I am having trouble with the buttons/How do you post Youtube videos?

Started by Lady Shadow, January 09, 2017, 02:04:27 AM

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Lady Shadow

Hello I am a new member here and I seem to having trouble with the buttons. (Bold, Italic, Images, etc). They all seem to be depressed and when I click on them nothing happens. Is it my browser? Also I was wondering how people post YouTube videos. Is there some special way to do that?

Thanks in advance.
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I fear that your button issue might be due to your Edge browser.  Is it possible for you to try chrome (or another like firefox, or ... I don't know those are the only two that I've ever really used, but I'm sure there are more :P) to see if that might help your issue.

Just pasting the regular youtube link embeds the video so there is no extra formatting necessary :-)

<edit>  Generally when I'm having E problems my first go to is this post:

Quote from: VeksidIf you are having issues, you can try this script. This basically wipes every cookie it finds and resets your session data, logging you out of every application here. After you hit that page, restart your browser and whatever ails your experience here and here alone -should- be fixed.


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Hello Lady Shadow,

Unapproved members cannot post videos, and embedding images is only possible after you have been active and posting for a while (you may have reached that point already).

For the buttons,  i never use them and just manually type the code instead (even from my phone),  but mine do work,  so i do think it is your browser.

Lady Shadow

Thanks for the advice! It may be my browser actually like RampantDesires mentioned. But Lexandria, thank you for letting me know I can't post YouTubes yet, I was unsure if I could. I think I will use the codes for bolding, italics, and images and all that because it does seem easier, instead of downloading a WHOLE different browser just for Elliquiy, even though it is special to warrant it's own browser! *Cue sucking up music* Haha.

But thanks again.
Rhythm is something you either have or don't have, but when you have it, you have it all over.
Ambition is like a V8 engine.
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Be mindful that any posted videos do not contain children or chibis. ; ) The 'share' embed code YouTube has works better than the url link.

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