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April 23, 2021, 02:44:18 am

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Author Topic: Looking for creepy hospital RPs! F (mostly) LF for anyone  (Read 539 times)

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Looking for creepy hospital RPs! F (mostly) LF for anyone
« on: December 28, 2016, 02:10:29 pm »
Hello there, E!

I've long wanted to play in an RP involving strange or dark stuff happening at hospitals or asylums... and I'd really like to find a writing partner interested in stories lik this! Hence, the current ad :)

Here are two RP ideas I'd be interested in trying out.

1. A Hospital With Dark Secrets

Lately, I've seen the fantastically enigmatic trailer to the upcoming movie A Cure For Wellness:

And so, I got the idea that I'd like to play in a story of similar sort. Meaning, a story set in some mysterious and remote hospital / medical facility / spa, where weird things happen and there are secrets to uncover. In such a story, my character would be a new arrival to this place and would gradually be exposed to the creepy stuff going on. Then, he / she would have to uncover what's going on before falling victim to the hospital's sinister secret!

When it comes to the specifics, I have two ideas as to whom my character might be:

  • A new patient at the hospital. This patient could be male or female and could arrive to the hospital voluntarily (to get cured of some ailment), end up there by accident or even be sent there by force. In any case, this patient would get subjected to the increasingly weird treatments and other strangeness. And soon, he / she would realize that things are not what they seem at this place...
  • A newly-employed nurse. In this take on the story, my character would be a young woman who gets a job at this hospital, not knowing that the place has secrets. After her arrival, she would be gradually drawn into the strange activities taking place there, becoming a part of the hospital's sinister conspiracy against her will. In this story, my character would have to uncover what exactly is going on, as well to face moral questions, as her superiors would keep giving her stranger and stranger orders...

As for what exactly the hospital's secret might, I don't know yet! :) In fact, I'd prefer not to know too much, allowing my writing partner to take on a GM-style role and lead my character through the plot's twists. But I understand that not everyone would be interested in something like that - so, I'm also open to working out the plot beforehand with the interested writing partner and approaching the RP as a collaborative narration. In any case, I think the story could involve stuff like mad scientific experiments, cults, mind control and other similar things. The sky's the limit, I think :)

Anyone up for something like this?

2. Trapped In An Asylum

In this RP, I'd like to tell the story of a woman who ends up trapped in a scary insane asylum. I have two specific ideas as to who this woman might be:

  • A woman forced into the asylum by her family or some other oppressive people - a corrupt government, maybe?
  • A journalist intent on repeated the classic experiment of Nellie Bly and having herself admitted to an asylum to write a piece on it.

In any case, the asylum would turn out to really be an unpleasant, oppressive place. My character would have a hard time surviving there and / or getting out of there!

For this story, I'm looking for a writing partner interested in playing the person or people who ran the asylum, administer the various treatments etc. - people against whom my character has to struggle. The details (i.e. gender) about these characters can be discussed with my writing partner.

Anyone interested?

So, these are the ideas! If any of them pique your interest, just PM me and let's discuss them!