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June 13, 2021, 12:34:08 pm

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Author Topic: Frostmarch: The Heart of Winter (Interest Check)  (Read 407 times)

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Frostmarch: The Heart of Winter (Interest Check)
« on: June 14, 2016, 11:03:32 pm »
Hello all, I have had an idea for a setting rattling around in my head for a while, and the more I defined the setting, the more I kept thinking, "Yeah, this could work as an RP." So here it is.

(Before going any further, here is a brief setting overview I typed out outlining the various factions in the world:

This story will be set just after a major declaration of war between the Empire of Daneheim, Kingdom of Stormrest, and Tsardom of Draven. The realms of men are on the brink of destruction, as war ravages through the land. Schatia tentatively allies itself with Daneheim, Zeleva and Draven have put their differences aside for just long enough to beat back Stormrest, Stormrest consolidates its forces to fight on two fronts, Skrunitoft remains neutral in the war and just continues to raid villages and ships, and the Elves of the Gael'Lithwyn have begun to amass a mighty fleet to sail west to conquer Stormrest and Draven. And while the Third War of the Kings rages to the south, the Citadel prepares for a full on assault on the Twin Mountains as the White Death swiftly marches south.

So, the meat of the story will be highly focused on political intrigue, centering less on the actual war, but those involved at the top. I have very much based this story on A Song of Ice and Fire to a large degree, but taken it in a far more fantasy-oriented direction. And from what I have planned out, the game will be put in the Extreme category, just to allow freedom in both smut and depictions of gore more than anything. The roles of the players in the story will be as political leaders (Lords, Dukes, Counts, Kings, etc.) and dealing with not only the massive war that has overtaken the south, but with the growing list of problems breaking out across the world. The story doesn't have a true "goal" other than to be the victorious kingdom in the struggle, but the story will have certain plot points that occur at pre-determined points in the story, so the game will be quite open ended to a point. Players will choose which kingdom (Or the Citadel) they will play for, and assume a role within said group, I would also be very open to players playing multiple main characters, perhaps deigning to play as a lord, and a humble commander of the same faction, or to play one lord each for two different factions, it would add to the potential storytelling opportunities, but is by no means a requirement. And as stated earlier, I am planning a Game of Thrones style story, so sex, violence, and intrigue is par for the course. And finally, the game will be completely freeform; I will have an in-game thread for each faction and their slice of the world, and an out-of-character thread where plot outlines can be discussed as a group, i.e. motivations, short and long term goals, and anything else that would need to be discussed in a group setting. I really see this game as being a bit of a sandbox, just a place where you can come and make a character, write in-character for a while, and if you get bored, kill them off and start over, no real goal or motives, just a world full of problems, and characters too worried about themselves to be worried about saving the world.

So that about does it, and I will be updating the setting info further later, but just wanted to get the outline written up so I could post this interest check. And just send a reply or PM if this story interests you, and I'd say if this story had around 10-12 players, we would be good to go. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and thanks for reading.