Mod_evasive error?

Started by Moondazed, January 08, 2009, 04:59:51 PM

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I'm curious what the following error means:

Access Forbidden. This might be because mod_evasive has been turned on. If so, wait a few seconds and browse slower.

I got it for a few minutes until just now and I know others did too, so I thought I'd ask.
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I made a goof : /

Sorry about that.
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No big deal... I just figured others got it too so I asked so we'd all know :)
~*~ Sexual Orientation: bi ~*~ BDSM Orientation: switch ~*~ Ons and Offs ~*~ Active Stories ~*~


In a short burst of rage, he banned us all.   ;D
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He was trying to virtually evade all of us...

Tricky, bunny slipper wearing man that he is! 8)


And then he realised he banned the helpful people too and had to reverse it.


Good thing I was offline, or I may have had something to say about that ....... *walks quietly out of the room - snickering*
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