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Started by Usani, March 04, 2017, 02:32:14 AM

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1.) Picture Prompts: 
pic 1

(Whoever decides to do this with me I will love you forever, Ive been craving this kind of rp soooo badly!!)

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

So, I'm sure by now you figured it out. I'm itching for a full DD/lg rp.  She wears cute things, plays with stuffed animals, uses pacifiers, uses sippy cups and loves cartoons.  She even has her own Little room that Daddy/Mommy helped her make. 

Basically she has been hiding her little side from her closest friend for years because she's scared of what they'll say.  especially since she's always pictured them as their Daddy/Mommy Dom.  But, what she doesn't know is that they are a Daddy/Mommy so they have experience which means they know a Little when they see one no matter how hard she tries to hide it.  The friend would basically decide to start doing small things to try and bring that side out like making her favorite Little foods and getting her stuffies and new cute clothes.

I prefer to rp in threads and would like tp use faceclaims for characters.

2.) Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover-

Brittany Lee is 18 and has been living in LA for the past year since she started attending her first year at an art school as an artist.  She draws and paints and her dream is to have her own gallery.  Her parents eventually grew to accept her decision as an artist and actually started to compliment some of her work.  She has somewhat conservative parents and they dont wanna see her end up with the "wrong type".

She is always proud of her work and always finds inspiration wherever she goes.

Well, one night she stops in for a drink at a night club that is known for having shows every weekend.  And that night was when she met...Alex.  The first time she saw him and heard his  music she was hooked.  For a while she's too shy to introduce herself after his shows but eventually he goes to her because he notices her every time he's there.

What happens when they fall for each other...can she tell her parents about her tattooed romeo?  He's very sweet, romantic and just knows how to treat a woman.  Also, once he finds the right woman he also has a bit of a kinky Dom side but is still gentle and loving.  ;)

(Actual music from him):

Basically JUST came up with this idea after listening to this cover.  MC has been living with her bf for about 2 years now and she's been living under his fist for about a year now.  Her male best friend knows shes been getting hurt but he can't get her to tell him the truth.  He's finally had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands and save her but what happens when she gets to her bf first?  Can he show her that being in a D/s can be loving and gentle?  That it doesnt have to be bad pain?  How does her friend help her cover it up?  And yes it's cliche but she's been hiding her true feelings for him.

(I have a face claim idea for the best friend, you can choose my female characters look if youd like so its fair.)

4.) Teacher/Student:  Rina is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend and she's only 17 years old.  They only solace she feels is when she's at school and in her creative writing class.  Her teacher makes her feel special and she feels safe when she's there.  What happens when one day after school she's talking with her teacher and he notices the bruises on her?  how will he handle it?  (I need someone to play the abusive boyfriend only temporarily)  The teacher:

5.): I Love Only You- I wanna do a rp based off this song: "You're hearing rumors about me
And you can't stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you're so close to my heart
I won't deny what they saying
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you."

2 people, 1 guy 1 girl, best friends since high school and now in college together.  My character in the past year has secretly fallen madly in love with her male best friend and her other best friend can see it too.  My character tries to ignore the feelings shes been having for him for as long as she can but now it's starting to affect her physically and emotionally.  They've always hung out together but now it's to the point when they're not hanging out or talking on the phone she gets stomach aches and even head aches at times.  The only reason she has never brought her feelings to surface is because of what she's seen in the past with him.  He has dumped almost every girl he has ever dated after about a month and now he's even rejecting every girl that asks him out so she thinks he'll do the same to her.  But, what she doesn't realize is that he does that only because he's secretly in love with her too.  So, one day he notices she hasn't been at her usual Saturday morning coffee spot for the second time in 2 weeks.  He becomes worried and goes to talk to her other best friend to find out what's really going on.

  She May Be Broken but She's Not Crazy:  Alicia (my character) was verbally and mentally and even sometimes physically abused by her mother for years since she was 10.  Now at 19 she has a mental breakdown and is found scratching and clawing at her arm til she bleeds.  She's then brought to the hospital to be admitted into the Psych Ward.  People are trying to get her to talk about what happened but she's terrified because she thinks if she speaks up her mother will kill her.  But, then comes in the doctor who takes on her case and he turns out to be a friend of hers from a long time ago.  Can he help her open up and heal her wounds?  (This can also be a FxF plot!)

7.) Joining a Sorority: (NEW CRAVING! FxF and open to Males playing the Female to my Main Character): A Freshman in College Alicia has always been the shy quiet type.  She's also a straight A student and didn't do a lot when it came to social things.  When she starts College she decides she wants to have the real College experience being a Freshmen and all.  She hears about Rush Week and decides to look into joining a Sorority to make some new friends.  She was a bit scared though cause of rumors she's heard about hazing but she soon finds out it's nothing like that anymore and her new sisters are very welcoming.  That's when she falls in love with the Sorority President.  She always had a thing for girls but had never acted on it...til now!
8.) True Love:  Would LOVE to do a Slice of Life rp between two high school sweethearts M/F that have been hiding their feelings for each other for years! My character has been struggling with severe depression though because she has been abused and is too scared to tell her best friend because she doesn't wanna get him hurt.


So, these are all my original FxF AND  MxF ideas of mine.  I will be adding more over time I'm sure.  There is a 2nd thread for all my Fandom requests!  :)

Rules: 1.) PLEASE, PLEASE if at all possible PLEASE no one line replies if it can be helped.  There are times where it's acceptable but not every, single post!

2.) When messaging me for a rp please put the name of the plot in the title and if there's a section with more then one idea it'll say 1.), b.), etc. also put in the subject line which plot from that section by letter if its there.  ALSO please read my kink page and if theres ones youre not sure of and dont see just ask!

3.) I will NOT take people who tell me they want to write with me then never reply again after one message back or a reply once! So, if you are for POSITIVE you want to write with me please PM me.  Otherwise pass on, I'm here to find committed writers, not people who think its funny to get peoples hopes up!

4.) I prefer to write with someone who posts numerous times a day and OR possibly at night.  I'm at home all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one and so I tend to get bored easily and love to write with people when the writing bug bites...which is often! :P

5.) If you wanna drop a story PLEASE tell me!  I promise I don't bite, I understand real life comes first.  I can't tell yall how many times people have agreed to a story then dropped me after a few posts then never message me about it and just flat out ignore me.  It's worse when I give that someone more then one chance and they do it AGAIN and AGAIN!  I won't do that to you so please give me the same courtesy!

6.) In real life I AM a Bi but am comfortable with writing M/F stories as well as F/F.  But, please note I ONLY write as sub females.  I've tried playing males and dominant characters but it just felt weird to me.  I am willing to play vanilla if someone requests it, otherwise I want a female or male who plays dominant.

7.) I only rp in forums.  MAYBE PMs, depends on the story.  But otherwise I do not rp over email or messenger.

8.) I love to use play by photos for characters.  I usually have photos I wanna use for the character that my partner is playing even if it's not in the request thread.  So, please if there is a photo you wanna use for MY character feel free to choose!  It's only fair after all! :D

UPDATE: Okay just to clarify so I dont cause confusion because its already happened!  The reason why I prefer photos to be shown for characters is because to me personally it brings more to the imagination and I can put myself into the story and my character more.  ALSO, I would prefer to choose the look for my partners character since my character would be sleeping with them and I wanna find them attractive so I stayed interested.  Which is also why I want my writing partner to choose what MY character will look like, what they think is attractive so it draws them into the story more.  I hope that makes sense.

9.) Have fun!  These may be my ideas BUT it doesn't mean  they have to be followed to an exact detail.  I want you to enjoy yourselves as well.  So, if there's something you wanna add or change just ask!  I love talking to people outside of rp's so don't be afraid to speak up! <3 :)


added some more plots as well as a rules page!


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