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Started by Serephino, July 17, 2017, 06:52:08 PM

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Today when going through things I found a story I wrote when I was in high school.  If I wanted to say punch it up and get it published, how would I go about doing that?


In the Literary Discussion Board there are a couple of threads by authors (including myself) that can go over this to some extent. The question is whether you're wanting to publish it via, say, Amazon Kindle, or just on someplace like this board.


Okay.  I was thinking of doing it on Amazon. 



As mentioned if you're considering getting published deciding on a publisher or self publishing is the first place to start. I have published through both means. Unfortunately this subject is in the off limits area to unapproved members so I cannot continue the conversation there.

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I personally would suggest trying to be published, and if it's not happening, self publishing. On Amazon. I know various people who published on wattpad, and honestly the quality seems... low.
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