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Author Topic: Seeking Older Heroines for Various Plots  (Read 615 times)

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Seeking Older Heroines for Various Plots
« on: July 20, 2016, 07:11:54 AM »
Hello all and thanks for looking!

To start off right into the heart of the matter, some of my recent story cravings have been seeking [younger male x older female]1 plots, so this is primarily what this request thread is about.  That said, this request is open to players of any age or gender if they feel comfortable in taking the role of the lead female character.  The realism level can be anywhere between pseudo-historical to high fantasy.  Despite the details, most things are up for discussion.

Please do read through my O/Os (found in my signature) to see if we mesh, and I more than advise to read over some of my previous posts to see if my writing style is okay with you.

1. Lunar's Notes
Just to pen some of my thoughts on certain matter's so potential partner's know where they stand.  If anywhere in this thread you see a word with an asterisk (*), point at it for more info.
  • Older female:  This is more in relation to the male character, but I'm thinking ages of late-20s to mid-30s, or even early-40s.  The most important aspect I'm looking for, though, is mature-mindedness of the character - they've lost the wide-eyed innocence, inured to the pains of heartbreak (potentially more than once) and hardships, and play the game on their own terms rather than hope for a saviour.
  • Younger male:  Similar conception to the above, age ranges are from early- to mid-20s.  The men I have in mind are, for the most part, clever and ambitious, skilled but lack worldly exposure and a fact that they are often sorely aware of.  That said, I loathe to use the word 'precocious' because it smacks reeks of Gary-Stuism - for one thing, I hate 'newbie' characters to overshadow another established person.  I would like to coordinate with my partners to see what works for them.
  • Character Flaws:  Can't understate the importance of the necessity of having these in our characters.
  • Romance:  Whilst I'm looking for romance between the leads, I'm seeing it as a source of conflict as well - I'm not looking for 'smooth sailing'.  Whilst many reasons can be brought the fore, I'm seeing this in terms of conflicts of interests and ambitions.  There is attraction and chemistry, but neither is willing to budge on their long-term goals (at least to begin with, and maybe for a goodly part throughout as well).  I'd prefer there not to be a 'love-on-first-sight' mechanic (lust maybe); they are two people from very different worlds and experiences.  Overcoming those differences is a crucial part of the romance mechanism.
  • Story vs. Smut:  I'd like to prioritise the former over the later - sex happens naturally rather than gratuitously at the drop of a dime.  On topic, relationships between the leads need not be monogamous.  Most importantly, I would like to avoid sex scenes that drag on and on and on... ad some-more infinitum.


Setting: A large archipelago with numerous colonial outposts is dominated by pirate activity, they types of which run the gamut between noble-minded to monsters.  A pirate council with an elected leader, called the Hurricane King/Queen*, who ensures that there is enough cooperation between the different powers that their trade isn't wiped out wholesale by more organised and better equipped military.  It is a cooperation that has been so successful that over the years it has become a political entity in itself and the pirates of the region have grown wealthy and formidable to the point they can land in colonial ports without too much fear of harassment or hanging from the local authorities.  More often than not, governors and military authorities are in their pockets.  It is a situation that has grown intolerable to the mainland powers who have at last at last decided to cooperate and send a military fleet to put an end to the problem.  Organised and dangerous, this fleet threatens continuance of piracy in the region.

True to films like Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates in this setting represents adventure, excitement, and freedom from inflexible bureaucracy.  Chief amongst the pirate council is a group of some of the strongest/most successful pirates captains who can bid for the position of Hurricane King/Queen.  They been living the dream and now all that threatens to come to an end.  Whilst the fleet is small in comparison to the number of pirates, they are highly organised, skilled, and dangerous.  Nevertheless, they comprise of some of the most modern and powerful naval vessels of the time, and if some captain was able to get their hands on them, they would almost certainly be able to claim supremacy in the region and become the next Hurricane Monarch.

One of the rare female captains on the council is clever enough to realise that though the ships are dangerous, without an able commander to put them to good use, they might as well be so much driftwood.  She has a couple of ideas as to who could be in charge of the fleet - the mainland has some admirals famous enough to be known even out here - and if she can convince such a person to join her cause...  Needless to say, as a woman, she has certain advantages over her contemporary male counterparts.

She plans audaciously, intending to show her naval acumen in a pitch battle, possibly sacrificing a ship or two in the process so that she can board the admiral's ship and challenge him to a duel - an man in his fifties or sixties is unlikely to be a match for a ferocious she-wolf of the high seas - upon defeat, she can spare his life, maybe even show mercy, and thus begin the process of winning his respect and, eventually, allegiance.  And if he proves a stubborn old fool... well, life if cheap, especially to a pirate, and the ships will make a fine consolation prize.

Her plan goes off mostly without a hitch, at least until she calls out the commander for a duel and doesn't get the person she's expecting, finding, instead, the King's nephew.  Worse, she's in a trap...

The tone of this setting can be anywhere between Pirates of the Caribbean to Master and Commander.

Seeking: Partner interested in taking the role of the female captain, with a strong will and warrior's disposition.  The ability to play a supporting cast (as will I) would be greatly appreciated.


Setting: The kingdom has been ravaged by a century long conflict.  The nobility weather out the times on the backs of the common people and the soldiery often takes what they want to make the misery of their lives just a little bit better at the expense of others.  People often go hungry in the streets whilst the nobility throw lavish parties with an excess of wasted food.  It's a situation that has to give at some point.

A woman watches the night skies as the establishment opens for business; she's come a long way since the days of wide-eyed innocence when she thought nobles were the greatest people in the world and she now winces at the irony.  As a girl on the streets without recourse to any other profession quickly found herself turned prostitute, first on the streets before being snatched up into a house of ill-repute.  Yet she had more brains than most and was eventually able to make enough money through saving, blackmail, and selling secrets to take over the establishment herself.

From dingy bawdy house, she turned it into successful establishment that posed as a luxurious brothel, but was also secretly the most powerful thieves guild and spy ring in the lands.  Her name became one to be respected in the shadows, and with her newfound power and wealth, she began to improve the lives of her girls, donate money to orphanages, and other acts of charity that could help the common man.  Even so, there was only so much she could do; she was not powerful enough to topple the monarchy, nor had she gained sway over anyone of great influence.

On a night like any other, legion soldiers returned from the front lines, dispersing into town to spend their salaries on street-walkers and whore, whilst the officers sought out more high-class establishments.  Among those who visited her bordello was a junior officer brought in by his seniors to join in the celebrations.  Evidently affluent, she presented the line up of her best, though it seemed to elicit little excitement from him.  Then he asked if he might purchase her company for the night.  It was a rare thing, but not unheard of in her profession, and since he had the looks and the payment offered was not inconsiderable, she decided to humour him in a fit of fancy.  It was a night more passionate and exhilarating than expected, but come the morning, all good things eventually come to an end.

Several months later, she received a request to furnish an upcoming royal masquerade ball with servants and entertainers, presenting her with an oppotunity to access the long coveted courts of nobility.  Overseeing the function herself so as not to miss any opportunities, she is quite surprised when the duke's son is introduced to the guests.  To further her plans, she decides it is an opportunity she can hardly afford to miss.

Seeking: Someone to play the madam of the brothel, who is scheming, worldly and pragmatic, but deep down wants to help the common folk - well intentioned but jaded.  The ability to play a supporting cast (as will I) would be greatly appreciated.


Setting: In the wolf tribe, the alpha male rules supreme and his will is unquestioned in case disorder reigns and weakens the tribe to its enemies.  Even so, there are those who different ways rather than merely cling to old traditions, and when one woman awakens into a werewolf, she uses that power to show that women are every bit as capable as their male counterparts and soundly humiliates the tribes alpha.  Despite this, certain things are too ingrained into the general psyche of the tribe – she is rejected and made pariah.

In scorn or resignation, she leaves everything behind, including family, and goes on journeys far to learn the wisdom of many lands – she is an adventurer, a warrior, a siren, a lover to many men, a priestess, a witch, and a lost soul.  After many years, and a few close calls with death, she feels the pull to return to the grim, misty lands of her birth; perhaps a chance to see it one last time.  In her absence, the wolf tribe has been decimated by its enemies, and pushed from their ancestral lands – her one well-intentioned, yet reckless act, capitalised on by the tribes many enemies who had felt that wolf tribe had grown to strong and too dangerous.

Yet, in her absence, the people had not completely despaired.  The tribe had a new alpha, one who had also received the blessing of the gods.  And now, as word of her return to the lands came to them, he came out to meet her and, as the tribe expected, humble her for her presumed insolence.  Yet the man that comes to her at the head of his warriors is no stranger, but the son she left behind, seemingly a lifetime ago.

Setting Specific Info
Skinwalkers are individuals who use shamanistic magic to change from human form into a specific animal form.  In general, they look human, but have a feral appearance and, occasionally, superficial traits of their animal form.  They also take on the social structure of their animal types.  Skinwalkers used to be human in an age long past, but have subtly shifted since then – now their animal traits are locked and part of their bloodlines – they can only breed true within their own tribe or normal humans (hence a wolfwalker and a bearwalker could never produce offspring.)

Were- creatures are extremely rare, in theory the perfection of the skinwalker's art that merges wo/man and beast; the actual reason why it happens is unknown – perhaps a fluke of genetics, or a (dangerous) blessing of the old gods.  They are usually revered as divine avatars by their local tribe, except in rare circumstances.  More so than skinwalkers, full weres always feel the pull of their animal instincts.  Whilst individuals keep their personalities, everything is seen through a very angry/bloodthirsty tinge (think Hulk, before he had control.)

In this setting, those who become were-creatures have a form of immortality.  Unless beheaded, they cannot be killed unless they are in were form, and anything that would kill them in their human form simply causes them to become inert until the next full moon.  In addition, their aging slows to a crawl, and some weres have been around for centuries.  In were form, they can sustain injuries, but only silver-alloyed weapons can cause significant harm and is actually painful (importantly, it can cut through a were's bone).  The only two ways to kill a were-creature is with silver (or the savagings of another were-creature); impalement of the heart or beheading.

Considerations: I'm thinking that this would generally start out small, focussing mainly on the primary characters of the story at first, before expanding to tribe itself, and then the world beyond.  Alternatively, world-building and scene setting could be done beforehand to give some context to the characters.

Onto another point, I'd like lycanthropy to remain as a curse rather than as a superpower with an inconvenience or two – the classic interpretation; transformation is agonising, happens on the full moon, etc... that said, it could be coaxed out with magic if needed, though it should never be the first solution to a problem.  On the whole, a were-creature isn't an anthropomorphic animal/human hybrid – it's a terrifying and unnatural creature that any sane person would be terrified of (in short, more like this and not like this).

One thing I'd like to emphasise from the beginning of this, is that I'd like characters who are sexual but not licentious – with animalistic instincts, the consideration of sex often tugs on the mind, but not always acted upon for whatever reasons – basically the fight between the animal instinct and the human reason.

I'd like to play the taboo relationship for all its worth, including the guilt in the aftermath.  I'm thinking that as an opening for this, it could begin on a celebratory night after a victory of some type, when passions are running high, inhibitions dulled, and their animal sides more in control of them – as the alpha in the tribe, he is entitled to the best females and she has more than proved her worth, whilst she can sub-consciously sense that he really is the alpha in the truest sense of the word which tempers her fire and makes her receptive.

Seeking: Someone to play the mother werewolf character.


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