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  • Good girl/bad biker (female/female):
    Karen is 18 years old, pretty, popular, social, and likely her school's next Prom Queen.  Her boyfriend Dillon is the hottest guy in school, buff, handsome, charming, on the swim and debate teams, and they look really good together.

    Unfortunately, Dillon should have considered that he knew nothing about cars except *step on gas, go fast* when he took that back-road shortcut out to the lake. When the car broke down, it seemed they were going to miss the party.  And Karen had on the cutest outfit!  All the other girls would have been green with envy.  But, there is nothing for it except to walk back to the highway and hope for cell coverage or a ride into town. They didn't have to walk far before the guttural roar of a big Harley thundered out of the darkness.  And the rider! Well, the rider was something else…

    (I'm looking for a female biker chick to play opposite Karen.  Preferably, she should be tough, streetwise, ruggedly attractive, at least vaguely butch, and around age 30.  She might fix the car for them, flirting with Karen 'over the head' of Dillon, or she might offer the girl a ride into town to get a tow truck - "Sorry guy, no room for three", or any of a number of other alternatives.  Probably should set my sights low as I'm new here, and say we can do this as a single scene/one-off.  But if there's chemistry between players and characters, I'd love for this to go long term as a biker and her 'bitch'.)

  • A stroll down the aisle… (Medieval monster(orc)/maiden)
    Sunwater is a human village on the frontier.  The town was first settled when the fifth legion was disbanded in the area, and the people in the area are very tough and highly trained in martial skills.  The village also has a considerable supply of half-orcs because the orc tribes came down from the mountains every spring loaded with furs and gems and big chunks of jewelry-grade gold ore and placer-mined gold dust.  For two weeks, traders from the interior rub shoulders with orcs carrying raw wealth wrested from the harsh Sunwater Range.  The local girls are tough, and a girl can overlook a lot of ugly when a male has three-year's wages for the typical farmer in his pouch.

    But this is not the story of transactional encounters between the rather loose women of Sunwater and the orcs down from the mountain (ask me if that might interest you though.) This is the story of Kark and the Miller's daughter.  A - very rough - love story.
    "Kark not that bright, but Kark don't need brains. Kark got muscles!"  Pure bluster he's not as dumb as he wants you to think!  Kark is a full orc, but he was raised in Sunwater, and while half-orcs aren’t uncommon, Kark is something else indeed.  He's strong even for an orc, and that makes him twice as strong as anyone else in town, twice as mean, and three times as ugly.  He also has the best farm in the valley, not because he's on the best land, but because he works the land both smarter and harder than anyone else.  Despite his appearance, he has never had a problem getting women.  Strength is appreciated here, and so is wealth, and Kark has both.  And, frankly, most girls are too intimidated by his presence to gainsay his advances.  What would he do if a girl refused his affections?  It is hard to say, since none have said no more than once or twice, and that’s just playing hard to get.  He hadn't heard any more than once or twice anyway.

    Kark has decided it is time to marry.  And he's already picked his bride.  Cindy, the Miller's daughter and one of the prettiest, sweetest girls you're ever likely to meet, doesn't know she's about to be married.  Not yet.

    (Can play either as rough seduction/romance, or nonconsensual - though consent would have to be gained before he actually takes her to the alter)

  • The Beast (Monster "Beast"/Maiden, open genre)
    Take the classic story ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and twist it into something a bit more interesting. A beast that will always be a beast: brutal, perhaps even vicious, more cunning than intelligent, and yet somewhere mixed into all that fury and terror there still a spark of humanity.  But overall, he is a creature driven by rage and primal need.

    This is a tale exploiting the duality of the classic werewolf tale, without the allegory of physical change. His lost humanity is buried deep in the psyche and comes forth at the end of the tale, rather than in cycles throughout.  He wants redemption, but he needs to sate his hungers even more. 

    (No vore, not even a little bit.  Other than that, we can work out details as to how they meet, what he was, what he is, and where they are going, and whether they go there together.)


I think the pic speaks for itself. I'd rather play the younger of the pair, but will play either role with the right partner.

I really like the idea of the birthday being "mom's" Big Four-Oh.
A few ideas or variations I'd like to explore:

  • Sugar Momma/Baby gurl
    No relation at all., But it's mommy's 40th birthday and baby gurl wants it to be extra special.
  • Divorced/widowed/neglected
    Mom really needs a pick-me-up.  Maybe it will help if I tell her I'm a lesbian by coming out of the closet and into the kitchen...
  • In-laws
    My husband is away on an extended absence (military, study abroad, foreign work assignment.)  His mom misses him too.  Maybe we can comfort each other...


I've been playing with ideas based around this picture for ages now, but never found quite the right roleplay to do it justice.
Idea 1: Teresa is the daughter of a very minor nobleman, barely of enough wealth and status to maintain his knight's hold.  While loyal and brave, he wasn't greatly skilled - not that he was particularly unskilled or inept, he simply did not stand out from the crowd of knights of his station.  Her mother's father was a yeoman, his status barely higher than a peasant, but rich for his station and place.  His wealth and his daughter's beauty were dowry enough to get her married into the peerage, of however lowly rank.
Their daughter grew up a tomboy, wishing she were male and could be a knight and serve in the king's court in richer, more interesting places.  She fought well for a girl, and she rode well for anyone.  But as she matured, her childhood playmates took greater and greater care and began to pay her more lavish and unwelcome attention - no one would spar with her, no one wanted to do the things she liked, like hunt boar or run the stags with a bow.  All the boys, and most of the men, simply saw her as a very beautiful and slightly eccentric young woman.
Finally, she surrendered to the inevitable and turned her attentions to clothing and vanity and the household skills expected of a noblewoman of minor station. She was settled into this humdrum life, and considering which of her many suitors would make the best match when the Baron had an unexpected visit - the King and much of his court were traveling through the area on their way to a neighboring peacefully-rival kingdom, and would stay the night at the Baron's mismanaged castle.  The Baron of course called up all his vassals to aid in the preparation and reception - including Teresa's father and his sergeants and family.
That night changed the girl's life, because while most of the men present noticed the very pretty but ill-stationed girl, one man in particular took a keen interest.  A man not even noble, but with far greater power than most of the peerage. Estaban was an adviser to the King himself, and tutor to the young prince and princess.  He was also a man with strong carnal appetites.  Even the princess was not immune from his notice if not his actions, and the girl of 16 was, to put it most kindly, plain.  Plain, and shrewish to boot.  But then power had a way of improving one's appeal.  Teresa seemed perfect to this man - a girl both beautiful and unknown, with no allies at court and with small hope of ever threatening his own power and influence.  This girl could satisfy his needs in many ways - not least of which was lady-companion to the princess.  A task no one would envy, as the princess was not pleasant company.
So, much to her surprise and mostly if not entirely to her pleasure, Teresa left her home to join the King's court. Things might have gone well for her at court, as she was both beautiful and quick of mind and wit.  She would adjust, and probably thrive in the intrigues of court life.  That is - if the princess hadn't insisted her party take a side road on their way to the neighboring kingdom so she could visit some obscure place she'd heard or read about as a child.  Splitting from the King's well-armed and guarded host was bad enough - doing so in orc-infested borderlands was beyond foolhardy.
The ambush of the princess and her small escort was quick, vicious, and brutal, and most were killed out of hand.  The princess herself was mistaken for a maid and slaughtered - for what princess would be so homely?  And Teresa, mistaken for the royal scion, was captured.  The orcs treated her well at first, for the ambush was not random.  It was part of a larger plot to disrupt the pending alliance between kingdoms and the hostage princess was integral to this plot.  When the mistake was discovered, things did not go well for the young beauty.  Useless as a hostage, she was given to the troops - where things best not detailed happened to her.  Over and over and over again.
Now - weeks?  Months?  A year?  Later - she finally had her chance to escape, and she took it.

Okay - that went way, way longer than I wanted.  Basically, she's been captive and it's much to late for some hero to come and save her honor.  But perhaps an anti-hero - even an orcish anti-hero - might come to her aid.  Will she make good her escape?  If so, what perils await in the forests and lands beyond her subterranean prison? 


Caution: Don't take any of this back story as set in stone. Or even as back story for that matter!  Think of it more as a character study of the pair, and an outline of what might happen between them.

Royal Marriage

The man in the picture is her husband, her uncle, and the present King.

Her father was the previous King. He was something of a diplomat, but also weak and much too quick to forgive.  He pulled money from the army to fund construction of roads and bridges and palaces.  And while these projects mostly improved the economic state of the Kingdom, they did little to improve its defense while making it more attractive to bandits, raiders, and invaders.  The King's younger, smarter, more able brother objected strongly to this weakening of the Kingdom, and was banished when he tried to do something about it.

Growing up, the girl worshipped her favorite Uncle - the strong, vigorous, personable man was a heartthrob, and had many admirers among the ladies at court.  Even his brother's wife and his own niece had disturbing feelings related to his breath of shoulder and his striking presence.  The girl was too young, but the queen succumbed to his rough charm.

When the girl was 16 her Uncle, who was banished at the time, had her abducted and brought to him. His plan was to marry her, the eldest of the royal scion, to secure himself a claim to his brother's throne. While not really condoned by polite society, such marriages are legal in this Kingdom. By now she was flowering into a beauty that eclipsed all others at court, and was a veteran at outmaneuvering suitors that threatened her Royal Chastity.  He had her brought to him, and he was just as she remembered, charming, witty, urbane, magnificent.  They talked of the Capital and of Court, exchanging anecdotes and discussing events.  He was courting her, and courting her well.

But as the evening waned, he informed her that they would be wed on the morn.  She objected. He was her uncle!  He was old enough to be her father!  A lady liked to be asked, rather than informed!  He didn't want her, but only wanted her lineage, her station! They didn't have her father's blessing!  She had no time to prepare!  Her objections were rebutted, one by one, and her protests grew more disparate and less forceful, but they continued.  The debate raged for most of an hour, a time where she learned that the thin-blooded nobles at court did not know how to properly hold a girl, and that none of her prior suitors knew anything about how to kiss!  Not to really kiss!  To kiss urgently, forcefully, with no slight pause coming in to check for permission.  To exude passion and to provoke it.  She was quite breathless, between recovering from those kisses, and uttering her protests to his intent.

Finally, he sighed.  "It's obvious I could convince you."  He told her as she stood stiffly but securely in his arms.  She opened her lips to reply, but he spoke over her intended protest "With time." He stared her deep in the eyes.  "But events are in motion.  I am on a timeline.  And I don't have time for your girlish games.  We will be married in the morning."  If he'd asked her at that moment, instead of issuing his brusque command, she might well have agreed, but begging wasn't in his nature.

She protested, perhaps more to his approach than to his intent, and then he backhanded her hard enough to knock her across the room and off her feet.  And then he raped her.  A large man, he was very strong and was at heart a warrior and a man of direct action.  He tore off her clothes and he took her.  He took her body, and he stole her virginity.  Her preciously hoarded royal virginity!  He took her by conquest, with no thought of gentleness and no concern for her desires or her fears.  And when he was done, he carried her to his bed. 

He slept soundly, with no guilt or doubt haunting his dreams.  She barely slept at all, but his mighty arm lay across her flat belly, pinning her to the linen sheets.  When he awoke, he took her again.  And then he wed his niece. The ceremony was more elaborate and much more formal than she expected, and she was shocked to see some of the faces among the witnesses.  Where so many disloyal to her father?  Her body ached, her thighs quivered from abuse and exhaustion.  And when asked her will, she stared into his eagle gaze and she agreed to be his wife.  After the service, he announced to the witnesses that he was off to consummate his marriage.  Amazingly, he did just that - robustly and well - though they had vigorously coupled that very morn, prior to the wedding.  Afterwards, she was asked to proclaim to the witnesses that she was his wife, and that their marriage was sealed, without coercion, and legally consummated.  It all happened so fast, she wanted to protest but it was much too late.  And so she made her bridal proclamation.  Forever more she could never claim maidenhood.

While she loathes the man that raped her and murdered her parents, her ripe young body has become quite accustomed to his energetic and frequent attentions. In fact, she'll often provoke him just so he'll knock her around a bit and take her - they have a very active sexual relationship, the new King and his young bride. But just because the sex is great doesn't mean that she's loyal or that she loves him. Well, she may love him at some level and she does greatly respect him.  Her emotions and desires confound her motives - which are to punish him for his crimes and remove him from power. She's planned treason, planned his murder and the coronation of her younger brother - a mere toddler.

But then the Kingdom was threatened by some horror:  An conquest by a distant Empire, or perhaps a monstrous invasion. This was precisely what her husband had expected and planned for, maintaining that the Kingdom was weak and ripe and that it had to prepare and if his brother wouldn't do it, he would. And, it seems, he was right. So she has laid off her plans to usurp the usurper, and she has become his reluctant ally and less reluctant consort while they war against this alien threat.