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Started by JaySwitch, September 12, 2016, 06:09:57 PM

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I'm a heterosexual switch, yet I already have enough stories where I play the dominant male and I'm really craving a story where I can play the masochistic male submissive or beaten male fighter opposite a sadistic female dominant character.  With that said I would gladly take on a story where we take turns dominating each other.  I'm looking to RP a story with 50% smut to 50% plot and a partner that will stick with the story and not fall off the face of the earth after two posts!! Seriously, I'm starting to think I'm cursed here.  I can't RP every day and usually my weekends are hella busy, but I usually reply twice or three times a week with multiple paragraphs and hope to find a woman to RP with that can do the same.

I'm looking for a story with bondage, non-con/pseudo rape, maybe kidnapping, rough sex, sexual teasing, sexual play, toys, torture, impact play, spanking, breath play/choking, electro toys if modern age, whips, knives, danger, punishment and reward, and even as far as snuff if that's a craving of yours, but I prefer to go almost to snuff and then have something save the victim.  I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or present day stories.

My only hard No's are excessive humiliation, homosexual sex scenes (nothing wrong with them, but I don't enjoy playing in them), anything meant for the toilet stays in the toilet, excessive mutilation and gore (blood play is fine), Incest (step bro/sis is fine, but not bio bro/sis), and I don't enjoy anal although I could see it as a punishment, but not one I'd secretly enjoy RPing.

Here are some ideas and pictures to get your feminine desires stirring...

Dominant/Sadistic Females vs submissive/masochistic males stories
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Get it Out of Him!
A male spy or assassin has been caught trying to infiltrate the Queen's (or Empress') castle.  The only reason he isn't executed right away is that the Queen needs info from him.  Either she herself can administer the interrogation, or she can hand it over to a female interrogator.

Captured Rum
It’s the early 1600’s and the Rum running black market is big money for some daring young merchants.  One such young merchant runs into some bad luck and the ship he is on ship wrecks on some uncharted island.  He’s able to save one keg of rum which he is burying when one of the young females of the island finds him.  Women rule the island and the men are their slaves.  Any new-coming male is either to be taken as a slave, or killed.  They are not allowed to leave for fear that they will bring other men with steel and guns back to harm the women.  The young woman likes the looks of the young man and decides he’d make a great slave.  She captures him and uses her sexual nature and sexual torture to make him want to be her slave for life.

Evil Scientist Nurse vs. Unlucky Patient
He’s a patient recovering from a car accident.  She’s a beautiful young part time nurse while finishing up her PHD.  She runs experiments on the side and needs a male for her next series of experiments and observations.  He doesn’t need to be willing, just tied up and stripped.  Tonight she’ll be the only nurse or doctor in the ward, perfect for playing with the attractive male patient in room 301.  He’s asleep and will not wake up until she has him all tied up and at her mercy.

Space Femdom
A space woman dressed in a short silver skirt and silver bra with a ray gun comes down to earth looking for some much needed energy for her ship. (Elaborate as you like)  She finds the human male she wants, attacks him and shoots him with the ray gun which stuns him. He can either be immobile on the first shot, or it takes a few shots to knock him out.  Unable to move for a little while she takes him on her ship, strips him, and ties him up.  Now helpless she is free to torture and play with him as she likes.  The sexual energy that his body gives off as she plays with him refuels her ship.  To complete the refueling she has to make him cum. (how much fuel she needs is up to you.)

Swtich stories where we take turns dominating each other's characters
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Run for Your Sexual Lives!
A local amateur sports organizing group has many sports leagues to choose from on their website; soccer, flag football, softball, bowling…ext.  You pay $60 and join a team.  They advertise it as a great way to meet new friends and stay active.  At the bottom of the page there is one last league which unbeknownst to you only you and a select few see. The league will pay you $5,000 a season!  "Looking for athletic, fun minded individuals who want to spice up their lives and play with lovely people."  Information on where to meet and when is the only other info on the site.  You really need the money so you decide to see what it's about.  When you arrive at the address you find large gates which open mechanically for you.  You drive up a long driveway through a forest for at least ten minutes.  When the trees give way you find a huge mansion and a group of handsome men and pretty girls all in their 20's outside on the front porch.  You recognize your friend who is part of the greeters.  They greet you, along with only a handful of others, apparently this is an exclusive league.  Once everyone has arrived they tell you the rules.  This is a chase game.  To win the $5,000 you must outrun the people chasing you and not get caught for an hour.  Men chase the women, women chase the men. You are given a five minute head start.  If you are caught the captor, or captors, gets to ask one sexual favor from you and demand an article of your clothing before letting you go.  If you refuse, you will not get any money.  If you are caught three times you will be forced to become the third captor's slave until dawn to still get your money.  Last chance to leave penniless?  (We can both play multiple characters if you want.  The captors can chase as a group or individuals.  Thanks to Literotica for this lovely idea)

Super-heroes vs. Super-villains
There has always been rumors of secret government experiments carried out on unwilling prisoners at the super-maximum security prison just outside of the large city.  A year ago there was a major explosion at the prison and a large amount of hardened criminals escaped.  Most of the prisoners have been recaptured, and the government claims all have been, but there are a handful of prisoners that haven't been caught.  Ever since that explosion a ring of villains with special super-human powers have terrorized the city.  The police are totally helpless.  In response the government has created a special elite unit of warriors and given them super-human powers as well.  Now it is their job to confront the super-villains and stop them.  There will be times when some super-villains defeat, capture, and take advantage of some of the super-heroes, but also, it can go the other way as well.  (You can use published characters if you desire, but I’ll be using original characters.)

Spy vs. Spy
Two competing nations are at war with each other.  The top spy in one nation is a very handsome male while the top spy for the other nation is a very attractive female.  One captures the other and interrogates them.  Then he or she has his/her way with the other before the other escapes.  Later the tables are turned.  They capture each other again and again and secretly love the sexual exploits between the two of them.  They enjoy it so much that they both, "accidentally" leave the cuffs a little lose so that the other can escape and not get killed as they begin to secretly like each other.  At first they are passionate rivals but after a few encounters where they make each other cum many times, they begin to like each other.  Then through their interrogation of each other they find out that their whole world is in grave danger and they have to band together to stop a worldwide catastrophe.  Will they save the world, will they confess their secret love for each other, or will they be good little soldiers and die where they stand?
(Aspects of femdom/maledom with romance and good fight scenes)

Male Character Possibilities
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