ALL new PMS have text in them?

Started by TexasWarren, March 28, 2016, 09:38:44 PM

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Just yesterday I began a new story. I write in Open Office then cut and  paste to the E forums. Now when I try to start a new PM OR reply to any PM, The full post shows up along with the subject and even the Message icon!

I have copy and pasted other things on my PC but it is still happening.




Never mind. Clearing cookies fixed it.


and today it's happening again... not sure what is going on.



Are you using Chrome?

I've noticed off-site it sometimes hangs on to info it shouldn't.

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Quote from: AmberStarfire on March 30, 2016, 08:11:05 AM
Are you using Chrome?

I've noticed off-site it sometimes hangs on to info it shouldn't.

I use Chrome and I never have this issue.

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Maybe try reinstalling chrome? I am afraid I am not sure why that would happen. I have problems with chrome not working with netflix because an extension got corrupted and the only thing that seemed to help was reinstalling. The problem I had was the sound would play with nexflix but all I had was a black screen. So sometimes things in the background might be corrupted since a temporary fix was disabling and re enabling the extension but eventually a full reinstall was needed. good luck.
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I am using chrome. Clearing cache fixes it and then it comes back. Will try a re-install but it does not happen on my other RPG forum site.


I take it the subject was "Jailbait"?

Are you using Lazarus?  If so, try disabling that.