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Author Topic: Some naughty ideas and some very naughty ideas (M for F)  (Read 974 times)

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Some naughty ideas and some very naughty ideas (M for F)
« on: December 06, 2014, 04:42:44 AM »
Hello and welcome to my ideas thread. Below are a number of my devilishly naughty thoughts for RP's and I hope that they take your fancy. If so, then just send me a PM and we can talk it through.

So please. Sit back, relax and take a quick look at my ideas...

New idea under construction:High school dreams

Grace Everson









Main characters:
Amber Pollard aka: Miss Pollard, Miss P, Miss huge tits and finally Sex kitten (solely by Carl Harmon)
Amber is the youngest teacher on staff and, it has to be said, also the most gullible. Despite her incredible looks now, she was in fact an extremely “late bloomer” ass it wasn’t until half way through her time at College that she fully developed into the breathtakingly sexy woman she is today. But unlike so many other ugly ducklings that turned into swans, she never got the chance to explore her new found looks in her formative years because she was too busy. Also, it had reached a point in college that her class were so entrenched in their cliques that she could have been voted sexiest woman on Earth and the guys would still have referred to her as “the plain one”.
This meant that her sexual awakening didn’t really occur until she was slightly older. Although, that isn’t to say that she doesn’t like sex… because she does… in fact to say she merely “liked” sex would be misleading. Amber Pollard, loved sex. To the point where she could easily be considered to be a complete nympho? Something that the guy she has desperately been trying to start dating, really enjoys. However, this proclivity and desire for sex has led Miss Pollard into some situations she perhaps should have known better than to get into.
For example, last year a student managed to convince her that it was absolutely necessary for her to jerk him off because of a “swelling” (yep he really did, and she completely believed him). This then degraded quickly into her being made to believe that she should use her lips (because it would be quicker) and then finally she ended up fucking him right there on his desk after class. Because by then she had realised it was too late and she was horny as hell, so she might as well enjoy herself too. And after reading that, you won’t be surprised to hear that there had been other students had managed to manipulate her into having sex with them. Although the biggest manipulator of Miss Pollard of all? Well that title was shared between both Mr Harmon, the man whom she desperately wanted to have a relationship with. And Ms Everson… her head teacher.
The most recent situation Amber found herself in was only the previous day. Carl had asked if she would mind helping out with the sex ed class that he was taking. Of course, being the helpful colleague and always willing, friend with benefits that she was. Amber had immediately offered her assistance without even asking what it was she had agreed too.
Let’s just say that the video the class are going to watch in class will star a couple of very eager students, a blatantly shocked, but highly aroused Miss Pollard and a very amused Mr Harmon.  There had even been an extra bit of film made because the cheerleader who had taken over filming while Mr Harmon got involved asked if she could contribute to the class? And who was Mr Harmon to object? The fact that he got to have a threesome with the hottest teacher and sluttiest student in school obviously had nothing to do with it. Honestly.
Oh and Amber is also the swimming coach at her school and yes, Mr Harmon and Ms Everson actually managed to convince her that the bikini she is wearing in the picture above. Was the coach’s uniform.
Gregory Fields aka: Greg, Geek, Nerd and Speccy four eyes
The hero of our story is young Greg Fields. He is your typical, run of the mill quiet teenager who wears glasses. Most of what you see is what you get with Greg. Attractive, kind, friendly and overall good guy, he had floated towards the bottom of the social hierarchy in school over the years. Largely because he really didn’t care much about how other people saw him. The pleasant and always calm young man was more than comfortable in himself. He knew what he liked and why should he hide it? Yeah, that might have left him wide open to ridicule and the occasional wedgie from the jocks. But on the whole, his friendly personality meant that he had survived high school without being molested too badly. But unfortunately that went for the girls too.
Just like every other 18 year old man, Greg was horny as hell. And just like all those other guys, he was crushing hard on various different girls. The first was his very best friend Charlotte. She was very much like him, just a female version. And he seemed to be the only one in school that noticed just how hot she was. Then there was the standard school boy crush on the head cheerleader Tori. However, in a bizarre twist Tori is a truly friendly young woman. Granted she is a raging nymphomaniac. But we all have our vices. However, his final and hardest crush of all… was his English teacher Miss Pollard. She was without doubt the most attractive woman Greg had ever laid eyes on. He had even joined the swim team in a rather unsubtle attempt at spending more time with her. However, her rather revealing uniform meant that he was forced to spend a lot of time underwater so that it wasn’t obvious he was aroused every time he laid eyes upon her.
One little factoid that no one in school knew about Greg yet however, is that he has the biggest cock in school. And he isn’t a little bit bigger than the person in second place. He’s genuinely stacked in the dick department. Soon though, someone is going to find out and they are going to launch Greg into the stratosphere of the school hierarchy. And even Miss Pollard will be paying very close attention to him.
Carl Harmon aka: Mr Harmon, Sir, Carl and also Stud by Mrs Everson who enjoys being dominated by her popular Phys Ed teacher
Carl is a nice guy at heart. However, women have a tendency to fall at his feet. First it was Amber, then it was Grace (Ms Everson) and then there is all the students that always manage to find a way of getting their hands down his shorts. All of the amorous attention he has received over the years has unfortunately made the charming Mr Harmon slightly cocky. But who can blame him when he has so many opportunities to have these sexy women?
He enjoys getting Amber and Grace to do things that they might not ordinarily do. Although he has a sneaking suspicion that Grace would do just about anything. But she puts on a very convincing act that she is only doing the things he makes her do to please him.
Ms Grace Everson aka: Ms Everson, Boss, Grace and also “My little fuck toy” by Carl
Grace is the youngest head teacher in the district. She works hard but plays even harder. If it hadn’t been for Miss Pollard, she would have been the hottest woman in the school. However, the younger woman leaves her wanting in just about every area. However, Grace can seduce any man she pleases when she puts her mind to it. And Carl was no exception. He just needed to know that he could have her as his submissive little plaything and he was hooked. Poor little Amber has no idea about their “arrangement” but she does know that her and Carl sleep together. Because they have had threesomes together and Grace loved it. Especially when Carl fucked the little goody two shoes in the ass while she licked her dripping pussy. Amber screamed so loudly with pleasure, they very nearly got caught by Greg Fields who happened to be on his way to the library.
On the whole though, Grace loves her job and would do anything for her team. She is a great leader and has the respect of both staff and students.
Brad Freeman and Trent Matthews aka: jocks, bro’s and cheerleader fuckers (no one said that highchoolers gave each other original nicknames)
These guys are the original jocks in their school. Whatever sport they put their hand too, they succeed. The guys want to be them and the girls want to fuck them, which they do. However, although Brad should in theory get to have Tori as his girlfriend… the head cheerleader wasn’t one to be tied down… well, unless s it meant literally being tied down… but that is another story. So he was forced to look to the next girl in the cheerleader pyramid Mary. Who was equally hot, but had been dating Trent for quite a while. However, a compromise was made… and well, lets just say that Mary walks around school with a large grin on her face every day of the week. Because if she isn’t with one of her “men” then she’s with both.
Tori Jennings aka: The slut
As head cheerleader and perceived as being the hottest girl in school. Tori can have her pick of the guys. And she does. But don’t think they are just students. Oh no. Mr Harmon has spent many a detention making sure that this young woman was properly dealt with. There had even been a few fun times where Ms Everson helped educate her too.
Tori will be the one to find out about Greg’s extra special gift. A gift that will even manage to focus her incredible libido on one man, but will he want to be just with her?
Mary Cumming aka: Double teamer
Mary was never truly happy about playing second fiddle to Tori and the day that Brad and Trent agreed to share her was the day in her eyes she shot above her best friend. Although will she live to regret that decision when Greg appears on the scene with his eye watering schlong?


This is kind of your classic; nerdy student with big cock falls for and seduces hot young teacher after the whole school finds out he’s absolutely massive. But with a few extra fun bits along the way. Said teacher is a raging nympho with a self esteem issue that will do just about anything, for just about anyone if they can even half convince her that it will be good for them. And yes, that’s them. Not her.
When she discovers her favourite student is in fact “hung” and has managed to rocket up the school social hierarchy; she intends on doing nothing more than being a friend and helping him navigate this new and exciting life. However, unsurprisingly the pair end up hooking up after an ill-conceived discussion about who Greg had a crush on. She had hoped to give him pointers about how to approach these previously unassailable women. However, when he mentioned her as one of them? Things went down a path she hadn’t ever intended… even if she had secretly wished them too.
Despite a valiant attempt by Greg to remain the same person he had been while the whole school didn’t know he existed? The lure, power and fame which came with his new position had quite an affect upon him. And, the more he began treating the incredible Miss Pollard like an object he had obtained… the more she began to enjoy it. And the more she enjoyed it? The more he realised that he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it.
Interesting side stories to possibly involve:
Charlotte who is Greg’s best friend gets dragged along in his wake. Starting off as a silent nobody, she has desperately wanted to be his girlfriend for years, but their overwhelming shyness has meant neither ever said anything. However, after seeing how all the other slutty girls manage to have a piece of the man she wanted for so long? She becomes one herself and manages to insert herself into Greg’s relationship with Miss Pollard. And even though she sometimes feels like a third wheel? She happily gets the man she has always wanted… and Amber is damn hot too.
However, on the flip side; Tori, who is renowned for getting anyone she wants and breaking heart after heart because she is simply unwilling to ever settle down with one boyfriend. Becomes obsessed with Greg and desperately wants him to be with her and only her. Only to be used and then kept dangling. Exactly as she did with all those others that were obsessed with her.

You mean we could have been doing that the whole time? EX

A young attractive couple start to see each other. The spark between them is there from the very first moment and the sex is absolutely great. Both are having a fantastic time. But both aren't being completely honest with each other. Keeping their deepest fantasies hidden from the other, they don't have a clue that they are literally perfect for each other.

For such a long time she wanted to be used and abused by a man who would do absolutely anything he wanted to her. And she would be happy with absolutely anything happening to her. However, following a bad experience of sharing her little secret with a friend... she has kept it hidden and accepted the fact that she will only ever have a vanilla sex life. Whereas her new boyfriend has a similar secret. He would love to do every dark little thing that floats around in his dirty mind.

The story will obviously move towards them finding each others secret. However, it could be done in one go after they stumble across it. Or progressively as they explore each other a bit more and begin to push boundaries and realise that the the other person doesn't seem to have any.

The Bully

A married man runs into the guy who bullied him throughout high school. Thinking that things were different after getting jobs and having more experience under their belts, he could never be more wrong. Instead of making amends and burying the hatchet; things are exactly the same as they were before.

In a somewhat misguided attempt to help her husband, his wife embarks upon her own way of putting this bully in line. However, what started out as something quite innocent quickly deteriorates into her becoming ensnared in an affair she neither expected to happen... or ever thought she would relish.

The bully is as ruthless with her as he is with her husband. Yet she can't help going back for more, no matter what he does to her.

Slave girl: Taken
The slave girl

Anje was born in a country where all she had to look forward to was an arranged marriage or slavery. However, her loving parents had saved and saved their entire lives and had managed to buy her passage across the Ocean to the free world. However, the so called free world didn't work out to be very "free".

Within hours of her getting off the boat she met him. Charming, friendly and with more money she had ever seen; Anja thought her dreams had all come true. However, as she took a sip of her drink he bought for her it was too late. The drugs hit her system immediately and by the time she woke up, she was encased in chains and being bought by a very scary looking man.

I would like this to a fairly extreme slave/owner RP. Initially she will be completely free from tattoos. He will have her covered in designs as a mark of his ownership.

The personal trainer

Enrico was the personal trainer that everybody wanted. His waiting list was 12 months long and only if he deemed a person "acceptable" would he actually consent to work with them. Even then his treatment of his customers was horrific. He would belittle them and yell at them openly. Whether it was in the gym he used, or even in their own home. It didn't matter; he treated them all equally badly.

For some reason, this made him absolutely irresistible to his female clients. It started as a one off after a particularly degrading session with an incredibly hot client. Half way through the set she had begged him to use her. After a while he noticed the tells of those women he could use. Needless to say that within a few months 99% of all his clients were women and of those... there weren't many that he hadn't had.

One of those few, was Sophia:

She and her husband had just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and he had managed to convince Enrico to give her a few sessions. Sophia was fit, she always had been, but she wanted to run a half marathon and the training session would help her complete her goal. However, never did she believe that it would be a man like Enrico that would be the one to do it. He was awful. Mean. Cruel. But she also thought he was the sexiest man she had ever seen. During their very last session together... things become a little more intimate than she anticipated. His immensely cocky attitude brought her under his spell, and in no time at all this plain vanilla girl was performing acts that she had only ever seen in "those" films.

Ex Appeal

A couple who have been happily married in domestic bliss for 5 years suddenly break up, and it's all because one of her ex's appears in her life again. Nothing had happened between them. But one night when the doting husband invites this stranger from his wifes past into their home for a meal, the ex begins to spill all sorts of secrets about her life. In her married life she is quiet, sedate and very vanilla. However, this man tells tales of the smuttiest type and the husband becomes more and more jealous and annoyed that she doesn't offer this part of her to him.

But the fact is, he was too much of a nice guy. Which she loved about him. However, the ex is stirring all kinds of forgotten emotions and her old sexual appetites are returning with a vengeance. When the husband walks out, she inevitably finds herself seeking out the arms of the only man who had ever truly pleased her. Sliding easily into a world of smut, she finds herself under the complete dominance of a man she suddenly realises she has missed more than she could ever have thought. 

I see the opening scenes of this RP being the evening in the marital home. Where the ex partner will start innocently reminiscing. Not aware that the life he shared with his ex was completely different to the one she leads now.

This RP is going to be smut heavy, and I'm looking for someone open to many different kinks and ideas on how they can pleasure each other.

Slutty psych proffessor

So I have been having this idea for a while now, and I really can't get it out of my head so I thought I would throw it out there and see if i got a response!

The premise:

The main female character is a young college lecturer. She is smart, beautiful and above all a major slut. Her classes are legendary throughout the university because she not only allows, but encourages people to explore each other while she imparts her knowledge to them. One day she decides to conduct a little experiment of her own. Planning a lecture on how men are nothing but sexual toys for the benefit of women, who certainly control the stakes in the game of sex, she also chooses to dress the part as well. Wanting to see and hear how both sexes react to the potentially provocative subject, she wonders how her attire will add to the flavour.

Knowing that every male eye (and some female) will have just one thought on their naughty little minds about her. She wants to try and push them into a reaction. A lively debate is always good for education. Even if the subject she chose isn't one that she necessarily believes. It will still be fun to explore. Which is why she set up many cameras all around the room before the class started.

However, she never counted on him

Taking her class for no other reason than to fuck the lecturer, he had heard enough. Standing at a little over 6ft 6in tall, his very presence was domineering and sometimes terrifying to many people he met. With a quick agile mind that didn't suffer fools gladly, there was nothing about this man that made him anyones toy. He took what he wanted, when he wanted and he was going to show her that here and now.


Ideally I would like a writing partner who didn't mind playing two female parts. Because I would like to add a little twist to this little idea: Amongst the students is another slutty little minx who is there with her boyfriend and friend. However, seeing the man mountain make his way down to the little bitch of a professor, she knows exactly what is going to happen before anyone else does. And she wants in. The guy was someone she had kept her sights on all year, and there would be nothing better than to try and help someone bring down the woman who stood before them twice a week eye fucking every man in the room a peg or two. So turning to her friend and asking her to distract the boyfriend for a while (with a wink and a casual placement of her hand on his crotch) she gets up and joins the fun that has just started in front of the whole class.

If you are interested, then please PM me and we can go from there!

The real reason Mrs Claus stays at home on Christmas Eve
The real reason Mrs Claus doesn't go with santa on Christmas Eve, is because she can't be trusted. Which is exactly the same reason that they set up shop in the North Pole. She is a complete nympho and wouldn't think twice about cheating on her hubby. After all, the fat old man isn't the same person she met all those years ago and he just can't fulfill her needs anymore.

But as he keeps her trapped on the North Pole, the only people she has for company are the elves. The men of course are all small and insignificant and none of them would ever dare to fuck the big guys wife. Sometimes the girl elves provided some entertainment, but even that was boring without a man around.

Unbeknown to Mrs Claus, Santa or any of the elves. One of the worlds most feared criminals has been deposited in the North pole to die. The North pole was chosen because everyone knew that no-one lived there, and the environment was too much for one man to survive alone. However, as he stumbled through the unforgiving and painful cold, our criminal stumbles across Santas village. Racing through door to find life saving warmth and nourishment, he finds himself surrounded by the more than welcoming embrace of Mrs Claus (and an elf or two) who is in desperate need of some special attention.

A twisted family tale (Taken)
The Montane family had lost it's father and husband. Brian had died, leaving behind his twins Alan and Amy who had adored him and his late wife Julie his high school sweet heart. There love story had been doomed from the very beginning. She had been just another teenage girl getting pregnant, and it was assumed that Brian would leave her and follow his promising College career. But they had surprised everyone by staying together and making their family work. Being so young meant that they shared a wonderful relationship with their children. But that had now come to an end.

The twins had dealt with the grief in very different ways. Alan had slowly become more and more introvert at school, focusing his whole attention on trying to fill the gap his father left behind as the head of the house hold. Amy seemed to become increasingly reliant on her twin brother. Seemingly unable to function without him being close to her. Developing an unhealthy appreciation for him as a man, and not as her brother.

Quickly, Alan begins to understand the power he has over his sister. Demanding greater and greater things from her, they soon become lovers. However, that is not the end game for Alan. Instead he is looking for absolute control over someone, and he sees his power over Amy as a way to get it. Asking her to bring their mother to him and assist him in making her his pet. She is more than happy to drug Julie, tie her up and offer her up just as Alan had asked.

Initially the abuse that her children are inflicting upon her is horrendous. But very quickly, Julie begins to enjoy the complete lack of control in her life. Happily acknowledging Alan as her master, things can start to become a lot more fun as both women begin to vie for his affections.

Gym bunny (Taken)
We have all seen them. Those people that joined a gym to help keep themselves in shape to ensure their partners are still interested in them. Tightening up those bodies that they had so casually let go of in domesticated bliss. This story follows one such lady. Wanting to keep her wonderful hubby keen and their relationship alive with passion, she joins her local gym. Months go by and she begins to love the endorphin surge after a good work out. So something that began as a one or two time a week thing... had turned into an every day of the week habit.

Inevitably she began to notice other benefits of becoming a genuine gym addict. There was a whole new world of fit muscular men who vied for her attention. Flirting outrageously with them, there had even been a few times that things almost went too far. But she had always managed to cool things down just in time. However, the day was coming when she would get a private session with the owner of the gym. A strong, powerful, dominant and most of all sexually aggressive man who is used to getting what he wants. And this man was not one she was going to deny.

They have free reign of a gym full of equipment, sauna, steam room, swimming pool and all sorts of other places they can explore each others bodies. Where her husband will never find her.

Real life sex doll (Taken)
Whoever said crime didn't pay, didn't know what they were talking about.

Mark and Amy Carmont are the married couple at the head of one of the most powerful (and therefor dangerous) criminal organisations in the world. There was nothing that went on in the cities they controlled, without them getting a cut. But sometimes the nature of their business meant that people owed them a lot of money and on some of those occasions, these people couldn't afford to pay it back.

This was exactly the type of situation that Amy particularly enjoyed. Because her and her husband worked on the premise: don't sweat the small stuff, because the big stuff can be used to extort exactly what you want out of those that owe you. One such unlucky individual was Marcus Taylor. His unfortunate habit of losing at poker, and an eve more unfortunate drug habit left him and therefore his family (or more precisely his new doting wife) in the debt of the Carmonts. Which is not a place any sensible people want to be. Because they had a reputation for demanding payment in very unusual ways.

On this specific occasion, Amy Carmont didn't want to break any bones or sell the virtues of Marcus or his wife to the highest bidder. Instead, she wanted to give her husband something that money couldn't buy. A living sex doll. The deal that was made with Marcus was that his wife would move into the Carmont mansion and become her and her husbands sex doll. To be dressed up and used however, they desire.

This story can lend itself to all sorts of kinks. If you are interested then just let me know how depraved, brutal or kinky you want to go and we can go from there.

When the wife is at away. Husband and nurse can play

This RP is a simple one. A husband has an accident that means he can't work for a significant amount of time. The wife has a good job, so it was cheaper to get a nurse to stay with him during the day while she was out, rather than her losing out on any salary. I had an idea that the nurse could be the sister of the wife? Therefore she may have heard some stories from the wife about her husbands sexual exploits and preferences.

What starts out as an innocent relationship, quickly changes the day comes face to face with his massive member. This is the moment that she uses every trick in the book to seduce him. This is ultimately achieved when she realises that a slutty nurses outfit would get her the attention that she wanted (which could have come from an off hand comment from his wife).

As his nurse, she would of course provide his body with all its physical needs. Whatever they may be.

Robyn Hood is a girl?

In this reality Robyn Hood is actually a very sexy young woman. The daughter of a nobleman who tried to stand up to the all powerful Sheriff of Nottingham. Robyn was forced to leave her home and spend her days leading a group of bandits. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Unfortunately, in a world where the powerful men become powerful by fighting their way to the top. A small group of bandits is nothing but an inconvenience easily sorted.

Leading a small group of men, the sheriff makes short work of the bandits. Upon discovering that Robyn is a young woman, the sheriff kidnaps her and introduces Robyn into a world of a depraved slavedom. Used by himself and perhaps some others in his court, the sheriff is hell bent on using her until he feels she has paid off her debt to him and society.

Asian girl fantasy

Dominic Hamilton got on the same bus at the same time every day. He rarely looked up from whatever book he as reading on any given day. However, every now and then he would take a look at the strangers who shared his morning commute.

His friends could never understand why he didn't have a girlfriend. Tall, dark, handsome in a kind of geeky hipster way. Yet they had only known him to ever talk of one girl. Unfortunately Miyako had needed to move back to Japan to look after her parents and although they had discussed a long distance relationship. It simply hadn't worked.

However, on one of the days he looked up at his fellow passengers he spotted her. An Asian beauty like he had never seen before. Plucking up the courage to talk to her, they had chatted and laughed all the way along the route. Feeling more than a little disappointed at needing to get off first, however, after establishing that she would indeed be on the bus that evening and the same time tomorrow... and every day after that. He got off with a broad grin on his lips.

That day seemed to last forever. Dominic sat at his desk counting the seconds until he would see the elegant beauty once again. And when he hopped on the bus, he wasn't disappointed.

Despite him and Miyako splitting up, they did sometimes flirt with each other every now and then with downright dirty texts. Not only that, but before she had left, she had given Dominic a gift in the form of a message alert. It was in her native language so the chances of anyone knowing what it said were miniscule. Apart from that moment.

"Oh Dominic. Please let me suck on your huge white cock. You know I am your little Geisha girl. To do with as you please."

The words burst from his phone as the message arrived. His face instantly flushed red, and so did hers. Because she had understood every word. Yet instead of being disgusted or moving, she gave him a sly smile and said...

"I was wondering when I would find out your name. So is it true what your little Geisha girl says about you? Or will I just have to find out for myself?"

This RP would be about them exploring each other and his preference for submissive Asian women who are content in existing to pleasure him. There are a few different ways this could go and I am happy to discuss whichever you believe would fit.

Alternatively, I have come across some fantastic pics that I think are incredible. Perhaps an RP could be created around them?

Let me know if you have any ideas:


Well I hope there is something that you like. And even if something takes your fancy, but you would like to tweak it slightly, then get in touch. I'm open to ideas and changes to the above if I think they will work.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Re: Some naughty ideas... some really naughty ideas (M for F)
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New plots added.

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Added new ideas and pics.

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Re: Some naughty ideas and some very naughty ideas (M for F)
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Added new idea

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Re: Some naughty ideas and some very naughty ideas (M for F)
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Added ideas.