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Author Topic: All kinds of smut and awkward ideas. Sub woman for all types of dominant people  (Read 3986 times)

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Offline PassionateDesireTopic starter

Okay everyone. PassionateDesire is sharing, please don't laugh!

My name is PassionateDesire and I'm bad at making posts. I'm glad I got that out of the way. Feels much better.

This is my ideas page. It has ideas and stuff. Keep in mind this will always be a work in progress. Feel free to take a look from time to time and see if there are new ideas and plots that you might like.

First of all, you can see my O/O here
Please don't post in my idea page. You're very welcome to sent me a PM, however.

How I roll

1: If you're feeling inspired and like the idea, it's good enough for me. Too many people focus on skills. I think that skills come from motivation. Most of you here on E are already skilled writers. So even though I truly love people who are good with words and know how to spell I do feel that people should relax a bit from time to time. Attitude counts for a lot with me.

2: I stand by my 65/35 plot/smut ratio. This is a little more smut than some people and a little less for others. I'm nothing but flexible but these are my aims for any story I post.

3: Only write when you're motivated. So don't be sorry that you took a little time to write back. I want this to be fun for you. What is the point if this is not fun? But if you're in a situation where you constantly feel uninspired by our story, perhaps it's time to ask yourself if this is really what you want.

4: I'm a very active PM'er when the idea-ball starts rolling. I like to pin-pon ideas around and I also like to keep the conversation going as we play. So I'm not the sort who just starts out something and sees how it goes. I like to plan things out.

5: I try to be friendly and accommodating and I really, really dislike confrontation. I'm terrible at it and tend to hide from it at every chance I get. So please don't be an asshole. I can handle nearly everything as long as you say it in a nice way.
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The first lady

Soundtrack to the idea while you read
Excerpts from: The history of San Jargo. By Rebecca Mortheim; Danish historian and cultural travels person. Published 2015.
The History of San Jargo is a fascinating one. It was settled in the early colonial ear by British sailors. This is in itself an oddity since the island is situated right in the middle of the Caribean sea. An area mostly populated by Spanish colonialists. The main reason why the Spanish accepted the island to stay in British hands, this early in the colonial area was mainly due to the island was very poor. San Jargo had no minerals and was badly positioned as a harbor. Because of this context, the Island was given its independence very early in history and has been overlooked by all great powers.

The culture of San Jargo is a mix and match of cultural differences and inspiration. The Spanish, Caribean inspiration is clearly there. The island main religion is catholic yet because of the British background religion is not as big of an aspect in the San Jargoean lifestyle. There is a great sense of relaxation in San Jargo. Several poets and musicians have over the time been inspired by the calmness here. But don't let the calmness of the ocean and the beautiful nature of San Jargo fool you. The San Jargoeans are a temperamental people. The food is also very spicy and can sometimes overwhelm newcomers. Fish is always on the menu as a three-course meal. The island has a great history of producing and exporting its own spicy rum and its cigars that are known for its big sizes. Both of which are of the highest quality. The language spoken is of a Caribbean type of English yet very different from jamaica. The San Jargoeans speak fast and pronounce their words with a sort of temperament and roll the r's.

As with the Colonial Era the island of San Jargo was very much overlooked in the Cold War ear. The island took care of its own business. But it was inspired by its neighboring islands around it. In 1961 the island had its own quiet revolution. The revolution was called the "pink revolution". This is because of that the revolution took its starting point at a riot from a female nurse school. Here things quickly escalated. The term "Pink revolution" is also a label that explains the future politics of the island that was inspired by the Marxist ideas at the time yet took a more social liberal version. The parliament that was controlled by the gambling industry on the island and the big farmers was overthrown. In its place, the people elected the leadership to the Degallo family. Marco Degalla was the first in line to lead the island out of its troubled situation.

Marco Degallo did a masterful job. Not only did he manage to make the whole of the island work together and make new reforms to rebuild the infrastructure, education system and hospitals. Marco also managed to please the big American neighbor up north. The troubles that Cuba experienced after their socialist revolution were never enforced towards San Jargo. Sadly Marco Degallo only managed to lead the country out of the 70's before he died of old age. His son Emillio Degalla took over the leadership of the island.

The Emillo Degalla leadership started as what was called "the dual handed era". A time where Emillo enforced crime punishment with hard efficiency. Enemies of the regime were quickly eliminated and it was clear that Emillo took a hard pose to keep his position as the San Jargo leader. Alliances of the dictatorship were however put in high positions. He put together new trade alliances with both America and England. This made trade and commerce boom on the island. The success of the rebuild education system, that Marco Delgado had started, also paid off and productivity raised. The sales of cigars, rum and other quality wares flowed out of the ports through big container ships. Unlike other dictatorships in the area, San Jago has never experienced problems with refugees who want to travel to America. The borders of San Jargo are open so everyone can leave if they want.

Later in the Emillo administration, the leadership took a more relaxed position towards "non-national ideas". The island has managed to attract lots of tourists and the multi-cultured inspiration that this gives the island a new modern more liberal attitude towards life.

Today San Jargo is a haven for tourists. The island has managed to keep its charming culture while tourists have flocked to its stunningly beautiful beaches. The island opened its own international airport ten years ago and commerce is still a big part of the San Jargoean economy. While cigars and rum are still an important factor here there is also a big IT-factory and the island is known for the production of its wooden luxury boats. San Jargo is one of the newest members of the UN and takes its international role serious.

The Degalla sits on the leadership of the island heavier than ever and is held in high esteem of most of the people. The San Jargoeans are proud of their leadership and take offense of words like "Dictatorship" and "nepotism".Two years ago when Emillo Delgado lost his wife after a long period of illness the island mourned for a month. The Degalla's have lead the island out of a difficult situation towards a strong economy. The private income in San Jargo is strong yet still under the normal American income. Although, the social help in San Jargo is strong with free hospitals, education, and other citizen rights are written into the constitution. Travelers need to take into account that San Jargo is not a democracy so even if it seems that the island has relaxed, liberal attitude police and other social institutions need to be taken seriously.

One million people live in San Jargo today. The capital of San Jargo is called Port Jargo. Here the island has collected most of its biggest civil services. It is also here that the Delgado family reside. Outside of the capital, the city has its army base and the ship famous wooden luxury ship production facility. There are four smaller mentionable cities on the island. Orange Hill, Port Degalla, Lucre (situated on it's own island) and Precipice.


Emma Bates

Name: Emma Bates
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Nationality: American, Lives in Miami.
Job: teacher.
Traits: Very intelligent, hard working, very adventurous. Empathic.
Background: Born in low-class upbringing yet has succeeded with a safe middle-class life. Has started traveling now that she has security in her bank accounts. A bit of a hoarder since she has been poor in her youth. Is impressed by wealth and generosity. You can custom Emma like you want. These are just my thoughts.

Hariett Degalla

Name: Hariett Degalla
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Nationality: San Jargo, lives in London
Job: Heiress to the republic of San Jargo. Has a university masters degree in economy.
Traits: Highly intelligent, sharp-mouthed, fast mover, very temperamental, protective of her thoughts and private life, diplomatic, iron-willed, structured with her work methods and well prepared yet let things seem easy so she seems spontaneous.
Background: Hariett was born and shaped to become the next leader of San Jargo. A task she has taken very seriously her entire life. She has lived in London most of her life, away from the San Jargoean people. However, she is San Jargoean all the way, though. She loves the spicy fish dishes, smokes huge cigars, drinks rum and has a strong temper. Hariett is a modern woman and also a lesbian. Something she has now gone public with. Her father let the news spread in the newspapers and people seemed to take it pretty well. There was the talk about how Hariett should have an heir one day. But she has decided to adopt.

Please notice that this is just me thinking aloud and a rough idea. Things can go in all kind of directions as long as the plot works in general.

The story starts when Emma is out in Port Jargo to enjoy the nightlife. She has had a glass of rum and plans to try out a cigar, so she can make a sexy "look at me on vacation" post on her facebook page. Hariett is also back in Port Jargo. Because of the fact that she has stayed out of the country for so long, nobody recognizes her and the two bodyguards she has with are on stern orders to relax a little.

The story is about the two women having a fun night that should end with sexy time. Lots of flirting, fun adventures and instant love. Hariett quickly falls for Emma. And so it begins. Hariett doesn't waste time. When Emma comes back to her room from the hotel Hariett stays in, there has been a break-in at her hotel room. Her passport has been stolen and some money is gone. The hotel management seems incredibly sad about the news when she get's there. Emma had heard news about the hospitality of the island, but this is incredible. She is given a luxury apartment out by the beach as compensation and she is then quickly showered with gifts and compensation money. Emma has no idea what's going on but this is incredible. Later that day Hariett bumps into her again, surely by accident. Hariett is extremely confident and also alluring. So how can Emma say no to another date? Hariett seems to know everything about the island after all. Hariett even promises to help her with the passport.

The next day the Hariett and Emma goes out again and Hariett really plays her cards now. They could go out swimming or something similar. But then it happens Hariett is recognized by a random civilian and the two bodyguards who suddenly jumps out of nowhere has to step in between her and the mass of people who wants to greet and hug her.

The next day disaster strikes. It's all over the news in San Jargo. The old dictator is death - long live the new dictator. The death of Emillo Delgado is a shock to everyone, not least his daughter. He was perfectly fine the one day and the next - died of a heart attack.

The last week of Emma's vacation is a bit strange because of the grieving population in San Jargo. Everyone are wearing shawls and people are crying in public or screaming of grief. But when Emma is the airport to go back to Miami, Hariett is there to talk with her. She is wearing a shawl like some of the other women so she manages to go unnoticed. Hariett wants to ask Emma to stay. She needs Emma to help her become full again. How can Emma resist an offer like that?


The story is about the love life of Dictator Hariett and the dictator's wife Emma. It's a story full of politics, traveling to international meetings and power struggles and world diplomacy. As the dictator's wife, Emma could have her own political agendas like the president wife sometimes has in the USA. It's also a story about the two women becoming a couple in a troublesome time for Hariett. Perhaps they will adopt a child. Hariett might want the child to be brought up to be sculptured into the next president like she was, away from the island. But Emma might be the more motherly type. There might also be action scenes and political negotiations where Emma helps and saves the situation. She might also find it hard that Hariett is such a hardliner as the dictator and tries to fit in and slowly make the situation less tough.

It's pretty open and it should have a lot of fun scenes for all.
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Living with the Futanari people

London 1932, April.
BBC interview with Jenna "Lotus" McAteer and reporter James Robinson.
Jenna McAteer

So Miss McAteer. You returned last November from your last expedition to the Indian mountain region. An adventure that made you a national hero. But now you have decided to undertake yet another trip. This time to the Amazonian rainforest?
Yes, Mr Robinson. My crew and I will travel towards Brazil not long from now. Here we will find the lost tribes of the Futanari Amazonian tribes. All three of them to be precise.
But surely such a trip is doomed from the beginning? Just last year the famous American explorer Mr Wattersson and his crew were lost in this precise task. What makes you think that you will succeed where Mr Wattersson met his demise?
Well, Mr Robinson. To be brutally honest I'm of the opinion that Mr Wattersson was a fool. If he's still out there I intend to find him and bring him back. But alas, I fear that Mr Wattersson didn't do his research before his expedition. You see, the Futanari tribe have never met a single man in their lives. There's no saying how they would react towards Mr Wattersson's crew. My plan is to make the last part of my expedition alone. According to my studies, The Futanari Amazones price their women very highly and view them as status symbols. I'm of the opinion that I will succeed where Mr Wattersson failed because of my gender.
What is your response to the people who agree with Mr Watersson that the Futanari Amazones are among the most primitive people in the world?
Nothing could further from the case. According to my research, the tribes are highly organized and we have a lot to learn about their knowledge, There are also reports about Futanari shamans who can do things we have no understanding off. There's also talk about a grand library in one of the high temples. They have their own goddess and they presumed to have vast amounts of gold and gems. I think that some people misunderstand simple with primitive.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

This is the story about the explorations of Jenna Mackenna. I'm looking for someone who would like to play the roles of The Futanari people. Three tribes deep in the Amazonian forest that is entirely made up of the warrior caste of futanari and their high priced women, who they keep safe from the other tribes. It goes without saying that this story could easily become rather smutty. I would, however, like to find someone who is willing to go into details with the tribes and make interesting fun characters, fun plots and a detailed described setting. So in short, I hope to find someone who's willing to go into details with the groundwork that needs to be done before the story to stat. It's important that you bring your own ideas and have something to offer.

About the Futanari.
There seem to be two different type of futanari out there. The futanari that I like to play with is the shemale sort, and therefore not the hermaphrodite type with both a pussy and a cock. This also explains why the Amazonian Futanari value their women so much. I picture the women as being very tall, muscular and athletic.

I would like to aim for something that's not all dark and gloomy. It could be in the extreme section as long as things are not down right evil and dark.

Inspiration pics NSFW:
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Black out

Inspirational pictures:

Blindfolded pictures NSFW:





Paige Bonne had been having a bad day. She turned up late for her job after the train didn't arrive on time. It had been one of those cold, snowy days and it had put a stop to the whole public transportation. Her boss had been angry and Paige had been frustrated. She wasn't paid enough to care about her job. That was how she saw it. But Paige was still a dedicated worker who liked to do a good job and be productive. So the deal about not really caring didn't really go that well. She ended up working until late to please her boss and it was not before she had returned home to her apartment that she discovered that her day had become even worse. Paige discovered that she had forgotten her laptop in the train to work. This tipped Paige over the edge. The computer was brand new and it had been really expensive. She started crying and she had to calm herself with lots of chocolate, a long shower and she went to bed early. When she was fast asleep her phone rang.

To Paige's surprise, the call was from a woman who had found her computer. The woman sounded old and she was very well spoken and charming. There was an elegance to her voice and she seemed well educated or at least intelligent. The woman was at first sweet and charming but then there were the small hints that she had opened up Paige's computer to know who it belonged to. The computer was rather new and Paige had not gone to any length to password protect it. From the documents, the woman had learned that the laptop belonged to Paige. This was only natural and fine with Paige but there were other hints - small remarks. The woman had apparently been looking at Paige's browser history and this made Paige nervous.

Paige had been single for a long period. She was lesbian and it had been hard for her to find a girlfriend because of her sexuality. She was rather shy about it and she was also cursed with an introvert personality. She was shy and blushed easily. So Paige had kept her sexuality to being a matter between herself, her computer and her vibrator. It had been a good system and she liked it that way. But now that the woman was hinting that she had seen 'things' this made Paige curse herself. The woman was very charming and even though Paige had her guards up already the woman seemed to talk her way out of things. It was almost as if she toyed with Paige and Paige didn't wanted to sound disrespectful now that the woman had found her laptop. The conversation kept on and Paige was in a groggy tired state so it took her some time to discover that the woman was actually flirting with her. Paige was at first nervous and guarded but the woman was so well spoken and charming that it was hard to say no and Paige was terrible at confrontations.

The story starts with a series of conversations between Paige and the much older woman. The general idea of the plot is that Paige never sees the woman. In the beginning, Paige and the woman keep their conversations to having phone sex but later the woman might boss around with Paige. So it starts out as a long distance sub/domme relationship. When they finally meet Paige will always be blindfolded or wear a mask so she cannot see. Paige will never know how the woman looks or who she is. The domme woman might give out small hints as a more steady relationship starts to evolve but it will always be a relationship where the domme woman will know everything about Paige and Paige will know nothing about her Mistress.

I would like to play the role as Paige and thus, I'm looking for someone to play the role as the charming, elderly and very intelligent, dominant woman.
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The Grand Tour

The plot
It was 1921 and it had been quite a while ago since it had been of fashion although it was still a thing that the wealthy family did from time to time. Sending their young scion on the trip around the European cities on a grand tour. Here the young man would learn to take care of himself before he took on the life as a full adult with responsibilities. It was, however, a rare thing for a woman to undertake such an adventure. This was none the less what had happened to Ingrid Hollister, daughter of Harry Hollister, one of the co-founders of the Hollister and Day investment firm. It had started with Ingrid's aunt mentioning it at a family dinner party. "Why don't you come with me to Europe and we can travel through the continent by train". After the idea was mentioned Ingrid begged her father for over two months and he finally gave in. She was going to be away for around three months. First London, then Paris, Milan and finally Venice. Ingrid was going to do the tour together with her Aunt Amelia. Aunt Amelia was the family's black sheep and had been divorced twice. So it was not without a stern word from her mother that she was sent away.

The story is about Ingrid traveling Europe with her decedent, free-spirited aunt. The family might see Aunt Amelia as the black sheep with a scandalous past but they still don't know a single percent of the things that she has done. Aunt Amelia sees a younger version of herself in Ingrid and wants to make the overly polite and well behaved into a free thinking, independent individual. She plans to let Ingrid meet her friends in Europe and introduce her to people who can gently lead the way for her.

Looking for
I would like to find someone who would like to play the role as both Aunt Amelia as well as the people that Ingrid will get to know on her travels through Europe. Ingrid will have to spend three weeks in each city and Ingrid will live with people at each city. Here are some ideas:
- A lesbian, older woman who introduces the inexperienced Ingrid to female loving and other advanced kinds of kinks.
- A dominant couple who wants to have Ingrid as their submissive sex toy and house girl for lots of fun, playful sex.
- A macho, butch artist who paints Ingrid and introduces her to new passions.
- An owner of a night club with a very shady reputation for experimental and decadent delights that makes Ingrid work for her, possibly as a prostitute.
Feel free to share your ideas for fun characters that Ingrid might meet. It's a must that you like to play people of all genders and with different sexuality and kinks.

Ingrid Hollister

Aunt Amelia

(Face borrow: Cate Blanchett)
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A pilgrimage is a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about the self, others, nature, or a higher good, through the experience. It can lead to a personal transformation, after which the pilgrim returns to their daily life. Often the pilgrimage-journey is very long and there are often dangers or risks involved with the travel. The length of the journey also ensures that the pilgrim is exposed to fatigue and exhaustion. This ensures that the thoughts of one's everyday life are kept at bay so it's possible to tackle the bigger questions at hand. Sometimes a pilgrimage is done as a sign of one's devotion to a god but it might also be done as an atonement to send one back on the right tracks according to the religious scriptures. Pilgrimages frequently involve a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person's beliefs and faith.

Valery Carabello was born in a wealthy merchant house. At a very young age, she was handed over to the church to live the life as a nun. Many would have seen this as a harsh deal but Valery took the life in the order of "The Sisters of the Virgin" as a duck took to water. The sisterhood that Valery belonged to was in many ways rather liberal in its way of life and this ensured that Valery wasn't looked down upon because of her high intelligence and her open-minded attitude towards the inspiration she received from her Lord. Valery spend most of her days in the big library where she enlightened herself and at the age of 16 she was one of the leading experts on medicine and healing herbs in the region. At age 23 Valery was a living encyclopedia and many people owed their health and life to her knowledge of natural science. Valery was also trained in the arts of diplomacy and rhetoric and philosophy. Her sharp mind attracted many scholars that sought inspiration and knowledge. However, Valery also started to attract unwanted attention from her monastery order where orders with a stricter attitude towards scholarly enlightenment didn't like the new-thinking and aspiring young woman.
One day Valery received a letter signed by the leaders of her order. The letter explained the value of humility and respect for the traditions of the establishment she was a part of and finally, as the letter reached its end, Valery was bestowed to complete a pilgrimage to show her a lecture of humility.

This is the story of the young geeky nun named Valery who has to undertake the long walk to the holy city. She would have to avoid many dangers and meet many new people. The story could either take place in the real world in the middle age era or it could also work really well as part of a fantasy setting.
No matter what, I'm looking for someone to play as everybody else that Valery might meet on her travels. There might be highway robbers, stern nuns at the temples that she stays at or seductive people in the cities she meets. Valery is a freethinking woman and she's interested in the world around her. Perhaps she will be even more inspired and a changed woman once she enters the gates to the holy city. The story is very much open to your interpretation. Feel free to share in the kinks and desires that you like. I would, however, like to keep it to a rather light mood.
It would be a big plus if the person I played against in this story would be able to play all genders.
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Virtual awkwardness

In a setting in the not so distant future or in an alternative timeline present time, virtual reality sex is the new type of sexual fun. You strap on a suit and some glasses and live out the kinks and desires you've always wanted to do. There are no limits and you can be anyone you dream off. Sure, the technology is still new so it's still a bit clunky and the sudden loss of a wifi connection can leave one with a hollow feeling but it also gives someone the possibilities to do something they've always wanted.

Because of the new technology things are still in the pioneering stages and soon a few selected group of companies take over the market to provide you the best entertainment you can only dream of. You can meet in a chatroom and together you can invent your fantasy. Do you want to live out the life as an escort maid on a martian colony - go ahead! If you want to have the body of a porn actress - it can happen! People can design their own sexual kinks and experiment from their own safe bedroom.

However, because of the pioneering stage that the newfound market is in this has also left the safety of the sites that operate this as something that has room for improvement. Not soon after the release of a new update from one of the biggest Virtual Reality companies the site is hacked and soon after the whole list of clients and their real names and the alias they use online is uploaded to a page. Soon after the online companies are hit yet again and this time they're taken down so now no one can use them until the safety has been established. After this, it's possible to see that your next-door neighbor secretly for the last six months has been having virtual reality sex as a transvestite furry girl. The news is having a field day with a whole row of embarrassing sexual stories where famous people are exposed for their online escapaded. But for the non-famous people, this can also lead to embarrassing moments. What if you learn that your online lover is really your 60-year-old aunt? The next family reunion might be pretty awkward. What if you discover how much you've craved the sex and all you can think about is how you can become the person you were online and do the things you did there? You might have to do your experimentation in the real world and you might start to experience how much better things feel in the real world.

The story would be about my character who discovers the awkward reality about the fact that she's been having virtual reality sex with someone she knows. But now that the sites are down she feels hollow and really craves the sexual encounters.

As for kinks, desires and smutty moments, this idea has been left pretty bare. This is because you're welcome to suggest what you have in mind. The character I play as well as yours is rather open.
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For future plot idea
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My one shot stories

A change of view

Content/Keywords: Human, AI-computer world, re-education, Extreme.

Scenario: I read that there's a computer game out there called Rust. I have never played the game and the game is not really the point. The game, however, has a fun mechanic that chooses your gender and racial features. That means that there are white people who played the games that have experienced racial slurs for the first time or men who have experienced sexism. It's an interesting, yet not very politically correct, way of making people stop and think about their everyday life. This got me thinking about the TV-series Westworld. I haven't seen the series but only heard of it.

The general idea of the story a setting in the not so distant future. As a part of the criminal institutions and punishment systems the role of an AI-powered computer world. The system was built as a part of the re-education of rapists or people who have been found guilty of strong sexual discriminations or similar charges. The person who was to undertake the punishment had to go to one of the domes where their body would be put in stasis and their minds would be uploaded to a computer world that was a perfect simulation of the real world - yet with only a couple of changes. The world would be turned upside down for the sentenced criminal since the person would take the role of a typical person who he had just treated wrongly. Here the gender roles and sexual discourses are upside down for the criminal since he would become the opposite role. He would be trapped in the world where he was the woman in a world where he would experience one degrading treatment after the other. Some of the AI-bots in this world would be controlled by humans. This would be people who have been victims of many of the wrongdoings that the man was sentenced for having done.

In this story, I would play the role of a male sexist pig. A real asshole who has finally been sentenced guilty after a long trial. He's wealthy and his attorneys have done all they can to drag out the trial as much as they can but the charges are simply too much. A whole row of women has one by one, as the trial rolled out, raised one charge after another each of them worse than the other. Ther are no more appeals to be had and the man has to face his sentence. For a period he would have to live as a woman in the AI-dome and take his punishments.

So... that's the overall idea. I would like to play as the sentenced criminal. Things are very much open. I would love to build a roleplay-setting together with a person and set up fun, interesting encounters. There would be lots of room for interesting characters and I would certainly be open to ideas and interesting thoughts.

Ideally, the perfect partner for this story would be a dominant woman who wanted to take out some frustration on a woman playing a man playing a woman (very meta - I know). But everyone can contact me as long as they like the idea. It would be a must that you like to play as multiple characters since you would undertake the role as everyone else than my character.

The Road Trip

Content: Bondage

Jenni Williams
is the owner of Blue Clover Transport and Logistic, a rather successful business that her father started. Ones a year Jenni takes one of the trucks and drives it from the HQ outside New York all the way to California mostly to get out of the office but also to see her old friends. At one of the first stops, she meets a young man on a rest stop. He is on the run from his family and needs to get a ride. The lost young man is confused and lost about his sexuality and his conservative family would never accept his transgender idendity. To his luck, Jenni is a very open-minded, helpful and nice lady that stands up for the underdog.
The story is about the road trip from one coast to the other here Jenni takes her passenger to meet her friends and as the story progress he gets to experience all kinds of new feelings and experiences and when he get's to The East Coast he will be a completely different person. So the story is meant as my version of a vacation theme plot.

Setting: Modern America, coast to coast.

Requirements: Ideally a liege would match this story best. I'm rather open-minded about the male, submissive character. I picture him as around 18-22 and with a rather feminine build. But as I said, things are rather open here.

Other info: The story plot is meant to be a spin on the traditional American road movie but with the twist that the traditional gender roles are swapped. I will be playing as Jenni and therefore I will be the dominant role. Seeing that my dominant mood is as rare as the blue-spotted bear-pig I want to keep this story to a short option. Also because of this, I'm looking for someone who can accept a rather fast posting speed around three times a week or so. If the role as Jenni really speaks to you we can talk about you playing as her and me as the young man.


Content: Light, bondage.

Scenario: It had been over ten years since
lost her husband, James. James had left her a lot of money to take care of herself but he had also left her rather lonely. Sure Emma had friends that she went out with. She was well educated and like to see her as pleasant company. She took care of her body and she was popular enough with the men in her neighborhood. But Emma had not been looking for romance or any kind of dating after she lost James. One day had just taken the next. And this was odd because Emma had all kinds of desires, fantasies, and dreams. She read romantic novels and spiced them up with her own creative mind. But ultimately Emma was left kind of frustrated.

had been out of a job since he was released from prison two months ago. He was temporarily living with his uncle who he didn't get along with. Matthew wanted a lot more in life than what he had and was feeling frustrated. Frustrated that he couldn't match up any of the plans that he wanted in life. Everywhere he went there were boundaries. He tried not to drink or go back to his insane ex-girlfriend. The most important bit was not to meet up with his old "friends". He really tried. But he still felt bullied by his uncle over not doing any of the things that society expected from him - finding a job.

The story is about the mid/late 40s Emma hiring the early 20s Matthew to do some construction on her house. The job is mostly meant as a favor to Matthew's uncle who wants's him out of the apartment. But Matthew is a good construction worker and Emma makes a good deal here and as such story is the old cliché of the construction worker who delivers the goods, so to speak.

I do, however, want the story to be about more than just that. The two characters are very different and none of the two characters see the other one as someone they would ever find remotely interesting. But they are both two lost people who have dreams and desires that the can both deliver. So I would like to story dig a little deeper. It won't be easy to make a relationship like this work. People would have all kinds of opinions towards the relationship. Emma has to fit in with the bad-boy Matthew and Matthew has to meet the upper-class neighborhood that Emma lives in. So there should be plenty of room for conflict and interesting scenes. The story could grow into something larger if things turn out interesting.

The main theme of the story would certainly be the romantic setup between the two characters but there could be all kinds of kinks and desires woven into this. Perhaps this could be what keeps the characters connected together or it could be something that they both have to explore and learn as they become a couple. We can discuss this together.

Setting: Upper-class suburbia America/Europe.

Requirements: Anyone who would like to play as Matthew. I would like to play with someone who would be up for the task to dig a little deeper in the character build up. The plot as such is not that deep so it's the characters that have to make this interesting and save it from being a bad porn plot.

Other info: I see the posting speed as being around two/three times a week. But this can be discussed. The most important bit is that you can keep motivated and know how to commit to a story.
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Quick Ideas

Here are some of my ideas. I should add that the ideas are very different so don't run of screaming if you don't like the first one you read. I'm more than open to suggestions and new input to the ideas I have posted. Also if you're a transgender person and think you fit in with any of the ideas, let me know. We can adapt.

That awkward love
(Female for female)
Two women meet each other and fall in love. That's easy huh? And it could be easy. If it wasn't because of that darn sex.
The two women are both very normal people.
One is a bit older than the other. She is very well educated and very intelligent but also a bit geeky. She is very tall and tends to be a bit out of place. Before she met her newly found love of her life, her love life was non-existent. She feels alienated and even though she has a steady job (that she is way too over qualified to handle) and a nice apartment, she is just not that happy with her life.
The younger character is a cute, little fun girly girl. Very charismatic but sadly not the brightest of people. She is sweet, helpfull and energetic about most things. She is still experimenting with sex and love but she just hasn't found something that really gets her going. She hates going to work and she doesn't feel valued in life. She also hates her petite body with small breasts.

So. The two women are far from happy. The older woman feels alienated in her own body. She struggles with living her life according to the usual gender role. She would love to get more trimmed and she is a very competitive person. But she has always done what was expected of her. So she dresses in clothes she doesn't like, reads the sports section in secret and keeps away from the indulgence she likes, like very big cigars and expensive brandy. Things are dull and bland. The younger woman, on the other hand, is all out of confidence. She really dreams of becoming a model or something like that. Her job is too hard. So much is expected of her and she is not skilled at all.

So when the two women starts to date things are hard. But then something sets one of the girls off. It could be one had a little too much to drink and overspoke or perhaps it was just a tiny misunderstanding. But one of the women opens up and then really starts to open. Everything is told. How miserable she is and how things are hard. But the other woman doesn't run away screaming. Rather the opposite. She starts to talk as well. And that's how it starts.

The story is about the two women going from A to Z. Complete transformation. Where the younger woman becomes a total and complete bimbo and the older woman becomes a huge, muscular, all alpha woman. Where their lust for life and sex is awoken and where the two women together become a bizarre couple. The type you would stare at if you walked past them on the street. But most of all and most important. This is a love story. It's about going for what you really want deep down even though it means confronting ones inner self and making sacrifices. But the two women have each other and they push the other one and they both have a burning desire for more and more.
The transformation is total. So it's not just the looks. It's also the way they act, their personalities. And also the social standing where the domme woman gets more and more successful in her career. And of course, also the sex that becomes more and more advanced.

It's important to point out that this is a love story, so it is seduction and flirt heavy. So it's about a couple. It's not a Mistress/slave girl arrangement. It's about the everyday life of two women who change. So a scene could just as easily be the two women eating pizza and watching tv as going to a sex club. But both scenes could just as easily have wild and kinky sex. The story is slow moving and very very long. So don't expect instant smut.

It's also a plus if you like to play as several characters. The couple meets people at clubs or in the fitness center and they have friends and co-workers. It makes the story more interesting if you like to make the world more open.

The fun new tenant
(Female for males)
Two men share the apartment together. It's not like the two men needed to save the money they are just best friends. They are both successful in life and earn a good living. They do lots of things together like vacations and work out. There might be a little bit of flirting between them but it's very innocent and nothing has happened (that's up to you). The two men know more or less everything about each other and they don't mind sharing with each other so it's an intimate friendship. The apartment is big and very expensive in a well off down-town area.
They have always had this room they didn't use. It was pretty big and you can only store that much fitness equipment. So What about we rent it out, one of the men suggested. It was not because they needed the rent money. But what if they found someone really interested and nice to live there? That was the work theses when they set off. They set the rent low but looked for someone interesting. They were really thinking of someone younger than them, perhaps someone they could tutor in business life or something like a creative artist.
But then I showed up. Young, very unskilled but also charismatic, fun and sweet. Not at all what they had imagined but what they really needed.

The story is about the 3-some relationship that i start off. It doesn't have to be so that the men are bi-sexual but for me its a plus.I picture the men around 40 and very, very muscular. Big in all places ;) I would like a story with lots of plot and friendship building so if you want instant sex then it's not me you want. It can be a story with a bimbofication of me but it could also be more of a slave girl arrangement or perhaps something in the middle. Let us figure that out together.

New outfit, new lifestyle, new outtake on life
(Female for transgender)
YC has always had everything under control. You are very driven and your business is doing great. You are very firm on details and keep a tight business. So when the wife left you that was just because you had to sacrifice things to get the goals you wanted. You told yourself the same when you lost contact with your daughter. But now that you have turned 40 you start to doubt your life choices. You start to see what's out there when you sit and night online. You look at the web pages with the sexy shemales and transvestites and you dream. You dream about taking charge and having the power. But not as the businessman. He died so many years ago. But as a business owner with over 400 people on the payroll there is so much to loose. They wouldn't understand, would they? But it's nice to dream and look at the pictures.
When you look back perhaps you did it on purpose. Perhaps your under conscious made you do it so you would get caught? You really don't understand how you happen to give the new girl in the tech department your private computer when you had a problem with your work computer. She saw everything. All the porn you had downloaded, oh the pervy porn. All your posts on under the profile name "Strict Stella". She saw it all.

When she invited you to a private meeting you were ready to give her a big raise. This was going to be expensive. But she didn't want anything like that. Rather the opposite. She only wanted to help. She wanted you to be her girlfriend, perhaps more if you dare.

The story can take all types of turns and twists here. I imagine your character becoming an all out shemale type. But if you have other ideas lets talk. It's important to state that I only want to do this story if you want to play as the dominant part. No sissies. I like to play as the sweet, energetic, fun, helpfull girl. The friend you always wanted. Totally understanding with a can do attitude. The type that can talk about your most kinky fantasy as if she was talking about the weather.

The hideout
(Female for females)

Good evening this is the ten o' clock news.
Today the inner city central bank was hit by a violent bank robbery. Two guards were killed in the bank robbery and a woman was taken hostage. Police experts say that the bank robbers represented the Latin American freedom organization "The ocelots". The organization has robbed several banks in Europe and The United States and it uses the money to fund the rebellion against dictator Estallio. The woman taken hostage was 16-year-old Rebecca "insert surname", who is still missing. The bank robbers got away with over 100 million dollars and the robbers are nowhere to be found. Police has set up road barriers and are still searching.

So this is my new life. As entertainment for a group of female terrorists. There are two big, muscular, tattooed women who run the operation, a younger more elegant woman who is good with knives, the doctor who takes care of the crew and their "lawyer" who runs the operation on the outside while the women lay low. Im their only entertainment.

The idea of the story starts out pretty rough where I become the group of women's entertainment. They get bored pretty easily so things quickly become pretty rough and sadistic. But the story doesn't end there. They have to lay low for quite a while. So I start to figure out how I can get the least pain and mistreatment out of this deal. I soon discover that if I give them what they want they become less aggressive and evil towards me. That's how it starts. I start to flirt and act like a bimbo to survive in captivity. And the women really love that. The nasty slut who is begging for attention and all the strapon they can deliver. The doctor soon starts to work on me, giving me the body to match my new lifestyle. Huge fake breasts, silicone injected lips and a tiny waist. All the things a bimbo could dream of. And the women starts to treat me less and less sadistic. Granted it's still a hard life as the fuck toy of a group of perverted warriors. But It's the life I'm given. They even respect me a little and I'm sometimes able to flirt my agenda though. I learn the various different women's kinks and knows how to play the role as their fuck toy. Everyone wins. Then one day I can't even imagine running away. This is the life for me.

The story can take all kinds of different twists and turns and even though I have written a lot of suggestions for the story, nothing is set in stone. I like the story to move away from the very dark and rough into something where I'm more respected but of course, I'm still the bimbo fucktoy. So it's clear who is in charge. It's a must that you like to play multiple characters and that you like to play with the different personalites. I don't like to play up against the feeling that the characters are just clones of the same idea.

The Agency
(Female for everyone)
Have you seen the film called "The game"? No? Well, the story is about this agency that gives someone rich enough to afford them what they really want the most in their life as a game where everything is open. It's a pretty okay film, go watch it. But please read my idea first.

My idea is about a similar setup but as a dating agency. Where experts analyze every little detail about you so they know you even better than you know yourself. The whole test period is done in a period of a week where you get little sleep and are bombarded by polls, interviews, and other tests.
So your character is wealthy and is really missing the love of your life. You are pretty certain what you want and you enroll for this agency that you have heard so much about.

Well, who do you meet? Let us figure that out together. It should be the love of your dreams, the perfect woman. But perhaps you are given a completely different person than you expect. Or perhaps you are set up in a very unusual relationship.
I play as the woman who won a membership to the agency. The agency needs non-rich people in their database so they made a big lottery when they started out. As both a marketing boost and so they had a more varied selection of members to set people up with.

Ideas for set ups could be:
- You're a shemale/futa and I'm a normal woman who thinks she is heterosexual.
- You're a butch dyke of a  woman who really likes bimbos and I'm a much younger girly girl who is very inexperienced and naive.
- You're a man who knows everything about S/m, domination and all kinds of kinks and I'm the young inexperienced girl.
- You're a much, much older woman than me. Perhaps old enough to be my grandmother and extremely experienced.
- You're a couple who both work in porn who is looking for a submissive third part for their live life.
- You are set up with both another dominant and a submissive who dreams of being the sub for a couple. So the love is a 3-some.
- Etc.
Most things are open as long as you play as the dominant characters.

Hard Pumping
(Female for men)
MC was just a free time aerobic teacher who lost her job as a secretary. She is around 20 years old and likes to shop and go out at cafés. She really needed money fast and applied without thinking too much for a lot of different jobs, including a lot of paying jobs in gymnastics. Either because of an administrative mix up or because of dumb luck, MC gets a job the training coach at an elitist fitness club for very wealthy people. The pay is fantastic so MC doesn't complain about the fact that she really doesn't know anything about work out training with weights and such. She just knows a bit about aerobic, and she is not really that intelligent. The place was very well equipped and they even had a sports team connected to the place that she had to manage as well. But it was only before she met the ten men assigned to the program that she felt really lucky. They were all very big fellows. Around 25-35 of age, all well educated from the countries best private schools, polite, very, very handsome and wealthy. MC felt like she was in a candy store and felt instantly right at home there.

The story basically just about the daily life as the team trainer. I really don't know anything about sport so I need some guidance if the sports team is going to work. But then again MC doesn't know anything about it either, so it might work. It could be a swimming team or similar. It's a must that you thrive with playing multiple characters and like to give all the characters different personalities, jobs and kinks etc. I also would like the story not to become all out filth. So there need to be a lot of things going around the team. Like a team party at a place, or perhaps one of the men wants to take me with them on a business trip for some sort of reason. There could be a lot of things going on. If you just want instant action every time MC turns up at the training room it will soon be boring (at least for me). This could also easily be about me being bimbofied. There could be a very big collection jar set up at the training center for my next boob job. A pair of TrippleG fake boobs should motivate the men ;) I would like MC to be sweet and very helpful and understanding. She is very dedicated to her job and wants to help all the men there. She is also sassy, slutty, minxy and playful and also a bit gropy around the men at times. Of course, things depends a lot about how the story works out. The story might take a bit of planning out because of all the male characters but if you like that sort of thing then this is a fun challenge, I think. As I see it, the story is meant to be a bit on the fun, light side. But all kinds of kinks can be matched as long as you are dominant.

Teen Detective for Hire
(Female for everyone)
This story is a bit like the teenage detective books (Nancy Drew) or Scoopy Doo. The story takes place in a nice, suburban neighborhood. MC is a teenager (16+) who opens up her own detective bureau. She is pretty good at school, cute, charismatic, a bit sassy and independent. All in all well liked. The story is about MC going on adventures to solve crime, but with the plot twist that the stories are all sexualized. MC tend to get in lots of trouble in all kinds of ways but usually ends up as the heroes. Although she might become more and more slutty as the stories progress. There is room for some supernatural stuff as long as its mostly ghosts or werewolves and innocent things like that. This is definitely meant as something light and funny. So If you like to dark and twisted plots, this is not the story for you. Although that's not the same as the sex needs to be vanilla - rather the opposite.

You will be playing as the entire neighborhood. So everyone else. That's quite a challenge but if you like that sort of things it could be fun. It's a must that you have to like to play as all genders. The story definitely needs a lot of prepwork and it's very important that you like to make clever, fun plots. I will help of course but it's also fun to be surprised as MC solve the plot. Humor is a big plus for this story.

The Rich Girls Club
(Female for female)
MC and YC are best friends their entire youth. MC is the pretty, feminine, sweet kind but also very shy and didn't even date at all during high school. YC is not as pretty and a lot of a tomboy. Not good in school but that was mostly because she didn't use the skills she had and got in trouble a lot. She was very fun though and played in a punk band and saw a lot of boys until she became a lesbian. My character didn't like to talk about sex at all.

The two girls part ways. Perhaps your character went into the army or something else. After four years the two women met again and a lot had changed. YC is now a lot more mature, disciplined and focused. A bit alpha and ready to get her life sorted. MC is also more mature but she is still the same sweet, shy girl. MC has also inherited a lot of money from her father, she is now also a lesbian. So when the two women meet up again they become lovers and girlfriends very quickly. And soon after that, they start to explore domination, Sm and all kinds of kinks with your character as the dominant one.

So the two women are very happy about life and MC trust YC with her money since she really don't know what to do with it. It works out pretty well for both of them and they have learned a lot about their sexuality. The plot begins when one of the characters discovers this club for wealthy lesbian women. The club is a sex-club and it arranges very high priced travel arrangements with all kinds of kinky themes. They enroll and their adventures being.

The story is about the two womens travels. So the settings change a lot and there is a lot of description of the scenery and the new characters. Nearly everything is open and a lot can be designed after your kinks. I described the pre-story as I wanted it but if you like to be less of a tomboy then that could also be fine. Here are some ideas for travel arrangements. I would love to hear other ideas.

- The two women travel to an island with a big old-fashioned estate on it. Here the submissive women are dressed up in bunny costumes and get a head start as they are chased into the woods. The domme women then have to chase them down (perhaps on horses so it's not easy for the poor bunny). The captured bunnies have to serve as chaste slave girls during the nighly orgy at the estate and the free bunnies are treated as goddesses who are given all kinds of pampering and pleasure.
- The women go on a cruise together where the sub women always have to be treated as pet-girls (all kinds of animals).
- The women sign up at a hotel designed as a war camp where the domme women are dressed as army officers. Lots of cruel treatment for the poor subs.
- The women enter a quiz show where the sub women have to endure all kinds of humiliation and belittlement to pleasure the domme ladies.
- The domme women take the sub women to a spa where the subs are treated like princesses who are pampered and given expensive gifts and told how much they are desired and loved.
- The domme women have a wrestle-tournament and the losing dommes have to leave the place early and wait for their sub. Only the winner gets to have sex but she gets to have all of the subs as her harem for 10 days straight. She can take the subs everywhere and have every desire of hers fulfilled.

The big move
(Female for everyone)
MC is a teenage girl (16+) who has to go and live with a friend of the family. The friend is an older person who spots MC submissive and kinky nature (that could be done in lots of ways) and wants to help her experience her sexuality. She MC is given lots of friendly pushes as she is introduced to the whole neighborhoods kinky, dominant people. Couples, single men and women, transgenders and futas. I'm introduced to everyone. So the friend of the family becomes my mentor and guides me and gives me advice. Other than that the whole neighborhood is my playground.

In this story you take the role as the entire neighborhood. You play as everyone else. It could be the older couple who would like me as her maid. Or the male couple who would like to have me in public places or the woman who is an agent for porn actors who would like me in a film. There are a ton of fun, creative ways of setting up dates with me and the domme people. It's a must that you can play as all genders and that you like to play as multiple characters. I see it as around ten households that I can switch around between and there might be some one-timers. A lot depends on the types of kinks, that you have, and what we can figure out together so most things are open as long as the characters are dominant.

For the best intentions
(Female for everyone)

What if you had the knowledge to see why one of your closest and dearest friends was miserable? Not only that. You knew how that person would be extremely happy for the rest of her life. Yet she would never dare to make that move herself. She would stay in her tantrum life and never do anything about it and if you confronted her and made her understand what conclusion you had come to, she would just push you away. If you knew all that, how far would you go? In this story, you decide to go all in as you tackle this dilemma.

This story is about your character who is a very successful and extremely intelligent psychologist or similar. You are certain that your closest friend has strong repressed submissive fantasies and the fact that she keeps bottling things up makes her a miserable mess. You can see that it's eating her up. So you choose to abduct me and lock me up at a hideout and force me to live the life I always wanted. You're completely certain that this is for my own good and I will never be happy in any other way. Of course, you have always had a crush on me and you seem to match my desires and fantasies very well. But as you see it, that's beside the point. You want to make me happy.

So the story is about non-consent abduction and breaking me down so I can accept my desires and my new role in life. However, it is all done because you are certain that this is the only way. So it's not just an endless cruel journey of sadistic kinks. You will do what you have to do but you really want me to accept how much pleasure I get out of this if I just let go and give in. The story can go in lots of directions from here.

The life style change
(Female for everyone)

I really crave a cuckquean/cuckcake story these days. So this is my take on this idea. The story is about a mature(40-60 years old), successful and intelligent couple. Both the male and the female have a strong career behind them and they have a lot of love for each other. So all is good? Well - both the woman and the man are sexually dominant people. So they really need someone submissive in their life. A private play friend. And that's where I turn up. It could be that the couple actually searched me down and seduced me or it could be mere coincidence. No matter what, the story is about me being introduced to the couples kinks and slowly being trained as their submissive completely chastised girl. I picture my character as young, sweet, very polite and curious. A bit introvert and shy yet also very cute and all in all a nice person. The couple could be patient, caring and nice people. The story would be about me doing all the serving and pleasing while the woman of the couple lives the good life getting all the sex she needs. My presence in the household is setting sparks in the sex life and the couple gets more and more eager as the story progress.

The story is very open and things could go everywhere we like it to as long as it fits the overall cuckquean/cuckcake requirement. It's important that you like to play as both a male and a female and that you like to incorporate other people as the story progress.

New Business
(Female for everyone)
My character had always put a lot of prestige into her job. Not that her job was any big thing, just middle management. But she still put a lot of effort into things and liked to do well. So when she lost her job it really hit her hard. The problems got even worse when she had problems finding a new job. She would hate to take a step back at the career path. One day at a party, a friend of a friend of hers joked about going into porn because she/he also had problems finding a job. It was meant as a joke but my character had always been great at recruiting and consulting. So what started as a little joke quickly became a little more serious. And that's how it started. She rented a little office and hired a secretary and set up her own agency as a manager for porn stars.
The story is about my character setting up her own business and getting a small selection of porn starts that she takes care of. It's a busy line of work with lots of negotiations. My character needs to cater to everyone's needs. There are the porn-businesses that she negotiations with and then there are the demanding porn stars. It would be most fun if the porn stars are a varied selection of both women, men and transgender people. A lot of things can happen from here and it depends on what we can figure out together and how our kinks matches up together.

More will come later...
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.The retirement home

Here are the ideas that I have put on hold. This is mostly done because people haven't shown much interest in them so if you still find them interesting just let me know. We might figure something out together. There might also be inactive links or pictures that are not working.

Hit Couple

Name: A
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Height: 5'7''
Personality: Fierce, aggressive and temperamental. But also intelligent and charming. She is extremely loyal and a real "lion-mom" over the people she loves. She is protecting and very daring.

Name: B
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Height: 6'6''
Personality: Easygoing and very patient. Very strategic minded and good at making plans. Always keeps cool and collected. He is a cozy person who has loving and sweet side. But so far only one person has seen that side.

Name: Emma Dale. The couple will give Emma a new name.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Looks start:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Looks goal (after a whole row of forced operations to fit the couples needs):
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Height: 5'3''


A and B met in Berlin in 1998. They were both trained by Mr. Melchoir a big name in the hitman branch. Their mentor had so far kept the two students from meeting each other. They quickly ended the life of their target and back at the hotel they made love all night and after that the two younger A and B fell in love. Their mentor didn't approve of this arrangement. He was a true professional and didn't want to mix pleasure and business. So the new couple had to leave and start their own line of business as hitmen.

The couple quickly made huge success and made a name for themselves. They were responsible for ending the lives of many powerful people. People that many thought were untouchable. They had the skils, the ingenuity and the dare to take on everyone.They earned a lot of money and bought a house in an easygoing suburb. They were successful in keeping their identities hidden because of B's computer skills. The clients would never see the couple. They would pay and the person would die, it was as simple as that.

18 years later the couple had the life they were aiming for. Everyone in their lazy suburban town thought the couple was just a happily married couple. They were well liked and both of the people loved what they had built. But they wanted out of the hitman business. They had thought about it for a long time and after every time they returned to have their complementary business of a big glass of vodka and a huge, expensive cigar they would both discuss how much they wanted to retire. They didn't need the money and 18 years of having bullets flying over your head makes you on the edge. Their sexlife was beginning to halter as well. The two people were very similar sexually. Yes, there were different kinks but they were both dominant. But they had always been able to make it work. They would visit prostitutes who could deliver the submissive kink that they needed. But the bad sexlife was something new. Perhaps it was the stress or perhaps they just needed a new touch to their lives.

Start of story
A cold January early morning at around five o'clock, A returns from a job in California. B doesn't get up before around 10 and then the shouting and arguments begin. Plates and glasses are flung through the air and doors are being slammed. The reason for the heated discussion is a 16-year-old girl who is tied up and gagged to a chair in the couple's panic room in the basement. A didn't go through with the hit, she decided to kidnap the girl of the multi-millionaire owner of a big pharmaceutical company.

Early plot:
Ones the couple have decided that they want to keep me they need to win me over, and fast. They need to ensure that I don't make any dumb moves but also that I become useful to them.

Later plot:
The couple has decided to retire. But it's not that easy. They need to "take care" of five jobs they have written down in their little black note book.

- Jack Williams
Jack is the son of the late Paul Williams. The couple is the reason to Paul William being "late". The couple knows that Jack Williams has spent his whole adult life trying to track down the couple with ruthless people after the couple. They can't retire until Jack is gone. Jack is very wealthy and has lots of hired guards.

- Anton "Blade" Vitsin
Anton is a Russian gang leader who is the couples weapon dealer. He knows their identities. The death of Anton would not only be necessary but it would also ensure one less cold-hearted asshole in the world. Anton won't be easy to take down. He is intelligent and is always protected by at least two top professional bodyguards. Anton was named "Blade because of his knife skills. You don't want to come close to him.

- Fendik Donohue
The Irish hitman was one of Mr. Melchoir students. He worked with both of the people before they left the operation. Today Fendik is addicted to heroine and lives a paranoid life trying to hide in the shadows. Even though Fendik is just one man against two and even though he is constantly high on heroine, he is the most dangerous opponent of all. He is highly paranoid. When the drugs got to him he decided to retire and has faced the same problem as the couple has now. Too many enemies. But Fendik has a totally booby-trapped apartment he very rarely leaves and knows all of the hit man tricks in the book, and then some. He is never ambushed and his fightings skills are top.

- Akmud Shamon
Akmud is a middle eastern terrorist leader and has a bunker where he leads the operation. When the couple was young they took an operation with the Israeli secret forces. The couples part of the plan went well but something went wrong and they had to abandon the plan after everyone was discovered. Akmud has surveillance films with the couple's faces. They need to erase those. Either by getting to Akmud and getting him to talk or by other ways.

Ones these people are dead or made silenced the couple can retire.

Late plot:
After the couple has retired they need to shape their new life. With Emma (now with a totally different name) with them, they need to find a life where everyone is happy. Perhaps they need to move. They might have plans.

Looking for:
Someone to play as the couple and most of the rest of the characters. As I described, the story would be about the couple who undertakes a huge lifestyle change and my character who is forced to undertake a huge fall from grace from a normal, spoiled teenage girl into a total silicone operated bimbo fucktoy for two perverted and rather dangerous people.

The Altdorf Intercity Cup
The Altdorf Intercity Cup

(Female for everyone)
This idea is a bit like the other idea I have called "Hard Pumping" yet it's very different as well. The setting is very nerdy and there might not be many out there who actually matches this idea at all - but here goes anyway. It's very important that you have both good knowledge about the Warhammer/Blood Bowl universe and likes to play as multiple characters.

The roleplay takes care in a mixture of the Warhammer universe and the blood bowl game. The idea for blood bowl board game, is that it takes place in Warhammer yet the two settings are not that similar so there needs to be done lots of work to make it match together. Warhammer is usually very dark and gloomy and Blood Bowl has a strong comic side to it. I would like a little mixture of both. So not extremely evil and gloomy yet also not completely comic. A forbidden underground league. There would be magic, an ogre or two or an elf wardancer or similar. But I like to step away from all-out gore and nurgle rot and make room for a more sexy vibe. Yet of course, broken legs and a black eye is a part of it. All the teams in the league are human teams but some team would have attracted a dwarven, elven or ogre player. But of course, skavens and similar would not be allowed. I will play as the new coach of a down-on-it's-luck blood bowl team and you would play as everyone else - I will assist of course.

It's spring of the year of 2506 and Ulrike Hertz, a human pedlar and the daughter of the famous and late lineman Albert Hertz, has just been handed over the role as the coach of the blood bowl team "The Harlequins". The team has lost its last five matches and several players are losing hope. It's my characters job to make the team rise and perhaps even win the cup. At first, it would be a challenge to even make the team play again as some of the players have taken new jobs at the harbor. Then comes the case of actually winning a game. My character needs to motivate and do everything she has in her power to succeed. The story is basically just about the daily life as the team trainer. There would be a lot of characters with problems who needs help and Ulrike needs to work on overtime to make everything work. She needs to attract team sponsors and please the money loaners and she also needs to attract new star players or perhaps even a team wizard. All these things, of course, are highly sexualized yet I stick to my rule of 65 pct. plot and 35 pct. smut. So a lot of the story is about the everyday life and background stuff of the team.

Plot twist
If you're a female or a liege we could play the team as an all female team.

The girlcrush
The girlcrush

This story is very much so out of my comfort zone and might be a bit of a challenge for me to play. But I do find the idea of the transformation and the love story in one really interesting.

General idea:
Two youngish boys meet up and fall in love. The story is their transformation from two boys into crossdressers, transvestites and then shemales. But each in their own ways. The dominant one becomes more the tall, trimmed, futaish style shemale whereas the submissive one (my character) becomes the more sexy sissy/cuckolded/bimboish shemale. The story is about the whole journey. Where they first have to come to acceptance with their sexuality, then come out of the closet and experiment with their feminity. It's most of all a love story between the two characters. They support each other and help each other out.
For simplicity, the story could be put into three chapters. The meetup, the experimentations and becoming who they really are. I've written some ideas for each section. But this is just a way of describing what I'm thinking. Nothing is set in stone.

The meetup
This could happen in lots of ways. Here are some ideas but everything is open. For me, the important bit is just to make it creative and fun. To have that first kiss, falling in love and opening up to your inner sexuality. Becoming a couple and having lost of fun, creative sex.

- The great outdoors
The two boys go canoeing in a nature park. But one of the canoes with a lot of the equipment is lost down the rapid river. So when the two boys finally get's to the hut where they have to stay, morale is pretty low. But after a long nights sleep things are much better. Their clothes are lost, though. There are some spare clothes in the wooden hut but it's all female clothes. And that could be the place where experiments happen. And ones the vacation is over and the boys have read romantic poetry to each other, held hands and done plenty of kissing, they should be ready to start dating for real.

- The matchmaking
The two boys have strong, resourceful mothers/aunts/grandmothers/friends who can see that both of the boys are struggling. They might be popular with the girls but it's obvious that they're not happy. So a friendly, helpful nudge is needed. The two boys could be set up to move in together as house buddies. And that's really all that's needed and the love starts to flow.

- Random meetings
The meetup could be at a dress up party or at a spare time activity. But the boys meet up and the conversations starts. The two boys have lots in common and they meet up more and more. It could be that one of the characters has big plans for a grand seduction attempt and just fakes the common interests to be with the other or perhaps the two boys starts out as great friends and the other things evolve through that.

The experimentations

Ones the two boys have become a couple they start to experiment with their sexuality. It might not be easy to come out of the closet as a crossdresser. But the two boys are there for each other. In the beginning, it's mostly just fun playful stuff at home but as the two boys become more and more assertive with it all they could start going out more and see other people or have fun in lots of creative ways.

So as the story progress the two boys develop their feminine personas. They are giving girl names and they go from stay at home crossdressers to full-time transvestites.

becoming who they really are

But being a transvestite is not enough for any of the 'girls'. They want more and they encourage each other to go for it all. They end up becoming all out shemales with rather extreme bodies. Their sexualities are now fully open for domination and Sm, that's a part of their love life. But the story is still a love story. It's just love between two characters who are into wild, kinky, fun, creative sex.

How all this is done is really very open. And you're very welcome to throw in lots of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  We can go in lot's of different ways with looks and style and so on. I would like to play as the submissive boy.

Being the best of the worst
Being the best of the worst

Her maiden name was Sally Richter. But it had been over 35 years since someone had addressed her by that name. Now she was called Madame Destiny. Famous for her organization skills and genius plans. She had started as Destiny Girl, a simple sidekick for Night Owl, but her ambitions got the better of her and she found the life as a villainess much more fun than as a heroess. Well, all of this was several years ago. After the Gottheim Rubies Heist, Madame Destiny (or Madame as friends called her) had gone into retirement. That was until about a month ago. She had made a bargain. It was not about the money. The money was just a detail. The bargain between her and Miss Doom (known for sadistic plans and ruthless ambitions) was about the honor. The honor between the two most feared female villains over the last 30 years. That was no small thing.

Madame and Miss Doom had been sitting in the club and now they drank their brandy and smoked their cigars. There was always the teasing between the two masterminds. Earlier Madame had beaten Miss Doom in Galatic Chess, the game for the truly gifted, and now Miss Doom was in a moody, gloomy state of mind. She had had a little more brandy than she usually had. And that's how it started. Miss Doom had made a bold claim that being a villain today was the easiest thing in the world, now that there were bionic implants and Chem-X mutations to give the truly desperate people powers that no-one would have been close to having before now. Now everyone could become the most wanted villain group with just enough money.

Madame had thought about this before. Of course, she had. You don't steal the Mandorellian Statue from the Sultan of Imocan without having a brilliant mind. And Madame knew she had a brilliant mind. Of course, she did! But she was not as assertive as Miss Doom. Because she also knew that the new gadgets on the marked were also available for the so-called good guys.  It was a much rougher line of work now. That said, Miss Doom had put Madame in a position she couldn't back down from. It had to end like it did. With a bet of a single Dee-dollar. The true bet was the honor. Everyone knew that.

So the stage was set. That night the club buzzed with the news. The two female masterminds were out of retirement. Both would select a group of truly incompetent small-time thieves. After a year the bet would be settled. The one who was the highest on the NESA list of Most Wanted Villians Groups would win. Madame had selected a group for Miss Doom that on the outside hadn't seemed so incompetent at all. But if you knew where to look, the signs were there. The group had strong cooperation problems. It was just a matter of time before the group of three all alpha men would start beating each other up. But Miss Doom had also seen this and had even been so polite as to state her plans openly. A sure sign of her confidence. She wanted to give her three henchmen bionic implants so they would be no more than zombielike pawns in her hands. A truly amazing move by a brilliant mind. Everyone in the club agreed to that.

For the first time in a long time, Madame started to feel insecure. Perhaps she had been too long in retirement. Perhaps she had lost her touch. The speed you only get when the galactic space police have been chasing you for six light years. The nervous feeling that Madame had was not weakened after reading the rapport of her three henchmen. The leader of the group was a big bulky bully of a man who called himself Hank Hannery. A real asshole. He had bullied the two girls into following him. No doubt about that. There was a young, street girl called Mié who looked like she was skin and bones. Madame almost felt sorry for her. Hank mostly left her alone since she did everything he said. The other woman in the group was called Clio. She had more of a fight in her and Hank was over her like a ton of bricks for every mistake she made. And there were lots of mistakes. The group had made a small-time thieving operation stealing spaceships and selling them cheaply. With the invention of bionic locks and high intelligent AI-security the operation was very much under threat.

It was hard to see any possibilities of success after Madame had read her rapport. But she had already made a plan. Where Miss Doom wanted to use bionic implants to ensure her success, Madame wanted to roll the dice and use Chem-X fluid. The reactions of the highly toxic liquid was always a gamble. Perhaps the who crew would die before things even had started and Madame would have to admit defeat right there and then. But what else was there to do? She had set up a trap and now she waited for the group of incompetent thieves to fumble its way into her hands and perhaps, with luck, become a group of highly feared villains. Fingers crossed.

It had all seemed so easy. Even Hank had to admit it. But he just didn't suspect anything. Clio and Mié had been whispering behind his back. Hank was too much over the moon of excitement to notice anything. He also seemed a bit drunk as he had found the minibar. But all of this had seemed very suspicious. They had been approached by a man that they didn't knew. He called himself Vendor. A suspicious name indeed. He had given the group the code to one of the new Grade Six Onyx-Vessels. The sort you only saw on billboards. The space ship of the future. A marked price of over ten million Dee-Dollars. The plan they got was simple. So simple it was suspicious. Just steal the spaceship and sail it to the lesser moon of Omi-dex five and you will get 25 percent of the sales price. Hank had haggled it up to 30 percent. THAT had been very suspicious. But what could they do? Hank would beat them both up if they stepped down now. And this could really be it. They hadn't eaten for two days now - well... Hank had. This was really make or break for the group.

They left the orbit of Willow, a small gambling planet in the Denehir sphere, and readied for crypto sleep. Mié was actually a bit excited. She had never tried crypto sleep. But Hank was drunk now and quickly destroyed the good mood with a remark about Clio's sexuality. Hank had a field day when he learned that Clio was into women. He had humiliated her several times. Mié wished she had the courage to stand up to him like Clio sometimes did. But not now. It was better just to get the job done and get the cut of the deal. Oh, what a deal! Mié would find a fancy dinner and eat apple pie until she couldn't eat another bite.

16 lightyears later the crew awoke from their crypto-sleep. Everyone had crypto-sickness. The new Grade Six Onyx-Vessels were not supposed to have crypto-sickness. But non-the-less, everyone still felt terrible. Hank was the first to discover it. He actually screamed. His voice was all different. Hank had changed. Hank had changed a lot! He was not Hank anymore. He had become a tiny, cute looking boyish person. Very cute eyes and full lips. Extremely feminine. He couldn't even fit into his normal huge outfit. Clio had become what Hank was. Very big, tall and muscular. She had the body of a female body builder. And Mié knew that Clio also had a new cock instead of her pussy. Mié was not sure why she knew that because Clio was wearing clothes. Mié was also very much focused how her body had changed. Because she had also changed drastically. Her legs had become a little longer, her hair was very long and her breasts were enormous. She continued to bump things over with her giant globes. However, Mié was not as freaked out as the rest of the group because she could sense that someone called Madame or Sally would be here soon to be the group's new leader. It would seem that Sally or whatever the person was called would like to make them all into a band of successful thieves. This was all fine with Mié as long as someone could tell her why she was suddenly able to read minds.



Formerly known as: Hank Hannery
Hank Hannery

Now known as: Giggles

Giggles is the perfect sidekick. Eager to help. Always to assistance. Cute, sweet, polite and eager to place. Very submissive in nature. She cooks, cleans, gives oral pleasure and acts as a footstool or whatever any dominant person would ever need. Deep inside of Giggles Hank is still around and he is very angry. But Giggles is still very much the dominant persona inside the former body of Hank Hannery. Giggles love to please and serve. He tends to get in lots of trouble when he is out on crime jobs. Giggles is in love with Sin who treats him rather poorly, which Giggles loves. Giggles dress in small petticoat skirts and like nearly everything pink.

Super powers:
Super fast, super jumps, extremely flexible (hypermobility) and very durable.
Giggles is the perfect cat burglar. Because he is so durable he is also someone who often gets's the jobs that tend to be dangerous and with a high risk.

Formerly known as: Clio:

Now known as: Miss Sin (Sin)

Sin has always been a tough girl. She has taken care of herself and helped her friends when they were in need. She has stood up for herself and fought for everything she got. So when Sin got herself a new shemale bodybuilder body it felt as if she got the body that she always wanted. The body she was meant to have. She has an ambivalent relation towards Giggles. On one hand, she feels that the little cute, sissy deserves his faith as the group's fucktoy and servant. But she has started to have a soft spot for the poor fellow and romance is in the air. Well... Sort of romance. Romance filled with rough, kinky, advanced sex. Sin is the group's second in command. She takes her role serious and has a lot of respect of Madame.

Super powers:
Super strength, short range teleportation in open areas (not through doors etc.)

Formerly known as: Mié

Now known as: Velvet

Velvet knows what you're thinking even before you have started thinking. She can read your mind and knows everything about everyone she encounters. It's not always perfect and mistakes happen but Velvet is very good at what she does. She is a real team player and likes to help her friends when they ask her. Velvet is a real people person and is good at making things work onboard the space ship. She usually just lounges on a sofa and poses sexually. But her mind is never at rest. She has a fondness for Madame who has a very interesting mind. Velvet plays Madame like an instrument. She tries not to misuse her powers and only want's to help. But when you know the inner secrets and dreams of everyone around you, it's hard to tell the limits. Velvet is the ships "ambassador". She is a great infiltrator and is usually very popular where ever she goes.

Super powers:
Mind reading, seduction, light telekinesis, can produce a force field for short periods of time.

Looking for:
Someone to play as Sin and Madame Destiny.
I would like to play as Giggles and Velvet.

Sweet, sweet surrender
Sweet, sweet surrender
(Female for female)
The two women are of similar age and have been friends nearly all their lives. They are best friends and very close. MC is petite, very pretty and very popular. Although she never seemed to be that interested in dating. She keeps to herself and did well in school. YC was tall and very curvy. A bit on the heavy side but if you like big boobs and wide hips also very sexy. She is not as popular with the boys or women but she still dated a lot more than MC.

One day YC figures out why I have kept a distance to dating and sex. It seems that I'm scared by my own sexuality. I have all kinds of submissive fantasies and they are mostly about me being belittled into a little girl. That should make your character run away screaming. But she starts to take the open-minded mentor role. Lead the way and make me feel accepted. In the start, it can just be small nicknames like Princess or girl. But later it can also be arrangements like sitting in your lap (YC is much bigger than MC) or it could be arrangements like every move night between us, I'm allowed to use a pacifier.

But then all kinds of feelings starts to awake between us. You just wanted to help but it becomes rather sexualized between us and I seem to trust you completely and look up to you. So I might as well start calling you Mommy.

It's extremely important to state that everything here is 16+ of age. And even though I play as an under-developed, cute, girly gymnastics girl I'm way beyond the girl phase and play as an adult who is treated as a girl. I like my belittlement to be a mixture of both teen, tween and girl elements with all kinds of elements. Like pacifiers but also a more teenage girly room and where I suckle your big breasts. So It's a confusing mixture. Where I don't take just one age and live like that but everything is open. But if you have other ideas then let me know. The story can incorporate all kinds of different kinks and elements with domination. So let me know what you want.

Cooking traps
Cooking Traps

The tv-show was an instant success. A mixture of everything that's hot in the media discourses. Sex and sexuality, fluid gender roles, reality tv, dating programs, and cooking-shows. All of this mixed into one big provocative yet popular tv-format. The idea was pretty simple. Four dominant females take on the role as mentors for four submissive, cross-dressing boys. Two people on each team where the teams get eliminated as the shows go on. The cooking format was inspired by the show Iron chef but cooking skills were not enough to ensure that you won the title as the audience also gave out votes so this also had a say in the outcome. So the behind the scene show and the reality "get to know your trap" program were all really important for the outcome. Cooking was important but so was style.

The media was buzzing as the news about the new tv-show was released. The show was called "Cooking Traps" and the tv show guarded the news about who was going to participate in the first series. The only thing that the network would release was the hostess of the program.

The woman chosen for the job was
Emily Porter
a former weather woman and model. She dazzled the media with her charisma and the program was in for a big audience on the premiere. The premiere took place in the studio that was elegantly decorated for the purpose. Here the eight participants would be revealed and there would be a draw as to whom of the dominant women would mentor the boys. Then each of the boys would leave and a famous stylist would give them a complete makeover in accordance with the female team members wishes and the program was ready for the first cooking competition in the next show where all the teams would meet in the cooking arena.

So this idea is clearly one of my quirkiest ideas. It's meant as something fun and experimental. I have never played someone of a male gender but I would like to try it out in this story as I would like to play the submissive boys. So I'm looking for someone to play as the dominant women and help with playing the hostess.

The story could either be focused on just one team so we have one character each to focus on and the rest will just be very well played out NPCs. I'm also open to doing this as a group roleplay but then we might have to work with the "voting home" structure of the program. The above-mentioned characters, where four are submissive and four are dominant, are open for all kinds of twists and turn and I would love to be creative with the different styles and setups that could match a lot of different kinks and desires. If you have something that you would like to include just share your ideas. I would like to work with the characters so that all the teams have a special style between them so there are clear differences between the teams. I see all the boys as 18+ but not older than 21.