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Started by Ursarion, October 08, 2016, 08:53:00 PM

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Hello! I'm terribly sorry if this has already been answered. (I did look at the rules and posting expectations and such, but I didn't find the answer..)

I had a question about partner search threads. How many are we allowed to make? I have one currently, but I have ideas that are unrelated to the original partner search I posted. Do I make a new thread or do I add onto my thread I currently have?


You're allowed to have as many request threads as you'd like. :-)
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Oooooo!  The mind boggles at the possibilities!   8-)

If I've been online here on E but I haven't replied to your post or message, there are several possible reasons - none of which involve ignoring you.  Be patient - I'm worth it.
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Either way is within the rules.  However, it is considered bad form by some members to have a ton of threads one right after another because it pushes everyone else's new posts off of the front page.  Just something to keep in mind.