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September 25, 2021, 12:35:10 am

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Author Topic: Evangelion: Of Gods, Angels, and Nephilim. (F/M or F/F and M, AU)  (Read 439 times)

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NOTE: Before I begin, I just want to make sure a few things are covered. First of which is that all the characters will be slightly aged up to fit with site standards. This will be an AU involving more than just the EVAs and Angels and will play with canon abit if you so wish. I will be looking to play an OC of a new faction tossed into play.

-I am not the most knowledgeable of EVA so hopefully someone who knows it better than me can take the lead and wont mind a novice. I also want to note I am not 100% a stickler for canon. so if you want to discuss any changes let me know. We can see where this story goes.

Ever since the infamous Second Impact, that wrought terrible destruction and suffering upon humanity, Sele and Nerv have been working tirelessly to prepare a series of defenses to ensure mankind's survival against the coming horrors that will lead to our end. Doing everything in their power and stretching their considerable influence as far as possible to get the world ready for what was to come. As such they put their fingers in many different pies, to gain the resources, data, and funding, needed to eventually defeat the Angels that were on their way through the dark void to see the end of mankind.

With such a wide reaching sphere of influence, it was only inevitable that they would know that the Angels weren't the only threat to humanity. There was another group of entities already on Earth, wreaking havoc on the destabilized planet, with their own response team in place to deal with them. These beings were known as "Nephilim' and had been popping up in various places around the world ever since the Impact. They were monsters straight out of the worst of mankind's collective nightmares, horrors that were difficult to kill, seemingly endless in number, and that drive lesser minds to shatter with a mere glance.

Ever since the first days of Second Impact, the Nephilim had been appearing in greater numbers, become more vicious and even more intelligent with each generation. It took considerable effort to truly kill one, let alone properly covering up the aftermath of their attacks. When Sele learned of their existence, they also began to see hints of those that hunted them. A black ops group formed in secret by NATO during the anarchy that followed after Second Impact.

The early days were chaotic, insane, people were killing each other over scraps of food and mouthfuls of clean water. They didn't need inhuman monsters making things worse. So an unnamed group was created to deal with these monsters quietly, as well as anything else the governments needed at the time that could be considered unethical. Whatever crimes they committed, were always covered up, and done for the sake of the greater good of mankind.

Eventually their main focus shifted completely to hunting and eliminating the Nephilim, which could range anywhere from the size of a bulldog to a fully loaded Semi Truck. Each one was its own species, even if they sometimes could look and behave identically to one another. Some of what this group learned would prove valuable in the fight against the Angels, giving Nerv a starting point from which to devise weapons and tactics against beings that made Humans look like maggots by comparison.

Over time the two secret groups made contact, with Nerv offering to take on the other group in an exchange of information and resources. Their chances at fighting off threats were better if they worked together. The black ops group called themselves Echo One. Their codename had been the only thing they were called by and they soon adopted the name with pride when dealing with Nerv and Sele. Their new relationship quickly bore fruit as Nerv provided Echo One with extra funding and technology, while the Echo's were the muscle needed to protect Nerv's researchers on expeditions in a highly destabilized world and helping to keep the region around Tokyo 3 safe from Nephilim, or bringing in the occasional capture for scientific study. It was a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

It was so beneficial that Echo One was willing to part with agents to permanently protect Nerv, despite the arrival of the Angels causing Nephilim activity to sky rocket all across the globe. If there was any chance of stopping the Angels and Nephilim, it would be Nerv who would discover it. And Echo One was determined to do what they could to give them the best shot possible. Even answering some of the allied organization's stranger requests.

Echo One agent Catherine Grimm (MC) had only recently been allowed back into the field. While on an operation down in South America, she had made direct eye contact with a Nephilim for far too long and her mind had shattered. For several months she had been out of action, hearing voices constantly and seeing visions that made no sense to the human mind. It looked as if she would spend the rest of her life in a padded cell, until out of the blue she made a recovery. She no longer heard voices and did not suffer alien hallucinations anymore.  Or at least that's what she told her doctors, always omitting the nightmares and difficulty she had going to sleep some nights, sometimes waking up screaming without memory of why.

Her newfound crisis of Faith certainly didn't help the situation at all. But she needed to be out in the field, doing what she could against the Nephilims and their big brothers the Angels. It was the only way that she could find any comfort, any sense of normalcy anymore.

So when the doctors cleared her for duty she expected to be out in the field, lugging around explosives for the inevitable Angel attack. Instead she found herself being given a new assignment that was out of the ordinary for what Echo One expected of her. She would have asked questions as to why she was being given the assignment to guard Geno Ikari's son and several other people on a list, when they could have assigned a whole team, or used Nerv personnel, but she knew better than to question orders. Especially when she already knew the answer would be the infamous "need to know basis" response.

So, being the good soldier she was, she moved out and went about her assignment, on the same day that the first Angel attack begins. When Shinji is picked up by Misato, she will be right there beside her, clutching onto the backseat and trying not to panic as Misato hits the gas pedal like she just stole the car, and wondering just why the boy was being brought to Nerv instead of in some bunker somewhere if he was so special.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments feel free to run them by me via PM. I'm looking to just play around with the cannon of EVA and see where it takes me. I was originally going to just focus in on Shinji but if someone wants to bring in other characters as well feel free. Id love to talk things out and see what kind of story we could craft together.

I will not accept one liners. 2 to 3 Paragraphs minimum please. I am looking for a partner who has relatively good grammar (I try not to eb a grammar Nazi, but still) and a good grasp of the English language. Hopefully someone who knows the Anime better than I do.

Below is the basic look I have in mind for Catherine if you need a visual aid as well.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Semi nsfw

I don't want to give away too much of her backstory at the moment as I want it to be revealed naturally as we go along.
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