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Author Topic: Culubayo - Slave Island [Contemporary | Ex. | Smut | LGBTQA+] All welcome  (Read 13007 times)

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Online Missy

and before I forget . . .


so I have two questions:

The first is the opening scene, it's prettymuch going to be an auction with the slaves on display and the dominants ogling them and then buying them. I'm just curious if this is going to be an indoor or outdoor scene I assume the slaves will be up on a stage or raised platform of some sort, chained to a post with their arms above their heads and I assume their legs chained spread open. I'm curious because I've been brainstorming opening posts and it effects little thigns warm sunlit air or cool air conditioned or is the light natural or harsh and artificial etc.

Second is you mentioned aphrodisiacs being used on the slaves. I'm just curious about how strong these aphrodisiacs are going to be. Just light ones that make them wet/hard or are we talking something a little stronger?
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Offline Kokaine

Name: Olivia Aucoin

Age: 26

Nationality: American - Southern

Physical Description: Olivia is a 5 foot 5 inch tall brunette with sultry brown eyes, smooth olive skin that darkens easily in the sun, and an utterly wicked smile. She keeps in decent shape but prefers fun physical activities and an overall active lifestyle to time in the gym so her slender build maintains healthy curves that are lush and inviting. Livi keeps herself well groomed from head to toe at all times though manages not to come off as obsessive or over the top about it since she is equally comfortable in sneakers, sandals, or stilettos. She speaks with a purring southern (US) accent and generally has a fun and openly flirtatious demeanor, though subtlety is not beyond her.

Master or Slave? : Master seeking a straight or bisexual male slave.

Sexual Preferences: Olivia is pansexual. She finds beauty in the human form regardless of which particular bits and bobs its got as all love is beautiful to her, however, she is admittedly most drawn to the male form. Male on male or being sandwiched between two males herself is one of her biggest turn ons, second only to the potent combination of desire and devotion to her. There is nothing she loves more than bending (or breaking) a big, strong, and virile male to her whims and desires and her desires are plentiful.

Personality and Background: Olivia is a confident and driven young woman with a visible passion for life. She doesn't tend to fit the obvious molds or expectations of others when they hear about her but she honestly doesn't care. Her desire is only to leave this world fulfilled and regretting nothing, a determination that was made rather early on in her life.

Olivia hails from an upper class background though one with a fairly liberal view. She was pushed to succeed but not overburdened, her parents only requiring that she be able to stand proudly by her choices and actions. Her father was a powerful and influential man in their home state but her mother wielded just as much power in her own right, which always stuck with Livi, and their drive and work ethics rubbed off on her quite easily. Later she would come to learn that her parents secretly enjoyed a rather kinky lifestyle which would in turn lead her to actually look into such things due to her own tendencies and preferences.

Olivia could have settled for simply skating through life but she didn't and as a result ended up landing a rather cushy job upon completion of her of Master's Degree. The job where she eventually met Cesar Santos, her fiancee. Funnily enough she couldn't stand him at first but he grew on her, always managing to capture her attention regardless of what she was doing and often amusing her even when she didn't want to be amused. Now she couldn't picture her life without him. The two enjoy an open relationship, which isn't always easy, but it certainly has more pros than cons and Olivia is happy.

The company awarded bonus vacation was a nice surprise and couldn't have come at a better time. Livi is not new to what she does but this will admittedly be the first time she's owned a slave to do with as she pleases.

Player O/Os: Olivia is a Domme and only cares to switch (and therefore submit at times) for her fiancee. There are times she might be inclined to honor his wishes to see something in particular but anyone thinking they are just gonna take control will wind up surprised. She is particularly loving and affectionate to those who serve her well.

Ons - Oral, Vaginal, Anal. Teasing (sometimes to the extent that it seems sadistic), Dirty Talk, Orgasm Control/Denial, Breast Worship, Pussy Worship, Humiliation, Pet Play (she wants a male kitten/puppy ;)), Collars & Leashes, Sensory Deprivation, Visible Signs of Ownership (can be temporary marks or more permanent), Voyeurism, Forced Chastity, Forced Male on Male, Non-Con/Dub-Con, Pegging, Rough Sex, Bondage/Restraints, Light to Moderate Pain, M/F/M, Double Penetration, Sexual Competition.

Breath Play, Light Blood Play, CBT can be discussed but aren't automatic yeses.

Offs - Scat, Vomit, Gore/Vore, Mutilation, Extreme Torture, Animals (on her), Feet, Fisting, Feet (No seriously. Hers may be touched or worshiped if so desired but she's not doing foot jobs of any sort or touching anyone else's).

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Offline BitterSweet

If anyone wants to set up a prior friendship with Aiko that can be arranged. She is, or was, a college student so if anyone has that angle on then it can be almost any university (or just leave it a generic one) since I didn't specify where she went to school.

And great character as well Aiden, nice O/O's also.

Blake and Aiko could know each other - either by going to school, a semester abroad or something of the sort - or by meeting during vacation/spring break.  We could even say they're chained up next to each other on the selling block, for that delicious extra bit of humiliation. >:)

If you want to do that Aiko would know that Blake is an easy going, happy-go-lucky guy who isn't too much on forethought (he's impulsive), likes to party, is getting through uni via a swimming scholarship and parental support and is barely skating through his studies.  He wants to be a professional surfer. ::)

Offline Kokaine

I have yet to work out the kinks, but yes. Koka's character and mine met while working for the Syndicate. They then proceed to fuck each other in all the ways two tops would when they clash for power.

Then he put a ring on it.

*Dies* LMFAO! That's basically the right of it xD

Offline Empyrean

Name: Dr. Angela Chang (FC: Chrissie Chau)

Age: 36

Nationality: Chinese-American. Native English speaker and can also speak Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.

Physical Description: Angela stands at 5'4" tall. She has shoulder-length glossy black hair that's kept neatly arranged, deep brown eyes, and a small-featured face. Her body is reasonably well-curved. She's not the world's next Helen of Troy but she does hit the gym regularly and watches her diet. Cute more than smoking hot.

Master or Slave? : Master. Angela is bisexual and would be comfortable with either a male or female slave. She'd like one she could corrupt if possible.

Sexual Preferences: Angela has known she was bisexual since college, and is comfortable with some measure of experimentation. She's practiced anal, and is comfortable with oral whether she's giving or recieving. While she's heard of BDSM, she's never practiced it. She's heard of some of the more extreme kinks out there and is curious, but has never practiced them.

Personality and Background: Growing up, Angela was reserved. Her parents were hard workers who expected much from her, and she always felt less than. Like she couldn't measure up to their expectations. She withdrew into a world of books and computers. She was an excellent student but her parents were very controlling. A B wasn't good enough. Only As would do. And when she hit her teenage years dating wasn't even an option. Most of Angela's early sexual experimentation came in the back seats of cars after telling her parents she was going to the library to study. When college came around, she got the hell out.

College was where she blossomed as a person and sexually. She discovered that she liked girls as well as boys, began experimenting with things like anal, and in general became her own person. By the time she was done with her doctorate in Chemistry, she'd found work at a place that really seemed to get her. She worked hard, put in overtime, slept with her boss, and otherwise made sure to excel. That part of her had never quite died, and she didn't see herself as a lab flunkie for the rest of her career. She wanted success and wealth.

Her work eventually got her noticed by the Syndicate, who hired her onto their own research team. Applying the same methods for the Syndicate as she had to her more conventional civilian work, she achieved a great deal of success. And while she was never close with her underlings, she did start to open up to her peers. Co-workers who led divisions of the research. Honestly, she couldn't care less why her extremely rich employers are interested in the work she does. They pay her well for discretion and results. She's content with the few friends she's made among the management staff, her work, and her nice fat paycheck with benefits. She's a bit frustrated that her overachieving at work leaves her little time for relationships or sexual fulfillment outside of porn and her vibrator, and tends to take out her frustrations on her hapless employees.

Player O/Os: On: Oral (giving and recieving), anal, strap-ons, breastplay, cumplay, exploring D/S, costumeplay. Off: Gore, vore, cutting, watersports, pretty much everything E considers extreme.

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

@ Kokaine and Empyrean - Olovia and Angela are both fantastic and are accepted. Please post them in the CS thread. Welcome ladies to Culubayo, an island paradise for women of your quality and success, even though you don't know it yet!

Missy, my idea for the slave processing is:

1) Arrive unconscious by plane or boat (either as passenger or crated up airfreight)

2) Carried to the processing facility, stripped, shaved all over (if necessary), checked for infection, illness, injury, etc

3) Passports and other property disposed of, most posessions being sold to the locals for additional profit. Only jewellery is allowed to be retained and if valuable this becomes the property of the new Master.

4) After inspection and all medical checks, unconscious slave is injected with aphrodisiac. This is a fairly strong mix and will make the slave almost constantly horny - for women this means hard nipples, wet sexes and a desperate heat in their bellies they crave to have satisfied. For males it will mean constant firm erections and secretions of pre-cum as well as strong horniness. I'd decided to have the libido sent into uncontrollable overdrive so the characters minds (that would otherwise be filled by fear, shock, horror and other deeply negative reactions for weeks) can be played in the RP in a more positive way.

5) Slaves carried out to the market on small electric trolleys like airport luggage carts. The market is in the main town square which is actually in front of government house and has the harbour quay on one side. The market is a raised stone plinth probably 30 or 40 yards square and is shaded from the sun by a light canvas awning held aloft by bamboo poles. In one corner is a desk for admin and paperwork and the auctioneers rostrum. Several security guards are on hand to move the slaves around. Slaves are naked except for 5" high heels which are secured on by padlocks on the ankle straps. Boys wear only flat natural fibre sandals. These go with the slave as do the leather cuffs at wrists and ankles and a basic leather collar with a lead ring attached. Masters can replace the collars and cuffs with other styles at their discretion. Slaves are displayed with ankles splayed apart about a metre by means of spreader bars and arms raised above their heads, outstretched and wrists also a metre apart with a second spreader bar that hangs via a chain from the bamboo pole roof beams under the awning. When sold a slave has both spreader bars removed, 18" of chain linked between their ankles to permit walking but not running and their wrists cuffed behind their backs. In addition, if a new Master requires, the elbows can be cuffed tight together as well.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 10:47:43 AM by Haibane »

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

We have an imbalance of Masters over slaves which I'd prefer to avoid so I am thinking of making another slave character who will be a black guy. Watch this space.

Offline Dashenka

I will play a slave if you need the balance solved :)

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

We are close to a 50/50 split so please play whichever you will enjoy most!

Offline Dashenka

Hehe I don't know yet... Depends... Not sure which slaves are free yet and if we get more.

Also don't mind playing a dominant... So I guess I'll just wait a bit more and see which slaves or masters are still free or joining.

Online King Serperior

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We have an imbalance of Masters over slaves which I'd prefer to avoid so I am thinking of making another slave character who will be a black guy. Watch this space.
If you ever change your mind from slave to master...

Hehe I don't know yet... Depends... Not sure which slaves are free yet and if we get more.

Also don't mind playing a dominant... So I guess I'll just wait a bit more and see which slaves or masters are still free or joining.
At the moment, my slave, Paige, is free, though she'll likely lean to the more extreme side of things.

Offline craeric

This it might be my cup of tea.  I havn't done any group games yet, but have the idea to either be a free male or a slave transgirl. Which would be more appealing/needed?

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Hi Craeric, thanks for your interest and welcome.

I think we are short of Masters at the moment. Please read through the thread - well my posts - because they set out several important details about how the masters all know each other and are either friends or acquaintances before the RP starts. Most of the Masters have little to no experience of dominating another but all are keen to learn; this will be their first experience of the lifestyle. I am okay though with a minority of Masters who have experience of the lifestyle as well.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 03:06:36 AM by Haibane »

Offline tracyfreegirl

I would be interested in playing a slave if you have an opening. I can whip up a character by tomorrow night if you'll have her...

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Hello Tracey - by all means, please go ahead.

Offline WhatLiesAbove

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What's the current split?

Offline summoner2183

I think in the 1st page there us a list.

Offline Dashenka

Name: Viktoryia Makarova

Age: 19

Nationality: Russian/Swedish

Physical Description: Skinny and tall, (180cm) Vika has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She works hard to keep her body in shape, hoping to one day land a fashion agency contract to earn some serious money.

Master or Slave? : Female slave, looking for straight or bisexual Master/Mistress.

Sexual Preferences: Bi-sexual

Personality and Background: Vika was born in St.Petersburg to a Swedish mother and a Russian dad. Her youth was pretty normal, she went to school, played with friends and regularly got into fights with her mother. Her father was travelling a lot for business and when he came back, he always brought Vika a little present and stories and pictures of his destinations and Vika would dream about coming with her dad to see the world.

When she turned fifteen, the family recieved a letter from a local modelling agency, saying they had spotten Vika on a concert and had taken the liberty to contact her. Vika hadn't told her parents yet knowing they were too protective to let her go down that path but when they learned it was what Vika wanted, they opened up.

It soon became obvious that Vika was wanted as more and more assignments came in. It affected Vika, not just on school level. She had less time to spend with her friends and became less and less connected with them in her pursuit of a career of travelling. She had made a deal with her parents that she wouldn't do shoots abroad until she was of legal age and finished her school. By the time this happened, even her parents saw that she was destined for a good career as a model and when she turned 19, the happy cheerfull Vika got her first big order. Or so she thought.

She was called directly by a woman, pretending to be a Vogue representative telling her they had a photoshoot lined up for her in the Caribbean and that the pay would be pretty good. Needless to say, Vika accepted the offer and went to the designated location where she'd be picked up and escorted to the airport.

Player O/Os:




Permanent mutilation (Piercing and tats maybe.)
Additional Images
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« Last Edit: June 07, 2016, 01:15:20 PM by Dashenka »

Offline Ron Don Volante

Hi Haibane and everyone else,

So...I normally would have jumped on this but I'm doing a slowdown as I work on my novella so I would only be willing to invest the time if my weird desires are willing to be picked up by somebody. Ive never played these relationships/characters out so I'd eb willing to give up time to try them. Specifically:

I play a straight male master with a lesbian slave.
I play a lesbian master with a straight male slave OR a straight female master with a gay male slave.
I would also be willing to play a TG M2F slave to a bisexual male master (a male female master couple works marvelously too)

If anyone would like to take me up on any of these ideas I'd love to jump in. If not that's cool too and I can revisit in a few weeks when things calm down for me to be willing to retread familiar territory in case there is still room for me at that point.


Edited to add one more desired paring.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 10:37:53 AM by Ron Don Volante »

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

@ WhatLiesAbove - it is getting hard to say as several people expressed interest then vanished, some have made characters that I've queried and they haven't replied, etc... So for now I think we sorely lack committed Masters.

One bump I have noticed is several players have submitted characters different to the player gender. I know its not an E rule or anything of the sort but getting a sense of what is going on in the game build-up at the moment I get the strong feeling that a few players would like the character gender to be the same as the writer gender. I personally don't give a hoot, but some I know do, so bearing that in mind might aid you in getting a partner.

@ Dashenka - did I have one of my daft moments and forget something or did I think you were creating a Master character to work with Chrystal? Or are the two of you going with the twins/sisters idea to both be bought by Lynnette? Either way your links don't work.

@ Ron Don - I think that combo would be do-able, if you are okay with the writer gender being different to the character gender as I said above. We've had others talk of similar mind-game setups so you might be in luck.

@ All - regarding some players who expressed interest but didn't post again I have removed them from the player list. Players who made a character but haven't put them in the characters thread and who are not very active here I am concerned about so I have put a strikethrough line on your details. It doesn't mean you are out of the game but it does mean I'm concerned about your lack of activity in engaging with other players to set up a Master/slave pair.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 10:26:14 AM by Haibane »

Offline Dashenka

@ Dashenka - did I have one of my daft moments and forget something or did I think you were creating a Master character to work with Chrystal? Or are the two of you going with the twins/sisters idea to both be bought by Lynnette? Either way your links don't work.

That was suggested but that plan is off the shelf now.

I read that Summoner needed a slave and made one. But he's already in talks with somebody else I think.

What I could do, is make a Master character as well and drop whichever one is not needed.

Offline Ron Don Volante

Seeing as 95% of my PoV characters are female I have zero preference to the gender of the partner. The reason I threw out so many options for Masters (and one slave) is so I don't spam  three different characters (Male master female master and TG slave) but I may just do the male master for now unless you're cool with me putting up two characters knowing my intention is to only play one.

Decisions decisions...

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

@ Dashenka - ah, okay, thanks for clearing up my confusion. Yes, if you want to make a Master as well that can help. I know Chrys is still looking for a female Master.

@ Ron Don (can I call you that? Or do you prefer to be called something else?) - I know King Serperior has a female slave made up and is seeking a partner. I have not asked but he might change her into a lesbian to then play opposite your straight male master.
« Last Edit: June 06, 2016, 10:53:28 AM by Haibane »

Offline la dame en noir

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Haibane - I'll join as a mistress. I just won't have a profile up until tonight or tomorrow morning.

Offline Ron Don Volante

Ron or RDV would be good but Ron Don works too. I'm not picky!

I'll drop KS a line and in the meantime make three master characters (straight male straight female and lesbian female)to have on hand.