Looking for a character driven D/S to M/S story.

Started by Blinkin, November 19, 2016, 05:03:39 AM

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Hello Everyone.

Ok, Let me start off with I'm looking for a D/S storyline that evolves into a M/S story. I will be playing the female submissive. This is mainly because I have no experience playing a Dom.

Rather than beat around the bush and try to come up with a big post of character background or interactions of what I'm looking for, I'll just put it out there as best as I can and hope that someone is interested enough to work with me to come up with a story concept that has the elements that I want, but contains more than what I've seen to date regarding Dom/Sub or Master/Slave storylines.

What I'm looking for is a story that begins with a D/S type of relationship that evolves into a M/S relationship. I really want to explore the beginning of the relationship, the characters and what brings them to this point. A story about the characters and the lives that they lead; the relationship as they progress from experimenting in the D/S scene and move deeper into a M/S story about them. There will be lots of opportunity for erotic and simple smut scenes, but they will not be the focus of the story.

What I want to avoid is the more pain or abusive elements of Dom/Sub that I've seen in every attempt that I've made. I dislike the use of pain simply for the use of pain and I don't see the need for it as a primary element in any story. I don't care for whip's as a foreplay tool or caning because the sub didn't ask for permission, through a gag, to orgasm before she orgasmed. The use of knives on flesh just because "I own you, bitch." sorts of things. This is not to say that discipline and some pain isn't desired. Erotic or sexual pain is fine. Humiliation and degredation are great, bondage and kink are awesome. Just not abuse for the sake of abuse. I don't want to see a rush to the dungeon, playroom, red-room-of-pain, etc for a steamy sex scene before anything else happens.

I welcome, even relish the erotic or smutty side of such relationships; teasing out the submission of the slave and making her want to serve. I encourage the kinky and even perverted if that's what is desired.  I jump at the options for humiliation and bondage, discipline and reward, Domination and submission... just not the physical abuse just to have physical abuse that has found it's way into nearly every attempt that I've tried in the subject. I I'm very open to a wide range of kinks and fetishes and I'm pretty easy going on most things. I adore many of the elements of the lifestyle but don't feel like it's actually getting the real meat of it's potential in any of the attempts that I've made because of the rush to sex or pain. I'm open to some pain in the story, but it has to make sense and be within reason for the need.I can't believe that every D/S relationship just has a saddist and a masecist involved.

I am desperately seeking a partner who will work with me to establish a long term story, to
find the limits of the characters and why/how they become what they are. I welcome Lords, Ladies and Lieges and I don't care what sex you play in the story; a Mistress may be just as enjoyable as a Master and I'm even willing to consider a futa/herm for the role.

So, anyone out there interested? Drop me a PM and we can begin brain storming.
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