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Author Topic: The Hellmouth Rogues - A BtVS Spinoff (F/F) - Interest/Recruitment - OPEN AGAIN  (Read 6452 times)

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Offline VonDoom

Slayers didn't unilaterally awaken with the axe event from what I remember, at least not in the comic continuation. It's Alias' call, obviously, but from a source material standpoint there's nothing to contradict a later activation.  :-)

Offline yaracyrrah

According to the intro post, all then-eligible potentials were activated in 2013 but more potentials have been activated since, so I expect that my character would simply not have been old enough in 2013.  If Slayers are activated automatically when they become old enough (age 16?), then MC would be 16 now.  If activation tends to wait for a crisis, she could be as old as 19.

Online AliasTopic starter

I would like to play and I'm working on a character.  Would it be okay if she were only very recently activated?  (The crisis that activates her could be the reason why so many other Slayers happen to be in the same place at the same time, if that would be convenient.)

I like the place your heads in. Go ahead and pm her to me when you're done so that we don't spoil any potential surprises.

Offline yaracyrrah

And here's Miranda.  Spoiler: her activation will occur during play :).

Full Name: Miranda Rochelle Jones
Age: 16
Nationality: United States
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135#

General Appearance: .  Miranda is spectacularly athletic and doesn't mind showing it.  She strongly prefers clothes she could sprint in if she had to.  On the other hand, she's more than capable of looking stunning in formal wear when she decides to put in the effort.

History: Miranda is the oldest of three children of a suburban professional couple.  Her life was happy and basically normal until she hit puberty.  Miranda always loved sports, but when she hit puberty (and her Slayer potential began to express more strongly) she became an athletic superstar.  Unfortunately, while she had plenty of goals to run toward, she also had plenty to run from: she began to be plagued by nightmares, the contents of which she refused to divulge even to the psychologist her parents and coaches urged her to see.  (Enough of the dreams involved fighting that she began to study martial arts.)  She was diagnosed with clinical depression, but medication didn't help.  Exercise relieves her stress, and Miranda pushes herself to exhaustion almost every day to help herself sleep.  She keeps her grades decent, but she rarely socializes apart from team events.  She often goes out late at night to run or work out.

Personality: Miranda is driven by two forces: an affirmative desire to make the best use of her athletic gifts, and raw terror that she still might not be capable of fighting the creatures she sees in her nightmares.  She's often grim and sometimes sullen, and often has to visibly hold back criticism.  She's open about her diagnosis of depression because it's a better excuse than the truth about her dreams.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

*Depression: Even if (as she believes) Miranda's depression is entirely caused by her nightmares, she displays many of the symptoms typical of clinical depression, most notably irritability.

*Insomnia: Miranda rarely gets a full night's sleep.  Her protosuperhuman stamina keeps her functional, but she's rarely at her best.

*Ignorance: Miranda has no idea what's going on and no knowledge of, let alone experience with, demonic foes.

Equipment: None yet.

Online AliasTopic starter

And here's Miranda.  Spoiler: her activation will occur during play :).

Full Name: Miranda Rochelle Jones
Age: 16
Nationality: United States
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135#

It should be noted that age is subject to change for this character upon request. But will not be enforced until all player character decisions have been made.

Offline AmandaWho

Character sheet for your perusal ...

Full Name: Aspen Oscuro
Age: 21
Nationality: US
Hair Colour: Dark chestnut brown
Eye Colour: White (originally dark brown)
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 120#
Face Claim: Jessica Alba
Physical Features: Her eyes, although originally a dark brown, are mostly whited over as a result of her childhood accident that blinded her.

General Appearance: Aspen is a study in simple elegance. She keeps her hair length just down past her shoulders, simply styled. She likes loose fitting clothing, usually simple tank tops and shorts. She generally likes to have her skin exposed as she relies on her sense of touch a great deal, she wants to be able to feel as much as possible.

Physically, she’s in superb athletic shape, the visible tone of her muscles the only thing giving away that her slight frame is capable of more than some may realize. She is a beautiful woman with a delicately shapely figure and a striking face, all of which she is mostly unaware of since the last time she saw her own reflection was when she was nine years old.

Personality: Aspen is a sneaky snark, she is often quiet which leads people to believe she isn’t paying attention, when in fact her silence indicates she is intensely paying attention to her surroundings. When she speaks, she enjoys firing out a sarcastic observation that surprises her sighted friends, a tone of voice she never gets tired of hearing.

She has a strong desire to help disadvantaged people, and nothing draws her ire more than witnessing a debilitated person being abused. Aspen rarely shows anger, preferring to maintain her composure, but she usually can’t contain herself when facing an abuser.

Aspen projects quiet calm and strength, characteristics she has developed in order to survive, not just in body but in mind and spirit. She is loath to admit just how afraid she often is, and she is slow to trust others.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
Blindness: Aspen is completely blind and has been since she was nine years old. Although she is capable and self-sufficient, including having the use of her slayer-enhanced senses, she still must often rely on conventional tools and strategies to compensate for her disability.

Fear Of Trust:
The five or six years following her accident were rough for Aspen. In addition to dealing with a world she could no longer see, she also experienced bullying at her schools from people taking advantage of her. Her initial reactions to such treatment was self-loathing, identifying with the abuser’s taunts and believing she should be mocked. In high school a boy took a liking to her and she dated him, her first relationship. She lost her virginity to him only to discover the next day that he had been manipulating her from the beginning, that their relationship was nothing more than a bet he had made with his friends to see if he could bed the blind girl. This experience sent Aspen into an emotional tailspin that almost resulted in a suicide attempt until she was interrupted by an unexpected vision (more on this below). Aspen has recovered her emotional strength and is now very self-assured, but those teenage traumas are burned into her soul and create a barrier between her and those who wish to get close to her.

History: Aspen grew up in a typical middle income American household, with two loving parents and a caring brother. One afternoon when she was nine years old, her brother invited her to the backyard to watch him launch a rocket he had built. Young Aspen stood in a flowered summer dress as her brother proudly lit the fuse on The Intrepid, only to have the rocket explode, sending burning hot chemicals across the backyard. Aspen took a hit of the chemicals directly in her face, screaming in agony as she clawed at her eyes that felt like they were burning through into her skull. It didn’t take doctors long to inform her parents that Aspen would never see again.

The next few years were spent in depression, withdrawal, and training with therapists and social workers in how to deal with the world. While her family loved her and explored every resource to prepare her for her life ahead, her life elsewhere became a growing nightmare. Children at her elementary school, then middle school, often taunted her. There were a small group who especially tormented her, and Aspen struggled with issues of self-acceptance and trust.

An especially traumatizing experience with the first boy she made love to, in high school, almost destroyed Aspen. The day after she had given herself to him and felt the first true happiness in six years, she discovered at school that it had all been a cruel joke. Aspen called her mom and told her she would be late that day, staying for music club where she played violin. Instead, Aspen took a bus to downtown and went to the roof of a twelve story office building. She stood on the edge of the structure, wearing a flowing summer dress not unlike the one she had worn when she had her accident at nine, extended her arms wide, and was about to let herself fall forward when her mind suddenly filled with … images, visual images that were so realistic she felt she was seeing again. She saw a woman running down an alley, terrified, and a shape chasing her.

Aspen stepped back off the edge and stood on the roof for hours, puzzling over the vision, her mind reeling, before heading back down when a guard told her that night had fallen and she had to get home. Aspen wandered the streets, tapping her cane, unaware of which direction she was heading until she stopped, sensing that she was in the location of her vision. She heard the woman scream, just like she had in the waking dream, and she knew it had been real. Aspen stood there as the woman ran past, and then … the thing … arrived. It pounced on her, and Aspen shocked herself by instantly responding, gripping it with strength she did not know she possessed, and destroying the creature with her bare hands. She knelt in the alley, feeling the body of the monster dissolve into dust in her fingers, her mind reeling.

Since that time, Aspen has paid attention to her visions. She studies them, believing that she has been chosen for a new purpose in life. In the years that followed she shocked her parents by enrolling in martial arts classes, especially the grappling arts like Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Judo. She discovered that not only were her strength extraordinary, but her sense of hearing and touch were beyond those of others. She learned to focus on those senses, her tactile form of grappling often easily overcoming her sighted opponents for whom vision became a hindrance when touch was the only sense that mattered.

And she killed. At night, when the visions directed her, Aspen would put herself in harms way and destroy monsters. She did not know how this was happening, or what the monsters were, and it took her some time to convince herself that she wasn’t insane and that this was real. She accepted.

Aspen had already known that monsters were real, she had encountered them with the accident that had taken her sight and the cruelty of her classmates. The universe was giving her a chance to touch monsters, and tear them limb from limb. Aspen was fully good with that.

Equipment: Aspen does not use weapons that extend beyond her body, preferring to grapple her opponents and get them into binding holds. She carries on herself a small assortment of short, serrated knives that she uses to cut monsters once she has them in a lock. She discovered by accident that some monsters die almost instantly from wood thrust into their heart, so she keeps about a half dozen short stakes on herself as well. She can usually tell which monsters need the wooden weapons by using her sense of smell, they smell like rotten blood.

Online AliasTopic starter

We're getting some good applications here. I'm still gonna wait a little bit to make sure everyone gets a chance. I know a few people are working on a character still.

If anyone is getting impatient, dont be shy. I have an open door policy with everything. pm or ooc, whatever you're more comfortable with.

loves to all.

Offline WhatLiesAbove

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I'm just excited to get started!

Offline VonDoom

Yay for blind Slayer! Thinking of Jessica Alba in an action role, anyone else seen the short-lived Dark Angel series?

(Let's not talk about the Fantastic Four movie.)
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Online AliasTopic starter

Yay for blind Slayer! Thinking of Jessica Alba in an action role, anyone else seen the short-lived Dark Angel series?

(Let's not talk about the Fantastic Four movie.)

I lovvvvved dark angel!!!

Offline AmandaWho

Yay for blind Slayer! Thinking of Jessica Alba in an action role, anyone else seen the short-lived Dark Angel series?

(Let's not talk about the Fantastic Four movie.)

I loved Dark Angel, too :)

Online Doomsday

Stating my interest :-) I'll try to make a sheet within the next few days. Thinking my slayer is incredibly violent and bloodthirsty. Slaying is just a means of exercising her (figurative) demons. I'm thinking she's going to struggle often with the temptation of becoming a vampire herself.

Online AliasTopic starter

Stating my interest :-) I'll try to make a sheet within the next few days. Thinking my slayer is incredibly violent and bloodthirsty. Slaying is just a means of exercising her (figurative) demons. I'm thinking she's going to struggle often with the temptation of becoming a vampire herself.

OOoooOO, that's dark. :p
looking forward to it.

After I start this game, I will continue recruiting for the next version. This thread may just stay open indefinitely. :p
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Offline RedEve

Is this game still recruiting?

Offline WhatLiesAbove

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I believe so

Online AliasTopic starter

Is this game still recruiting?

this game will be recruiting ad infitium.

I'm starting to get some more character sheets. I have a lot of writing and stuff to do this weekene. But things are in motion for this rp. and I'll have to make a decision for the first version of the game. There are very nearly enough applicants to do two versions right now. So, I have some tough decisions to make.

Online AliasTopic starter

I updated the original post, and I may... have created a third slayer just for fun. Yeah I definitely did that. Note. I will only use one slayer in these games. And I might make new ones for each game when the time comes. I onno, I'm crazy for making slayers. I already know my faceclaim for the 4th one.

Rain Dylan Schrader

Full Name: Rain Dylan Schrader - “Rainy”
Age: 20
Nationality: Caucasian, Scottish heritage.
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Bright Blie
Height: 5'6
Weight: 113 lbs.
Face Claim: Aja Warren
Physical Features:
Rainy has 43 tattoos on her left thigh, on 7 on her right thigh. All of them are just lines that keep track of her kills. 43 vampires, 7 assorted demons.

General Appearance:
Rain is young, but she’s grown into her body quickly and she likes to show it off. When she’s not training or out on patrol, she’s usually next to naked, hanging out around her house. When she goes out, she likes to wear revealing dresses and tiny excuses for shorts and skirts. That is when she goes out to the club, or to fight demons. Having free movement is important in her opinion. She’s tried to wear more protective clothing before and it didn’t suit her.

Rain has a bit of a staunch personality. She doesn’t like to look back on her past, and she’s dedicated her life to helping people for long enough to have developed some pretty mature traits. She likes to stay quiet. She’s goal oriented, and mission focused. She doesn’t get along too well with other people in general, and she was taught to avoid friendships for many years. Rain has a wonderful sense of humor though, and she’s spent a lot of time the last year or so trying to learn how to treat other people.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

Unfriendly, and closed off. Rain wants things done right away, and patience has no meaning to her. She doesn’t like to ask questions. Showing up and kicking ass is her M.O. Talking things out and solving puzzles don’t work with her. She’s not resourceful, and she has trust issues. Rain has developed a pretty serious problem with authority, and doesn’t react well to anyone telling her what she can and cannot do.

She lived in a happy family until she was thirteen. There was nothing spectacular about it, nothing good, and nothing traumatic. Her father filed for divorce, and her mom was gone a lot. But she had an older brother to take care of her along with her dad. She moved to california when she was six, living just outside of Oakland to be closer to her mom.

As she grew up, she started to adopt many boyish behaviors to fit in with her older brother and her dad. She became relatively obsessed with baseball. Her first celebrity crush was on a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics. Both her brother and her dad loved to talk about it, and she could listen to them talk about baseball for hours. She enjoyed other sports as well, but none if it mattered to her like a 3-2 count in the bottom of the 9th.

Rain was 13 when her slayer powers came to her suddenly. It all came in at once and flooded her personality with confusion and insane strength. The dreams caused her to think she was insane, so volunteered to go to a mental ward to get better. Within a month, the watcher’s council arrived and had a meeting her mom and dad. They lied to her parents, in a way. Long story short, Rain went with the Watcher’s Council back to England. She trained there for years, and picked up regular slayer duty at the age of sixteen. Her first kill came quickly, and many more followed.

She wasn’t allowed to make friends, or go out in public very often. She started to develop into a woman quickly. And she was thirsty for a partner sexually. Her watcher was a woman, so when Rainy explained herself to her watcher, that she was feeling lonely and sexually starved, her watcher understood her perfectly, and actually expressed the same frustration to her slayer. Ms. Faye Hannegan was nearly 40, a lesbian and supremely attracted to her slayer. The two bonded in many ways. Faye gave Rain her tattoos. Faye and Rain made love most nights. She trained her slayer to be strong though, and would often express the control she had over her slayer in the bedroom with ropes and chains. It was very naughty and very much not allowed by the watcher’s council.

The two were in love, in some strange way. Rain fought hard to prove herself, and she learned to be an efficient and deadly slayer. But, when she turned eighteen, her trust was completely broken. There was a test, and Faye had administered the test. It shattered Rain’s confidence of her, for the test had nearly been fatal. Rain lost the pinky finger on her left hand, she had a broken arm, a concussion, and she was bleeding internally. Faye wanted to help, but Rain was done. She made a grand exit.

Faye tried to stop her physically, but Rain threw her to the side violently as she walked away into the night.

Rain went back over the atlantic, and started to wander back toward California. She landed in Florida, and as walked her way to the outskirts of Cleveland. She has a new obsession with finding buse and sexually assaulting girls outside of bars. Rain isn’t old enough to go into a bar, but she still tries.

She’s yet to be arrested yet, but she’s pushing her luck, especially in the bible belt. She’s been in fights, she’s caused property damage, and she might have pushed a couple girls too far. Rain has never killed a person, she’s never ruined anyone’s livelihood, and she’s never outwardly raped anyone. Her sexual advances are very dominant though, and she doesn’t exactly know the difference between courtship and a handshake.

Indian Pata Sword - Image is Here. The weapon is a mixture of a gauntlet and a sword. It protects the hand much more, and removes the users wrists from the equation. She is fast, and deadly with this weapon. It is an old weapon, handed down to her by Faye, the only thing she keeps around from her ex-watcher. It was a Hannegan family heirloom.

Vampire killing tools - Holy Water, Crosses, and Wooden stakes.

A super soaker - Image is Here. That’s right, a goddamned water gun. She fills it with holy water and sprays it from afar. She uses a bottle from her favorite type of soda as her holy water storage. She doesn’t always use this, because holy water can be tricky to find. But she has wandered into a church to take some before with saying a word to the people there. She got this idea from watching movies.

Other: Bisexual, has more experience with women, and feels more comfortable with them sexually. But she fantasizes about men often.
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Online Doomsday

Full Name: Trinity Edwards
Age: 19
Nationality: American
Hair Colour: Red, occasionally with colored streaks
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125 lbs.
Face Claim: Allison Scagliotti
Physical Features: Trinity frequently colors a streak into the right side of her hair, the color varies by her mood

General Appearance: Trinity looms over most other girls at 5’8”. She’s worked her body with dedication for the last three years of being a slayer, but even before then, she’d been incredibly active in school sports, doing cross country in the fall, swim team in the winter, and tennis in the spring. She’s fit and athletic, though is not incredibly muscular, her frame better suited for speed and agility than strength.

She trends more towards petite than curvy, with a small bust, slender waist, modest hips and ass and thin thighs. Still, she’s considered to have an attractive body, especially her long legs that make up a considerable portion of her height.

Despite having a lot to show off, Trinity rarely dresses to be looked at. She prefers clothes that combine comfort, range of motion and warmth. This usually means jeans, athletic or yoga pants, tank tops, light jackets and tennis shoes.

If she was seen without her shirt, or in an open-backed dress, one could observe a large tattoo of a raven, stretching shoulder to shoulder but primarily focused on her right side.

Personality: Trinity is a good actress. She can fit in with any crowd by adapting to them, acting like them. She’s a smart girl and can talk well enough to bullshit her way into a group. She can be bubbly and sociable, geeky and awkward, and anything in between.

Her true self is much darker than the face she wears in public (not including her other slayers). Trinity ranges from cold- emotionless, uncaring and distant- to hot- furious, sadistic, masochistic. This shift in personality is dependent on the level of action happening around her. During battle, she’s like a vengeful warrior goddess, bloodthirsty and merciless. In times of peace, she’s uncommunicative and barely works with her group. She’s willing to take orders, if she deems them wise, but otherwise carves her own path through life, as she is the only one that has gotten herself this far.

Unknown to the others, she’s obsessed with the creatures that she hunts. In the past, she’s kept and toyed with vampires, demons, werewolves and all other types of monstrosities. Though she’s incredibly mentally fortuitous, and resistant to the hypnotic allure of the vampire, she finds the experience of being seduced intoxicating and erotic. Trinity edges the line of falling under their sway and keeping her own head when encountered by their tricks.

One aspect of her true personality that shines through even when she’s faking it is her vanity. Trinity doesn’t like to look or feel dirty. She’s also very sensitive about splinters, and handles her wooden stakes very carefully.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

Hot personality: When her adrenaline’s up, or she gets excited, Trinity sees red. She has little restraint, to the point of putting herself in harm’s way to bring violence to her enemies. She’s cruel, excessively violent, and a real threat to any allies that clumsily get close to her killing field.

Cold personality: When not in battle or otherwise agitated, Trinity is borderline sociopathic. Mean is too simple for her; venomous is more apt for the way she needs to be treated by others. When in the company of ‘normies’, she can fake it, but around her fellow slayers and others that know of her true business, Trinity is not afraid to tell people how she thinks of them.

Obsessed with darkness: Trinity lives her life as a slayer on a razor’s edge. She’s incredibly well-read on demons and their kind, so much so that she could serve as an amateur watcher. Though she has a fine record as a slayer, Trinity constantly balances her own desire to do go good, versus the urge to let the next vampire she sees take her neck and bring her into their flock. The last bastion of willpower that holds her back is the knowledge that it would be irreversible, and sometimes it’s better to dance with the devil you know than to let them bite you.

History: Trinity was given up by her single mother as an infant, and adopted by an older, rich couple that quickly lost enthusiasm in their latest acquisition. While her foster parents vacationed the world, Trinity was mostly raised by a nanny, a woman that acted more as a custodian than a caretaker. She was kept fed and clothed, but otherwise left to her own designs. Her first expressions of sociopathy and cruelty were towards insects and small animals found in the yard.

When she began to perform poorly at school as a child, inattentive and hostile to teachers and other students, her foster father ended one of his many vacations early and attempted to beat some sense into the girl. She learned to fake herself to fit in, and she also learned that violence is a powerful thing to behold. Trinity’s grades soared and she participated in extracurricular activities; She became popular, well-liked and the model of a student, but it was all an act. At first it was to appease her foster parents, but when she realized that she could use people to her liking by pretending to be interested in them, she used it to her advantage.

At age 14, the summer before she would begin high school, Trinity got into a very heated argument with her foster father. Sporadically throughout the years, Mr. Edwards would express violence towards her in an attempt to ‘set her back on track’. By then, she felt she had suffered enough at his hand, and Trinity desperately fought back. Her slayer abilities first manifested at this time, which allowed her to gain a surprising advantage on him to connect on a few good kicks to the chin. At one point in the fight, Trinity had him on his knees, and was sizing him up for a kick to the temple that would end his life, but she hesitated, too overwhelmed by these new powers to commit to their usage. Her father took advantage of the moment and beat her half to death, before eventually dragging her to the hospital. Trinity and her foster father both told the nurses that she'd fallen down the stairs, and if not for her accelerated healing ability, they would have completely seen through that lie.

While she recovered, Trinity was visited at the hospital by an elderly woman named Charity Bradshaw. Charity revealed to Trinity her role as a Watcher, and that Trinity had been chosen to become a slayer because of the stand she had already taken against evil. Little did Charity know, her new slayer was as dark as her adopted father, just in her own ways.Trinity took to her new studies and training with great interest and enthusiasm. She felt as if her entire life until that point had been leading up to her life as a slayer. She didn’t have any special relationship with Charity, who was distant and business-like, more like a reluctant babysitter than anything. Charity was also slowly losing her mind to dementia, leaving Trinity to do her new job alone, which was fine by her.

When Trinity was 17, Charity died. The Watcher had repeatedly asked her student to reach out to the council to requisition a new Watcher, but Trinity secretly refused these orders. Trinity didn’t need a Watcher; She’d absorbed everything that Charity had to teach her and more, and she didn’t operate well under supervision. For the next year, Charity corresponded with the Watcher’s Council, impersonating Charity through emails and phone calls, and they were none the wiser until one of the Council came to visit her on her eighteenth birthday to administer ‘the test’.

Trinity managed to skip town just before the Watchers arrived. In her parent’s home and on their property, they found several disturbing things: Ms. Bradshaw’s body moldering in an unmarked grave in the back yard, a makeshift dungeon in the basement, and five vampires incarcerated behind bars, emaciated and seemingly tortured. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that two of these vampires were Trinity’s own foster parents.

On the run with an arsenal of vampire slaying tools and four years slaying experience, Trinity bounced from town to town throughout the American midwest with several adopted identities. She slayed vampires and managed to stay alive despite her vigilante lifestyle, primarily making money through sex work and theft. Now, at age 19, she finds herself in Cleveland with a fellow band of rogue slayers; Trinity isn’t used to working in a team, but she’s smart enough to recognize that there is strength in numbers, especially as the Watchers and the demons alike have put a target on their backs.


Sjambok: This long, semi-rigid leather whip can effectively gash skin and cause pain, but has little practical use in regards to actual slaying.

Stake knives: Not steak knives. Stake. Knives. Basically, just wooden stakes with carved handles. Why? Trinity is afraid of splinters.

Other: Totally open to having her become a Slaypire down the road, if Alias is willing.

Offline Rachubka

Full Name: Liliana 'Lily' Aguilar
Age: 22
Nationality: American (Colombian)
Hair Colour: Brunette (dyed sombre)
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 114 lbs.
Face Claim: Anlella Sagra
Physical Features: A tattoo of a shaded mountain face on the left side of her abdomen to cover some scars - it's back dropped by a colourful aurora and stars that reach up to just beneath her left breast. Studded piercings along her right ear helix, with a more traditional lobe piercing on both ears - they're often tiny black crosses, though sometimes they can be nice flowery ones or dangling bits.

General Appearance: Lily does well to keep her image well maintained and up to date. Her hair is often worn long and she is currently rocking her familiar brunette locks with a subtle blond dye job. Since becoming a full-time Slayer, it has taken very little effort for Lily to remain in tip-top shape, though that hasn't stopped her from working out. As for clothing; jeans, dresses, skirts, graphic tees, blouses, jackets of varying lengths and material, there isn't much left out of her wardrobe, save an all denim outfit. When it comes to hunting vampires, demons and other monsters, she tends to lean towards a leather jacket, fitted jeans with knee high boots with any variety of heel (depending on if she was on a date before or not!) along with whatever top she had on for the day.

Personality: Lily tries not to take herself seriously, though it is more for image's sake than anything. You know that thing where someone pretends not to care or let people bother them in order to seem cool? She's all about that. Outside of slaying vampires and keeping herself fit (out of habit), she leans on drinking and dancing for entertainment. Needless to say, she doesn't get to do that very often but thoroughly enjoys it when she can.

Growing up, slayer or otherwise, Lily has always been described as charming. She never put much effort forth to convince others to like her or put in any time and effort into being kept in anyone's good graces, though she always ends up finding herself there. As such, she has a hard time grasping the idea of people who are shy or are closed off since it is completely out of her nature.

Lily has always had a great sense of responsibility and duty. Somewhat. She takes the role of being a slayer to heart, believing that she was selected for the greater good of all humankind! On the same hand, however, she has never rid herself of her joy for adventure and the search for something new - she finds it hard to pry herself from a particular spot or person she cares for if she feels that she is needed, though will have no problem considering leaving if the need for her is gone.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
Arrogant - Having always been told that she was attractive, smart, adorable, fantastic and many, many other kind words before becoming a slayer, it got to her head even more when it took very little effort to be all of the aforementioned. It's come to a point where anyone who isn't even a slayer herself can't hold Lily's attention, save for a vampire looking for a neck to feed on.

Reckless - Lily often rushes into situations headfirst, having come out of nearly all of them unscathed in the past. Working with others hasn't really been a thing for the girl and waiting for a consensus on a plan would hardly be an option for her.

Aloof - Being a slayer makes it hard to establish a relationship on any level - Lily tends not to give anyone any fuel to build one on by avoiding the real questions with any real answers. Never having truly stayed in one spot may have had something to do with it, too.

Halloween - Not an explicit fear by any means, though past experience on this day have left a sour taste in Lily's mouth (literally and figuratively).

History: Born as a result of a Spring Break fling, thanks to a European dreamboat of a vacationer and a woman who wanted to be a mother more than anything, Lily had a surprisingly tame upbringing. While not rich by any means, Lily's mother's own family had made quite a living for themselves in Seattle, Washington operating a chain of grab'n'go cafes to feed all of the yuppies.

Lily ran in small circles of friends, usually just neighbourhood kids with as much Latino flavour as possible. These circles stayed with her as she grew older, though those that went down the more nefarious path of life had since fallen out. It was only when Lily turned fifteen did things become a little strange.

It was during the last class of the day, a fantastically boring English class. In typical fashion, Lily was seated at the back corner with a few of her friends, watching the hands on the clock tick by until it called for the end of the day. There was well over half an hour left when the girl felt a sudden head rush. Her brain ached suddenly, then felt as if she was about to float away with it once the pounding stopped. At the behest of the teacher, she went to the nurse's office. Along the way, another girl in her grade was being accosted by a football player. Not even one of the cool football players, just a heavy set tackle who didn't quite get why he wasn't as sought after as the QB or any ultra fit receivers.

Lily, normally, would pay no mind but here she felt inclined to inquire, even doing so with a lame line about hall passes. The victim scurried away when the big guy was distracted. Frustrated, he moved on to the Colombian and was getting far too handsy for an introduction. Lily side stepped him and shoved the much larger man into a locker head first with virtually no effort. When the Tackle never got back up, the ever dramatic girl's mind immediately went to the worst. She didn't go to the nurse's office. She didn't even stay home that night.

The next few weeks were a jumble of weird headaches and dreams, the will and desire to protect and serve as well as a quickly developing physique to give her the means of doing so. Lily travelled eastward by bus and train, until she was stopped by an older man claiming to be a Watcher. Her first instinct was to give him the good ol' Seattle Locker treatment, but the man quickly descended into an explanation of what she was feeling, what was happening, and how they could work together to figure it all out. Easy enough sell.

For the next few years, the Watcher adapted to Lily's desire to not stay put while honing her skills in order to whack the occasional vampire or demon. The two earned a bit of a reputation in the Midwest, so much so that they themselves were actively hunted by the dark forces. One particular instance saw Lily's left side ripped open and her Watcher dead in a ditch. She healed, physically, then continued eastward, eventually finding herself in Ohio...

Equipment: Typical Slayer fare in stakes, holy water and crosses.

A large, ornate dagger, mostly for show.

Other: Hasn't had much in the name of intimacy since being named a Slayer, though, the way she talks about her watcher sometimes makes you wonder...

Whew, super duper late entry. Will probably be in round two, yeah? :O

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7 applicants
8 open positions
2 games

expect some news very soon

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With the help of Alias!

Full Name: Audra Iman Hawkins
Age: 22 (May 9th)
Nationality: American - Gbaya, Azande, and Egyptian heritage with very little Italian blood.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5’5
Weight: 111 lbs.
Face Claim: Brianna Shanee
Physical Features: Audra has a bite mark on her thigh, and another on her neck. The wounds have become scars. All of the Faceclaim tattoos carry over, Audra has them too.

General Appearance: She’s a well built woman. Her feminine form has soft parts and hard parts. With a good muscular structure, wide hips, and a deliciously large bust, Audra holds herself more like a model than a warrior. She has a general ‘swaggy’ style that changes according to the occasion. Her appearance is typically some kind of mix between classy and flashy. She likes loud colors and showing off skin. Tight fits, and sexy outfits with a flare that could only come from Elmhurst, Queens.

The cold doesn’t bother her, so when she’s out hunting vampires, she doesn’t change up her style. As she dresses normally, she doesn’t look like a slayer, so it’s a diversionary tactic at its core. Vampire’s assume she’s just some dumb girl out for a walk by herself. She hides her weapons, and flies her freak flag high.

Personality: Audra has an unshaken confidence to her and a will to do the right thing. She has the best of intentions, even out on her own like she has been. Although she can be flirtatious, vibrant and fun; Audra is not great at saying what’s on her mind. She never developed a large vocabulary, but she has complex emotions. Her passion to make the world around her a little bit better than it had been puts her in difficult moral quandaries.

Helping people out is difficult for her, and making her actions count is hard as well. But, she wants to be proactive and helpful all of the time. Most of the time, she just comes off like a cocky little bitch, and she enjoys it that way. Her natural feminine playfulness makes it clear that she’s usually just teasing and messing around when she ‘acts mean’ or ‘self-centered’.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

Homesick - Audra didn’t grow up in the best or most lavish part of the world. But she misses it. Elmhurst, Queens was a nice place to grow up. It was close to The City, but it had it’s own charms, and it’s own culture. She was called as a Slayer at fifteen, and she was pulled away from her family at that time. Audra never even got along with her parents. But she still misses the simplicity, and the safety. Even further, her Watcher’s mansion was another home she had for three years in Lancaster, Great Britain. But that went away too. Hotel rooms aren’t good enough. More on this later in ‘History’.

Bad Communicator - Talking is difficult. She’s far from stupid, but the conflicting concepts in her mind makes it very difficult to put them into words. Being cocky is easier than being deep. So, her depth is usually covered by the fact that she has trouble speaking her mind.

Sorta Girly - This was a bit of a problem for her before she was a slayer. She likes to stay clean, and look nice. Some would call her ‘high maintenance’, but it’s not that. She just likes to be pretty, a little too much sometimes. And since she’s become a slayer, this has never gone away. It can distract her easily. Getting dirty makes her mad.

Suspicious - Audra hasn’t always been like this, distrusting, skeptical, unsure. But things changed when the watcher’s council showed their true face. They were secretive, and their actions were rich with betrayal. Her own watcher, a stern father figure that was basically a carbon-copy of her father in the form of a thirty-two year old British man, he turned on her, and led her to her death, because orders were orders. More on this later as well.

History: ‘The City’ was a daunting thing for any child. And even as she aged in Elmhurst, Queens, one of New York’s famous five boroughs, the city was always more than she could understand. And she wasn’t alone there. Life was as simple as it was complicated. Elmhurst was middle class, working class, she was far from wealthy, but she had a comfortable life. Her father hadn’t grown up so lucky. Nick Hawkins, “Nicky” to his friends and his wife Marilyn. He was a journalist, Marilyn owned a small restaurant chain. They’d worked their asses off their whole life. Nicky had grown up in a house near Queensbridge. It had not been a middle class life. Marilyn was hovering and poverty as well, but she’d moved to the city from Louisiana when she was in her early twenties.

So life was actually sort of easy for Audra Hawkins.

But, her father’s intense pressure never stuck to her. He was never violent, or even emotionally abusive. But he was stern. He was uptight. In his world, the only thing that worked was keeping your head down, working hard, and earning everything with pure dedicated labor. He knew he had a daughter, so he didn’t expect her to be a construction worker or a welder. But he expected a lot. She had a curfew, her allowance was cut if she ever had two B’s on her report card. So, she rarely had an allowance.

Her mother wasn’t any more allowing. She was more gentle, but her soft pressure was almost worse than her father. Deja didn’t have any brother’s or sisters. There was no tragic story to it, the Hawkins’ wanted to be a small family. Audra never complained, she made a few strong friendships that were as good as siblings, the girls that she grew up with were lifelong friends, if Audra had stayed in New York.

She was essentially kidnapped by the watcher’s council. She was swooned by her powers. The council had been keeping their eye on her. She had an obvious potential, and they knew when she would be gifted with the slayer lineage. They showed her a vampire, and she swelled with pride. The ability to kill monsters gave her a powerful purpose that she’d always wanted.

She didn’t know how long she’d be gone. She didn’t know how many demons she would have to kill. Britain was hard, the training was intense. The nightly patrols were exhausting, even for a slayer. When she’d met her watcher, he was polite, and good with words. Her destiny made sense. But, as the months turned to years, his stern nature reminded her too much of her father. His name was Gerald Campbell. And he was a bloody bastard at heart. The only thing that mattered to him was the Watcher’s council. His affections were fake, his moods were all for show. His focus was singular, and Audra didn’t matter to him at all.

Campbell was given orders to let his slayer die. The reasons were odd, there had been none. Campbell didn’t even really ask questions. He only knew what he had to do. There was a cult of vampires that were destined to grow in strength. Audra was supposed to be their catalyst. But, as always, prophecies were messy. Audra slayed all of them. She came out with two significant bites, her clothing shredded, her arm broken, a concussion, and a couple broken ribs. But she killed them all.

She walked to Campbell’s mansion, her home in Lancaster. And she robbed him straight up. He couldn’t stop her, even with her injuries. She’d been drained of some blood, from her neck and her thigh. But, the bites didn’t stick for long. They were deep, she could handle it. Campbell wound up unconscious on his dining room table. Audra left with 3,000 £ in cash and caught a plane back to America.

When she returned home, a new family was living there. It was shocking. She had technically run away, but it had felt right at the time. It had felt a bit like a movie or a young-adult fantasy novel. It occurred to her that she hadn’t told anyone, and that she’d been gone for three years.

Audra wasn’t trained to track her parents down, she didn’t know where to start. She looked for them on social networks and couldn’t find them. She checked a few real estate companies, but they weren’t allowed to distribute that information. She didn’t have Identification of any kind, just a stake, cradled between her tits, and a few thousand American to get by.

She found a couple old friends, but she was removed from everything, and the watcher’s had been looking for her. She couldn’t stay home. So, she ran away again for a 3rd time. Her mother and father were basically ghosts. She was trying to escape the watchers, and after two years of running across the country, she has recently found herself in Cleveland, Ohio. ‘The City’ wasn’t really what it had been as a kid. Cleveland was like one giant Elsburg. Homesick, she found herself sticking around, and found a few ways to make a living that were respectable. She’s been in Cleveland for seven months under the name Gwen Mary Collins, and the council hasn’t found her yet.

She does some house cleaning, flagging for construction crews, and occasionally offers high profile security for some of the uglier faces around the city. And of course, she kills demons in back alleys and graveyards as many nights a week as she can.

Any sharp knife - Audra isn’t an expert woodworker, but she has a drawer full of stakes in her apartment. Whenever she finds a piece of wood that looks right, she’ll pick it up. Every now and then she’ll pull out a knife and make a stake or a wooden cross.

Baseball bats - They’re effective, and wooden. If they break, they become stake. She collects wooden baseball bats as well.

Other: Has recently attended church on a few Sundays. She goes to different churches every time, and has never gone two weeks in a row. But after 7 years of dealing with death, looking at gravestones, and using the cross as a weapon, she figured she’d see what religion was all about. It’s a comforting place, but she stays quiet, and tries to avoid catholic services. She went to one once, and things got real too fast. Participation was not her thing.
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It's big news Time!!

Hey everyone. So, I just want to say that I'm really happy with the group of people that have gathered around this idea. You all have displayed so much patience, and it's wonderful to see how understanding everyone is, and has been.

So. I have made a decision for the first iteration of the game. I sent out pms to everyone about what kind of player they were going to be, and what kind of things everyone wanted their slayer to go through. So, most of you know that if you're not picked in this list of four, there will be another oppurtunity to play very soon.  Out of all the messages I sent, only one person seemed to lose interest in the game. So without further ado.

The First Game
Josephine - played by Redeve
Alexis - played by Whatliesabove
Niss  - played by Vondoom
Aspen  - played by AmandaWho
Alice  - played by Alias

The Out of Character Board -
The Character Sheets -

To the three players left over, no hard feelings, we'll have a 2nd game started in NO time.
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The hardest of feelings.

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Hehehe. Rach, I hope you're ok. I love all three characters I left out. And we're only one sheet away from starting the 2nd game

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I'm plaaaaaaaaaaayin'~! Super jacked!