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Author Topic: Sea Shanties of the sekube_Pirate AKA my 1-on-1 ideas  (Read 532 times)

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Offline CaptainEroticaTopic starter

Sea Shanties of the sekube_Pirate AKA my 1-on-1 ideas
« on: November 26, 2008, 04:10:58 AM »
Stumbles to an empty table and plops down on the wooden stool, placing a half full bottle of rum on the pitted, liquor stained table.

   "Oy! Yeah I be talkin' ta you Lass. Come sit wit' me a spell. Allow me to introduce myself. I be the legendary Sekube_Pirate, Capitan of the Shaggin' Wagon. What do ye mean ye never heard o' me?" Well tis yer loss you then.

   Here. Have a bit o' rum. Sit back and listen as I tell tale of some of me various exploits on the seven seas.

Okay here is a current list of stories i'm looking to find a partner(s) for.  am willing to modify them some as long as the general idea stays the same. If your interested in something not listed, feel free to PM me. I'm always willing to consider new ideas. You can express interest either here or via PM, but i've found that PM usually works out better.

IN order of preference:

Army of Darkness(with a few twists):
    The story starts out with the daughter of a wealthy nobleman being wed to her father's friend. She first met him about five years ago. She had been fifteen and he twenty-five. He was kind, sweet, and amazingly handsome. Shortly after they met he had suddenly decided to lock himself away in his mansion and had not been seen in the last five years. She had almost forgotten him completely.
   Now he is back, but he is no longer the man he once was. Some wonder if he is still human at all. Certainly she does not recognize him as the man she had fallen in love with five years ago.(early on in the story she will come to realize who he is.)
   Their wedding is short and no sooner had they said their vows than he wisks her away to his mansion. he treats her both kindly and harshly causing much mental and physical turmoil. The main overlying factor is he seems desperate to bed her, before the clock strikes twelve and in a highly unusual way. (e has his reasons which may or may not come to light-though eventually she will understand everything.)
    I don't want to give too much away, but basically just before the climax of their lovemaking He is sucked through a portal and she follows him a few moments later. This is where the "Army of Darkness" part comes in.
   He has been captured by the undead forces who hope to use him to open a permanent gateway to our timeline. She must fend off the undead forces and sexual advances in order to save him before it is too late. The key to defeating the undead horde lies within the fable book called "The Kamasutra." To make matters worse the Undead King has found a loophole. If she is sexually violated by one hundred of his minions before she completes her quest then she will no longer have the purity to perform the required rituals to stop him.
  Well there it is. a bit sketchy, but we can work on it. I would play the male part.

Sleeping with the Past:
   A woman is visited by an evil Goddess during current time. he Goddess bestows upon her the power to kill any man who climaxes with her. There is catch. She must kill someone famous. Each time the man dies she is teleported back in time to previous eras, going futher and further back each time.
   A good diety has found out and has recruited a man to stop her.It is said that should any man survive a sexual encounter with her that the curse will be broken. His mission is to find this woman and bed her.

  Basically I would play the part of all of her encounters plus the man trying to catch her.

That is all I can think of for now. I'll add more as they come to me.

Offline cattycutie

Re: Sea Shanties of the sekube_Pirate AKA my 1-on-1 ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2008, 12:34:44 PM »
I'm DEFINITELY interested in the first one, if it's not already taken.