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I figured it might be easier to compile all my latest up to date cravings here all together. A few fandoms and some original stories I've really been wanting.

Your role/My Role
The Mummy- A rejuvenated mummy/OC Evie O'Connell (Alex's daughter)
Okay, I adored the Mummy trilogy, some people didn't like the third, but I think it made an excellent point that there were mummifications going on all over the world, not just Egypt. The story rocked too.

Anywho, the year is 1966, Evie Zi O'Connell, daughter of Alex and Lin,  is a chip right off the old block... intelligent as hell and way too into archaeology for her own good. Her parents briefly considered discouraging her from pursuing what they personally knew to be a potentially very dangerous field on many levels... but then they had to think back and remember what happened when Alex's family tried discouraging HIM... and how miserably that backfired...

Invited on a dig to open up this huge newly discovered tomb with a family friend in {Insert desired country here}...

From there, I was hoping my partner and I could concoct something really cool and fun together that was made up of us both and what we both like :)

I would like to see Evie somehow accidentally wake up a rather yummy looking mummy {after full regeneration, of course} and find herself in an awkward situation when the hunkster mummy takes a rather intense liking to Evie...

Harry Potter- Voldemort/OC Zelda Potter {Harry's twin sister}
My OC is Harry's twin sister. I worked it so that Zelda was sitting behind Harry in the crib and Harry took the full blast of the curse, protecting his sister from getting a scar or being harmed at all.

A little info on Zelda Lily Potter for you, so you can kinda get to know her a little bit first:

{I can switch pic if you are not a Jennifer Connelly fan}

Age: 18
Schooling: Attended the American school (Dumbledore's idea to avoid Voldemort's followers from knowing there were two Potter children, fearing they might use Harry's love for his sister against him. The two have maintained a discreet constant contact.
Personality: Zelda is a very kind and compassionate young woman, she believes in trying to see the good in everyone, trying anyway... she's not so stupid as to keep trying when there clearly just isn't a single scrap to grasp to. She can have a pretty hot temper when it comes to the people she loves, her twin brother especially as they haven't gotten to have a whole lot of time together, every moment is precious and after nearly losing him in the war with Voldemort... she's always afraid the next auror mission he takes could be the end.

She is incredibly loyal and will never betray or abandon a friend, even when it's the best thing for her, Harry often fears it could be a dangerous quality for her in some situations...

Brilliantly intelligent (though admittedly not as much as Hermione), Zelda loves to read and write, she's always interested in researching a new topic she's never heard of before. Potions, chemistry and alchemy interest her above all other topics, she wants to become a medi-witch one day.

Things she likes:

Cats, the latest wizarding world potion and chemistry magazines, gardening, long walks, the sound of rain on a tin roof, Chinese and Italian food and her favorite flowers are white daisies.

Zelda has just officially moved in to Grimmauld Place with her brother after they had both earned their wizarding school graduate degrees, both of them under the belief that Voldemort is gone and never coming back.

Unfortunately... that is not an accurate assumption...

Loyal Deatheaters... stole the remains of Lord Voldemort and performed numerous experiments on them to try and bring their Dark Lord back to life... they try and fail, try and fail, try and fail... until the unthinkable is done... a young twenty year old Death Eater is convinced to sacrifice himself, his life and his youth to revive the Dark Lord...

Though horrible and forbidden Black Arts... the young life force of the sacrificed Death Eater does revive the Dark Lord... twenty years old and as handsome as he ever was... and he wants vengeance...

{My idea was that he'd go after Harry initially for the typical 'I'm going to kill you' thing... and Zelda gets dragged into it, though in an entirely different way... after all, every Lord needs a Lady ~.^}

It's even possible as well before he begins physically going after them, that Tom might try to reach out psychically to find Harry and finds Zelda first, getting to know her against her will via her dreams... though she cannot give a name to Harry to put to the handsome face chasing her in her dreams as she never saw Voldemort or Tom Riddle before.

It would give her one hell of shock when Harry shows her a picture...

{Original story} My undead butler - Vampire butler/unsuspecting heiress

A good friend of mine put a taste for butler's in my mouth and thus here we are with this storyline that popped into my head, blended with one of my favorite creatures, vampires! Plus my deep love for Asian hotties, yum.
Mind you, you should turn around and head the other way if you have the obnoxious, whiney and over brooding Twilight type of vampires in your head, blech, no thank you.

Anyway, take a read.

This story features Liliana Winters(I have other pics if she's not your taste), daughter of the ridiculously wealthy shipping and import giant JackWinters.
Jack Winters moves his family from their England home to Japan, the great thing about being the boss is that you can live anywhere you want and be able to hop right onto a private plane at the drop of a dime if there are any issues back at headquaters... they bring all of their original household staff with them except for their elderly butler whom decides to accept a very generous retirement pension from Jack and live out his remaining years in comfort.

Thus arises the need for a new butler, preferably someone young enough to keep up with a brand new household, getting to know an unfamiliar foreign staff team, plus the foreign family hiring him.
Her father interviews many young men over the course of a week before a decision is finally made and the guy chosen... he's hauntingly beautiful... and the intense way he stares at Liliana is enough to make any red blooded female blush...

There something off about their handsome new butler and as crazy as Liliana knows she sounds, she's certain he's not normal... he convinced her father to hire him without offering a shred of his history, he never leaves the house during the day... she never sees him eat, not a single crumb...

Something is definitely weird about the new butler...

My thoughts were this is not his first time as a butler, in fact he's done it many, many times over the past few hundred years all over the world... feasting upon and killing the family each time before disappearing without a single trace... but this time is different... he feels a really strong attraction to Liliana, he wants her :)

I included here a pre-written first post for you to look at, get a feel of my writing and see if you feel inspired.
Liliana and Isaac Winters stood in the foyer of their new home side by side with expressions of uncertainty of their faces, neither of them were all too jazzed about this sudden move, but when their father got an incredible job opportunity as the vice president of a big time shipping company... well, they really weren't given too much say about it.
Isaac turned and locked matching gray blue eyes with his younger sister “Well, I suppose we ought to choose our bedrooms and maybe explore a little bit, you know mom and dad will give us 'the speech' about 'supporting dad' if she think we're not as thrilled about all this as they are”

Heaving a great heavy sigh, Liliana nodded in agreement “Yeah, I guess you're right. Heaven forbid we pop their precious bubble, it's not like they had to leave behind schools and friends they really, really liked. I think Mark Jacobs was going to ask me out too, he always flirted with me when he came by the house...”
Isaac chuckled lightly “Dad's old assistant? Oh yeah, he would have totally just loved that... I'd keep that bit of information of the down low, sis. Mark was a nice dude, but you know dad”
“Yeah, yeah...” Liliana grumbled, stepping forward to follow her brother as he made his way towards the staircase, the bedrooms apparently were all located on the second level, she just hoped they were spread out enough to allow some privacy. At least the brochure said that each one had it's own bathroom.

“Come on, help me pick out a good room, I need to plot out space to put my computer and all my photography equipment” Isaac murmured as they reached the top of the stairs, his gray blue gaze already shifting from open door to open door, trying to decide which room would be optimal for his work “I'd really like it if there was space to set up a dark room too”
“I really love it that you follow your dreams, Isaac, not letting dad push you into the shipping and import business... whereas I might wind up getting pushed to marry one of his associate sons for whatever ridiculous reasons that exist in the business world, I really don't care” Liliana replied, peeking into a door and stopping to fully enter with a smile “Hey Isaac, check out this one, lots of space and there is a walk in closet, I bet you could turn that into a dark room”

Isaac eagerly changed direction and entered into the room after his sister, his face instantly wore a bright smile as he nodded in agreement “Good eye, little sis, this will work out perfectly. I'm gonna go down and let the movers know to bring my stuff in here. You go ahead pick out a room for yourself... oh and dad wants us downstairs the main sitting room to meet the senior staff in about twenty minutes”
“So late? The sun is already setting, I'm sure everyone would rather be with their spouses getting ready for bed right about now? How many of them actually live on the estate grounds?”
“As I understand it, majority of the senior staff lives in rather nice apartment style housing on the estate and I guess they said they didn't mind meeting us tonight”

Isaac departed from the room then before Liliana could grill him with anymore questions, she simply shrugged them and left her brother's chosen room to continue prowling for a room to call her own, she ended up choosing the one at the very end of the hallway, it felt the most cut off from the rest and privacy was something she personally valued very much. Privacy was the least she could be allowed after everything she was forced to leave behind in the United States.
She was about to turn and seek out the movers in charge of her own belongings... but for some reason, she felt compelled to go back inside and moved towards one of the large windows that offered a good view of the rear grounds where a traditional garden and koi pond was located... at first as she gazed out, Liliana saw only darkness... until two tiny shimmering specs of bright ruby red caught her eyes... she tried to squint in attempt to make out what it was in the nights shadowy veil, but she really couldn't see much of anything.
Shrugging and rationalizing that it was probably just an animal like a raccoon or something, Liliana moved away from the window and went about what she had intended to do originally and find the movers to tell them where she wanted her belongings brought.

After all was taken care of, Liliana made her way as quickly as she was able to the main sitting room... to be honest, her father could have glared a little less in her direction as she came in (two minutes late wasn't that bad!) and sat down on the smaller sofa beside her brother, their mother seated in an armchair not too far away, as vapidly disinterested in everything going on as per usual.
“The staff is a little bit late anyway, so I doubt dad will chastise you much, if at all” Isaac whispered over to her “He's just all nervous about his first day at the big office tomorrow, don't let him get to you”

Liliana nodded to her brother and sighed, she glanced over at her mom whom was currently gazing adoringly at her freshly manicured and decaled nails... Liliana had to wonder what it would be not to not have a self absorbed materialistic airhead for a mother, it had to be really nice.
She looked over at her dad whose gaze was was settled on his children, nothing really in his eyes to take up concern about “Sorry, I'm a little late, daddy... big new house, I got a little lost”

“Dad said he hired a butler around our age, isn't that cool?” Isaac piped up, trying to lighten up the tenseness in the air around them “Wanted to give the guy a shot to prove himself, I thought that was really neat. We should be meeting him tonight with the rest of the senior staff”

“Oh, that was really nice of you, daddy” Liliana replied sincerely, turning surprised eyes in her father's direction “Everyone deserves to be given a chance to prove they have what it takes”

Her father shrugged “Your mother and I will be quite busy and not often home, it made sense to employ a butler that would identify more with the two of them, given how much time you'll spend around him. He should have a better understanding to your needs and likes, being so close in age”

A thoughtful and curious expression touched Liliana's pretty face as she gazed at her father with those gray blue eyes of hers, it was uncharacteristically generous of her father to think about someone else so much for a change, even if that someone was his own children “Thank you, dad, we appreciate the thought”

Her father 'humphed' in reply as if her words really didn't matter all that much... they probably didn't either, the selection was likely made so that they would have as little to bother him with as possible while he went about his business and their mother went about her vapid shallow social life here in Japan. Once again, why did these people even both having kids again? Oh right, they needed an heir to the family business... they got the son they wanted and a twin sister as a bonus... she knew they wanted to marry her off like a bargaining chip in some advantageous business deal with some rich Japanese family. Gag, double gag, she was so not having any part of that.

Liliana didn't want to be paraded around on some rich dude's arm, she wanted to sing... she loved opera, she dreamed of the stage... but those dreams seemed so far away and out of her reach with the way her father was... but if she held out until her brother inherited the business... Liliana would be free to do as she liked, Isaac would never force some stuck up rich dillhole on her that she didn't like or love.
Isaac himself planned on hiring someone he trusted to run most of everything for him while he pursued his love of photography, he'd be there for meetings and everything, but only the really important stuff... Liliana couldn't say she blamed him either, their parents didn't care much for their childrens wishes and dreams, so it was up to them to fight for them themselves.

Jack glanced at his watch and nodded “The staff should be arriving at any time now. Everyone sit up straight and behave like the social elite you are”
Liliana gave her father an exhausted annoyed expression at that statement, but simply settled for rolling her eyes and straightening her back as demanded of her.

{Original story} Forever mine- Sociopathic Supernatural/Sister of your character's brother's new wife
Eliana Blake was absolutely thrilled and honored that her sister asked her to be her maid of honor in her wedding, even more so to see her sister see so deeply in love and adored by her handsome new husband.
She doesn't know too much about the groom, aside from the fact that he and his family come from somewhere in Europe, his name is Lucas Vonnaise and he is a highly successful architect whose designs are highly sought after and pain top dollar for. That's what her sister told her and the family anyway... she seemed hesitant to say much else...

The wedding is everything you'd expect when the groom has more money than he knows what to do with and the food, omg the food, Eliana had never been so tempted to go back for seconds in her life as she was now.
The only part about this wedding that she wasn't too sure how to feel about? The groom's younger brother, her exact age and as frightfully handsome as his older brother... he was the best man and Eliana's escort for the evening, the later part born from his insistence and refusal to allow Eliana to protest at all.

Why would she protest you might wonder? There is an eerie gleam in the handsome young man's eyes, sensual and predatory... she isn't sure if she should be turned on by it... or be incredibly terrified...

(Looking for a supernatural romance with a very dominant sociopathic male lead, partner's choice what supernatural race the male lead will be)