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Author Topic: Darkness Desires (M for all)  (Read 1397 times)

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Darkness Desires (M for all)
« on: July 18, 2016, 05:47:12 pm »

Your Daydreams Will Become Your Nightmares

Tired of those stories that you know will have a happy ending? In a mood for the stories where not everyone gets a happy ending? Need your fix of the dark, depraved, and destructive desires? Then this may just be the place for you. I have several plots here that I would love to play out, and hardly any of them will be your typical fantasy. A few things to know before going in to any of these first:

  • I can play any gendered characters; genders in any of these plots can be changed.
  • I am fine with men playing women, women playing men, and all other possibilities; all I care about is the quality of writing and interesting characters.
  • Various details of any plot can be discussed to any extent; I want it to be in a place where both of us can enjoy.
  • I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to quality writing; for most posts, I tend to expect a two-paragraph minimum.
  • Rape, kidnapping, torture, death, mutilation, and other dark, sinister kinks will feature heavily in these plots.
  • I am fine with both PM-based and thread-based RPs.

And with that, here's what's currently going on in my head. If one or more of these strikes your fancy, don't hesitate to PM me and try to set something up!

Non-Con Plots

The Kindly Stranger
Why did it have to be tonight of all nights? It's such an important night, too; your family, friends, and what feels like the world is expecting you to show up, have some fun, but you can't get anywhere with a flat tire. Some bright idea on your part, taking some back woods road to avoid some traffic. You try to call a car service provider, but guess what? No cell phone reception out in the middle of nowhere. What a shock. The pouring rain doesn't help with anything, either. At least there's a side road that seems to lead to someone's house. Best go and see if you can use their phone.

Those hopes are diminished slightly when you head down that road, only to find a house that looks ready to fall apart at any moment, made of what appears to be rotting wood. At least there's a porch with a roof to keep you out of the rain. With nothing to lose, you knock on the door, afraid you'll knock it down with even the slightest of force. Surprisingly, someone does come to the door, and the person greets you with a smile. That person says they'll gladly let you use their phone, though the wind and rain has seem to have knocked out their power. They were just on the way to start up their backup generator, and you will just have to wait on them to do that. All you have to do is sit tight, and just do them a huge favor. Then they walk off, without saying what that favor will be, or wait for you to say that you'll even accept it. What a strange, if not seemingly kind, person living in a strange least the situation is going to be resolved...right?

Questions a character should answer for this plot:
  • Where is it that they're headed to before they get that flat tire?
  • Who exactly is going to be waiting for them when they get there?
  • What's in their possession when they get into the house?
  • How long are they willing to wait before they start exploring the house?

Marked for Death
You have to wonder just what you did to piss someone off. Every day for the past couple of months, you've been getting odd letters. Some have been eerie poems with dark lyrics, others have just been the same word repeated over and over, while another just bluntly states to always be watching your back. You've taken these letters to the authorities, but they aren't able to identify who's been sending them, or just what they mean. They make it clear that someone might be stalking you, so you should take extra care when out alone, saying that you should carry some sort of protection with you. It makes sense, and you've procured some pepper spray, just in case, though you haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary in your everyday life. Maybe it's just some elaborate hoax, or so you've led yourself to believe.

Recently, however, the letters have become more sinister, with the patterns starting to make you realize that your life may be in jeopardy. You've noticed that each letter has had an obscure number on each of them, and those numbers have been counting down with each passing letter. The most recent of letters have had different symbols of death upon them, as well; skulls, graves, scythes, and coffins. You try to tell the authorities that you need police surveillance, but you're told that they need more proof before they can act on any of this. With them turning you down, who can you possibly turn to for help?

This plot can be done in either a modern or fantasy setting; I am fine with either. Tweaks can be made, motivations can be discussed, and NPCs can be added. This one may take a little bit of negotiation and discussion.

The Hidden World
Exploration is your passion. Discovering new and exciting locations has also excited you to no end, much more than settling down and raising a family. Nothing but the great outdoors and natural caverns can hold your interest for long, having spent days, weeks, and even years at a time searching for that one thing no one else could find. How great was it, then, that you were contacted by someone who would pay you to do just that? Not only that, but they had a lead to find a lost civilization  that not even history remembered? Almost too good to be true!

Underneath a vast desert, you and a small team are sent to find any traces of this lost city. With not much to go on, most other team members are skeptical, but you're probably ecstatic beyond belief. Weeks go by, but there seems to be nothing but sand, rock, and darkness. At least the heat isn't bothering you while inside the cavern that led you this far down. That's also not to mention there's almost an endless amount of stories to be told between all the members, not a single one of which has been boring so far. All are at least hopeful of getting a big payoff if and when they do find this proof of ancient life. Little do any of them know what lies ahead of them, and what each of them will have to endure if they have any hopes of returning to the surface alive.

This plot can contain a variety of things. A race of people living underground thought to only exist in fantasy, an ancient civilization thought long extinct actually thriving outside the surface's eye, or bandits secretly operating in the shadows of the underground. This can be negotiated and discussed. A modern, steampunk, or fantasy setting can easily work for this. I plan on kidnapping, enslavement, and forced cultural acclimation to be a heavy theme here, but I am willing to hear some other interpretations to this idea, as well.

The Slave Game
You thought it was just a joke, some kid online getting mad. You've been kicking his ass back and forth across the arena, so it only made sense they were just letting off steam when they sent you that message. "If I win next round, you're my bitch," it read. It made you laugh, and just to humor the poor soul, you even let them win. As you thought, they left when they won, and you hadn't heard from them since then. You just kept living your life, playing games and hanging out. You had even forgotten about that moment after a month had passed.

Then, one day, you were out hitting the bar with some friends, and after they had left, you decided to have just one more drink. You went to pay for it, but apparently someone had already taken the tab for you. More than just a little buzzed, you thought nothing of it and swung that shot down. Shortly thereafter, things went a little hazy, and you couldn't remember a thing afterwards. When you woke up, it took a while to come to your senses, finding yourself upright and unable to move your arms and legs. Eventually, you discovered you were chained to the wall, finding yourself somewhere you didn't recognize. Movement was soon heard after you made this realization, and you turned to see someone you don't remember. "I told you that you'd be my bitch if I won," they then said, and it all came flooding back to you. Turns out, it wasn't a joke after all.

Slave-training, bondage, rape, and Stockholm Syndrome are the name of this game.

This will be updated semi-frequently, as I tend to crave things at the spur of the moment. Check back every so often if you wish; at least once a month, there'll probably be something new.
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