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Hello there, everyone! :)

At the moment, I'm once again interested in starting some new stories :) Because of that, here's a sampling of my story ideas for your consideration. If any of them (or some aspect of any of them, even) piques your interest, please - do not hesitate to PM me! :)

A few general points of note:

  • Some of my specific story ideas were developed based on the same general idea / interest / craving. Some are distinct ideas, but they share a common theme... Hence, I’ve decided to split my ideas into a few separate categories / sections. Currently, there are five of them: General Ideas (various stories without any common theme), Vanilla Romances (old-school tales of love), Marriage (stories about... marriage, duh), Mind Control (all kinds of stories involving people’s minds being controlled or changed), Dystopian Stories (for all those ideas involving dystopian societies) and Weirder Ideas (stories that are more experimental, unusual or just a bit more macabre than the rest).
  • More often than not, I've written up my story ideas with the assumption that I'd be playing the female and submissive role. It doesn't have to be the case, though! In many of these scenarios, I'd be also interested in playing the male (and more dominant) role. So, if you'd be interested in playing the female role in one of the stories, feel free to contact me, too. We can always discuss things.
  • I realize that many of the story ideas I’ve written up fall a bit on the vague side… This is intentional – I prefer to work out the necessary details in discussion with potential writing partners. So, please don’t be disheartened if these ideas sound a bit… dry – I fully intend to flesh them out, once someone voices the interest and I know more of their particular likes and dislikes!
  • It doesn't matter to me what is the real gender of my writing partner! I'm open to playing with Lords, Ladies and Lieges. Also, the gender of my writing partners does not have to match the gender of their characters.
  • Overall, I'm open to discussing and modifying my story ideas, as well as brainstorming something completely new. So, if none of my ideas appeals to you fully, but you still feel we might create a story together, then please - contact me. Let's talk :)
My Ons & Offs are here. Feel free to look at them!

And now, the stories...

~ General Ideas ~

In this section, I’d like to present those ideas that I don’t see as falling under any under specific theme. A collection of various concepts and story hooks I’ve accumulated over time…

From 1890s to 2010s

This is your basic time travel story idea! In this tale, I'd like to play a woman from the Victorian era who accidently gets transported to our times. It would be a classic "fish out of temporal water" story, with my character marveling at all kinds of social and technological changes that have happened since her times.

I'd like my writing partner to play modern characters she encounters, with the possibility of introducing a second main character: a modern person who acts as a sort of "guide" or caretaker to my character. All other details are up for discussion (including options for romance... ;-))


In this story, I'd like to play a young woman, one of a hippie-esque, anti-military mindset... who actually gets drafted into the military.

The circumstances of how it happens can be worked out in detail to my writing partner's preferences. Maybe, for example, the lead character ends up breaking some laws as part of some protest - and a judge with a sense of irony gives her a choice: going to jail or joining the military..? In any case, my character is forced to become a soldier for some time. I'd like to explore how would she deal with this situation? And how experiencing the military life in person would change her views on it?

For this story, I'd like to find a writing partner interested in playing some sort of character the lead encounters as part of her training or duties (a fellow recruit? A commanding officer?). Alternatively, we could go with my writing partner being a sort of GM / narrator for this story, describing the situations my character encounters.

Note: I'd prefer for this story to be set in the modern world, but I can also go with it being set in some sort of sci-fi future.

The Cultist

A story idea set in a fantasy world – either preexisting one, or one of my and my partner’s creation.

In this story, I’d play a young woman who gets abducted by a cult worshipping some sort of an evil god existing in this universe (think: Bane, Sauron, Khorne - or, maybe, some lesser dark god). Among other abductees, she gets thrown into a sacrificial chamber and is faced with the god's manifestation. Most of the abductees get outright killed by the god or go irreversibly insane. My character, though? She's strong enough mentally not to go completely crazy - but not strong enough to resist the god's willpower. The god looks into her soul... and, under his gaze, her soul almost dies. She emerges from the sacrificial chamber as a spiritually broken servant of the dark god.

This story could be a tale of this female cultist and, say, a hero / heroine who arrives to wipe the cult out. Would this heroic character be able to bring the cultist back to her senses? Or, we could make this into a story of what happens to the cultist once the cult she belongs to is defeated: her cult wiped out, my character wanders back into the world, trying to make sense of what to do next... Would she keep worshipping her god, or would she regain her sanity?
While I’d like to play the female cultist, my writing partner could play… any role they are interested in, really. As I mentioned, there could be some hero (male or female) who encounters my cultist – either when she’s still part of the cult, or when she’s on her own after the cult’s destruction. My writing partner could play this hero… or, they could play any other kind of fantasy person, really. If interested, my partner could even settle for a more GM-like role, just narrating the world for my cultist to explore. There are many possibilities here, really!

You're My Queen Now!

Inspired by this Wonder Woman cover, I'd like to play the role of a woman who finds herself forced to marry a king and, in effect, to become a queen.

The story's setting is something to be discussed - I'm flexible here. It could take place in some historical setting (19th century or early 20th century, perhaps?), in real modern world (with some fictional kingdom as backdrop, though), in a sci-fi setting where royalty and monarchies still exist (think Dune), or a fantasy setting. It could even take place in a comic book setting, with the king being a supervillain in the vein of Dr. Doom! There are two elements that are important to me, though:

  • this would be a forced matrimony, with my character marrying the king in spite of her own wishes,
  • by becoming a queen, my character would be pushed into an unfamiliar world of court protocol, cold elegance and the quintessential "golden cage" situation - being both revered and barely able to control her own fate.
When it comes to my character's identity: she could be a daughter of a minor noble... or maybe even a commoner that caught the eye of a capricious king. Important thing is that becoming a queen would be something she would never have expected and wanted... a situation of being trapped in a completely unfamiliar position.

For this story, I'm looking for someone to play the king. The king could be young or old, a normal human or a non-human (although I wouldn't want him to be a primitive orc or a troll...), a sympathetic character or a bastard... whoever my writing partner wishes him to be.

Extra story possibility: I see this story mostly as a psychological drama, but I'd also be interested in exploring a more fantastic variant of this story, where the king uses brainwashing and mind control to shape my character into a regal-but-obedient queen :-). I admit that I do like mind control as a theme – please look below for a section on my ideas involving it.

The Tempting Wealth

This story is, in a way, a variation on The Perfect Bride idea described in the Mind Control section below... only without any overt mind control. Instead, it'd feature realistic mind games, persuasion etc.

In this story, two completely different people would bump into each other: a rich man living an opulent lifestyle and a woman who is quite anti-establishment, despises people with too much money etc. A modern hippie, so to say... During their brief meeting, their different attitudes would clash... and it would end with the rich guy setting a challenge for himself: he would make the woman accept that his way of life is better... he would convince the woman to drop her hippie ways and become a wealthy socialite instead.

Cue: the man tempting her with gifts, yacht trips, money... showing her the rich way of life. He would set a mansion of her own for her, he would make her a high-ranking manager of his company.... all to influence this woman to start sharing his values. He might be doing this only for sport... or, maybe, because he secretly finds the woman attractive. Maybe he sees his future bride in her...

Will the woman remain faithful to her hippie values? Or will she succumb to the lure of money and power? Let's find out! :)

In this story, I'd be more interested in playing the woman. I might try playing the guy, but I'm not sure if I could portray a character like that believeably...

A note: the guy could be of any age! Also, this story could take place either in modern reality, or in some near-future (cyberpunk?) setting, where the Haves / Have-Nots divide is even more pronounced.

~ Vanilla Romances ~

Here are some ideas for stories I envision as vanilla, old-school tales of love between two individuals… as well as of complications and dilemmas that arise from it.

The Religious / Non-Religious Romance

I have this rather basic idea for a story... I'd like to try RPing a romance between a man who is, more or less, liberal - and a woman who belongs to some very conservative religious group.

I'm open to discussing the details of this story with my writing partner. I see the characters as being in early twenties to early thirties age range, depending on my partner's preferences. The way the characters exactly meet can be discussed, too. Finally, I'm open to playing either the male or the female role in this story.

Note: As I mentioned, I see the female character in this story as being the religious and conservative one... But if my writing partner was interested in reversing the roles and making the male character the religious one, we could discuss that, too.

The Incognito Princess

I'd want to try telling one of these stories where a royal goes incognito among ordinary people, faces ordinary life and, eventually, meets a commoner and romance ensues :-). This could be light-hearted, with the royal having led very sheltered life and being not really in touch reality... or something more serious, with her experiencing real plights and unpleasant situations. Just like with the You're My Queen Now! story, this story could take place in various settings: historical, sci-fi, fantasy... although I'd be especially partial to modern world.

In any case, I'd like to play a princess in this story. I'm looking for someone to play the other characters, including the love interest :)

The Nun

In this story, I'd like to play a young nun who is caught in a conflict between spirituality and emotions… who would have to choose between her duties as a nun, and her blossoming love for another individual. Meaning, she'd fall in love with someone - a man or a woman... despite herself, at least initially.

When it comes to the identity of the person she falls in love with, I see two options:

  • The nun could belong to a religious order that does some sort of social work – as charity workers or nurses. My character could meet her love during the course of her duties – this person could be a person in need of social help, a patient at a hospital etc. In this case, that person could male or female.
  • The nun could fall in love with another nun. This would be a lesbian story, then.
A possible additional wrinkle in the story: the nun (or her nun lover, if we went with the second option listed above), could be actually be in the convent only because of having been forced to. Maybe her family forced her to take the vows – and she’s genuinely unhappy as a nun?

This story could take place in different historical eras, from Middle Ages to modern times.

Prison Life, Prison Love

I’d be interested in writing a story about a female prison inmate. This story would deal with her life in prison, as well as with her falling in love with somebody. There are three possibilities as to who that person might be:

  • Another inmate – a cellmate, perhaps?
  • A correctional officer
  • A person my character meets during her work release – for example, someone who’s employed at the office my character is allowed to work at
This person could be a male or a female – unless she was a fellow inmate, which would obviously mean she’s a woman. Unsurprisingly, I’d be interested in finding a writing partner to play that character. :)

A New Home

A story set in a small, secluded country or town. This country or town is a place which ardently sticks to a very conservative way of living: its people all believe in traditional gender roles, dress in old-fashioned clothes etc. Basically, this is a place where people still believe in a quasi-Victorian, strict values.

For one reason or another, a young woman from the outside is forced to live in this place. Being an outsider, she doesn't share the place's values and finds it hard to adapt. Still, she *has* to adapt - as I mentioned, for some reason she is obligated to live there and there might be severe consequences for her, were she unable to conform and expelled. I see her as being taken in by one of the families from the country / town and working for them as a kind of servant, while also being trained in the place's way of life. This would result in some definite hardships for the woman - hardships she'd just have to endure. On the other hand, she would also meet a man: a local resident she'd fall in love with... It would result in a romance that might lead the character to decide to accept her fate and to become the true citizen of the country / town by marrying the man she loves. Of course, this might not be easy - as the man might be someone of very good standing... someone who might risk disgrace, if he married a lowly servant and an non-conformist outsider...

In this story, I'd like to play the role of the outsider female. I'd like my writing partner to play the male role.

~ Marriage ~

Over time, I’ve accumulated a few ideas focused on exploring married life and how people fit into the roles of husband and wife. For clarity’s sake, I’ve decided to put them into a separate category.

The Good Wife

In this story, I'd like to play a female character that would be (or end up as) someone you could describe as a "good wife". There are a few possible variations of this theme: my character could be a traditional, 1950s-esque housewife... or some rich businessman's trophy wife... or a Victorian lady. In any case, the woman would be very submissive and obedient (not only sexually).

As I mentioned, my character could either *be* this kind of woman... or would find herself in a situation that would force her to *become* this sort of person. For example, she might a woman who honestly believes that her role in life is to be a homemaker... or she might be a woman who slowly adapts into this role for some reason. She might be a true submissive who marries a rich, dominant man... or she might be an independent woman who, after getting married, finds out that she's expected to be nothing more than here husband's arm candy. She might be a prim and proper Victorian lady... or a modern woman who finds herself stuck in a Victorian society. There are many possibilities here. Anyway, the core idea is: one woman's life as a "good wife" and / or the story of her becoming one.

In this story, I'd be interested in playing the part of the woman. I’m looking for a writing partner to play the role of the husband.

The Good Wife’s Husband

Turning the previous idea on its head, I’d like to try RPing a situation where my character (a man) would be married to a woman just like the ones described in The Good Wife. Specifically, this woman would be a housewife. She would be quite old-fashioned, wearing conservative clothes and generally having conservative views on various issues. She'd also be very feminine and loving, extremely devoted and obedient to her husband. In this story, I would like to explore what's it like to be married to that kind of woman.

As I mentioned, in this story I’d be playing the husband, while my writing partner would play the wife.

The Trophy Wife

Still following on The Good Wife general idea, here’s a specific situation I’d love to RP…

Basically, I’d really like to play a young wife to an older business tycoon. I see their relationship as hopelessly lopsided: the man wouldn't be abusive, but he would be the type of husband who cannot help dominating his wife. An alpha-male business giant who is used to controlling everything around him... His wife would be, at least partially, a trophy to him - and he'd have a lot expectations toward her: that she should dress tastefully, that she runs the mansion's staff, that she plays a pleasant arm candy at parties... I'd like to explore this kind of relationship - and what my character would feel like in such a situation.

As mentioned, in this story I’d like to play the wife and I’m looking for a writing partner to play her husband.

~ Mind Control ~

These are ideas that feature the theme of the lead character being hypnotized, mind-controlled or brainwashed in some sort of manner. I must admit that I have a soft spot for this kind of stories :)

Although most of these ideas are written with the assumption that I'd be playing the mind-controlled part, I'd also be interested in trying to play the person behind the mind control. So, if you want to play the victim of mind control in one of these scenarios... just make me know! Also, if you don’t like these ideas, but have an idea for another mind control scenario, please make know, too – I’m all for discussing these kind of ideas!

Stepford Wife

I must admit that I really like the idea behind the various incarnations of Stepford! I'd be very interested in a story set in this fictional town - or some similar place. I suppose you know what kind of place I mean: a idyllic small town where all of the women have been transformed into happy, docile, old-fashioned housewives and mothers. For more information, check here.

Of course, Stepford was potrayed differently in different adaptations of the original novel. The first movie showed Stepford as a 1950s-styled town. In turn, the recent remake was more modern, making the Stepford women into sexy trophy wives. If we were to make a Stepford-inspired story, we could run with whatever version of Stepford you'd be interested in - we could even try finding our own spin on the basic idea. For instance, we could go with a Victorian theme for our version of Stepford - or we could make so that not only women, but also men are being brainwashed in the town. Ever wanted to play a Stepford husband? Now you can :)

In any case, in our Stepford story, I'd be interested in taking on the role of a woman - either a single, or a married one. Either way, my character would arrive to Stepford and would fall a victim to the same transformation as all the other women in the town before her. I'd like to roleplay her transformation into an obedient homemaker, as well as her further life as one.

I'm looking for a writing partner willing to take on the role of the woman's husband (assuming she's already married) and / or other people behind the transformation. I'd like the writing partner to be able to describe the details of the woman's transformation: what exactly the "Stepfordization" process is like, what my character experiences etc.

Alternatively, I could be convinced to switch our roles! My writing partner could play the newcomer woman, while I'd play the people behind the transformations, her husband etc. I'd be interested in such a story, too!

The Hive

Recently, I've remembered Star Trek's the Borg, as well as some similar sci-fi concepts of hive-like societies / entities. And I thought: it could be interesting to tell a story using them!

Basically, I'd like to RP a story of a young woman who encounters some sort of hive-like society. She is brought (most probably against her will) into the hive. Once there, she's stripped of her individuality and made into one another human drone controlled by the hivemind... :) In this story, I'd play the woman, while my writing partner would play the hivemind and its drones. It could also go the other way around - with my partner playing the woman and me playing the hivemind.

Gym Bimbo

This story idea is a bit of riff on "bimbofication" stories... Basically, I'd like to play a young and intelligent woman who signs up for a gym membership. When she starts working out, she catches the eye of the gym trainer (male or female). Using subtle hypnosis and similar tricks, the trainer makes my character work out more and more... with the goal of making her into his / her ideal lover: a muscle-bound, tanned bimbo thinking only on pleasuring the trainer and having a perfect physique.

As I mentioned, I'd like to play the gym client here, while my writing partner would play the trainer. Again, the trainer can be of any gender.

White Starched Perfection

There's... a hospital. A hospital of high quality of service, with clean rooms, good equipment and, most importantly, very professional staff: well-educated doctors and smiling, caring nurses.

But... the hospital has a secret. It functions perfectly... but that's because its support staff are literally unable to perform less than perfectly. The hospital's doctors have literally brainwashed all of the nurses into being hard-working, disciplined and meticulous.

One day, a new young nurse takes a job at this hospital. Of course, she's immediately targeted for being "perfected", too... How will her transformation go?

In this particular story, I could play either the nurse protagonist, or someone from the hospital staff who administers the brainwashing to the nurses: a doctor, a head nurse... I could also go with the classic GM role and play different members of the staff. The same goes for my writing partner: if I were to play the nurse protagonist, the partner could take on any other role(s) of interest.

Whatever the case, there's one small thing I'd love for such a story to include: traditional nursing uniforms. I wouldn't want the nurses in this story to wear scrubs - instead, I'd prefer them to dress like the nurses in the past. White dresses, caps... Or, we could turn the clock back even further and have the story's nurses dress like WWI Red Cross nurses... or Victorian nurses, even. Either way - I'd want the nurses to have some sort of uniform.

The Thrall

This story idea is short and sweet. I'd like to play a character (a woman or a man – yes, you read that right ;-)), who encounters a female vampire. The vampiress uses her hypnotic powers and superhuman seductiveness to make my character her devoted, hypnotized slave... That's the basic idea and story hook. Let's see where this plot takes us.

Unsurprisingly, I'm looking for someone to play the vampiress :)

Dating The Stepford Girl

I know, I know… Stepford again :) But this time, the name is somewhat metaphorical – the story itself doesn’t take place in Stepford.

My character in this story is a female college student. She’s nice, she’s studious, she’s always smiling – and she’s rather conservative: you won’t be finding her on crazy parties etc. Usually, she hangs out with a small group of similar students… eeringly similar students, to be exact.

What’s going on? Basically, my character and all those friends of her used to be normal students… until they went through a special “therapeutic process”. This process made them more balanced, more focused… for the price of making them into strict and bland “model students” much more to the liking of the college administration. As to why did they went through this process… maybe they were promised a better scholarship, if they do? Or, maybe, they committed some sort of offense that could get the removed from the college – and going through the process were the alternative they were given by the administration? In any case, these Stepford Students are out there… and my character is one of them.

Now… I’d be interested in writing a story of romance involving my character and some other student at the college. This student would be a completely normal student – he or she could even be a rebel, or someone like that. In any case, this person would meet my character, get to know her (maybe when cooperating on a writing assignment) and would fall in love with her. The story would explore their relationship  - which might be a bit unusual, considering that one of lovers is being mind-controlled.

For this story, I’d be interested in finding a partner to write for the character who falls in love with the Stepford Girl. As I mentioned, this character could be male or female.

The Stepford… Lesbian?

This story is a variant of the Dating The Stepford Girl story.

In this version, our characters would be a couple of lesbian college students. At the start of the story, they would already be lovers. Unfortunately, one of these two young women (which would be played by me) would be forced to undergo the “therapy” described in the previous story – again, maybe because she committed some offense and that was the choice the college administration gave her? In any case, she’d return from the therapy a changed person: much nicer, but also… much more conservative. And that would mean that she wouldn’t be sure if it’s all right for her to be lesbian anymore...

Basically, this would be a story of a couple threatened by the effects of the mind-controlling process. Will the process prove stronger that the characters’ love for each other? Or will the love thriumph over mind control?

For this story, I’m looking for a writing partner to play the second girl in this lesbian couple.

Change Of (Political) Heart

A young woman (mid- to late twenties) finds herself out of a job. A bit desperate, she eventually applies for an office job at an office of a local conservative politician. Personally, she's very liberal... but heck, it's just a short-time job, right?

Wrong. :) Because the politician has hypnotic powers and is going to make sure that his new office assistant embraces his political vision fully... Quite soon, the young employee will find her personal and political opinions molded and changed - until, eventually, she finds herself a vocal supporter of her employer.

In this particular story, I’d be equally interested in playing the role of the woman being mentally transformed or the role of the politician who transforms here. Also, while I described the politician as a man, I don't see why this character couldn't be a woman instead. If that fits my writing partners preferences...

Special story possibility: if that was my writing partner’s preference, we could add some aspect of romance into the story. In such a case, the story would involve the young woman becoming not only the faithful aide to the politician, but also his perfect conservative fiancée / wife! If you're interested in a story like this, take a peek at my The Perfect Bride idea, too.

Important disclaimer: this story is not meant as a slam against conservatives, liberals or any other political inclination. It's just a bit of fun :)

The Perfect Bride

This story is a bit like a like Stepford Wives... only without Stepford.

Basically, it'd tell the story of an rich, influential man who is looking for a wife. He would be interested in a woman that is young, beautiful, well-mannered and... obedient to him. One day, on some occassion, he meets (or just bumps) into a woman that he finds appealing for some reason. The problem? She is way too independent... and she's not really interested in marrying him. Heck, she might even despise him and his opulent way of life.

The solution? The man arranges for the woman to be mentally changed into his idea of a perfect fiancee. One day, she receives an invitation for a few free treatments at an exclusive beauty salon... not knowing that she'll also receive a healthy dose of brainwashing there. She starts going to the salon - and, gradually, begins to fall for the rich guy. Her personality changes, too. Soon, she'll become his perfect, polite, docile wife...

In this story, I'd be equally interested in playing the rich guy or the wife. So, I'd be interested in finding a writing partner willing to take either of these roles.

Note: this story could easily be combined with the previous idea, Change Of (Political) Heart. In such a case, the male character in this story wouldn't be a rich man, but a politician seeking for a perfect wife.

~ Dystopian Stories ~

I admit that I’m a huge fan of sci-fi dystopias… especially of the oppressive kind. Some of my ideas for dystopias that could serve as story settings are:

  • A world inspired by such works as We, 1984, THX 1138 and Equilibrium. A place where democracy is a thing of the past and the government controls everything. People are expected to conform and obey unconditionally. A sterile place with where everyone wears some sort of uniform...
  • A traditionalist world, similar to that from the A New Home story idea. A place where traditional values and lifestyles are once again the norm. A puritanical, patriarchal place.
  • Stepford as a world… an utopia where everyone lives in harmony and peace. The price? Everyone is brainwashed to conform to the same set of values and opinions. A good place to live… as long as you’re willing to give up your individuality.
There are  other possibilities, of course… If you have an idea for an interesting dystopia, I’ll be definitely willing to listen!

When it comes to the stories that could be set in one of these dystopias…

Future Shock

I’d love to write a story about a modern-day person who gets transported (by, say, a sci-fi accident… some space-time hiccup, probably?)  to some sort of future dystopia. Once there, this person would get to explore this new world – and, most probably, get a little shocked by the changes he / she would see.

In this story, I’d like to play either the person who gets transported through time, or a denizen of the dystopia that would meet the accidental time traveller and serve as a sort of “guide” to the new world. I’d prefer my character to be a female, but I could be convinced to play a male, if that fit the story better. I’d be looking for a writing partner that would play the time traveller (if I were to play the local) or the local (if I were to play the time traveller). The gender of my writing partner’s character is up for discussion!

The Shock Of… The Past?

This story is the Future Shock idea in reverse. Instead a modern-day person being transported to a future dystopia, it’d be a denizen of dystopia who gets transported to our era!

In this story, I’d like to play the person who gets transported into the past. This person could be of either gender, although I’d prefer to play a female. My writing partner would play a person from our era that would meet my character. This character could be of either gender – again, I’m open to my writing partner’s preferences.

Citizen In Therapy

In this story, I’d like to play a young woman who lives in some sort of dystopia… but doesn’t fit in there. Maybe she's too rebellious. Maybe she's too... sexually-liberated (if we go with a dystopia that represses the citizens' sexuality). In any case, the authorities notice her “deviant” behavior and imprison her. Then, she gets sentenced to a therapy – some sort of process that will turn her into a proper, well-adjusted citizen...

I'm looking for a writing partner that would help tell this story, as well as play a character: a person in charge of the therapy. This person could be male or female, depending on my writing partner's preferences. When it comes to the nature of the therapy, it's something we can discuss: the possibilities include emotional pressure, cooky psychotherapy, outright brainwashing...

Joining The Oppressors

In this story, the lead character would be a young woman who opposes the government of the dystopia she lives in. Eventually, she'd get arrested... but the government wouldn't just lock her up in prison. No, it'd be decided that the best way of dealing with this character would be to rehabilitate her by making her part of the dystopia's ruling system. And so, she'd get sent to be trained to serve the dystopia's government in some manner. Maybe she'd be forced to join the dystopia's police force? Or, maybe, she'd be assigned to work as some official's secretary?

In any case, she'd be forced to fulfill duties on behalf on the government she disagrees with. Also, she'd be subjected to quite a lot of discipline and re-education, to make sure that she truly embraces her new role. This re-education could be relatively realistic, involving psychological pressure... or we could go with something more fantastic, like some sort of mind control. Whatever my writing partner likes!

In this story, I'd be interested in either playing the lead character, or to serve as a narrator for this tale. In the latter case, it'd be my writing partner that'd play the lead female. In the former, my writing partner could either take the narrator role, or play some sort of recurring character that the lead female would encounter as part of her new situation. I'm open to my writing partner's ideas!

Again, any of these story ideas can be used in conjunction with any of the dystopia ideas I presented earlier.

~ Weirder Ideas ~

Occassionally, I come up with ideas that are a bit on the weird or macabre side… I’ve decided that these ideas need to be put in their own separate section. Please be warned that they might be not to everyone’s tastes – also, some of them could be seen as somewhat gruesome.

Mad Scientist’s Subject

There's a type of movie scene I've seen quite a lot of times in various sci-fi or horror films... A female heroine uncovers a plot of some mad scientist (or scientists). She gets captured. She finds herself strapped to a lab table and the scientist declares she's going to become his newest experimental subject. That is not a good thing, as - in the earlier part of the movie - we were shown the scientist's previous "subjects", who had become mindless slaves, zombies, cyborgs, mutants and the like. For a moment, we fear of what will happen to the heroine... but, then, she frees herself (or gets freed by someone else). Weird experimentation averted!

What I'd like to explore in a RP is: what would happen, were the heroine *not* saved? Basically, I'd like to play a female who finds herself captured by a mad scientist (either a lone one, or part of some group) and subjected herself to some sort of experiment, treatment or procedure devised by the scientist. Unsurprisingly, I'm looking for someone to play the mad scientist! :)

The scientist could be male or female, depending on my writing partner's preferences. I'm also open as to who the mad scientist exactly is, what his / her goals are, what kind of things he / she does to the subjects / victims,  etc. I'm open to input from my writing partner here!

The Treatment

This is a bit of experimental idea - and a bit gruesome one, admittedly. Basically, I'd like to play a young woman who - against her will - gets subjected to some sort of brain surgery. This could be a <a href=",_Last_Summer">Suddenly, Last Summer</a> type of situation, where the protagonist gets subjected to a lobotomy to stop her from revealing some sort of family secret. Or it could take place in some sort of dystopia, where brain surgery is considered by the authorities to be a cure for criminal (or simply undesirable) behaviour.

In this story, we'd roleplay the preparations for the surgery, the surgery itself - and then, we'd deal with how my character gets changed by the process. My writing partner could play all sorts of characters: family members, doctors, nurses etc.


Following on the "government operating on criminals' brains" idea from The Treatment... I'd like to play a female criminal who, as her punishment,  gets sentenced to become a mind-controlled soldier. The government's doctor would operate on her, modifying her brain and programming her into being mindlessly obedient. Then, we'd RP her new "life" - which might involve some other character (an officer assigned to lead the squad of these mind-controlled soldiers? A doctor taking care of them?) meeting her and falling in love with her. Would the character manage to shake off her programming somewhat? Or is she destined to be remain a mindless robot forever?

If you don't like the dystopian aspect, we might change the story to involve a mad scientist making people into his slaves instead. For instance, I liked the "nurse" character from <a href="">Frankenstein's Army</a>, who was hinted to be a real nurse that had been captured by the movie's bad guy and modified into a "medical drone". We could RP this kind of situation, too...

Special note for the fans of Warhammer 40K: this story could absolutely take place in that universe, with my character being a criminal / traitor / heretic who has been turned into a Servitor. My writing partner’s character could be a Mechanicus priest… or a soldier from Imperial Guard who fights alongside her… or a Chaos worshipper who steals her from the Imperium… In the grim darkness of far future, story possibilities are endless! :-)

The Transformation

This story idea was inspired by this collection of scenes from Big Trouble In Little China:

Basically, I’d like to RP a tale where an ordinary woman gets transformed into... something less ordinary and, possibly, less human. In the above clip, we have two normal women getting hypnotized, dressed in traditional (and quite regal) clothing, then even further changed into something a little scary (the blank eyes!)... I'd like to try doing something similar: a story where a normal woman encounters, let's say, a sorcerer / sorceress or other magical being and gets gradually transformed into a strange being herself (the mate for that other being, for example? Or a slave?).

The transformation could be both physical and mental (the women in the clip are mind-controlled, after all), or just one of these things. The nature of the transformation could be magical or scientific (maybe a mad scientist wants to create a bride for himself / herself?). The story could take place in any setting my writing partner would like: fantasy, modern day, future... whatever strikes my writing partner's fancy. My partner's character could be a man or a woman... again, I'm open here.

Some more fiction that includes the kind of transformation I'd be going for here:

  • Changeling: The Lost - especially when it comes to the Fairest characters
  • <a href="">The Cell</a> movie - specifically, that part of the story when Jennifer Lopez's character succumbs to the antagonist's psyche and gets transformed into his evil-looking concubine
  • that bad X-Men story from a few years ago where Polaris got transformed into one of Apocalypse's Horsemen. I loved that one scene when Apocalypse asks the mutated Lorna "What do you feel when I say the name 'Polaris'?" and she replies calmly "Nothing, master... nothing at all"

Becoming The BDSM Queen

This idea could be seen as a specific variation of The Transformation plot. Here, I'd like to play a woman who gets transformed from an ordinary person into a kind of magical BDSM queen.

The way I see it, she could get up abducted by some sort of supernatural being and taken to another dimension which is... well, somewhat BDSMy in its nature. There, the woman would be made into a queen / consort of this dimension's ruler. She'd be put in leather clothes, a strict corset, a posture collar, boots with high heels etc. Mental changes could follow, too. In the end, she'd end up a disciplined wife for, let's say, High Priest(ess) of Cosmic Order, or something like that. Alternatively, she could get transformed not into a queen, but into some sort of guard / enforcer. She'd get to look the same, but her personality changes would be a bit different... The queen I see as stiff and submissive, while the guard would be more of a dominatrix - at least to the slaves she disciplines.

Also, if my writing partner dislikes the fantastic aspect of that story, we could make into a realistic tale with BDSM theme. My character would be a ordinary woman who meets a BDSM dom - and the dom would draw her into the world of BDSM and have her explore her hidden side. And so, she'd discover that she likes becoming someone's slave for a time... or a scary dominatrix.

In any case, the sex of my writing partner's character could be either male, or female. I see this story working in either case. No restrictions here!

A final note: in this story, I'd like to play the woman being transformed. But I could also try playing the other part, with my writing partner playing the transformed woman. It would be interesting for me to experience this story from the other point of view, too.

That'd be all... Again - if any of these ideas strikes your fancy, please send me a PM. Also, feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss any other story idea. I'd be pleased to talk to you! :)


I would love to try your Stepford community idea. I even have a character in mind, she's in her mid twenties and grew up as a parent to younger siblings. So she does a lot of things herself that most (that I remember anyways) Stepford wives wouldn't do. That and she wouldn't be wearing a dress almost 24/7 either.


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