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Started by Sergeant, October 31, 2016, 10:24:03 AM

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An idea that is still much in development, not completely outlined. Would be nice to discuss the details further if you're interested...

YC is a high rolling lawyer. It's up to you if he plays by the rules, or doesn't mind completely breaking them to win his cases. But, every succesful lawyer needs 'a guy' or informant for when they get stuck. Que MC. MC is mysterious, nonchalant, seemingly living from paycheck to paycheck and willing to do anything for money. Iow; completely the opposite of YC who I imagine can seem rather stuck up, fierce, etc...

They usually communicate through texts to meet up and discuss cases/findings/exhange info and money. Either they enjoy it and let the little dates drag on longer than necessary, or they both hate it and try get through it as fast as possible.

Whatever the case, after a few years into their arrangement, YC gets some bad news that rocks his world. He still is mentally stable, but also looking for something to take his mind off of what happened.

He could either ask MC to look into a case which is actually concerning the bad news he just received and can't keep himself from following MC as he tries to get information. YC might drink a little too much cause of stress and almost blows the case if MC hadn't notice what was happening in time. MC takes YC home and we can go from there.

Or, YC gets the bad news and decides to follow MC just for the hell of having some fun, eventually getting sucked into MC's world and getting both of them in trouble.

I always love total opposite characters. I usually play dom, but would consider switch depending on YC's personality.
Hit me up if interested.