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Author Topic: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}  (Read 1752 times)

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Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
« on: April 16, 2017, 11:44:09 PM »
please pm me if you are interested in any of my ideas instead of replying to this thread, thank you

I am currently NOT available for new stories.

Ket's Menagerie

Wilkommen! Sit down, browse a bit, maybe you'll find something that sparks your interest. At least I hope you do. I am nowhere near as scary as I seem, on the contrary I am quite affable, so if something tickles your fancy, floats your boat, or sparks a nerve, by all means, send me a message!

However, I do have one request. Please read my Ons and Offs first. I am by no means the pickiest person in the world, but, to be frank (wait...why am I Frank now?), I won't write with just anyone who crosses my path.

Are you that person who can help bring my ideas to life?

Ideas that are striked through are currently not available

yes, I do actually write with a fountain pen

The Potions Mistress

themes: low fantasy, comedy, vanilla to light bon, adventuring, herculean tasks

"Yes, yes, I am her, but I stopped selling THAT potion a loooong time ago. Those? Oh, those are nothing to concern yourself with, dearie. Run along."

She had traveled far, left her entire life of luxury behind in order to come to the small village on the outskirts of the kingdom. She had been born in the capital, had been raised and educated in the capital. And in the capital is where she had seen her life's work used to carry out the vilest of deeds. The way her brother had used the potion had caused tragedy to befall those closest to their family. Yet instead of blaming him, the capital's citizens blamed her for creating the potion in the first place.

And so Thera fled to the distant village. A place where no one knew of her or what had happened in the capital. She set up a small shop in the market, selling simple and safe potions to those who passed through. It had been three years since her life got flipped turned upside down, and though there were aspects of her former life that she missed, overall she was quite content.

Until he showed up. And asked for that potion. The adventurer was sent away as quickly as he had arrived. Yet he persisted. And persisted. He wore her resolve down until she agreed to give him the potion...if he could complete three quests.

...I'm looking for a partner to play the adventurer. He will have known of her and the potion, how is to be decided. He will want it for his own, and will do pretty much anything to get it.

A Friendship Tested 

themes: FxF, vanilla to light bon, tension, struggle. partially based on this nsfw gif

From the moment they met - their first day at university and finding out they were dormmates - they'd been best friends and near inseperable. And ever since graduation they'd remained as roommates, living together in a small apartment in the city. They'd been there for each other through thick and thin: family problems, illnesses, break ups, you name it and they were there for each other. Each woman knew the other as well as she knew herself, and even though sometimes they disagreed, the vast majority of the time they lived happily and carefree.

Until the day of Mikaylah's 27th birthday. They'd gone out to a club to celebrate, spending the night out dancing and drinking. It was a wonderful night, though both drank a little too much. They'd taken a cab home, and once there Mikaylah asked her best friend to help her shower. And from there...well...the next morning both woke up to a heavy tension that filled the apartment. Things just weren't the same between them. Even with all they had drank, both still remembered the night before, and both were extremely confused. Would their actions end their friendship forever, or was a new type of relationship blossoming between them?

...I'm looking for a partner to play Mikaylah's roommate. Smut will happen at the very beginning of the story, however after that it will focus on plot. How will they both deal with what happened between the pair? Will they be able to come to terms with what they did? I'd like to play out the emotional turmoil they feel after a blissful, though drunken, evening.

Letters from the Homefront 

themes: light, WW2, discovery
They'd been best friends since they were children. They'd gone through everything together, all the ups and downs of navigating life as a teenager and into young adulthood. One December day changed all of that. He couldn't sit idly by while other men from their small town went off to war. With her blessing, he enlisted and was off to boot camp. But she was never far from his mind, and he was never far from hers.

...I'm looking for a partner who is willing to write a story that is mostly written in letter form. The back and forth exchange between two friends who have become separated, but are desperately trying to keep in touch with one another. The eventual discovery that there are feelings for more than just friendship between the two - amidst a backdrop of a world war and all the emotional turmoil that comes with it.

Beyond the Boardroom   

themes: light BDSM, power struggles

They were both high-powered attorneys, partners in their respective firms. Obtaining the best possible outcome for her clients was her only goal. She lived for the fight, lived for having others capitulate to her demands. And demanding she could be. Both in and out of the office she exuded control.

And then one day he entered her boardroom. The very definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Equally adept at getting his way. The attraction was immediate. She wasn't much for dating, it typically interfered in her professional life more than she liked. Not only that, but men always tried to control her, to weaken her, and she'd have absolutely none of that.

...I'm looking for a partner for the male role in this story. I'm not looking for any sort of heavy domination or submission to occur, but basically a man who, through tone of voice and simple gestures, can make her do what he wants in the bedroom.

Death Unaccepted   

themes: light, modern, grief, ghosts
They'd just celebrated their first wedding anniversary not two weeks before. And now Jessica Lawson was lying on the ground, bleeding from her head and several compound fractures. Paramedics surrounded her, trying desperately to save her life. Police kept people away and also interviewed them, asking if they had seen the vehicle who had struck her down in a hit and run. She had been on her morning run, enjoying the dawn, and had only detoured off the sidewalk onto the street to avoid two women pushing strollers that were coming toward her. She never saw the car coming.

Her husband had been called immediately and was at the scene, devastated. But through all their efforts, the medics could not save her. Jessica had passed. Except she didn't know it. Not right away. Her ghost stood behind her grieving husband, wondering why he was in such emotional pain. She tried to reach out to put her hand on his shoulder and comfort him, but her fingers went right through him like air. She tried to speak, but no sound came out when she opened her mouth. It was then that she saw the figure lying on the ground, and recognized her own face.

There was no way she was dead. No possible way. Jessica just couldn't accept that fact.

...I'm looking for a partner to write Jessica's husband. The story will start with the accident, and Jessica finding out she's dead but being unable to accept that fact. In a sense she'll haunt her old life, trying in vain to console her husband. At first she'll be unable to touch or speak to him, but slowly over time, little by little, she'll gain the ability to physically feel things, to be heard, and to eventually be seen. Ghostly sex is quite possible, if agreed upon by both partners.

Help me Brother, please 

themes: light, incest, abusive husband, domestic violence

At first he'd been the perfect husband. Loving, doting, always making sure Julie Yardley had everything she needed. Slowly the gaslighting and emotional abuse began. Then the physical abuse quickly followed. The abused escalated as his drinking became worse and worse. And every time he came home after a night at the bar, he was ready to take the anger he had at whatever was pissing him off that particular day out on her. She became adept at making excuses for her bruises, at hiding them underneath make-up, at always visiting a different hospital whenever he hurt her bad enough that she absolutely needed medical care.

One day, after an especially brutal beating the night before, Julie couldn't take it any longer. Not long after he left for the bar one night, she packed a small bag of clothing and walked 15 blocks to the closest bus stop, determined to take the 45 minute, two transfer ride across the city to her brother's house. Driving wouldn't take that long, but she wasn't allowed a car of her own. She'd never told her brother how bad it was with her husband, preferring to keep communication with him sparse for fear of any retaliation that she may receive from the abusive man she married. Jules knew he'd be shocked at the sight of her.

...I'm looking for a partner to play Julie's brother. Though they do talk, she has never told him about the abuse, so when she shows up on his doorstep one night, he's aghast at what he sees. Of course he takes her in, wanting to do everything he can to help rid her of her abusive sot of a husband. The husband will feature in the story, and can be played by either of us. There is also a secret from their past though, one where both brother and sister, had an attraction to each other but did nothing about it. While staying together and dealing with the issues of abuse, the attraction reemerges, and this time they decide to do something about it.

I saw my roomate naked!

themes: one shot, comedy of errors, light
She's showering, but he really needs something out of the bathroom. He figures he'll just pop in there right quick while she's ensconced safely behind the shower curtain, grab what he needs and head out. Except the doorknob breaks. And then he accidentally bumps the door with his hip, causing it to shut and lock. At the exact same moment she's done with her shower and opens the curtain to grab a towel. Hilarity, embarrassment, and a sudden mutual desire for each other ensue.

The Train Ride Home

themes: one shot, modern, light, commuter train, pent-up desire

Every evening, Monday through Friday, she rides the same train home from work. It's a long trip, made even longer by her exhaustion from a long day at university and her job. She normally sat in the same seat every day, facing the doors, so that she could see who was coming or going. He always got on the train two stops after she did, and was still there when she reached her destination. He was attractive, no doubt, but she never had the courage to speak to him. One night, the rest of the train car was empty, save herself and the man. Would she be able to muster up the strength to actually speak to him, or would he beat her to the punch? And what would happen once they did finally say hello?

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 05:19:52 PM »
Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplications, Divisions, Additions, Subtractions

17 April: added Death Unaccepted, Soldier...what are you hiding?, Help me Brother, please, Masquerade, I saw my roommate naked!

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9 March: added The Potions Mistress

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2017, 12:07:23 AM »
new idea, The Addict, added

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2017, 01:02:39 AM »

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
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added A Friendship Tested

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
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added The Potions Mistress

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Re: Ket's Menagerie {light to extreme, all genders welcome}
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