Snow White reborn in modern day (F for M character)

Started by LamentingQuill, August 23, 2016, 01:32:30 PM

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What there had been a detail missing from the tale of Snow White... like the queen's son from her previous marriage, just as wicked as his mother... or the fact that Snow White's step brother had lusted after the beautiful princess, which only served to increase the queen's hatred of Snow White that even her own son was not immune to the charms of the princess as fair as snow...

What if after Snow White's happily ever after, when she grew old and died, she was reborn into our modern time as the daughter of an eccentric billionaire with all of her memories from her previous life intact even from the time that she was a small child... her name now, Liliana Snow.

What if at one of her parents big parties at the family estate... she spots a very familiar face... a face that has her blood run cold... it's him... her step brother, the evil queen's wicked son...

Did he have his memories intact as well? Would he recognize her? What would she do if he did? What would he do?!

Who could she turn to for help? Who would believe her? She'd be thrown into the loony bin for sure if she tried to tell people the truth!

Who will the wicked prince be in this new modern age? Will he the child of a billionaire like Snow White? Is he a young  successful entrepreneur (kinda like Lex Luthor)? It's up to you ;)