Macabre Romance. (Horror, F/F, M/F)

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Lustful Bride

Decided to make a thread specifically for my more Macabre and somewhat horror related ideas. There wont be all that much gratuitous violence or gore. By horror I mean things that are less squeaky clean. But they can still have humor, romance and such. Think of it more like The Reanimator instead of Chainsaw Massacre. Evil Dead 2/3 instead of the original. It has the creepy monsters and scary elements but that isn't the main point.

Please take a look at my ideas below and see if they captivate you. At the moment I have 4 ideas available, so pick which one you like best. :P

Welcome back Headmisstress (F/F)

Where do you go when you die? According to current popular beliefs, nothing. It is the end of your consciousness. Others believe that some go to Heaven, and others go to Hell, based on your own merit and actions in life. One teacher, however, apparently has to pay for someone else's crimes when her time comes. The sins of the past have been passed down the family line until she was chosen to pay for what someone else did. Suffering a gruesome, horrifying death, she wakes up at a strange, terrifying institute, where strange and creepy students seem to know her, treating her like their teacher. No matter how hard she tried, she could not remember how she got there. It was like trying to bring up memories while suffering a concussion, the mind just refused to do it.

The students* she tries to teach while she attempts to uncover what exactly is going on seem to know her well. She has never met them before but they act like old friends to her, as if she has always been their teacher, at times making vague references to her that seem lost to her. Most of them put on innocent faces when she is looking and try to pass themselves off as simple students who love their teacher. But the truth, is they will tear apart her very soul, over and over again, allowing her to wake up and think it was a terrible nightmare as they get their vengeance for the pain her family caused them. And she will have no choice but to endure it while she searches for the slim chance that she might, somehow, find redemption.

(some details below)

Juie Phelps was just a simple Middle School science teacher. She had never done anything to hurt anyone in her life and really just wanted to educate the coming generations. Now she finds herself in some kind of nightmare realm where things make little sense, it feels like most of her students are out to get her, she is somehow a teacher and a headmistress and the only person around who is remotely kind to her is the prefect of the school....but even she is alittle...well...


When she goes into the nearby town for supplies and things the school needs she finds that the town is mostly empty, save for the monsters that roam about and sometimes she swears that she can see other people, but they move to avoid her. When she gets to the store there is just a mannequin there thatn takes orders, always with a big plastic smile.

It'd be more accurate to describe this realm as a type of purgatory. Neither Heaven, nor Hell and certainly not Earth.

TL:DR I'm looking for someone to co-write a supernatural, Silent Hill-esque horror-suspense story, where a beautiful female teacher is denied the chance to rest peacefully in the afterlife, and is instead faced with a weird school full of ghost-like students, monsters and other horrors. Torture and gore could also be included if desirable. But its negotiable. If there is character death its undone the next morning and everyone wakes up happy to as bright new suffer the same fate all over again, ::) >:)

*Probably a good time to mention that even though this is like a school setting all the characters are of age.

I once tried this RP before and it was fun though it didn't go on for long. If one wants to see my previous attempt feel free, perhaps it can help give you a look at what I am trying to go for.

If interested feel free to PM me and we can brainstorm.

If someone could make a good enough argument id even be okay with just making this Silent Hill :P

My most beloved and trusted assistant. (F/F) More horror comedy

The old Gracie Manor, up in the forests several miles from the Washington town of Pine Valley, had been abandoned for many years since its last owner, Jonathan Gracie, moved away and allowed it to fall into disrepair. No one ever really bothered to clean it up, or even go to the trouble of tearing it down. It was old, out of the way and people preferred to just think that it never existed to begin with. There are times that I wished it never existed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I went there, and fell into the clutches of a madwoman who even now makes me work as her servant while she cuts up another screaming victim.

"Oh please, you never complained when I removed your gallbladder and put in a swim bladder. And put that tape recorder away, I need you here.

Yeah, but I was drugged out of my mind on morphine and god only knows what else. Plus you're paying me. So what do you need me to do?

You, my darling assistant, will run the camera to document this momentous occasion. To record me as I spit in the face of God himself, and bring the dead back to life!"

"Alright, want me to get the shotgun in case, (even though we both know that it will), this goes horribly wrong?"

"But of course, dear. And after the experiment I'm making dinner so make sure to wash your hands before coming to eat."

It all started with just an ordinary ad in the local paper. The advertised pay was surprisingly good for someone who knew English, could read and write, and knew when to talk and when to be quiet. Though it would be the last stipulation that caught my interest; Must on occasion respond to "Igor".. It was underlined, and everything! Was it a joke?

I wasn't really sure what the last part of the ad meant, but I needed the money. Those student loans weren't going to pay themselves, and I was turned down for every other job I applied for. FUCK! How is a 20 something suppose to come out of College with 15 years experience!? ANSWER ME THAT, DEAN OF ADMISSIONS! Stupid crooked bastard!

Huh, where was I?


Oh Right!

I followed the directions on the ad and went to some old mansion outside of town that looked as if it hadn't been lived in for some time. It would have been a fitting summer home for the Addams family. (Would Cousin It let me bunk with him?) Moving up the steps, the wood creaking beneath my feet, and damn near gave me a "Nope"-fit right there. Somehow I still managed to force my self to move forward, even as I spotted a silhouette moving past the curtains near the windows. Despite how fearful I was, those collection letters being sent to me were a damn good motivator, and I was able to get to the front door. Though that scream that I know I heard from under the house wasn't helping any. As a matter of fact, It was giving a damn good argument to turn around. However, I didn't listen to that little voice of "Self preservation", and knocked on the door. (I might as well be the grand prize winner of the Darwin Awards.)

The door would slowly open with a dull rusty squeak as someone stepped out.

"Hello, how may I help you?"

That was all that she said to me when she first greeted me. The moment i laid eyes upon her I felt the color simply drain from my pinchbly cute cherub cheeks. Yeah I would have run like a bat out of hell at that moment, if it were not for the fact that I'm not the most Athletic person around. Yeah Yeah, I know rule One, Cardio. But i was also genuinely afraid that she would have taken my sudden retreat as a challenge.

So what did I do you may ask? Well, I simply gave her my best "Please-don't-eat-me" Smile, and held out the ad from the paper.

"I-I'm here for the j-job, ma'am.".

"You're hired!"

YESH! I was hired!!! Um, what the "F" did I just get hired for!? And why is my Danger-Radar pinging like a Geiger Counter near Godzilla?

Oh!? You want to know more about my Tormentor...well

"What was that Darling?"

Um...EMPLOYER!...Yes, Employer.

"Very good Igor. Now get my scalpels ready!


(Ahem), well my employer was something utterly unlike any other. Her flesh was a faint shade of blue, and seemed like a mix of leather and fish scales, which she said was to make it harder to get cut, but also made it difficult to modify herself.

Who is she you ask? She is Helga, or that was all she'd ever tell me about her name. Her backstory however... Yeah, just let her have a bit too much of the Peach Schnapps, and she'll gladly tell you, mostly just to boast about hoe great she is. Though you'll have pick it out from all the inane tangents she goes on when drunk. The slurred speech, broken English and other languages don't help either. But I think I have managed to piece together a coherent story from most of her rambling.

Helga was what you got when you mixed Dr. Victor Frankenstein with Herbert West. She has been keeping herself alive for many years by using some strange archano science to keep her organs fresh and alive, and sometimes replacing them or making new ones as needed. She was young even when Nixon was president though her memories got fuzzy that time, she blamed all the drugs.

'THOSE DAMNABLE HIPPIES NEARLY RUINED MY MIND! They promised me it would elevate me to new stats of being, but all I did was puke all over my clothes and fall down constantly. Stupid shits, they weren't so peace and love happy when I locked them in the basement and made them eat nothing but acid for a week. Now they would know, THEY WOULD KNOW THAT NO ONE FOOLS HELGA VON-'

We've talked about this. Use your indoor voice.

Her services are in very high demand though. So money was never a problem, unlike supplies. How do you think Fidel is still alive? He is our usual 3 o'clock on every Friday the 13th. Psst, I think Helga just really likes those cigars. Its the only kind she will smoke and she buys them in bulk.

Or how Trump had such a convincing wig? Hey! Don't laugh, It is pretty convincing, right? Right!? Oh god I think I used the wrong hair for it.....don't tell Helga.

Or have you seen Elvis? Yeah he's alive, he just likes pretending to be one of his own impersonators. Guy has a vanity streak like you wouldn't believe.

All of the rich and powerful wanted to see Miss Helga's work and benefit from it. Even Helga herself had modified her body over time to stay alive, to the point her ears were...something fins, maybe. No, not the Little Mermaid Kind. Though she does hum that damn song all the time! Helga claims they're for "Echolocation". Perhaps that is how she knew I swiped the last of the macadamia nut cookies last week.

Helga had modified herself so much she couldn't remember her original hair color, nor her eye or skin color. So she just went with what she felt like for the month. Its a wild ride to be sure, I never know when Helga might decide that she wants to do some experiments upon her 'Igor" and its hard trying to catch all the monsters that copycat reanimators make as they try to imitate her work. It also kind of sucks to constantly be called Igor all the time. Though she does slip up every now and again, and calls me Alex. But at least the pay is good so the Collecters have stopped calling me, and as Helga's assistant I don't have to worry about paying for medical bills as Helga promised to patch me up for free! Whether I need it, or not. So I guess I can't complain, much. Still, Why do I have to be called "Igor" all the time!? It is not even a cute name. 

Still, I think i've started to love this job. So why don't you come down? We could always use more sub...more patrons. We offer a variety of modifications at good prices. Just give us a call, and we can do anything you want.

Other details:

Alex's duties mainly consist of: helping out around the lab or waiting for the phone to ring, and informing Helga of what the caller says so she knows they have a job incoming. On occasion she will be assigned to go out and buy groceries and other necessities for Helga, since she picked a fight with many store owners and is now banned from most of Pine Valley. When things get bad Alex is also required to help her employer capture monsters made by copycats and to help Helga with her own malfunctioning experiments. Its hard work but hey, at least the health benefits are good.

Helga does have a fleshmask she can put on to look more human, hiding her scaled form and looking presentable enough to go out into public. But she just prefers not to use it because of how much it chafes her scales. She also doesn't enjoy wearing it due to it making her feel like a freak. She prefers to be proud of her new form, even if she has to jump through countless hoops to avoid drawing attention.

Helga with her mask on

We all have to serve our time, even here in Hell./ The Hell of the slightly damned. (F/F)

Lisa had through that she had been good all her life. That by behaving herself and helping others she could avoid Hell and occasionally be naughty. She thought it was easy to have her cake and eat it too. But that was not how things worked and donating blood or helping old ladies across the street doesn't absolve one of thievery, excessive lust, sloth, and greed. Sure, she did good things in her life that helped balance the scales, but one didn't get points for brownnosing. And when she happened to cross a street at night and get hit by a car she failed to spot, Lisa awoke with a hooded figure pulling her soul out of her body. She was then taken to a waiting room where the reaper red to her from a scroll bearing her Sins and then one bearing her Virtues. The two were almost equal length, but her sins won out in the end, and so she was denied not only heaven, but purgatory, for committing conscious sins. She knew it was wrong, but she did it anyway. When her sentence was called out she denied it, she sobbed, she cried, she begged, and bargained. In the end she damned God and then begged for forgiveness as living pools of darkness pulled her down into the abyss.

But Hell wasn't exactly what awaited Lisa either. Despite her transgressions she was not to suffer for the rest of eternity, instead her punishment would be to work in a level of hell specifically designed for people like her. The level of the slightly Damned. For those who are just bad enough to be denied purgatory, but nowhere near bad enough for Real Hell. It is essentially one large prison run by demons who are more relaxed and not really interested in Hell conquering Earth and Heaven. But as a prison it still carries the same dangers as a mortal prison. Being forced to join a gang, being the target of racial or religious violence, prison rape, abuse of power by the demonic guards, along with several new types of dangers. Death in this prison was more of an inconvenience, as a person's soul would put itself right back together after a while. If one escaped from this prison, they would just find themselves going deeper into hell. There really was no escape, the best one could do was serve their time and pray that an Angel would come to argue their case or see them as redeemed, so they could ascend to Heaven, or at least purgatory.

Still, its not all bad though, if someone has family that cares for them in Heaven then they can come visit. They can even send care packages down with some goods from up above. With how many people are in Hell Prison, there is quite a market for it when the Guards open up the general hall for the inmates to set up a bazaar, sometimes they even join in, trading Tokens that can be used to buy time off from work. The Demons seems to like goods sent from Heaven, as food from up above is truly divine, and other gifts are even worth money down in the city of Dis in Hell. So both Humans and the Demons are always interested in keeping their little market going, even if the humans know they are being shortchanged.

The demons don't even usually take pleasure in abusing the humans....well...most of them. And even when the souls are sent out to work and mine,break rocks, build statues for Hell's own pride, or do other things in service of Hell, the demons will play music for the humans to work along with and to make the hard work more bearable. The problem is it has been the exact same song on the loudspeakers for the past 10 years now, and it doesn't look like the song is going to change anytime soon. Sometimes it will even play on the radios a few inmates have in their cells just to mess with them. Personally Lisa thinks it is because the guards either really like the song, or due to its lyrics they find it endlessly hilarious when having their mortal charges work to it, reminding them of their place.

Lisa has only been in Hell a month now and slowly has gotten used to the routines. Wake up, breakfast, go to work in whatever place the boss of her sector of the prison has ordered, lunch, more work, come back to the prison proper for an hour of free time in the yard and then some maintenance or janitorial duties in the prison then dinner and bed. Then it all starts all over again. Its hard to keep track, but it seems the equivalent of the weekend down in hell is the two days when they have their bazaar in the main hall and people sell goods to one another in exchange for tokens used as currency. If someone has enough they can trade it to a guard to take an extra day off or to ask for something else. Lisa hasn't gone, she wants to save up for a radio and some books in her own cell, maybe that one nice poster of Marilyn Monroe that she saw someone selling.

During her stay she has done her best to keep her nose clean and her head down, stay away from the gangs, avoid dropping the soap, and just not getting shived for her daily mouth full of gruel. Its not easy, especially the work out in hell itself, but she doesn't have much choice in the matter. She just tries to take it one day at a time and if she cries, she does her best to do it silently, lest the other inmates hear her.

One day, on her way to the inmate's bazaar, Lisa happened to pass the notice board where several other inmates were looking for work for extra tokens and ways to get out of the more difficult labor, when she spotted what they were all looking at. In bright bold letters was a message from one of the Demons running the prison, and so far almost no one had signed up for it yet.

"In need of Human for some work. Sign your name (Full name) then ask the Guards and be sure to drop my name. Interviews begin after lunch. Whomever is chosen for the work can expect dinner, 10 of those stupid tokens a day, and will be exempt from field labor. Just be sure you know how to read, write, and have good teeth.

Lisa had no idea who Morgana was, or why she needed a human, or what her work actually entailed. But ten tokens was the same value as a good day breaking rocks with a pickaxe. If there was a chance that she could get out of working in the boiling, sulfur covered surface of hell, then she would take it. What was the worst that could happen? She was already dead and in Hell. So she signed up her name and the next day before it was time for her to go to work she asked the guards about an interview with Morgana. They led her over to the more official side of the prison where many demons in uniforms and the managerial staff of the prison were. When she finally reached Morgana's office it seemed as if she was the only one there, and did her best to straighten herself up as the door opened.

She expected yet another stuffed shirt demon to be waiting on the other side. But instead she as shocked to see a demon dressed in a revealing leather outfit and flashing a crazed smile.
"Hey Human, wanna see a dead body!?" Cackled Morgana as she wrapped one hand around Lisa's shoulder and pulled her into her little room, making Lisa already wish that she had sucked it up and gone to work in the mines instead.

(Looking for something that might be abit humorous perhaps. I was thinking to play Lisa and follow her journey in Hell Prison.)
*Some Inspiration. Partially NSFW

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Born to great promise and expectations.

The family crest had always been odd to Katherine. A coffin, with a cross and wings on either side? Who thought something so morbid would be inspirational to anyone? It had been a symbol passed down the family line for generations, until it finally reached the promised member of the family, the one meant to fulfill the promise. It was a cruel twist of fate that she was the black sheep of the family.

Katherine had never been the smartest, the strongest, or even the prettiest member of her family. They were all blessed with gifts that made them the best at everything they did. Captains of industry, beauty queens, great thinkers and congressmen. Her family had always seemed to have a comfortable place at every table in the world. And then there she was. A B+ student in just about every field, who couldn't run without a trick knee causing her to fall, and with a chronic case of insomnia. Katherine didn't like working out, wasn't particularly gifted in anything, and yet everyone seemed to expect the most out of her.

No matter how much Katherine tried, she just couldn't impress her family, and every year that passed she only seemed to disappoint them further. Some of her extended family even called her a disgrace when they thought she couldn't hear...or maybe they did know she would hear...and they just didn't care. She did her best to keep a stiff upper lip, but some days she just wanted to run away, but she know that if she did they would just catch her, and it would make everything worse.

The only time they ever seemed proud of her was on her birthday during their family Tarot tradition. Everyone drew their cards and received different cards when they did so. But not her. Somehow Katherine always picked the same two cards, no matter what they were always the same. The Empress, and The World. She was never told what they meant, but it always seemed to make everyone proud of her, at least for a day. There was no day that Katherine loved more than her birthday, but when her 23rd birthday came, things were different.

Instead of getting a party or at least the usual celebration, she was blindfolded and told she had a surprise waiting for her. They led her out to the family garden, and then past that to the cemetery. It wasn't until she was halfway to the cemetery itself that she realized something was wrong, but by then her cousins had a good grip on her and forced her along to an open grave, and her own casket.

She kicked, she screamed, she bit, she did everything she could to prevent being tossed into her own grave. It did nothing to help, she was sealed inside of it and had her casket lowered down (facing the ground no less) and only barely managed to hear something from her family about punishment, and hoping she would be accepted.

Once her coffin touched the dirt floor, her family began burying her until she could hear nothing but her own screaming. She screamed until her throat gave out, and she beat and clawed at her coffin until her nails broke off from her fingers. When her energy was spent, she curled up and cried herself to sleep, sucking her thumb and hoping death would be quick.

She didn't know if she fell asleep, but at a certain point she began drifting in and out and lost track of time, until she heard the knocking. Someone was knocking at the front of her coffin. But how? She was six feet under and the front end of her coffin was facing towards becrock, not the sky!

The questions only grew in number as she felt her coffin suddenly moved to stand upright and heard more knocking, and a voice.

"If you can hear me, but cannot get out, don't worry, just remain still."

With that, the door was suddenly grabbed and pried open violently, snapping off the bolts and nails used to keep it sealed, revealing....well she wasn't sure what she saw before her. It looked like a person in a mask but...she didn't know how to describe it.

The creature looked at her for a moment before giving a curtsy to her and bowing her head low. Two more creatures, both resembling a mix of Gorillas and giant beetles, thumped their chests for her as the lead creature spoke.

"Its about time you arrived, mistress. We have much to do. Been two thousand years now since your family called me. Do you still understand me? You should, I speak only in your blood tongue." It said as it sucked on what looked like a pipe and looked through an empty book, before occasionally looking at her.

"Where is your crown? You're supposed to have a crown.. ugh your family are a bunch of idiots aren't they? Don't worry your grace, I will get you one. Come along, the others are waiting." It said, taking her bloody hand and clicking its tongue in disappointment at the state of her nails.

"Might have to throw in some new nails as well."

This idea came to me when I saw the images. It can go anywhere and lead to anything. A blank canvas to start from.