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Author Topic: To the victor goes the spoils (M seeking F) EX/NC  (Read 601 times)

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To the victor goes the spoils (M seeking F) EX/NC
« on: June 21, 2016, 12:33:30 PM »
I was watching a boxing film the other day and as I saw the ring girl walking across the ring with the round number... I suddenly had this idea.

”I’ll be gone for a month it says. So you’ll just have to survive without me.”
]”A month? What the hell Stacey? Couldn’t you have told me that sooner? It starts in an hour? I would never have put you forward, if I’d known you’d be gone a month? What the fuck… And why do you have to stay away? The club is only a few blocks away? What the hell am I going to do?”
”That’s your problem. I’ll be living it up with the other girls I imagine. And you know the rule. If there’s a anyone there that can give me or help me get a contract? Then I’m going to give them the ride of their life… as for you Mike? You’ll just have to jerk yourself off for a month. Anyway. It was you that sent my pics in… without my permission I might add… so you only have yourself to blame. So just fucking deal with it and stop whining. You know I’ve always wanted this. And if holding a board with a number on it in the air, wearing a tiny bikini, while two guys kick the fucking crap out of each other, is going to get me more work? Then that’s what it takes.”
That had been the last conversation Stacey had shared with her boyfriend before they left for the first night of her exciting new job. It had been him that sent her pictures to the “club” after he had apparently seen an ad looking for “Sexy ladies to dazzle the crowds” hanging in their local bar. And although it wasn’t a place either of them had been, everyone in the city knew of the “club”. Underground, illegal fights took place every week and they were apparently absolutely brutal. Nearly everyone in their circle of friends knew of someone who had fought there and it rarely ended well.
However, just like the glitzy boxing matches you would see on T.V. The insalubrious club had girls come in the ring before fights, between rounds and at the end once one of the fighters had been announced victorious. And that was exactly what Stacey had been given the opportunity to do.
With a body and general appearance that she managed to always dress up to look like one hell of a slut. Stacey’s entire existence was merely to fulfil the one and only dream she had in her life.
To become famous!
It didn’t matter if she was a glamour model in dirty magazine, a porn star in the filthiest movie you could think of, a contestant on a quiz show or even lowering herself to go on reality television show! The girl didn’t give a crap. She just wanted her face (and whatever else needed to be included with it) out there in the public domain. 
Therefore when the “club” got in touch and commented on how much they adored her look? She was initially very confused. But after the grinning Mike had rather cheekily explained what he had done. Stacey was beyond excited.
“We want to make her a star of the club.”
That’s all it had taken for her to say yes. Being the person she was, meant that she couldn’t possibly conceive that they may have merely been telling her what she wanted to hear. Never did it occur to her that there was something odd about how they automatically put her in the main event on her first night after seeing her once. “They loved me!” She had run out exclaiming to an excited Mike after the first and only meeting.
And that had been a week ago.
Now was fight night and much to Stacey’s enjoyment and sense of drama. The owners of the club had kept her hidden in the back, away from all the other girls and the ring. “So we can keep you a surprise until the main event. We don’t want to give away just how hot the new girl is before we have to, do we sexy Stacey?” She had instantly been sold of course. The more than a little inappropriate pet name was of also a hit with the young woman. Little did she know it was all a ploy. 
But she would soon.
Parading down the clear aisle that led to the blood stained ring, the practically naked Stacey sashayed down like she was born to do it. Lapping up every cheer and wolf whistle with a cheeky wink and winning smile. She worked her ass and tits like never before. Swaying and squeezing them, she looked incredible. That was until she reached the ring.
Catching her stiletto heels as she walked through the opening in the surrounding cage, the poor woman fell face first onto the hard mat. However, as the consummate professional she had always dreamed of being. She merely got up, brushed herself off and smiled cheekily at the roaring crowd before leaving the ring and taking the empty seat beside her boyfriend and her best friend. Both of whom had come to give their moral support after the club had offered her two complimentary tickets for the evening.
Not that she needed the support of course. But any chance to make her boyfriend feel jealous and rub her friends face in the fact that she was being recognised for being “hot” was always worthwhile for Stacey.
At no point did the fact that there were no other girls like her around the ring get noticed. At no point did she look at the boards the crowd were holding that might have tipped her off. At no point did Stacey think that any of the cheering was for anything other than how gorgeous they all thought she was.
But how wrong she was.
What Stacey did see however, was the monster of a man, who was the biggest human being she had ever seen in her entire life. Demolish the poor guy that despite looking pretty big as he had walked past Stacey with a huge grin on his face as he looked her up and down; appeared tiny next to the behemoth he was fighting. 
Almost slipping on the pools of blood that were smeared across the mat between rounds, Stacey felt a mixture of relief and annoyance at only having 2 opportunities to show off her voluptuous figure. However, even the highly self-involved woman could appreciate that the fight really shouldn’t carry on. But at least when the winner was announced and after the ring was hastily (and somewhat confusingly to Stacey) mopped up, she could do her thing once more. To go and “celebrate with the winner” as she had been so vaguely instructed by her boss before sending her down the aisle prior to the fight.
The moment her ass was in the ring, the door was hastily slammed shut with an enormous “bang” behind her. Followed rather disconcertingly by the distinct sound of a key being turned in the lock; trapping her inside. But hell bent on trying to prove she was the best ring announcer girl ever in existence. She didn’t let it faze her. Neither did she let the intense stare of the monster in the middle of the ring unsettle her. Instead she ran straight up to him, like a giddy school girl, with tits bouncing so wildly they could have burst out of the tiny bikini at any moment and futilely attempt to wrap her slender arms around his thick waist, squeezing herself against his unyielding torso.
At this point, everything changed. The cheering of the crowd almost universally stopped. Only a hushed laughter and the soft moans of an obviously aroused woman could be heard as she peered up into the unrelenting stare of the fighter. Who she very suddenly didn’t want to be near. However, as she turned round to look to her boyfriend for the support she so desperately needed. What she saw, took her breath away. Because there on the seats, right outside the ring, was her boyfriend and her best friend, fucking each-others brains out, right in front of her.
”I think you just got dumped.”
The deep rumbling voice was right next to her ear and that meant only one thing. It meant that she needed to run.
But Stacey wasn’t fast enough.
An enormous arm thrust out and caught her like she was nothing. A massive hand wrapped practically around her complete waist as he dragged her back towards him. Pressing her back against his powerful body, she could feel the sheer size of the biggest man she had ever laid eyes on behind her. Everything about him was larger than life. And as his hand shifted to her slender wrists? Pulling them high above her head; the monster turned to the assembled crowd and asked a question that sent a mind numbing wave of fear trembling through her entire body.
”What do you think, mouth or cunt first?”

Ideas for Stacey

Ideas for fighter

Contact me by PM if you're interested in playing Stacey (name not fixed!) and her adventures as a ring girl in the illegal fighting circuit. Where the victor claims all the spoils.
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