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Author Topic: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP  (Read 2307 times)

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Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #25 on: March 01, 2017, 12:04:52 AM »

Name: Bellheim The Beggar
Race: Fey
Gender: Herm
Age: 27
Physical Description: Bellheim is an olive skinned woman of fey descent standing taller than average for a fae at around 5'6 and weighing around 145lbs. Like most Fey she has a naturally lithe and slender frame, further honed by her time spent in the military, however years of poor diet and neglecting any sort of regular training regiment have robbed her of most of the muscle definition she once had along with severely diminishing her agility and flexibility. This has caused her figure to fill out however, giving her a more shapely and curvy body than most fey born. Her most prominent fey traits are her elongated ears, though they provide no improved hearing over that of a regular human. And while her brown eyes might appear normal at first, they are actually slitted like a cat's, granting her tremendous eyesight in both light and dark areas. She is also a full functioning hermaphrodite, possessing both male and female genitalia, though whether this is some quirk of her fey heritage or just a birth defect is unknown.

Typical attire: Bellheim tends to adorn herself in rather cheap, plain, and shabby clothing. Usually a simple pair of slacks with a belt along with a cotton tunic. When either performing or performing her scouting duties she will usually wear her old leather armor, though only the chest and a single shoulder pad remain, along with her ranger cloak. Bellheim is the type of person to wear a piece of clothing until it falls apart, and thus most of her clothes are rather old and show obvious signs of wear and tear in various places, and only very rarely will she buy new ones.

Role: Marksman/Trick Shooter & Scout

Skills and Specialties: Having undergone formal military scout training she is well versed in long range tracking, observation, and stealth, as well as rudimentary hand to hand combat training. However her true talent lies within her bowmanship, a skill she has mastered to the point of being a savant. Not only can she accurate shoot at range and from horse back, she is capable of nocking multiple arrows at once and performing rather impressive "trick shots" which she incorporates into her act. Her experience and muscle memory for archery is so high in fact that she is capable of performing when completely drunk without hindrance, in fact some have observed that she actually seems to be slightly better when intoxicated, as her hands shake less.

Background notes:
Bellheim was born in a small kingdom to the west outside of Tirland. For as long as she could remember she was an orphan living off of the streets, vaguely remembering her parents when she was very little, though whether they had died or had just abandoned her she really couldn't say. Growing up she begged on the streets and tried to do odd jobs to feed herself, sometimes resorting to thieving if the situation called for it. When she got a bit older she even tried to sell her body a few times, however she was unsuccessful due to her unique anatomy making her unappealing to those she tried to proposition. 

Eventually she was caught stealing from vendors in the marketplace, and was given the ultimatum to either serve time in prison, or work off her sentence with military service, she didn't think twice before enlisting. Due to her fey heritage and exceptional talent for archery she was selected for the scout ranger corps, and for the next 5 years they trained, housed, and fed her giving her the structure and discipline in life that she never had growing up. She was a loyal soldier, seeing the army as saviors that pulled her up from the slums rather than a punishment for her crimes, and skilled scout. However when patrolling around the border of a neighboring country one day, she discovered a force amassed and poised to launch an attack on her country. She quickly fled back to inform their main forces, but was spotted by the enemy and in the process led them right back to their camp. The battle that ensued was long and bloody, their side barely managing to eek out a victory having been caught so off guard, but  even in victory the losses were many. It was soon after that that she started to develop her fondness for drinking.

After that things started to spiral out of control, mostly because of her drinking. She spent most of her time inebriated, severely hampering her ability to perform her duties. Even after her commanding officers tried to force her to go clean she continued to sneak booze whenever possible, eventually getting into a fist fight with a captain over it. She was promptly court marshaled for insubordination, and fearing execution she fled the army and the country, finding her way to Tirland, seeking refuge there ever since.

Her crimes not severe enough for her to be actively hunted down, she never the less could not return home, and thus had to restart her life all over again. Having fallen out of her military discipline and deeper into a drunken stupor she fell back on what she knew best, begging. It was at this point she earned the title "Bellheim The Beggar", going around from town to town seeking charity, until said charity (and patience for her continued presence) dried up. While traveling between cities one day she was beset upon by bandits, finding herself quickly overwhelmed by their numbers. She only survived the encounter thanks to the aid of a traveling band of entertainers who happened by the scene by pure luck and happenstance, and ever since then she has pledged herself to serve them, and by extent also pledged herself to serve the crown. Similar to her time in the military, the strict rules and firm structure of the minstrel trope has helped Bellheim get a handle of herself once more, and for the most part work her way out of her slump, however she still struggles with her old demons on a regular basis.

-Has a sharp eye and steady aim even when under pressure
-Insanely high alcohol tolerance
-Has a sort of "jerkish" charm that while not easy to like, is equally hard to completely hate
-Raging alcoholic
-Lazy: suffers from horribly low motivation, and takes considerable coaxing to do just about anything. She will usually go through roughly 2-3 times the effort to get out of doing something before actually caving in and doing it.
-Functionally Illiterate: While she learned to read and write (and even decode ciphers) as part of her scout duties, she spends so much time drunk that she usually can't properly make out or read most words.
-Crass: her "jerkish charm" tends to make her come off as, well, a jerk. She tends to be vulgar, crude, and sarcastic when conversing with others, something only made worse when she's drunk, and even worse than that when she's sober.

Offline GremlynTopic starter

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #26 on: March 01, 2017, 02:41:32 AM »
We're getting close to optimal fill out.

I'll think about closing applications soon and we can assemble the first scene probably by the end of the week?

Offline yesiroleplay

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #27 on: March 01, 2017, 06:24:00 AM »
Name of Character Yvette Bethawlk
Race Tirlander
Gender Female
Age 21

Physical Description Yvette is a pretty, short, curvy brunette with hazel eyes and a dimpled smile.  Only five-foot-two, she manages to pack a full set of curves along her petite frame.  Her hair is a honey-brown, and worn long, just past the shoulder.  She has a mole on her upper lip and and her skin is otherwise fair and flawless.

Typical attire Casually, she wears a outer leathers over a cotton blouse, high boots, and often sports a wide-brimmed hat.  This is a version of her stage costume, which varies only by being of plush materials embellished with more ruffles and tassels.  In other acts - she wears costumes appropriate to a tumbler, or a trapeze artist, or a clown - whatever needs be.  Wearing a mask helps with her social anxieties, and also aids in maintaining the illusion for the audience when the same people keep showing up in different acts.

Role in the Troupe Conjuror: her main act is the lovely assistant of her brother Jules, who is a stage illusionist.  She also acts as the helpless damsel in some acts or in stage plays.  And is an accomplished acrobat, tumbler, tightrope walker, and aerial trapeze artist.  On missions unrelated to entertaining an audience, she does cat-burglar type 'entry' work, and sometimes acts as backup or muscle, putting her sword skills to good use.

Skills and specialties Intimate knowledge of illusionist stage tricks, the use of mirrors and distractions to fool an audience.  The ability to squeeze herself into tiny spaces, acrobatic and tumbling skills, remarkable fencing skill with paired rapier and dagger.  And finally a willingness to work hard at dirty jobs like cleaning up after the horses.

Background notes  Yvette and her brother grew up in the troupe, and she's never really known any other life, though she listens avidly to stories told by those with more cosmopolitan experience.


Athletic - Yvette is very nimble and dexterous, she is also quick in both mind and body. Limber, lithe, and flexible, she can fit into tight places or walk a slack rope with ease.  She's also an accomplished swords woman.  She's not going to hack off limbs with a great sword, but she excels in the art of fencing.  Feint, party, riposte, and press, counter and thrust.  She can hold her own with a blade.  Gods help her though, if her opponent is cute and flirts while he fights (see gullible).

Brave - This might seem odd for someone with her insecurities.  But it takes real courage to walk out on stage when you suffer her level of stage fright.  Also, she has no problems with open spaces or heights, or enclosed spaces, constriction, or the dark.  Spiders, snakes, or small scurrying animals don't bother her.  But the bravery that is her real strength is her respect for danger countered by her willingness to face it to protect or defend those she loves.

Magic - Actually, this is more a parlor-game novelty than a real strength.  Rarely, Yvette is able to affect the physical world in a way that simply can't be explained by ordinary means.  These effects are minor.  She can't make a rope rise from a basket by magic, but with enough concentration she might be able to make a knot slippery enough to be more easily untied.  Minor shifting of light and shadow, changing the color of some small item, producing a spark without flint and steel are within her power.  Even these minor effects take a toll on her, and are usually better accomplished through ordinary means.


Gullible - Yvette isn't stupid, and if you try to fool her by distraction or physical misdirection she will most likely quickly see through the ruse.  But she has a somewhat naive view that people are generally honest, and she really wants to believe that they mean what they say.  Even with evidence or certain knowledge that someone is lying to her, she tends to spin their motives in the most favorable light given the circumstances.

Insecure - While she knows her own capabilities and can act confidently and even brashly on occasion, Yvette suffers from several irrational fears that sometimes affect her performance, both on stage and in the field.  These fears are all social in nature, the most notable being stage fright, which she battles every time she appears before a crowd.  Medical marijuana is one tool she uses to battle the panic attacks arising from this phobia.  Pre-perfomance sex also helps her relax and fend off her fears.  These fears have kept her from taking the lead in the Conjuring act even though she is technically more apt than her brother.  As the lovely assistant she doesn't have to speak before an audience.

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Offline GremlynTopic starter

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #28 on: March 01, 2017, 10:53:28 AM »
I'm going to try and review and give feeedback if necessary on all current submissions in the next 24 hours.
Thank you all so much for your input so far.

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Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #29 on: March 02, 2017, 12:42:57 AM »
Fingers Crossed. 

Offline GremlynTopic starter

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2017, 03:06:12 AM »
I'm sorry I might not be on for a while. MY mum is in critical condition after an accident. I'll be back when i can. Sorry.

Offline yesiroleplay

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #31 on: March 06, 2017, 01:35:30 PM »
I'm sorry I might not be on for a while. MY mum is in critical condition after an accident. I'll be back when i can. Sorry.
I am sorry to hear that.  My father had a health crises about a month back so I can relate. 
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Offline BitterSweet

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #32 on: March 06, 2017, 06:47:14 PM »
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that!  I hope things go well for your mother and you.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: Travellers on the Queen's Road - fairly gritty fantasy based RP
« Reply #33 on: March 11, 2017, 01:54:13 PM »

Name of Character: Cujo
Race: Firlander
Gender Male
Age: Mid-twenties to early thirties - he isn't certain
Physical Description: Dark skinned. Ravenhaired.  Dark eyed.  Clean-shaven.  (Cannot grow facial hair) Just short of six feet tall, with a dancer's build
Typical attire: When working, half naked and dressed like a bird.  When not working, usually the only skin showing is on his face and hands
Role in the Troupe: Fire Dancer/Juggler/Eater and, when necessary he will reluctantly play the role of a Fortune Teller and read people's future in a candle flame.  He can fill in as a tumbler or knife thrower but he's not as good as those he would replace.
Skills and specialities: Juggling (which includes not just flaming torches but also knives and other objects that can be thrown with devastating accuracy.  He has any number of props to use in his fire act, fans, whips even cages on the ends of chains.  He can provide assistance to acrobats or tumblers and is more than willing to play the target for knife throwers (including occasionally catching them and throwing them back).
Background notes: Cujo joined the troupe when his last one fell apart due to alcohol, infighting and too many alpha personalities clashing.  He's been a steady member, reliable and dedicated.  Clearly entertaining is in his blood. He can cook passably well and shows a strong taste for spicy southern food, although he doesn't cook it out of respect for northern palates.
Endurance - Cujo can (and has) danced for days at a time.  He is physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of it and will sleep for days afterwards but while awake he can perform incredible feats of endurance (digging or cutting wood for hours without rest).  It is oftern hard to get him to stop, as if he were in some form of trance.

Fireplay -Cujo has learned to play with fire and not get burned.  He has no greater resistance than the next man but his understanding of how the fire works makes it appear that he is immune to the flames.  He can also use it therapeutically, to help accelerate healing.

Cold Reading - Cujo can read small ticks and changes in expression and uses those to make his fortune telling more accurate.  He does not like doing this because he knows he has no true ability to fortell the future and feels he is cheating people.

Herd Stallion Jealousy - Cujo is quite possessive of all the women in the troupe, despite the fact that he is not in a relationship with any of them.  He is like an overprotective brother, questioning the motives of any who seem attracted to them or to whom they seem attracted.  No one is good enough for them in his opinion.  It has led to more than one fight and hard feelings between himself and the women.  The jealousy comes from the attraction he feels to them, attraction he is too shy to act on.

Quiet - Cujo doesn't like to talk.  He rarely ventures an opinion unless asked.  The only time he seems willing to speak up is when he thinks somebody is trying to take advantage of one of the women, a time when he should usually just keep his mouth shut.

Disagrees with Oath - Cujo doesn't see why the troupe needs to be beholden to the Queen.  He has obviously not voiced this but it colours much of his attitude.  He is a reluctant spy at best.