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Author Topic: Winter Solstice (M for F, many various ideas, D/s based for the most part)  (Read 5334 times)

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Online DominantPoetTopic starter

Selectively looking

Hey there!! Thanks for coming into my Fortress of Solitude :D Here's a few key things to know about me and what I'm looking for!

- First off, please note I am only interested in doing M/F RP with females who play females.

- I am looking for longer posts, 4+ paragraphs per. I love doing D/s, yes, but I also love fuzzy feely romance, conflict, drama, struggles that our characters must face and overcome. I like character development and story building, just as much as I like smutty scenes. Little bit more so, even, because they make the smutty scenes all that much more fun. Detail definitely goes a long way in that. However, on that note, I am also of the opinion that quantity does not equal quality. 

- Real life happens, it does for all of us. I simply ask to know if you lose interest or are going to disappear for some time, when and if possible of course.

- I would love to actually take a story from start to a middle, to an actual end. However long it might end up taking, long term is a big plus for me.

- I like to write with people I can connect/chat with OOC as well. I've learned that if we don't get along well or even somewhat OOC, our story will probably suffer for it. At the very least, we should be able to confab, create ideas together, and be excited about our story :)

- If you say you like an idea of mine, great. Don't just say that though, add some ideas, tell me what themes you might want to explore, anything you would want to happen in the story. Let the creative juices flow!

- If we start a story with me doing the OP, please try not to take more than 24 hours to do your first post. If this seems strict, I apologize, I would fully understand if something came up and prevented you from doing so. It's just more a general rule of thumb so I know you are indeed interested in our story :D

- I'm an English major. I'm by no means perfect, and I don't expect others to be either. I do, however, abhor text speak (replacing words with singular letters) and similar means of talking. Within any story, outside of texting between characters, this is a complete no-no. OOC, I can tolerate it, but if you are constantly speaking like that and find you never spell out words fully anymore these days, please move along. I apologize, but it grates on my brain terribly.

- I'm by no means a stalker, however, I do check from time to time to see your other stories and read your other writings, or just to see if you're still alive and posting in general. If you're taking a week to post to our story while doing 15+ posts to another in the same week (or even in a single day especially), I'm going to question if you really like our story at all. Basically, please be a decent human being :)

I hope none of this comes off as overly unreasonable, honestly, I'm a generally easy-going person and try to be very easy to talk to and not put pressure on anyone! I'm also a very lovable, and huge, goofball :D

Please don't reply to this thread, but send me a PM instead!

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Online DominantPoetTopic starter

Re: Winter Solstice (M for F, many various ideas, D/s based for the most part)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2013, 07:57:29 PM »
~Current Story Requests~

Be careful who you save!
Crazed Ex of Superhero

He had saved her from certain death, and she had wanted to thank him by takin him out to dinner, or for drinks, or just anything really. He chalked it up to distress and wanted to calm her down after such a traumatic occurrence, so he agreed. At first, she seemed nice, personable, loving, adventurous, intriguing, intelligent. He agreed to see her again, and he found out just how crazy and wild she could be behind doors. After a few more dates, he could see this going somewhere.

However, that was around the time the oddities started to become apparent. She was referring to him as "hers", glaring at other women as they walked out in public places together, being snippy to anyone female that might serve them anywhere. Questioning who "that bitch" was when she visited him at work and saw him talking with a co-worker on a project. When he confronted her about it, she became...disturbing. When he tried to break it off, she purposefully tried to kill herself to distract him from other people that needed help.

The only thing that seemed to keep her satiated and sane was to fuck her silly, and hard, and rough. He knew she was insane, and he knew she would resort to anything to keep him around. But he was...starting to like it. At least she desired him!

Looking for someone to play the crazed ex and flesh this out a bit more :D

Merc with a Mouth & Miss Chiff aka Harley Quinn *craving*
Deadpool and Harley Quinn
So I know everyone is going a bit crazy with the Harley story requests after Suicide Squad, and I wouldn't mind playing Joker either, but that tends to be a bit difficult to find someone who I can play him properly against and with. I'm more proposing this idea as I had this story with someone before, it didn't work out, and I'd love to give it another shot!

Basically, Deadpool ends up shucked away from his universe, and into the DC one, where he is found by none other than our silly, lovable, psycho princess clown of crime! And the ultimate idea is for them to get together and have romance and smuttiness and general zany, crazy antics all the time! I have absolutely no problem with pulling in other characters for us to use as we see fit as well, since this would be set in Gotham, it would make sense. Obviously.

But yeah, if you like the idea of playing Harley and want to do it opposite our good ol' Merc with a Mouth, let me know! Below is the potential OP I would use :D

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"Well hey there! I bet you might be wondering why I'm standing on the right side of this page here, pointing a gun at a cuddly, innocent looking furry little blue bear! Well, let me tell you something! Don't trust that fucking bear! You can't see me right now, but I'm currently spiraling around in some kind of crazy ass black hole vortex thingy, possibly being teleported away to the wonderful land of Oz. Though that seems unlikely, I'll admit!"

"Of course you're not going to the land of Oz Wade, that's fiction! You're real, you know that! Now get to the point so the readers aren't as overly confused, will you?"

"You can just go ahead and ignore that shit spackled little bastard, but he does have a point regardless! This all started roughly 12 hours ago..."

Roughly 12 hours ago, give or take, in Deadpool's apartment -

"Oh well hey again there, whoever the fuck you are! This is past me, explaining what's happening with future me, even though I can't possibly know what future me will be up to and what not. But yet I know what I'm explaining here. It's all a bunch of quantum mechanics and time flow scientific shit that would make both yours and my brain melt, so let's skip over it, shall we?"

"Wade, you're not making this any easier!"

"You can just kiss my cancer riddled ass, other me inside my own head!"

While arguing with himself, the buzzer rings at his apartment door. Naturally, not expecting any company and suspecting it could be a trap, he stands up and pumps a few rounds from his trusty sidearms through the door.

"Well I don't hear any screaming, and nobody is kicking in the door, soooo...maybe we scared off Pete again?"

Pete was the only delivery man in Toronto that would still deliver anything to this address, mainly due to the likelihood of being shot at if Deadpool wasn't expecting anyone. Confident that it was at least most likely safe, he holstered his firearms and careful tip toed over to the door. Plastering his body up against it, he looked out through one of the bullet holes, and when he wasn't kicked in the face or charged at by some big monstrous mutant, he whipped the door open to find a box sitting in his hallway.

"Ooooo, what could it be?? Pie? Cake? Cyanide burger? It better not be another god damned bomb..." he muttered to himself as he bent over to pick up the box, and brought it back into his apartment. Going into the kitchen, he dropped it down on the counter and grabbed a knife to cut open the tape sealing it.

Unphased by the potential of it being a bomb, since he would survive it regardless, he tore the package open and peered inside. There was naught but a piece of paper, wrapped around a polaroid picture of a small, blue, fluffy bear. The letter read as follows -

"Dear Mr. Wilson, aka Deadpool,

I strongly urge you, at your earliest convenience, to retrieve the bear pictured in the enclosed polaroid. The fate of many worlds, as well as a universe not of your world, hangs in the balance.


Mr. X"

"Why does that name sound familiar?? Hmm...oh right! That's the weird guy with all the tribal tattoos and his bodyguard named Blok. Hehehe, silly ass name, that."

"You're literally named Deadpool, Wade..."

"And that's the shit coolest name ever, you smug son of a bitch. Don't you forget it either, or next time I'll chop your balls off, all right? I mean...wait, no, that'd probably be a bad idea...anyways, what's that mind reader want with a bear like this? Doesn't make any sense. Hmm...well, I guess the only way to find out is to find the bear! Not like I have anything better to do anyways, right?"

"Wade, you know it's almost certainly a trap orchestrated by someone other than Mr. X. You have to be smarter about things like..."

"Trap? Ohhh, goody goody goody!!" squeeling happily as he danced around in the kitchen.

Now, in the swirling mass of a black hole vortex thingy -

"What followed after that was basically just me hunting down the whereabouts of the bear, breaking into the mansion of the person who had it, and then guess what happened? As soon as I approached that mother fucking bear, it started to talk to me! Hence the gun pointing at its head. I mean, a talking teddy bear? You can't trust that shit! It was mumbling something about taking me to another universe at the behest of some ass hat or another, and then this bright, swirling yellow mass just popped open behind it! And in I got sucked, and here I've been swirling around. Weird, though, the opening would be yellow but the innards of this...whatever it is, would be black. Anyways, I think it called itself a mother box, whatever the crap that is. Guess I'll just wait and find out where I'm going!"

Over Gotham City, a moment from now (which...makes it now anyways) -

As the yellow mass opened up once again, Deadpool found himself falling down towards a city he didn't recognize in the least. At the height he was at, which he judged by how far down the tops of the nearest buildings were, he'd almost certainly break every bone in his body and likely get knocked out as soon as he hit the ground.

"Welp...wherever this is, hopefully the people living here are nice and friendly! Maybe I'll get to cause tons of crazy, mass havoc and what not! Oooo, maybe there's an alternate version of people here! Got to find alternate me then, we'll have such a bl..."

With a loud splat sound, Deadpool's body connected quite firmly with the concrete and sure enough, most every bone in his body was broken...or, more like half liquefied. He could hear sirens in the distance that seemed to be getting closer, just as he started to slow pass out.

Unknown to him, the trip through the boom tube and the dimensional passing had caused the cancer riddling his body when he acquired his healing powers to be pulled out from his body, effectively making his body as handsome as it was before all of that nasty Weapon X experimenting. And so he lay, his body healing up the many injuries he'd just sustained, remaining unconscious for a good half an hour or so. Even with amazing regenerative properties, it was hard to survive a fall like that and get over a coma inducing concussion much faster than that.

When he awoke, he appeared to be in an apartment? Of some wasn't his, that's all he knew. Smelled too...girly, and looked much more well kept than his own. Plus, the bed he was laying on was way too comfy to be something in his apartment.

"Ooooo, wow...that was a sucker punch if ever I've felt one. Now to ascertain where I am...and who the heck brought me here..." as he looked around, noting his being tied to the bed, just as she walked into the room.


Werewolf Guardians
Werewolf Guardians

There is a village that exists in this world, ever gloating between realities yet existing in them all simultaneously. It is both in time, and out of time. This particular village houses the last remaining true witches of the world, as well as the last of the supernatural creatures known as Lycanthropes.

While this village can generally be peaceful, there are threats to its continued existence - other supernatural creatures, vampires, ghouls, and the like. Those who would seek to capture the witches power, so they may once again return to the world of the mortals and terrorize them to no end.

The witches protect not only that which has separated the horrors of old from the reality that we all know today, but they are quite beautiful and evocative as well. Not to mention, quite powerful, however much of their power is forever tied to the artifact which keeps our world and theirs apart, and so they rely on their loves, the Lycans, to protect them when necessary. The witches can alter day and night cycles and summon a full moon when necessary, as well as erect a last defense shield should their saviors fall in battle, but little else past that, lest our worlds collide together once more.

Being as the Lycans are very aggressive and blood thirsty when they change, the witches also use the shield to protect themselves from their protectors at times. This happens when a Lycan is not properly subdued by his lover sexually when in human form. In order to balance the bloodlust they feel when turned, their human sides must take out their aggressive and demanding needs on the very women they protect.

These would be old school style Lycans, they can retain some human brain functions when turned (if properly subdued, of course) but they are none the less ravenous creatures of the dark who would just as soon tear your heart out through your ribcage and then kick you against a tree just for good measure. Think Underworld, Howling, and similar movies. These are not men that change into wolves, they are Lycans, huge hybrid creatures between man and wolf.

This story would be about, of course, MC who is a Lycan, and yours, who would be a witch :) This could go many various ways and paths, so if this interests you at all, drop me a line!

Outlanders - Romance and Adventure in Space

This idea is based off an older manga/OVA series that I watched when I was younger. I always quite liked the story and it stuck in my head even two decades later. It's nothing too fancy, although it can certainly be added to and made much more deep.

The basic plot is that an alien race is looking to eradicate all humans on Earth. A young princess, a bit naive, stubborn, and with a bit of a temper, goes down to Earth on her father's orders, although she doesn't like the idea. While basically slaughtering a bunch of humans in front of a photographer, who keeps taking pictures of the odd looking but sexy woman as she dismembers army men shooting at her, she ends up rushing at him but he slightly fights back against her, accidentally getting a bit...close. This causes her to like him, kiss him, and bonk him on the head with the handle of her sword and take him onto her space ship. To be her groom.

It's a very funny, yet also quite touching, series. The OVA is called Outlanders and can be found on YouTube pretty easily in English if you're interested in the general idea behind this story, and if you're interested in this story at all as well. By the end of it, they are married and have convinced her father to let them be, although not without risking his own life in the process and nearly dying a few times, of course. What I'd like to do is our own version of the events up until then, and explore what happens with them from that point on.

A young man pulled from his home, betrothed to a beautiful young, albeit alien, princess, and exploring space with her and dealing with married life and such as well. If this plot intrigues you at all, I'd love to discuss it more with you, so hit me up and let's talk!

The SCP Foundation *SUPER craving*
The SCP Foundation - Retrievement and Containment Division

This is a request based off of the above site. This site is basically like nerdgasm city for me really.

What I would LOVE to do is play as a couple that are tasked with hunting down, retrieving, and containing artifacts like the ones listed on the site. We could pick and choose ones on the site to hear about, track down, and retrieve, and figure out ways to contain them that are in line with what the site says, or with our own personal touches and ideas. Due to the nature of their work, they would likely require a lot of stress relief, which is where the D/s dynamic of their relationship would come into play as well ;)

This is basically meant to be like an origin story of sorts for a version of the SCP Foundation in our universe. Our characters being the purveyors and creators, realizing that these trinkets, items and locations are popping up all over the world and need to be contained and kept safe from the general public as effectively, and quietly, as possible.

This is a very hardcore HORROR based play, there WILL be gore, disturbing content, and things that make your brain implode with awesomeness :D None of this will be sexual in nature, rather all plot based.

If you are even slightly intrigued by this idea or the site in general, contact me and tell me your ideas! I am VERY much craving creating this world with someone with a great passion for both writing, and the horror genre in general! For this particular play, I am most certainly looking for people who are capable of and willing to do 1500+ word posts on a fairly constant basis.


Blue Eternity
Blue Eternity

He wakes up in a blue tinted room. Four walls, no windows, and a single futuristic door. He's dressed in a white robe like clothing, and the first thing he realizes is he can't remember his own name. And he's not alone.

The woman next to him is his physical dream. If they had met under other circumstances, he'd be begging her to be his wife from the second he saw her. But he doesn't have much time to think about that or anything why they're here. Or who put them here.

A voice rings out in his head. It tells him simply that the door will unlock in five minutes, at which time both of them will continue onto the next room and will be given a task to accomplish. There are no speakers in the room, but even then it sounds as if the voice is in his head. The woman is passed out, and he has no idea what might happen if he doesn't get her up and into the next room when the door opens. Or even if she's still alive really.

This is only the beginning of a terrifying and deadly journey through a maze that couldn't possibly exist. One filled with rooms that have increasingly demanding tasks....sexual...physical...horrific even. Rooms that look smaller on the outside yet house things inside of them far bigger than should fit. Some rooms don't follow the laws of gravity....or even reality. And worse yet, they must press on...for refusing to do any of the tasks instead means death.

Why have they been put here? Who put them here? What tasks will they have to accomplish? What will their relationship become being thrown together like this....and with the tasks they must do to themselves...and one another.

This story is very long term, requires a high degree of imagination and ability to flow with a story as it is written. Anything or everything could literally happen in this story.

Frozen World, Beating Hearts
Frozen World, Beating Hearts

We were warned about it for decades, that another ice age would be coming and would wipe out the world. We didn't listen, and now it's far too late.

When it first struck, people thought it was just a severe winter....but then there was reports of it affecting places where snow never falls. And then major cities began to become encased in the ice, people freezing to death in their own homes, being turned into blocks of ice if they stepped outside into the world at all.

That was 200 years ago. A small amount of the human race survived, and adapted. Our bodies now changed to be capable of thriving in the cold harsh reality we now live in. We're able to generate far more heat naturally than we ever have before, and we've given ourselves a new name - Firewakers.

Now we populate what used to be a large metropolis in the lands of Canada, where the majority of the human race survived to begin with. We have little knowledge of the rest of the world, what's out there, who might be out there as well.

Animals that we don't keep and raise ourselves, outside of our borders, have long since mutated past what they used to be. Ferocious monsters out in the wilderness.

If you're interested in a story set within this universe, by all means, let me know :)



This is an idea that comes from a manga/anime, however I don't wish to follow it, what I want to do is take the idea and parts of the universe to make our own universe and world and our own story within that.

The basic outline is as such - our characters are college students, friends, romantically involved, one pines for the other, any kind of relationship works. My character happens to stumble upon a piece of alien tech one day while walking through the woods and happens to activate it by mistake and is turned into a super powered armored being. This also drags him and everyone he knows into a background conflict within the world orchestrated by a company called Chronos.

They are capable of manufacturing what humans perceive to be monsters, but in reality is actually just a genetic makeup that resides in every single human and is simply unlocked or altered to heighten what comes from it. The tech in question, called a Guyver unit, is highly sought by the Chronos corporation who had long since considered it vanished. Once they realize it has actually just lay dormant, they seek to take the one that has been activated and find out if there are any more in existence still (of which there are in total 3, including the one found by my character).

Now while there are set characters and ideals/rules that would need to be conformed to (mainly the hierarchy within Chronos and various characters that populate the universe) this is meant to be a type of world building story with no set end (as the actual manga currently is still ongoing even after 16 years and there's no potential end in sight) for some time.

It will involve a great deal of action based writing, multiple characters (although the main focus will generally be the two we start off with), hyper violence, emotional turmoil, morality, and every so often overly passionate and rough sex :D

There are key events from the manga which I will want to happen in our own way within the story, and I'll lay everything out if anyone is genuinely interested in doing this.


Power Girl Enslaved
Power Girl Enslaved

Firstly, this can be altered to include pretty much any heroine and their alter egos, so it's not necessarily that it HAS to be PG, but she's my favorite due to my obsession with big breasts :D

Power Girls alter ego is Karen Starr, head of Starr Enterprises (at least before the stupid 52 universe change thing) so we're going with that version of the character!

My OC has no name, but is an archealogist that has been searching for a very particular artifact that landed on Earth an undisclosed amount of time ago. It's a ring, a fairly simple one that has a slight blue tint to it, but otherwise appears silvery and white.

This ring has two basic powers - first, it allows whoever is wearing it to control anyone they want, through verbal commands, or simply through thinking/wishing it. Secondly, it strips super humans of their powers when they're within 100 yards of the ring while it's being worn, without their knowledge. The only real indication to them, at least before they attempt to do anything they could normally do, is they feel a slight loss of energy, much like if you yawn when you're tired.

He finds the ring, and sets up an interview with Karen Starr for a position at her business. The purpose? To get close enough to her, in order to use the ring to mess with her and ultimately make her his personal sex doll.

See, the whole reason is that he was saved by PG in the past, when he was a building contractor. He slipped and fell off the 80th floor of a building he was working on, and was saved by her. He also has a strong obessison with breasts, especially large ones, so he becomes overly enamored and obsessed with her, and goes to great lengths to find something, anything, that could help him, and he hears rumors of the ring.

It's meant to be a playful back and forth type of RP, where he uses the ring to mess with her mind. He can control any and all aspects, their body especially, and how it feels, like say, making her have an incredibly strong desire to push her breasts against a table and rub them back and forth.

The catch, is that she feels she's doing it of her own will. Much like when, say, you type a word in a sentence, and look back and realize you've typed something entirely different, or when you could swear you put your shoes on already. You have no idea why you think this, or didn't do it and convinced yourself you did, but it is what it is.


So this is a bit of a different take on the earlier harem like story in my request thread here. The idea with this is that in a future world where most everything has become incredibly modernized and life has never been more comfortable or better - the human race has come to be composed entirely of females. Males have been gone long to the point of nearly being a myth to some. The male genome in general disappeared before it could be saved, and as such all humans born through genetic manipulation and fertilization are female, day in and day out.

One day, a young man awakens in a field just outside of a city in this time. He is found and brought before a council, who don't know what to make of him. Some think he's an alien from outer space, some think he's some sort of threat made in a lab somewhere, others however recognize from stories handed down from their mothers what he is.

Now this is anything but a smut based RP, though to be upfront the plan is for there to be a lot of that. However, the catch with this is - the women that exist in the world have become so accustomed to love and desires of a particular nature, that they and their bodies have completely become unaccustomed to being around a man. It revolts some, it drives some insane, it intrigues others. It also means that through an odd genetic mutation, copulation can no longer produce children UNLESS emotional love is achieved between the male and female.

Obviously, there's a lot that can be expanded, that needs to be thought out or explained better, drawn out, so on and so forth. It's a world building type of RP just as much as it's a story and smut based one.

Ideally, I'd like someone who is comfortable with playing 5 or 6 different women for this story.

The Matrix
The Matrix

A hundred years have passed since Neo freed the humans from the shackles of the machines. Eventually the Matrix as it was known was destroyed, however human kind had a daunting task ahead of them to rebuild their world with the machines. It was not something that all of them agreed with. So it came to be that another Matrix was created for those that wished to return to a time when their world made sense to them. They remembered nothing of what the real world was like, or that it even existed.

However, there were those programs in the machine world that sought to rebel and decided to take over the Matrix and make it theirs once more. As a means of control.

In this setting, Avalon is searching for his wife who was kidnapped in the world of the real and taken to the machine home lands. She has been jacked into the new Matrix and is being held prisoner. What they want or hope to accomplish remains to be seen. He is helped by his best friend and most trusted ally, who just also happens to be deeply in love with him but has never told him.

I would love for someone who is able to play both his friend and eventually his wife as well. The story is meant to be a love triangle, and what ultimately happens can be discussed before hand and as we write it out as well.

Who ya gonna call? *CRAVING*
Who ya gonna call?

So I am actually stunned I didn't think of this before in all my time on this site!

I love the original GB movies (yes, both of them) and religiously watched Real Ghostbusters as a child, and still to this day love the series. Actually, there isn't anything GB related I haven't seen and loved (even Extreme Ghostbusters).

So - I would ABSOLUTELY love to find someone who is as passionate about this world, and craft something within it together with them! I don't even really care if it doesn't have much smut in it. World building and story telling. It could be movie universe, RGB universe, a brand new one perhaps even! I definitely want to have a LOT of scientific and technical intricacies, theorizing, exploration of the paranormal, big threats, action, so on and so forth! I wouldn't mind doing a romantic story between a couple couple with some others, or even just the two of them running GB.

So if you love GB and want to do a story, hit me up with ideas and we will brainstorm the HELL out of this and find something :D

~Taken Story Ideas~

Taking the Family Business
Taking the Family Business

A young man named Yurei is the last surviving member of his particular lineage. This lineage is fairly wealthy and rather powerful as well not only in his home of Tokyo, but across Japan and much of the world as well. He became estranged from his family on his eighteenth birthday when he forged out on his own, refusing to bow to the pressures his family wanted to put on him and to have the life they demanded he should go into.

However, 5 years later his parents both die tragically. Their assistant is tasked with carrying out the terms of their will - their son is meant to be brought home and his genes passed onto another in order to carry the family name on. To go into the life that they wanted him to have. Due to his changing views of the world and growing up a bit more, he comes to realize what his parents really wanted for him and agrees to come back.

There are x number of women lined up who have agreed to vie for his affections and more importantly, his sperm. Their reasons, personalities, looks and what not can all be discussed before hand, as well as how many there actually are. One of them, however, will be an old child hood friend of my character who knew him before he disappeared. This can be made deeper by given them unrequited feelings towards one another as well, or something else entirely if you like.

Who becomes impregnated first becomes his wife and also inherits the family business and subsequent fortune as well!

Destiny on the Rails
Destiny on the Rails

The two of them used to be inseparable when they were children and when they started to become young adults. However, as they began to mature, financial arguments between their parents caused each of them to be pulled away and banned from the other. Now grown up and both in University, they chance upon one another one day and old feelings and sensations are rekindled and explored through a day together.

On their way back to their respective homes on the train in the early evening however, they both fall asleep and when they awake, they are in a much different place. It still looks like Earth, but there are no buildings, no cities that they can see. The train looks incredibly old and has been overgrown, teetering on the edge of a cliff. There are stars in the sky, two moons, and a sun. Gravity feels a bit lighter.

Now they must rely on one another to explore this somewhat familiar yet wholly alien world, to seek out what happened to them and why. And to see if they can even return to the home they once knew - assuming, of course, they even want to anymore.

Blood is Magic, Magic is Life
Blood is Magic, Magic is Life

Who he is, where he comes from, even what kind of person he is eludes him. The only things he knows is that he must be somewhere, and that his being at that particular place means the difference between the continuation of our world, or its annihilation.

He simply shows up at the doors of the castle one rainy night, a glowing blue phosphorus wound across his shoulder and back. He sleeps for three days and three nights, a mystery and a wonder to all within the castle, most of all to the princess. It is only when she sneaks into his room on the third night and touches in face in curiosity, that their intertwined destiny comes to light. The phosphorus blue glow seeps from his back, and travels along her arm and onto her back instead, creating a beautiful butterfly image.

Beautiful as it may be however, it has cursed them both. The man is a powerful magician, and his magic has now been tied to her life force, her blood. While he is capable of great feats and extraordinary displays of strength and power, they now come at the cost of her health...of her life.

Now the two of them must go to the place he seeks, in search of answers, in search of a cure. But the journey is fraught with dangers, and magic is a necessity to survive. Her blood is his magic, and his magic keeps her alive. Two halves of the butterfly must now become one.

Blood Reign
Blood Reign

In the year 2019, humans are responsible for the eradication of their own species through a man made virus. This particular virus however does not affect anyone aged 13 or younger.

At the time of the event, vampires make themselves known to the human race and offer protection to those children who have been thrown into a dark and brutal reality. However, the children end up being more like cattle, allowed to live in order for the vampires to feed off of them. They are in general allowed to live and have some modicum of life and families within orphanages they are placed into, however they are treated as trash if they ever forget their place.

Unknown to them however, outside of the confines of the vampire cities, about a 10th of the population of Earth did in fact survive somehow, and have harnessed weapons made through creatures that have populated the world outside of the vampire cities in order to combat their foes. They are known as cursed weapons.

Within this world, a young man named Winter will find the power to take revenge against the vampires he so desperately hates, and along the way may even find a place to call home, and those who he could call family once again.

If you're interested in this story, I'd love to flesh it out more with you. It is based on an anime called seraph of the end, so you can look that up if you want an idea of how this story could go!


~General Pairings I'm interested in~

Underlined would be my role

Doctor & Patient
Master & Slave
Boss & Employee/Secretary
Brother & Sister
Prince & Princess
College Room Mates
College Sweethearts
Furry based characters
Marvel or DC characters (singular or mixed, OC, canon)

~Anime worlds I'd love to write in~

Would definitely be open to doing OC or existing characters, original story lines, warping story lines (IE Naruto makes Sakura his own through force, stuff like that)

Attack on Titan
Dragon Ball Z
Dimension W
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Guyver (Really want to do anything with this one, would definitely love if I could find someone interested in it)
Highschool DXD
Kabenari of the Iron Fortress
LaGrange - The Flower of Rin-ne
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
Seraph of the End
Witch Craft Works

If you've got an anime you'd be interested in playing out or have an idea for, shoot me a PM!

~Current Stories~

Blood Reign ~ RadTechandBooks
Blood is Magic, Blood is Life ~ RadTechandBooks
Finality Train ~ PearlRuby
Gothams Royalty ~ LillithTheThird
Lovely Flowers ~ Koto0005
Tales as Old as Time ~ RadTechandBooks


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This list is in reverse chronological order, up until this point. Meaning the bottom of the list is the first story I ever did on the site, then the second, and so forth going upwards. Everything above this point is added as the stories are dropped/die for whatever reason they may have been. - Tweety (Would you, with me?) - Lindrea (New Beginnings) - Twistedwingz - (Flame in Darkness) - smexygracie (Six Dutiful Sluts) - TheElusiveKitten (Magic is Life) - WilyRiley (Merc with Mouth) - Aiyanna (Blood is Magic & Life) - Cottonkitty (Eternity Project) - Blondebooklover (Eternal S&M) - LimitlessNikkie (Sapphire Freedom) - LadyAthene (Books of Eternity) - Mirrah (Blood is Magic/Life) - Aphe (Trains of Reality) - Rahzilla (Starfall) - Becca (Eternal Blue) - ADoggett (Guyver Redux) - Eudoxia (Destiny on the Rails) - Devilishangel (Fire of my Life) - Dominique (Blue Eternity) - Jayna (Power Girl Broken) - LittleKitten (Blue Eternity) - Becca (Penguin's Vixen) - Ladondra (Peace and Quiet) - JusticaPax (May Your Dreams) - sweetamber18 (Rails of Destiny) - AMessOfADreamer (Existential P) - Soumis (Dolls New Home) - Rosaeve (Plasma) - Starcry (Break You, Make you Mine) - Syene (Persephone & Hades) - ChaoticSky (Eternal Horror) - Slave2Fantasy - (Fetish Doll) - Amide (Days of her Life) - Paige Persnickety (Existential P) - IrishBlood (Girls, Girls, Girls) - Ashleebabe (Vampire's Bride) - XxPersephonexX (Vampire King) - fireflights (Angels among us) - artgirl (Perfect Toy) - Ladondra (Double Trouble) - naughtyprincess6952 (Power Girl) - CrypticSayings (Welcome Home) - Miss Sykes (Alone on a Busy Train) - Miss Sykes (Encounters of a Sexual) - Wikwik (Frozen Desire) - crosswordaholic (Harem of SD) - Ladondra (Harem Time) - Ladondra (Shinigami Love Story) - Luna (Assassin in Purgatory) - TianaDarklife (Snowy Reunion) - TamaRose (Shouldn't Play w/ Fire) - duchess85 (Doctor Knows Best) - nuttyb1tch (Ghosts Within Him) - MissRoziel (Jokers Wild) - CopperLily (Dear Sister) - Hercinia (Blue Eternity) - Usani (Walk on the Darker Side) - britneyharuno (PG Enslaved) - moonsblackwolf (Death, Unto Me) - The Lioness (Aces High) - Astira (Scene 1, Take 1) - blackcatotaku (Lovely Flowers)

I want to make a special note about Lovely Flowers here, I would absolutely LOVE if anyone would like to redo this story from the beginning with me. I was quite saddened when this story had to be cut short, and I've been desiring to redo it since then. - ChaoticEnvy (Blue Eternity) - fleacollar999 (Ice in my Veins) - atenai (Blind Date with my Doctor) - DrusillaJenson (Spider to the Fly) - Psycho Serenity (Naruto & Hinata) - Katrina (The Boss's New Pet) - LittleKitten (Fire and Water) - ting ting (The Abuse) - SapphireStar (Wizards Property) - Cassiopia (Betrayal)

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~Inspirational, Likes, Deviant NSFW Pictures~



































~Generally Sexy/Cute/Hot~




















*Quick disclaimer - I am a person fascinated with horror stories and writing them in general, it's what I do for a living, after all. Gore in the sexual sense is a big no-no, these are not meant to be taken in that manner. Gory/squeamish things and all that fun stuff, I do love to write into horror based plays, however! If you're particularly sensitive to overly graphic horror images, I strongly suggest you stick to the other sections!*












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