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April 21, 2019, 01:14:46 AM

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Author Topic: Fandom Overhaul. (Open, pms, LGBT friendly.)  (Read 263 times)

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Offline QuirkySnailTopic starter

Fandom Overhaul. (Open, pms, LGBT friendly.)
« on: February 07, 2019, 11:03:23 AM »
Greetings everyone, welcome to my new creation in hopes of snagging in some new roleplayers to join my collection, so lets jump straight into things.
Some plots will be provided  within this thread but it does not limit what I can actually come up with, some plots are provided to give you a sense of what I'm looking for or at least craving.

What I'm Looking For
Looking for someone who is willing to put in some effort roleplaying, as roleplaying works best when its treated as a two way road or that is at least what I believe, that means that you're expected to actually put forth some work in helping better the roleplay.
OOC chatter is appreciated by any of my roleplay partners because it is nice to know when you as my roleplay partner are going to be busy, even then I like to discuss if there are any issues that need to be dealt with, after all you cannot fix what you don't know is broken.

I do not care what gender or sexuality you are behind that screen as long as we can just create one hell of a roleplay together, when it comes to roleplay I'm open to any sexuality and gender that is brought forth and I expect the same in return from you. More then once I have dabbled within same sex pairings so they are in the clear, though they are not required just don't be a dick about it; no harm no foul if that isn't your thing.

When it comes to posting and activity I'm someone who is online at least once a day if not every other day, when you come to me wanting to roleplay its important to bring up your schedule letting me know how active you're going to be within the restraints of the roleplay. I get that we can all get busy at times I just like to have an idea of what to expect. As for posting my posts can range from a paragraph to almost a full page of writing it honestly depends, often I will just match what is given to me but I do expect anyone who approaches me to be able to post more then a paragraph.
 Lastly to keep in mind I'm mainly a fandom roleplay so I'm looking for those who dabble within fandom works, original is welcomed but its not on top of my list of things that I crave.

Regarding smut and characters:
Everyone is always curious about anything regarding these things, so lets just hop right into it shall we.
Smut is something included in almost every story for me but never anything that excessive, smut is like a cherry on the cake for me, its something nice to have added to the story but you never want too much of it or at least I don't, there are many ingredients that go into a cake.
Even the best of us can indulge in an entire container of cherries once and awhile but lets move on from the food talk, by now I just hope you get the point I am trying to make with this section on smut.
Please keep in mind that most of my roleplay's are aimed to be long term so never expect to get many if any one shots from me, I'm in it for the long haul most of the time.
When it comes to kinks its always just best to bring them up with me as soon as you shoot me a pm, that way we can get kinks sorted but for the most part I'm pretty open though there are some exceptions that I will not be open to.  Its okay to experiment with kinks so don't be shy, worse thing I can say is no.
Otherwise when it comes to characters being dominant or submissive I'm actually flexible, I like to play both during a roleplay canons included, most of the time I just play switch with canons unless requested otherwise.

The section on characters would have been longer but there really isn't much to cover with this one, I'm OC (original character/fan character.) friendly and I encourage canon character play. When it comes to characters I don't care if you bring a powerful character to the table just as long as they aren't a stick in a mud and that you expect to lose once and awhile, if you cannot handle a character losing then likely I'm not your cup of tea because I will punish you for always using brute force to solve everything.

Now onto what everyone has been waiting for.


Supernatural (Be that the Tv show or the genre.)
Star Wars*
Dragon age
My time at Portia (Just got into it.)
TF2 **
Marvel more specifically Thor's universe.

Pairings that interest me:
(Tried to provide pairings that can be applied to every fandom on the list.)
Angel x another non human being.
Sub stronger then dom physically. *
Classic Vampire x Human
Mercenary x Medic
Humanoid alien x human
Mage x non magic user
Wholesome pairing that sends you a sugar coma.
Mythological being x Mythological being from different myth's or tales. 
Angelic being x bandit.
Light vs dark getting all nice and mixed up, a touch of spicy nuance added in for a perfect blend.

Now onto the best part and last part of this thread, Ideas!:
A slight horror factor:
A big scale Overwatch AU that overhauls everything. A post apocalyptic setting where there are zomnics roaming the land, they seek to infect everything with the virus living or otherwise. Based on the Junkerstein Halloween event, there is never a dull moment in this setting as you will have to pick your fights as sometimes running away is better then being surrounded, with the zomnics I wanted to get more creative with some of the enemy designs. Ask about those.

There is more grey then there is of black and white:
A roleplay based around the star wars universe, this one I wanted to tackle that not everything is so straight forward in who is good and who is bad, this one is supposed to leave more doors open to the universe interacting. Pretty much there will be two stories going on at once, the idea is for the story to meet in the middle eventually and for the characters to come to there final conclusions and what they have learned so far. Its one massive character arc.

What is ripping the world apart this time:
This idea is based around the dragon age games with it I tried my best to leave a much broader scope since there are three games within the series, the idea then is more open to what can actually be done with it, but in short I have always been drawn to mages within these games and having a mage on the run always seems to be a good idea. I've always liked to play around with Dragon age 3 and the possibility of time jumping pretty much taking characters from older games and throwing them into the newer game, sure its not a massive leap but could still be fun to play around with as its still skipping years of knowledge a character wouldn't have.

Gender bending canonical characters, or having a party with Au's:
Honestly I just love screwing around with a world and flipping it on its head, sure gender bending changes nothing about a character but it can still be fun to tackle and how that character would be treated differently, as for Au's by far my most favourite to tackle is monster AU's having pretty much characters be turned into creatures like werewolves and vampires that sort of thing. Though the more creative you can get with a creature the better just try to avoid hybridizing too many things together.
In most my Au's I love to make the centre conflict around just how characters deal with what they are and how others also deal with it.

My O/O is still currently broken, and please keep in mind that most roleplays for me will be carried out within pms.

Anyways that is everything for today, thank you for reading.  -Snails

Offline QuirkySnailTopic starter

Re: Fandom Overhaul. (Open, pms, LGBT friendly.)
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 08:54:55 PM »