calling off the search, and that to ease the heartache of the king nobody is to use the name Vincent anymore. Its also requesting that if you hear anybody using the name that you report the individual to the guards..." Vincent rolled his eyes and shook his head. "They aren't calling off the search, if anything they are doubling it. The fact that this doesn't outline how to change ones name tells us that they are using this as a method to flush out the prince. This puts every boy with the name of Vincent under the watchful gaze of the king"

"But boss, isn't...isn't the boy you just sent to return the food named Vincent?"

Vincent tore off down the streets looking for the young boy he had sent off with bags of stolen food. No telling what the guards would do to the reported Vincents but honestly he was sure it couldn't be good. He slipped up into one of the kings caravan carriages and found the boy, cowering next to a pile of corpses. "Vincent...are you ok?" He knelt next to the young man and pulled him close.
"Th...this is what they are doing to the boys that are reported this going to happen to me? What about my brother...his name is Vincent too."
"Nothing is going to happen to you. You'll be safe, I promise."

"Hey! Assholes. I have a report to file. You're looking for boys by the name of Vincent right?"
The city guards turned around, as did many of the men and women milling about in the market square. "What is that street rat doing?"
"Well look no further, you have found him. The lost 3rd prince. Vincent Silverwolf"
"Does this idiot have a death wish?"
"I don't know, maybe he's hoping for the reward..."
"Well he does have the silver hair and violet eyes like the 3rd prince would have..."
The guards both took a knee and bowed their heads. "Your highness, we have been searching for you for 10 years. Let us take you home, your father will be most overjoyed to see you."

Yes he had done all of this, condemned himself to being dragged off to the palace to save those boys. Those poor street kids were the closest thing he had had to family in the 10 years since the fire that had taken his mother. "Be safe boys...I may never have a chance to help take care of you again." He sighed and he bowed his head. He repeated their last conversation over in his head, wishing he could have said more to her before the fire.
"Remember Vincent, never covet the kings belongings, do not gaze upon them. Do not take anything of his. Even if there is something of his that you want pretend that you do not, pretend that you do not see it."
"Don't worry Mother, I will do my best to make you proud."

"You highness, please come down. AND PLEASE take these garments. If you refuse them again the king will have my head." A young woman begged. Vincent looked down from his perch among the hay and raised a brow.
"And what makes you think that I would take anything of the bastard king's offering?" He sneered. He jumped down from his place in the stables that he had been living in for the last three days and loomed over the young lady. "You can tell him personally that I would sooner burn this stable to the ground than to accept his 'gifts'" The young woman stood, bowed to Vincent and ran in a panic, nearly colliding with a golden maned horse.

"F...forgive me my liege, I did not mean to" The woman fell to her knees and cowered before the horse and a large man with silver hair and violet eyes.

Vincents gaze hardened and he attempted to rush the king. "You bastard! My mother died because of you!" Three guards quickly moved to restrain the prince and he continued to attempt to lunge forward.

"Ah, son, how good of you to join me on this most wonderful morning." "I'll fucking kill you you son of a bitch!"

The guards forced him to his knees and held him in place as a young man walked past them. "Ah, good. I was worried we had lost you my Child. Come now let's continue on to the palace." He pulled the young man up onto his horse and they rode off toward the palace.
"You had best be careful boy the King could easily have you disappear..." The guards let him go and followed after their king.

Vincent however, stared after them. There was something about that boy, the one who had brushed past as if he had not been there. The one with the amethyst earring in his left ear.


After a few days of being on the palace grounds Vincent had learned a few things. 1) There were many boys with the amethyst earring, 2) Those boys were not to be touched by anybody except the king for they were the kings "Children" 3) the guards did not like it when a street rat scaled the side of the palace walls to attempt to get in through an open window.

Still he had managed this time and he sat in the window waiting for that boy. He had to know more, he needed to know why this particular boy had him so intrigued. " 'Child'" he called out as he spotted the boy in the hall.

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss this story if you are interested
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Re: The Makings of a King (m/m)
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