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Started by Jezabelle, March 26, 2016, 07:47:52 PM

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New System

The Pitch IC:
An ancient wizard has built a tower-dungeon and openly challenged any who wish to enter it.  If they can make it through they shall be granted life eternal--but if they cannot, he turns them into new additions to the dungeon.  His magicks continually grow the dungeon, and rooms are added for conquered foes, the ground raised to add more floors as necessary.

The Pitch OOC:
Play a quick dungeon crawl with persistent elements in the form of characters getting monster girl\boy'd.  Can return with descendants/do co-op tag team if you're p'interested.  We can make an OOC thread if needs be, to keep this one from getting too bump'd for a board with infrequent posts.
There's a further meta element in that if you turn back and leave, the dungeon does not get re-configured and the map is kept here: the adventurer's knowledge is shared.  If someone loses and gets monsterboy/girl'd, the jig's up.
It'll be played as a series of one-on-one games, generally, to keep the clip quick and see many people served.  Think of it as a... dungeon time-share?  Rotisserie timetable?

The List:
0.  Ryogen's Run (Current)

Hall of Immortals:

Current Map:



Quote from: wigglebiscuit on March 26, 2016, 08:55:54 PM
Do we get to play our monstergirl and face off against newcomers?

Ideally yes.  It could take some time though so it'll be abrogated, that is to say, you'll rp at each other, queue up 3 turns at a time, I'll narrate how that goes, and then three more turns.

Edit: you can also have me run it, also-also getting Monstergirl'd mutates your stats and gives you new moves.



Replacing old system
Quote from: wigglebiscuit on March 26, 2016, 09:50:02 PM
I'm down for giving this a go!

Awesome!   Sent you a PM.

Anyone interested should check this out:

If you'd like to be a race other than human, typically they get +10 more base to a stat and then -10 to one other stat.  The differences can be more extreme than that however.  Also, I'm here to discuss/develop your gear and "Unique Attributes" as you like so y'can have your own special snowflake :3

You can either roll 2d10 and get +20 per stat or spend 65 points (1:1) across these stats atop the +20 base.  Make all your rolls to
.  You can re-roll as much as you like  O:)

This is the simplest charSheet, feel free to embelish.

[float=right][img width=300][/img][/float]
[b]Race[/b]: (ask me about this beforehand if you want to have racially calculated statbloc)
[b]Racial Description[/b]: (for non-generics or exposition)

[b]Backstory[/b]: (explain who you are and where you're from)

WS  |  BS  |  S  |  T  |  Ag  |  Int  |  WP  |  Fel
XX   |  XX  | XX | XX|  XX  |  XX  |  XX  |  XX

Insanity Points: 0

Inventory: (will discuss in pm)
Equipped: (same)

Unique Attributes: (special mechanical things about your character, decided avec moi)


New System:

I have sought to streamline the nature of the system to make the games feel snappier.  To-whit:

This is a d6 roll for Success system where the default success number is a six, meaning anything less than a six does not count.  Youch!  But we'll get to why it's not so harsh.

Every task you do falls under one of four stats, the stat levels all start at 1 and dictate how many d6 you roll:

Body Skills
Strength:  1
Agility:  1

Mind Skills
Charisma:  1
Willpower:  1

You have two pools.  Body and Mind.  They contain Effort Points that may be spent before a roll to lower the Success threshold, to a minimum of 2.  I.e. you are rolling a Strength test, you spent 1 effort then roll your die.  It comes up a 5, normally a failure, but because of your Effort spent it Succeeds.

Sneaky rogue, wise scholar, magic user?  Tell me about your character and I'll give you a Boon that helps you get an edge and a Bane that is your weakness.  We can discuss them but you're not allowed to directly pick.  Include stuff about strengths and weaknesses here to guide how they wind up mechanically or I may have to improvise.



[b]Avatar[/b]: [float=right][img height=200 width=120] Your character’s artwork[/img][/float]

[b]Body Skills[/b]
Strength:  1
Agility:  1

[b]Mind Skills[/b]
Charisma:  1
Willpower:  1




That's it!  Characters have 4 Stat points to begin the game with, and have 10 points to split between the max size of the Body or Mind pool.

Damage is dealt in terms of Wounds, special hindrances on characters.  More will be revealed about them in play, but you can expect to meet a specific and grizzly end if you wind up on the pointy end of a spear--or perhaps permanently hobbled with a -2 max Body pool.

Statpoints may be gained in the dungeon from Orbs, and Red and Blue Elixirs restore their respective pool.


Hmm, might give this one a shot, I'll think about it and submit a sheet when I get a chance.