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April 22, 2018, 11:35:53 AM

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Author Topic: The vampire (you) and the thief/assassin (me) (F for M character)  (Read 333 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

This idea can go one of two ways as described below, both involve your character playing a vampire. No Twilight vampires, can't stand them.

The thief- (Can be Medieval or Modern with some minor tweaks)

Money was getting tight and the way things were going in town with the odd jobs paying less and less, Serenity knew she needed to find a place to find a good score... yeah, perhaps life as a thief wasn't the most honorable... but society left her little choice, especially when the rich were holed up in the castles and manor estates without a single care for the commoners that had desperately scrape just to make it another day...

There was one option she had not yet dared to try... the old castle nestled deep in the forest... no one ever dared to go near it, it was rumored to be haunted and those that tried to rob it of it's treasures never made it out alive... but with only a few gold coins left in her pockets, Serenity felt more determined than ever to break into the spooky old castle and help herself to anything valuable she could find... She just didn't bank of the castle not being as empty as everyone thought...

The sole occupant of the castle is watching her as she walks his halls, stealing his belongings... and he likes what he sees...

If the maiden intruder is seeking wealth... he'll give her wealth... and immortality too...

Not a bad deal, right? Especially since he's killed and drained dry anyone else that tried to come stealing...

The assassin- (Can be modern or medieval)

When an assassin is offered large payment for a successful hit on a target, they take the damn job...

She had one job... get in the mansion/castle, eliminate the target and then get the hell out before she was discovered...

What she did not expect was that the target she was supposed to dispose of was a vampire he client owed a vast amount of money to... and he was waiting for her... he knew the individual wouldn't pay up and would likely send an assassin on the due date instead of the cash/coin...

It's not her fault though, as he tells her... she was just doing her job and she just so happens to be luck... he's been thinking about taking a bride and he just happens to absolutely adore strong capable women, her red hair being a bonus... (Or whatever hair color floats your boat best)
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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: The vampire (you) and the thief/assassin (me) (F for M character)
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Seeking a new partner for one of these two story ideas.