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Started by Dez, July 18, 2017, 07:33:31 AM

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I'm not sure if this can even be done, but I'm going to ask anyway.

In my O/O I have "Word" pages; Image pages; Word Pages.

Is there anyway that the posts with words can all be grouped together?

Thanking you in advance and apologizing for the .... well.... my lack of organization!!!


You can't really move the posts themselves, but you can move their contents.

So let's say that we have the following:

Post 1: Blah Blah #1
Post 2: Words #1
Post 3: Pictures #1
Post 4: Blah Blah #2
Post 5: Words #2

And I want to move "Blah Blah #2" to where "Words #1" is and everything else down, I'd do the follow:

Modify the post that contains "Words #1" and selected the relevant piece, cut it from there and paste it below "Words #2".  Maybe throw in a horizontal break so I can make sure to notice the difference.  That leaves that second post completely blank - I can then take "Blah Blah #2", copy the contents of that post, and move it.  #2 is now right and post #4 is now blank.

Then just repeat the process until its in the order you want.  And add additional posts if you need.

That make sense?
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Why yes it does!!!

Thank you kindly, NightLux!!