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Author Topic: [UN], (possibly) [NC-E], [system] An werewolf's ideas, ladies are welcome <FULL>  (Read 1014 times)

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Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

Alright, here are some things I might be willing to try. I might like trying it through Skype or

Setting: probably low-magic fantasy, although any setting might work with this one.
System: something grittier might be the best fit (check my Ons and Offs before you suggest freeform roleplaying). I'd rather not be the GM.

"Escape from the cardinal's wrath"
The "cardinal" would be more of a figure of authority with large powers - he might be an actual cardinal, of course :) . The characters happen to anger him, or her, so they get to run for their lives.
"Your enemy is far more powerful than you and wants you dead - but there are these guys that might be able to help you, if you could reach them and meet their price...
If you could, since it's a dangerous world even without the bounty hunters.
Oh, and don't be surprised if you feel attracted to each other along the way. Being close to death is known to make such things to people. There is no guarantee, though, so don't take this as a vacation".

Characters: since it's a fantasy, I plan to run a street werewolf, using his talents for different shady jobs. Think "a mercenary that learns too much". If you have another idea that's incompatible with that character, warn me so I could alter it.

Disclaimer: I intend to only play one game at a time, although it might be one-on-one or a small group. I will post this in the Group roleplays, too. Also, I will evaluate my partners, since this is likely to be my only game on this site for a while, so posting or PMing me first doesn't guarantee you are going to get chosen. It might help you, though ;) .
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Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

Re: [UN], (possibly) [MUL], [system] An werewolf's ideas, ladies are welcome
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2009, 04:29:29 PM »
Some system notes for the players. I'm going to copy these in the OOC topic after we set the game up.
Here is how to describe your character.

Name: (frex, Gruumh... ;) )

Special Ability: (Skilled-by default, consult me otherwise)
Rold 2d6+6 7 times, assign each stat one of the numbers.
Strength (STR):
Constitution (CON):
Dexterity (DEX):
Size (SIZ):
Intelligence (INT): 
Power (POW):
Charisma (CHA):

Art (base 05%)
Boating (base 15%)
Climb (base 35%)
Conceal (base 20%)
Craft (base 05%)
Disguise (base 05%)
Dodge (base DEX x2)
Driving (base 25%)
Driving Heavy Vehicle (base 00%)
Electrician (base 05%)
Electronics (base 00%)
Engineering (base 05%)
Evaluate (base 20%)
Fast Talk (base 10%)
First Aid (base 30%)
Haggle (base 10%)
Hand Weapon (base by weapon)
Hear (base 30%)
Hide (base 15%)
Humanities (base variable)
History (base 20%)
Linguistics (base 00%)
Influence (base 15%)
Jump (base 20%)
Language, Native (base INT x5)
Language, Other (base 00%)
Law (base 05%)
Locksmith (base 00%)
Martial Arts (base 00%)
Mechanics (base 20%)
Move Silently (base 15%)
Natural Lore (base 15%)
Navigate (base 10%)
Notice (base 25%)
Occult (base 15%)
Oratory (base 05%)
Research (base 25%)
Riding (base 10%)
Science (base variable)
Biology (base 05%)
Botany (base 05%)
Chemistry (base 00%)
Forensic Pathology (base 00%)
Geology (base 00%)
Medical (base 05%)
Pharmacy (base 00%)
Physics (base 00%)
Surgery (base 00%)
Zoology (base 05%)
Social Science (base variable)
Anthropology (base 05%)
Archaeology (base 00%)
Criminology (base 00%)
Military Science (base 05%)
Political Science (base 05%)
Psychology (base 05%)
Shiphandling (base 00%)
Streetwise (base 10%)
Survival (base 15%)
Swimming (base 25%)
Throwing (base 25%)
Tracking (base 05%)
Unarmed (base 50%)
Wrestle (base 25%)
250 points, 400 points if Skilled.

System in Use: BRP (variant).

Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

Here is the IC thread where the players should post their characters now. You know who you are... ;)
And this is the OOC thread, if you need to discuss the game.
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