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February 27, 2021, 03:04:23 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking GM for Solo (mainly Pathfinder, but D&D 5e or even 4e)  (Read 1112 times)

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Offline Lunar RavenTopic starter

Hello to whoever may peek at this!  I'm currently GMing a few games at present, so my desire to be a player in such a game is at an all time high and I'm looking for GM for a solo game.  I'm most familiar with Pathfinder (and thus 3.5 as well) or Warhammer FRP 2nd Ed, though I can also do D&D 5e as well.  I'd even be willing to do 4e (been a while since I touched those books though).

In particular, some of the Adventure Paths for Pathfinder that interest me (or can be drawn upon for inspiration), which can be done as is or as a melange:
  • Carrion Crown  (Dark setting!  But love the lovecraftian adventure most of all!)
  • Iron Gods (Highest on the want list!  I love the idea of introducing tech to a fantasy world.)
  • Jade Regeant (Sucker for samurai, ninjas, and Asian settings.)
  • Kingmaker (Appeals to my sense of kingdom building and exploration.)
  • Shattered Star (The Shattered Star artifact is one of my favourites and often a central concept to characters I build.)
  • Skull & Shackles (Swashbuckling adventure is always good all round, as well as having moving base.)

I'm a bit more open and would probably prefer a unique setting - it doesn't even have to be all ready and detailed, and we can just make it as we go along.  If you're a new GM wanting to try your skills out, that's fine with me; I've got a lot of working knowledge of the game and can point you in the right direction if needed (and won't try to hijack the game!).  I'm also interested in working through the worlds of Golarion, Faerun, and Eberron for anyone who knows their way around these settings!

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Android, Aasimar, Half-elf, Human, Kitsune, or Tiefling (Half-celestial or half-fiend if available)
  • Class: Kineticist, magus, mesmerist, monk, ninja, slayer, samurai.

I'm not a particularly fussy person and can generally roll with pretty much anything, though I do have a preference for grittier settings/moods.  I'd also like the chance to give Pathfinder's Mythic rules a workout as well (probably helps solo play as well).

Please feel free to get in touch if you think we can hammer something out or have any questions!

Thanks for reading till the end  :-)
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Offline Lunar RavenTopic starter

Re: Seeking GM for Solo (mainly Pathfinder, but D&D 5e or even 4e)
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