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August 20, 2018, 11:35:53 PM

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Author Topic: Jeflint's Solo/One-on-one Let's Plays  (Read 657 times)

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Jeflint's Solo/One-on-one Let's Plays
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:01:55 AM »
Status as of 14/05/17: Not Open for additional RPs at this time

Howdy folks! Welcome to my One on One games, or as I like to call them "Let's Plays". These are designed for just one on one adventures or a very limited number of players. Nothing over three generally. I'm a fairly open partner and willing to please, it's the sub in me I'm sure, so if it's on my Offs but it's a big thing for you lets talk it out. I can be persuaded to change my opinion on some acts occasionally.

So anyway the basic purpose of this thread is to outline the games that I want to play with a partner or two. Either in a PM setting or via the Forum. If I know you well enough I'll open up my discord or email accounts for you so we're not limited to the rules here on E.

So first off I'm a furry and I prefer playing non human characters. To me flat humans are boring so I'm not terribly interested in playing them, unless... you add in transformations to the mix. I'm huge into Transformative Fetishes. I'll do all sorts of stuff to help my partner get off if I get to play some of my favorite fetishes. If you're not sure just ask.

Anything that's below the line can be fiddled with if I have a partner that is willing and able to meet my requirements. Don't be afraid to PM me. I only bite if asked. 😜

What I'm looking for out of my partners is someone who's a decent writer and someone who is interesting and fun to talk to. I'd like to grow a collection of friends on this site and I view this as a means of doing that.

Favorite Settings

Slice of Life

Around Town

Younger Woman / Older Woman
Younger Man / Older Woman
Neighbor / Neighbor
Male / Futa
Older Woman / Futa
Best Friend / Best Friend's Mother
(Step)mother / Daughter
(Step)mother / Son
Older Woman / Troubled Young Woman
Best Friend / Best Friend

Married Life

Married Woman / friend's neighbor
Married Woman / Younger Mistress
Wife / Wife
Wife / Wife / Other Woman (Can we say threesome?)
Wife / Husband
Wife / Husband / Futa

Higher Education

College (University) Professor / Student
College Counselor / Student
Bookworm / Cheerleader
Jock / Nerd
Dean / Sorority/Fraternity Member


Athlete / Athlete
Athlete / Opposing Athlete
Coach / Athlete

Adult Entertainment

Porn Star / Porn Star
Porn Star / Rookie
Porn Star / Virgin
Porn Star / Client

Law Enforcement

Beat Cop / Rookie
Detective / Witness
Beat Cop / Stripper
Detective  / Criminal

Nowhere Left To Go

Drifter / Bar Owner
Drifter / Motel Owner

Business Life

Boss / Employee
CEO / Interviewer
Hiring Manager / Job Applicant
Employee / Employee
Waitress / Client
Trucker / Waitress

Science Fiction

Captain / Subordinate
Captain / Cadet
Captain / Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter / Bounty
Scientist / New Species
Human / Humanoid Alien
Humanoid Alien / Humanoid Alien
Human / Humanoid Android

Time Travel

Time Traveler / Time Traveler
Time Traveler / Person From Other Time Period


Fantasy World

Person From Our World / Person From Other World
Queen / Commoner
Human / Monster
Human / Furry
Human / Immortal
Dragon / "lesser races"
Dragon / Furry


I, Robot
Avery Cates Series
Dragon Lance
Star Wars
We remember it whole sale
Do Androids dream of electric sheep
Ultimate Avengers
Ultimate X-men
Starship Troopers
Have Spacesuit will travel
Short Time
Ring World
The Peace War
My Teacher is an Alien


Agents of SHIELD
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Doctor Who
Babylon 5
Burn Notice
White Collar
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Ghost in The Shell
Dominion Tank Police
Getter Robo/Starvengers
UFO Robot Goldarke/Grendizer
Cutey Honey
Sailor Moon
Yu Yu Hakisho
Hunter X Hunter
Armitage the III
Key the Metal Idol
Battle Angel Alita
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Ranma 1/2
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
Kobashi's Dragon Maid
The Dirty Pair
Star Trek Next Gen


Marvel Cinematic
D.C. Animated Movies
Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Wars
Star Trek Next Gen

Video Games

Dragon Quest Series
Fire Emblem
The Legend of Zelda
Mass Effect
Dragon Force
Final Fantasy Series
Ogre Battle
Secret of Mana
Soul Blazer
Illusion of Gaia
Street Fighter vs SNK

Celebrities Crushes


---Male Face Crushes---
John Barrowman
Jeffery Donovan
David Tennant
Matt Bomer
Henry Cavill
Chris Evans
Chirs Hemsworth
Roberty Downey Jr.
Mike Colter
Mahershala Ali
Denzel Washington
Wesley Snipes
Djimon Hounsou
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Shemar Moore
Chadwick Boseman
Corey Stoll
Tony Jaa
Brad Pitt
Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H)
Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks (CM Punk)
Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom

---Female Face Crushes---
Meryl Streep

Her lover's toy

The world is a big place and for poor Miriya "Little Kitten" Redman things are just getting bigger and bigger around her as she's shrinking smaller and smaller. What's a girl to do? Ride it out obviously (Free Form)
Additional Images

  - taken as of 15/5/17
The Greatest Adventure
Ayrios is a bard of some renown, or so she'd like to think. Sadly the poor girl's heart was far to noble and now she's cursed with a memory wasting disease. Every experience is brand new for the poor half devil bard. What's a girl to do when she can't remember what a girl's to do? (D&D/Pathfinder Freeform)

The Quick Brown Fennmink
Rose Dandy-Ba is an aspiring musician and college student but sometimes a good girl has to do bad things. Sometimes a good fennec fox mink hybrid has to stay one jump ahead of the law. And sometimes that brings interesting situations  (Freeform Zootopia/Furry style game)

Additional Images
Cosplay View
Rose's Cosplay View

Rose's View
Near Nude
Reference Nude
Rose Relaxing
Rose Gaming

Of Lizards and...
Felicia Roberts is a unique anole. She has boobs, a vagina and a penis. And sometimes for the poor girl that's just to much. This normally chill lizard just wants to find friends and keeps finding them in all the wrong places. What's a herm to do? (Freeform, Furry)

The Bimbo Next Door
Rob's your pretty typical guy, works out regularly, does well in school, able to get most girls he wants. Things are great for Rob, except for a very vengeful exgirlfriend who was more than a wee put off when Rob called her a bimbo when they had a drunken fight. Well she'll see who's the bimbo when she slips Robbie her new potion. (Freeform, Transgender, Bimbofication)

Road Trip
It's college spring break time and what better than for two friends to hit the open road and experience the sights, sounds and majesty of the world? What better way than to visit a wishing well and make a wish. It's not like it's real right. (Free Form, Transformative)

My Little Monster
Kiadan is a dragon and somehow she's trapped in the human world. Her kind, monsters in general, aren't supposed to interact with humans. There's laws preventing that. So why is she now looking up to this human and why is he putting a collar around her neck! And why is he so big?(Free Form)

A Furry in a Human World
The fur world was so normal... now everything is weird and strange. What are all these creatures without any fur on them? And what does that man mean that she doesn't exist? Why are those people in white coats grabbing her? Help! (Free Form)

A Terrifying Curse
There is a bard so notoriously dangerous and destructive that her very presence is certain doom as plagues and natural disasters follow her in her wake. If she stays in a city for more than a night she unintentionally curses the city to ruin... what's a poor bard to do? She's just trying to make a living.
(D&D 3.5/Free Form/Furry)

No hole deep enough
Angela is a special woman. She was born a woman but a curse by a spiteful witch has a plan to turn the woman into every man's worst nightmare. See she didn't used to have a cock and balls. And they're not going away until she finds a hole that's deeper than she can fill. Which is hard when every time you have sex with a partner your cock grows. What's a girl to do?
(D&D 3.5/Free Form/Futa is bigger)

The Helpful Djinn
Uriah is a genie with a very poor track record. Most of her masters have met very poor ends and her bosses blame Uriah for their wishes going wrong. And trapped in an ancient book means she doesn't see people that often. She just needs one new Master to prove she's not a screw up... (Free form/Transformative/ Master & Pet)

The Vampire's Master
Misty unknowingly came with the house. Part of the deal was that you stayed out of the basement. But it's your house, why wouldn't you make use of it? And that strange storage box in the corner looks like it'll hold a lot of items. Imagine you're surprise at finding a life like human doll dressed up in some antique dress...
(Free form/Transformative/Master & Pet)

I am my brother's clone?
Sometimes with great science comes a lot of messing around with the human Genome. Meet Jean she's the dream girl of her creator Justin, who just also happens to be the donor making Jean his sister. And sometimes things get troublesome when there's a third body in the mix. Stacey is Justin's loving fiance and bethroted. How's she going to take finding out about this strange new knock out babe running around in Justin's apartment? And where does she sleep it's a one bedroom!
(Free form/Threesomes/Incest/Master/pet)
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Re: Jeflint's Solo/One-on-one Let's Plays
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 10:30:22 AM »
Her Lover's Toy sounds really interesting. would you be willing to PM me so we can talk more?