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December 15, 2018, 07:33:55 AM

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Author Topic: My Hero Academia search [F for M character] canon and OC pairings  (Read 198 times)

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Offline Princess PigeonTopic starter

People reading my O/O is my biggest kink
◆ I have been really bad about getting posts out in any kind of prompt manner for quite some time. If you creep through my post history, it's a mess. The partner I've been writing with has been a goddamn saint who's stuck it out through the last year of my getting my degree and the time I spent acclimating to grad classes. I'm out of that stage though, and I'm pretty sure I can hold my shit together now so I'm finally making a new search thread!
◆ I need a partner who can write at least a paragraph, preferably a few. I really like to write.
◆ I’m not into doubling or FemCanon x MaleOC, apologies.
◆ thread, PM, email, and I'm giving Discord a second shot. Hit me up for those off-site contact details!
◆ All characters will be at least 18, I'd say we treat this like a university instead of a high school. A full fledged hero future AU is acceptable too, in rare cases. Adult heroes can just do... adult hero things. Or teach. Or whatever.
◆ I'll do short term pairings for anything but OC x OC!

I'm current with the dub anime (only 2 or 3 episodes behind the sub) and might start the manga but I haven't decided yet.
guys I would die for OC x Yagi Toshinori

= have a plot or at least an idea/character in mind
= top craving (obviously I want to write all of these but those marked with this are at the tippy top)

◆ Yaoyorozu Momo x Ida Tenya [I run her in an alt outfit, I've got examples of the sort of thing I like. Feel free to ask for a rant on it, I've got one!]
Yaoyorozu Momo x Todoroki Shoto
Hagakure Toru x Ojiro Mashirao
Hagakure Toru x Todoroki Shoto
◆ Fukukado Emi x Aizawa Shota
Uraraka Ochako x Midoriya Izuku/Deku
◆ Uraraka Ochako x Bakugo Katsuki
Midoriya Inko x Yagi Toshinori [I'm fine using her appearance when she was younger]
◆ Kendo Itsuka x Monoma Neito
◆ Jiro Koyoka x Kaminari Denki
OC x Aizawa Shota [I just... I love him so much]
◆ OC x Kirishima Eijiro
◆ OC x  Iida Tensei
◆ OC x  Midoriya Izuku/Deku
OC x Todoroki Shoto
OC x Yagi Toshinori ['I prefer a 'Small Might' focus but would also enjoy something with regular All Might]
OC x Bakugo Katsuki
◆ OC x OC  kinda trope-y threesome pairing (twins who share everything, rival dudes competing over the same gal, etc), preferably with them as students but as full blown heroes works too!
◆ OC student intern [18-19] x OC young hero [20-25]
◆ OC student intern/new hero x OC villain [100% consensual only!!]
◆ idk how to explain this in a simple character x character thing but I want a pairing with a new hero who's technically stronger against a hero who's much, much more popular and has all the social skills and keeps getting the credit for the fights they have together.
◆ suggest, sheeeyit
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