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June 03, 2020, 11:15:13 PM

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Author Topic: Business and Pleasure - Seeking partners who enjoy a variety of characters  (Read 679 times)

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Offline Galactic DruidTopic starter


Thanks for taking a look at my new thread! This request is a little more on the vague side than things I usually put up, but there's a reason for that! I've found over my years here on E that a lot of my best lasting and favorite RPs tend to be ones where I get to discuss ideas with my partner OOC, do some plotting, and both me and my partner have a lot of input into the world we make. I prefer not to dictate all the details of a potential game with someone, so there's room for creativity and a chance to really make the story our own!

If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to peek at my O/O Page! If after reading this, you feel you'd rather GM the variety of roles against a single character, feel free to take a look at my GM/Harem request page. I'm also more than happy to discuss any and all RP ideas, so if you see something you like in my post history or O/O page, but none of my requests tickle your fancy, please feel free to PM me with your own ideas.

What I'm looking for...

What I'm looking for in this RP is for me and my partner to write a pair of characters (preferably a male/female pairing, with myself playing the male character) that take over ownership of a run-down brothel. The business is doing poorly, many members of the establishment have given up on ever turning the place around or being treated decently, perhaps the place is just hemorrhaging money. The pair do their best to turn the place around into a thriving business. Along the way, I'm looking to play a variety of encounters for my partner's character and any character they happen to be writing at the moment, in the form of new hires, clients, officials to bribe, and whatever other scenarios we can come up with. I'm looking for someone who'se interested in doing the same for me. I'm interested in all kinds of pairings and not limited to binaries, but I'm afraid I don't find much enjoyment in writing M/M scenes. MMF is fine, so long as it's the female character that's receiving the most attention, so to speak.

I've left a lot of things vague here, and did so on purpose. Some of the things I'd love to discuss with a potential partner might be;

-The relationship between our characters starting out; are they lovers, friends, business partners? If you have the kink for it, perhaps even siblings? I'm fine with any of the above, would definitely prefer a setup where they're able to 'work' free of guilt.

-The setting and tone of society; do we want to set this in a modern world? A fantasy setting with all the unique races that come along with it? Some kind of sci fi or historical deal? If this a society where the business is hidden, or possibly advertised as a spa, rather than what it truly is? Is it a more open society, or maybe something historical where a proper brothel was a respected establishment? Perhaps it's a rather sexualized society, where stopping in at a brothel isn't that different from buying a quick pick me up at a Starbucks?

-How did our characters come to own this place? Was it inherited from a relative? Did they see a dying business and see a chance to buy it cheap to turn a profit? Perhaps it was a responsibility thrust upon them by a boss?

In addition to the variety of smut scenes we can come up with, I'd love to write some story in between as well. Depending on the setting we go for, perhaps they'll have to deal with competing businesses, the local thieves guild, bribing local guards/police/politicians, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to look at all this! Please don't feel shy to shoot me a PM if anything here catches your interest! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!
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Offline Galactic DruidTopic starter

4/5 - Removed some stuff about specific O/Os I might be looking for, as I’m more interested in writing the whole story with people than focusing on any specific kink. The more shared interests wer can comfortably incorporate, the better, but I don’t want the whole story to revolve around any single act.