YouTube will not load, at all

Started by DominantPoet, June 10, 2017, 07:17:29 PM

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So about a week or so ago, when I updated Flash and Firefox one day, youtube randomly stopped loading. At all, like the site simply will not load, videos will not load through other pages where they are linked. It shouldn't be an IP problem because the site works fine through both my tablet, and my PS4. It's only my desktop that I have this issue.

I have run anti-virus and eradicated all it found, same with malware (used Kaspersky for both), uninstalled fully Firefox, and Flash, put them both back on, updated properly and everything, youtube still refuses to load. Doesn't matter which browser, Firefox, Chrome, IE, it refuses to load youtube.

I checked my firewalls, they don't seem to be an issue either, not that I can see why they would be blocking only youtube and why so randomly either.

Googling this problem just brings up a lot of random gibberish and solutions that I've tried that don't work, including deleting caches and the like.

So short of doing a fresh install of my OS, is there anything anyone can think of that might be an issue here, or a way that I can check to find out what it might be?

I should also mention, there is one other site that refuses to load, and that's loads perfectly fine, and any other us based sites seem to load just fine as well. But that has been going on for quite sometime before this. However, I realize this could be a proxy issue, the thing is - I don't run a proxy. Not that I'm aware of, at least, and if there's one being run by a virus or something, then I haven't been able to find it.


I was going to say it sounds like a Flash problem and to try reinstalling it, but the thing too is odd. Have you checked the blocked list on your antivirus software to make sure it isn't blocking your access to the sites? Sometimes sites can get blacklisted (same with on browsers, but if it's all 3 then it pretty much rules that out). I don't know how that would happen but if you did have malware, it could be a factor.


I got a friend of mine who has a better working brain than me to remote access my PC. Turns out, I had left proxy settings for accessing Netflix US and what not since I live in Canada under my internet connections all this time. YouTube must have recently started blocking IPs connecting through proxies. On the plus side, it was also what was causing my issue with!

Thank you for the help though Amber :D


You might consider uninstalling Flash and leaving it un-installed as you troubleshoot.

Youtube will play well without it (or at least it does on my Windows 7 system with IE11)  I've had Flash uninstalled for a couple of years and I only rarely find a site that absolutely demands it to play video content.

edit:  this is probably irrelevant now, given what you just wrote, but it's still not a bad idea.