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Author Topic: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)  (Read 674 times)

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Offline CaptainEroticaTopic starter

Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:48:52 AM »
 Legends tell of an outfit crafted by the Gods themselves that would grant the wearer the ability to absorb the sexual energies released during and orgasm. These energies are said to have magical healing properties such as returning the wearer to a virginal state, healing wounds, illnesses and diseases and even de-aging. It a sexual version of the fountain of youth. To prevent the outfit from falling into the wrong hands each of the five sex gods was given a piece of the outfit. Separate the pieces of the outfit only grant minor boons, but together they become a powerful artifact. But this outfit was only a legend, until now.

Recently each of the items has turned up missing and in it's place a treasure map. Now hundreds of brave adventurers and rowdy pirate crews have been scouring the realm searching for these powerful relics. Captain Sarah De'Leon and her crew of hot, sexy pirates have joined in the the hunt. Will they be the ones to find the treasures? And if so will they return them to their rightful owners or use them for their own personal gains?

This will be my third attempt at running this game. The first two tries got off to a great start until real life issues led them to dying out. I am certain that the third time will be a charm. I have also decided to change the story up a bit to hopefully draw in more interests.

SYSTEM: Unlike my first two attempts that use the D20 System, this time around I will be using the Savage Worlds System. If you have never tried it, Savage Worlds is fun, easy to learn and easy to find rules for online. We will start with novice characters. For now anything from the Explorers Edition and the Pirates of The Spanish Main will be accepted as that is the version that I have a copy of. For things like armor the look is purely cosmetic. A chain mail Bikini will offer the same protection as a chain codpiece as a full suit of chain mail.

ChARACTERS Anyone wishing to play a member of the ships crew should submit either a female pirate or a male slave deckhand. You may work with each other to determine if you would like to be the slave of one of the female players, an NPC  female pirate or belong to the whole crew to enjoy.  I am willing to change this if need be, but I like the idea of a female pirate crew who take on sex slaves and put them to work on the ship when they aren't busy below decks tending to their Mistress' needs.

SETTING:Think Cutthroat Island, Pirates of the Carribean, Kull The Conquer, Conan, Red Sonja Scorpion King and The Mummy. You may even see a few aspects of some or all of them in the story. The realms are mostly populated by humans, but there may be a few areas with orcs, giants, trolls and maybe a few Gnolls and lizard men. There may also be a few other surprises but for the most part humans are the dominant species. Magic is sparse and a magical relic should be a prized and coveted possession. There will be sorceresses and the like but they are rare and not as powerful as a typical game. Think Akivasha from Kull, the sorceress from Scorpion King or Imhotep from The Mummy. There will also be a lot of action on the high seas. Sea battles, storms, and maybe even a kraken or two.

The realm is a place where Chain mail bikini's, bare chested men, and monthly town orgies are the norm. Laws regarding sex in public are no existent. However, there art strict laws regarding incest, rape, and sexual assault. Punishment varies from fines, imprisonment or even the loss of ones Sexual Organs. Sex is worshiped here, even the dead spirits occasionally get in on on it, but there are still boundaries.

There will be a few different regions of the realm each with its own culture and style. The southern realm will have a very Egyptian feel to it while the Northern Realm will be more Norse/viking like. The east will be based on Feudal Japan and China. The West Realm will be a mix of Old West-sans gun- and gothic. The Central Region will be the main hub city where all four cultures are blended together. This will also be the starting point.


There are dozens of Gods worshiped throughout the realm with each region having their own set of dieties. As they are not important to the story they will not be determined unless/until they are needed. Feel free to make them up and use them in your posts if you wish, in which case I will note them as canon so that others can use them as well. The 5 Sex gods are worshipped across the realm and play an important part in the story.  They are listed below.

Amoros: God of love and beauty (CG)
   - Possessed the Collar of youth. The wearer of this Collar retains their beauty. In addition each day the wearer has an orgasm they do not age that day.

Serene: Goddess of Virginity and Purity.(LG)
- Possessed the Chastity Belt of Never Ending Virginity. The wearer of this belt is immune to disease and Illness but will never be able to lose her virginity. Once she is deflowered she heals within 24 hours back to a virgin state.

Dominatra: Goddess of Sex and Domination(LE)
- Possessed the Flogger of Exquisite Healing. When struck by this flogger it heals any open wounds and/or illnesses/diseases.

Passionius:  God of Passion and Fertility(CE)
 - Possessed the bracers of Fertility and Stamina. The wearer of these bracers becomes extremely fertile and the ability to literally go all night.

When combined together the wielder becomes immortal and does not age at all in addition to the above abilities.

SEXUAL CONTENT: Obviously this game has a very sexual theme to it. While I fully expect tons of smutt I also have what i hope is a fun and interesting plot to trample through. When a scene begins to bog down the story threads I will move the participants to a new thread with a link in the main post for anyone who wants to check it out. This way the story moves forward and you can have your fun as you see fit. Please try to keep sexual activity within the main threads on the lighter side of things. Once you have your own thread you can get as kinky as you like as long as it doesn't break any site policies.

Story Updates: Story updates will be a bit random. I will let things play out until it feels like the right time to move things forward. Combat will by necessity be updated faster than downtime.

If I get at least 4 people interested I will run it. I will accept a max of 8. Sorry, but more than that just gets too bogged down. If there is enough interest I may run a second group.
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Offline Hobbes1266

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2016, 12:24:59 PM »
Sounds really interesting to me, right now I'm trying to think up a concept for a half human half something, if that's alright.

Offline A Person On A Computer

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2016, 01:09:22 PM »
Hmm.  Interesting.  So, I'm trying to get a feel for the setting you have in mind.  I've read what you wrote, but I'm trying to take the less well-trodden path here and not go with just the bare-chested, monster-cleaving, manly man.  Would a charmer work for this setting?  Have been thinking up a man who hops in and out of bed with women, using sex as a ritualistic fuel for his strength.  I know magic isn't supposed to be ultra-strong in this setting, but would it be usable as a ritualistic power up?  I prefer to play him as more of a lover not a fighter, more willing to talk his way out of a problem than smash it, but will smash when necessary.  He'll just need to find someone to top off his libido meter later! 

Offline CaptainEroticaTopic starter

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2016, 05:01:19 AM »
 Just a heads up I made some changes to the story idea.

@Hobbes: I liked the character, but was hoping to keep everyone stock human. Also with the story changes he would need some changes in order to fit.

@A Person: The idea is interesting, but especially now with the changes to the story I don't see it working for this.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
NAME: Captain Sarah De'Leon
AGE: 32

STATS:Each stat starts at D4. You have 5 points to increase your stats. 1 point increases the stat by 1 die code up to 1d12.

CHARISMA: 0 0 +/- Edges/Hinderences   PACE: 6 movement. All character start with a base of 6.
PARRY: 6 Target number to hit you. = 2+1/2 Fighting  TOUGHNESS: 5 =2 +1/2 Vigor +any torso armor.
SKILLS:You have 15 points for skills skill has a linked attribute. It cost 1 point / die code up to the linked attribute and 2 points/ after that. 
Boating D8
Fighting D8
Gambling D4
Guts D4
Healing D4
Investigation D4
Notice D6
Persuasion D4
 Shooting D4
Streetwise D4
Swimming D4
Taunt D4

EDGES/HINDERENCES: May take 1 Major (2points) and 2 Minor (1 point each) Hinderences. You may then spend those points as follows.
2 Points: increase a Stat by 1 die code or choose an Edge
1 Point:Gain 1 Skill Point or +500 starting funds.

Enemy (Major): Previous owner of the Sea Wench.
Cocky: (Minor)
Trouble Magnet (Minor)


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Offline Hobbes1266

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2016, 09:57:04 AM »
I was hoping a half human could be let slip in but if you would like she could be out of the roleplay, I understand. I believe she could still work in the new story if she were allowed.

Offline CaptainEroticaTopic starter

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2016, 04:37:11 PM »
I'll take another look if/when this gets more interest. So far only one other person has expressed interest.

Offline RPG33K

Re: Stolen Virginity (Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: July 06, 2016, 05:52:14 PM »
I may be interested. Searching for a group RP to join and this would be my first group game on this site. Although I have a lot of group experience on another site it was a sandbox with a VERY different setting.