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February 28, 2021, 10:02:10 am

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Author Topic: Game night: Casual, modern, party-game social, seeking any ok with any.  (Read 2005 times)

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Offline IxyTopic starter

Moved this over from players seeking group, as I hope to provide any game mechanics as "gm" in the only necessary sense. 

Light exhibitionism and voyeurism
Consent under peer pressure
Alcohol/pot use
Secret sharing
Possibly heavier exhibitionism later
One character taking on a consenting objectified role

The concept is that, in late Fall, it's snowed heavily and unexpectedly in a small, semi-hip suburban town, stranding many at home or work.  A few friends are without power in a particular neighborhood, but cell service still works... So in checking up on each other, they open to pass the time at "hosts'" house.  The hosts have a nice fireplace, plenty of candles, a small generator for essentials (like cell phone charging, duh)... Good neighbors to have.  They call the friends not able to clear out and, to pass the time, invite a few over for adult game night.

For sake of story and pacing, the games themselves will be in two general phases... I'll handle mechanics, as phase 1 is just penny poker for flavor only, we can freely narrate who's good at bluffing, reading, etc.  Phase 2 would have more randomness as we move in to heavier more sexy games like a bunch of horny teenagers.

Roles needed: a partner (any gender or role, be it spouses, long-term relationship, or even just friends or roommates) who knows my character well.  Mine, a college girl, has lost a bet, or has offered as a half-joking "deal" to act as the "cocktail waitress" for the get-together, wearing a skimpy outfit or three and serving drinks, maybe performing lap-dances after a few drinks. 

I would like at most three to four other players to keep pace.  No less than two posts per week, no gender restrictions... Just writing quality guidelines.  I would like open minded characters and players willing to write more than just m/f action, even if their character is only experimenting.

Anyone interested, please reply here with ideas... Nothing is set in stone until we all write on it.  Thanks!

Offline FeveredDreams

I'd be happy to get involved in this.  I'd probably be better off as one of the neighbor characters truth be told. 

I have a rather big thing for bets and dares,  particularly if they are of a somewhat sexual nature.

Online JoanieSappho

And the nice professional young lady of the neighbourhood, always so prim and proper turns out to have a rather different side to her once she gets a drink or two into her ... not to mention how competitive she gets, willing do do practically anything to 'win' once she gets into it.  :P
You can put me down for this, too.

Offline Anna Katrine

Oh, this sounds neat. I would love to put my interest down as the out of town friend who is frustrated she can't return home :)

Offline IxyTopic starter

Ok, well it seems there's plenty of interest... Concepts and face-claims welcomed at this point.  Maybe even brief samples... Like a character pre-game setup post, getting the text message? We can probably roll with whoever is still in and posting some substantive content.

Offline IxyTopic starter

Here's an example...

  Hostess, "Alicia Forest"

Her cellphone chirped an Andrew Bird ringtone from the marble sink as the hiss of shower water stopped, creating the moment of abstract panic that one feels when naked, dripping, and feeling the urgent need to handle a delicate digital device.  Alicia frowned around the curtain at it, as if she could will it to answer itself, then risked the dripping water and reached to delicately swipe one fingertip along answer, then touch "speaker" with the pad of her finger.  Little harm done-- no need for the bag-of-rice treatment.  "Hello?" she chimed, almost musically, imitating casual conversation from a television serial despite that the cotton shower liner was clinging to her wet form and she hadn't finished shaving her left leg yet. 

"Leeee-sha--" her best friend, a familiar voice, perhaps a touch on the tipsy side?  "Leesha, it's game night!  The snow's shutting down everything.  Macado's called it-- they're closing at 6 pm."

She groaned, forgetting that the voice cue would be picked up by the mic. 

"What?  Not trying to back out now, are you?" 

She mouthed a silent "oh shit," then glanced at her reflection in the dressing mirror on the back of the door.  She looked like a wet ragamuffin.  "No, no it's okay... I just, you know, I need the work tonight."  Despite the notoriously low tips at the college-favorite tavern, she had an installment coming due for her 'Study Abroad' trip, and if it was late, she'd risk missing the entire trip.  "I didn't expect this snow--"

"Nobody did, Alicia, don't worry... but you made a bet, girl, and you need to honor it!"

She laughs... a bet that she wouldn't get a C or higher on her first chemistry test, and her friend had helped her study-- cram, in fact-- with some highly-focused motivation.  She'd gotten a B.  "You seriously want me to wear a cocktail dress and serve drinks at your poker game?  That's it?  Nobody's going to get fresh or anything--"

"Whaaaat?  Of course not.  NOT unless you want them to  And it's not poker night.  It's adult game night.  I've invited a few people from the neighborhood... no lecherous old men grabbing at you.  Everybody's cool... and they're hot.  Did I mention that they're hot?"  The laughter is enticing, and Alicia might have just been getting chilly in the under-heated bathroom, but her skin flushed a bit at the thought.  "Seriously.  It's just for fun.  Nobody'll bother you, but you might get lucky.  And I'll play it off like you're my friend, your work cancelled, and you are just doing this for tips.  I'll bet you make your payment just fine."

Alicia grinned and, using the lukewarm water from the tub, began the last bit of shaving of her unattended leg.  "Okay... and, I just light cigars, serve drinks, flirt a bit..?"

"If that's all you want, sure.  You ain't no ho.  BUT if you get into the game..."  she grins.  "Just wear sexy underwear.  And... you sound like you're in the bath.  You in the bath?"

With wide-eyed awe, she gasped, "MAYBE!"

"Haha-- yeah.  Do your landscaping miss thing.  This'll be a blast.  See you at 8!  Don't get stuck in a snowdrift!"

The phone went silent and beeped, Alicia standing in mildly infuriated, curious wonder.  "How the hell..?"  She then shook a little more loose water from her hand and turned on music software, selecting April March.  "Okay then," she says to herself, glancing at the razor in her hand.  "Let's play."

Offline FeveredDreams

I've noticed there's a distinct lack of men involved here.

While I am not often a fan of playing men,  I could give it a go if you'd like one involved.  I'm kind of an adaptive player and if there's something needed I'd like to give you as much help as possible.  So before I start working on a character I'd be willing to talk things out.

Online JoanieSappho

I've noticed there's a distinct lack of men involved here.

While I am not often a fan of playing men,  I could give it a go if you'd like one involved.  I'm kind of an adaptive player and if there's something needed I'd like to give you as much help as possible.  So before I start working on a character I'd be willing to talk things out.

This may just be a bit of lesbian bias here, but ... do we really need men? Really?  :P
(Note: Is totally lesbian bias.)

Offline IxyTopic starter

Thank you for that, FeveredDreams.  I was partial to playing a female for this role in particular, but I noticed the lack of diversity as well, and had a similar thought.  Please feel free to throw out whatever idea calls to you for the scenario, so long as this is fun for those involved... I'm great with just about any idea.

Offline FeveredDreams

This may just be a bit of lesbian bias here, but ... do we really need men? Really?  :P
(Note: Is totally lesbian bias.)

Don't get me wrong,  I'm more homo than I am hetero.  I just realize other people have different preferences.   What caught my interest was well...  dirty gambling. 

So lol,  I'm more than fine taking one for the team and going male.  I want like everyone involved to get a little something of what they're wanting.

Offline Doomblade403xxx

Count me in

Baby can you dig yo man...

Offline Caradoc

I would be very interested in this. Sounds like my kind of fun.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Is there room for one more?

Offline IxyTopic starter

For now, let's get the character ideas going and we'll work out the scenario... There would be nothing wrong with two threads of there's sufficient interest.

Offline Caradoc

At a thought, then:

George Quesada, host of the party.

George is about 6 feet tall with dark hair. He's done well for himself in stock trading and computer coding. He's not real showy, but has slowly had his house remodeled. There's a game room (where I figure we'll start), a decent size hot tub, his bedroom, and a nice guest room. The living room has a decent sized screen and a few couches. He hasn't had too many people over yet, but maybe this storm will give him a chance to get to know some neighbors even better. He plays the fairly normal type in public, but has a wild side that hopefully will come out at the party.

If anyone else wants the host role, feel free. This is just a stab in the dark/getting the ball rolling.
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Online JoanieSappho

Why is it always hardest to find a good picture and settle on a name?
The rest of the character is easy after that!

Tabitha Lloyd-Rees was never much for socialising, driven to pursue her career. Already, despite her youth, she has recently moved into town to take up a job with a legal firm, already a somewhat successful lawyer. Of course, her rush to tend to her career has prevented her from spending much time with others in nonprofessional settings. She presents a calm, dignified front in public but, in private, she has a rather crude and lecherous side that she keeps to herself save for the occasional and rather obvious 'discreet' glances she gives to attractive women when she thinks no one's looking.
Of course, all that time spent actually studying instead of partying has left her rather susceptible to the effects of alcohol ...

Offline Doomblade403xxx

Name: Alex Peterson
Occupation: Musician/Songwriter
Age: 25

Alex lives in the building and according to rumor makes his money writing songs for commercial artists. He plays several instruments but is best with the guitar and the drums. {He doesn't get alot of practice with the drums because of the neighbors} He isn't much of a drinker and doesn't have many vices at all. According to rumor he is doing well for himself in the songwriting realm and single.

Offline FeveredDreams

Well since we've got a few boys now.  I'm going to toss out a female character at you. 

Won't take super long.

Offline FeveredDreams

Name:  Hitomi Williams
Face Claim:  Saki Okuda

Basic Background Concept:  Hitomi is the wife of an American Business man who she fell in love with years ago when he visit Toyko.  The marriage went well in the early stages,  and the man even pampered his wife.  Things eventually fell by the way side,   and he’s been… off on business more often than not.  She’s been doing her best to hide the neglect she feels behind a sweet smiles. She’s a neighbor of the game players,  and was invited over in hopes of her cutting loose as it were.  She reluctantly accepted the proposal.  She finds it to be more proper to stay at home on the nights that her Husband isn’t around.  Yet,  for the first time in a long time she wants to have fun.

Personality:  Hitomi is a soft spoken woman.  She isn’t one to raise a fuss,  and more often than not simply wants to see the people around her smiling.  She has a caring streak about a mile wide.   Yet beneath that is a woman who’s been feeling rather repressed.  Her needs lately haven’t been met,  and while in most circumstance she would never dream of allowing her base nature to come to the forefront there is a little voice gnawing inside her mind.

Offline Ana 1360

Hi Ixy is it to late to submit a potential character for Game night? If so no worries.
I stumbled upon Game Night as I was researching some previous posts from a potential partner for a One on One. This Group RP seems buzzy with lots of potential.

Meet Sylvie Mulaney a freshmen at the local University that Alicia "Leeee-sha--" matriculates at. She is "friends" with Alicia, translation Alicia lets Sylvie hang out with her mostly due to the fact that Sylvie's boyfriend Marcus happens to be the principal cannibis dealer on Campus, and she can be counted on to have some potent strains like" Kosher Kush", "Gorilla Glue", or "Bruce Banner" readily available.

Sylvie's father "the Honorable Calvin Mulaney" "hanging Cal" is the regional Magistrate for the county. Tabitha Lloyd- Rees has argued and won a couple of cases in front of "hanging Cal". Dad has more then once had to call in favors to extricate Marcus from some serious legal jams.

Sylvie lives in the most lavish home in the neighborhood.  "Mommy" and "Daddy" are away for a ski vacation in Austria when the freaky snowstorm hits

Sylvie is pampered and a bit spoiled, all the same she has a good heart, is generous to a fault and has matured some since high school.
At 19 she longs to "party" with the grown-ups, however she might not be ready for what her parents neighbors get up to.

Sylvie is super excited that Alicia gave her a heads up about the soiree when the neighborhood shut down.

PS If you are lopsided with more ladies then gentlemen I would be more than happy to switch

If I have barged in unannounced I truly apologize.



Offline Anna Katrine

I'm afraid I am going to have to back out of this story.

So Ana can have my spot if anything :)

Offline NightLux

Are you still taking applicants?

Offline Caradoc

Anybody know what's going on with this one?

Offline Jason Hunter

I am keen if this game is still happening. I was thinking the new neighbour in the area who is somewhat dark and mysterious, ex military and single.

Offline Caradoc

I PM'd Ixy to see if everything was ok, and have not gotten an answer. This may be past tense although I'm hoping not.