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Author Topic: Jez's Simple d10 [Warhammer 2nd Edition Generic-ified]\WiP/  (Read 1374 times)

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Jez's Simple d10 [Warhammer 2nd Edition Generic-ified]\WiP/
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:09:41 AM »
Principal Dice Rolls
d100, achieved via virtual dice or rolling 2d10 and declaring one the tens place (00 is a 100).  One is generally trying to roll at or under a certain number.  d10 rolls are simply rolling a d10, usually to deal damage.

Difficulty modulation occurs in the form of +10 being the baseline.  Doing an average task?  Your stat +10 is what you must roll at or under.  Doing something super fucking hard?  -30.  Doing something super fucking easy yet you must still roll for it, like hitting someone you've got pinned down?  +30.  Don't be stingy with these or the players feel worthless.

"Degrees of success" are used to do contested rolls in this system, or recognize where a player did the job really well.  Basically, for getting at or under the target roll one Degree of Success is attained, then for every 10 more they rolled below the target they gain another +1 Degree of Success.  When rolls are contested, highest degrees succeeds.

Stats and Generation
(Optional):  You may incorporate races\different kinds of characters that roll more or less for different stats.  As a general rule, only give one or two stats a +10 base and give two a +30; giving only one +30 but no +10 or three +30s and two +10s is also acceptable for especially balanced or lopsided races.
There are 8 principal stats.   You get your racial base (20 as default\if playing without races) +2d10 to each of these stats. 

Weapon Skill:
Roll this to hit with a melee weapon or your hams.

Ballistics Skill:
Roll this to hit with a ranged weapon or throw something.

Tens column ("Strength Bonus") is added to most melee weapons' damage.  Breaking down doors and winning at arm wrestling.

Tens column ("Toughness Bonus") subtracts incoming damage.  Not starving or getting drunk.

Tens column is initiative.  Running around and shit.

Being a smart ass, using some things, medical shit.

Will Power:
Using magic, not going insane because of horrifying things, not going insane because of magic, refusing to bang someone you'd really rather bang.

Name for Charisma that makes it more clearly possible for ugly motherfuckers to have a lot of.  Leading people into battle, leading people into bed, leading people into a scam--all about leading people on, basically.

2ndary Characteristics
8 + Strength Bonus + Toughness Bonus.  Once these are depleted they go negative and incoming hits fuck you up more and more.

Insanity Points:
Starts at 0.

Fate Points:
Starts at 2.  Spend any time to re-roll.  Awarded for whatever the DM feels like.  Highly optional.

Skills (Optional)
Wanna spice things up?  Add skills relevant to the setting.  Let the players choose 5 + Int's tens column.  If players don't have the relevant skill to do a thing (like picking a lock) they roll the governing stat (Agility) -20.   So an Agility 40 player without lock-picking would need to roll at-or-under 20 to pick a slightly harder than average (not +10) lock.

You're either wearing armour or you're not.  It has an AP.  Subtract that number from incoming damage that isn't [Piercing].  See combat for more details.

You're either wearing armour on your Head (0-15) \ Torso (56-80) \ Left Arm (36-55) \ Right Arm (16-35) \ Left Leg (91-100) \ Right Leg (81-90) or not, individually, for each slot.  If a piece of armour covers a region of the body it lends its AP to that location if it is struck (you now roll an extra d100 when striking to see where you hit).  This tends to result in higher AP amounts for stuff like torso armour and lower amounts for legs and head.

Sophisticated with Clothing Degredation
The above, but you could also be wearing clothing underneath your armour.  Each body part has an "HP" of 10 (fur coat) to 3 (skimpy non-armour).  If you hit a region with something that could cut clothing, regardless of whether it deals any damage clothing in that region deteriorates by the damage you dealt. 

d10 + Agl tens column = initiative, if tie highest Agl goes first.

Either full, half, or neglibigle.  By default you only get 1 full action's worth of action per turn but Cool Guy DMs may jack this up to 1.5 to see the action go even faster.  For pbp it's advisable to actually have players do combat rounds in blocs of 3 and just process them 1 at a time for everybody.  This way it's not more than 2 or 3 casts of the dice before things are well and settled.

Half action.  Agl test, +10s next BS check.

Half action, negligible action for some select weapons or at DM discretion..

Half action.  d100 roll your Ballistics\Weapon Skill.  Base to-hit is +10 but may be adjusted by the DM.  It's important to note the enemy's armour doesn't matter.  Consult the weapon's statistics and that's how much damage you dealt.  This damage loses -Toughness Bonus and -AP of your enemy (and the region you struck them in if applicable). 

Half action.  d100 Weapon Skill check.  Degrees of success subtracted from one incoming attack next turn.  May block two different attacks.

Cast Spell\Use Item
Half action.  d100 Will Power or Intelligence or whathaveyou.  If it succeeds the item\spell's effects occur.

Full action.  Contest Agility with target.  If you win, they're grappled.  If you already have a target grappled you may attempt an Agl -10 to strip 1 article of clothing or armour from them contested against their Strength (Grappling is always contentious so I understand if y'don't like this, figured I'd just leave something easy for the uninitiated\opinionated).

Drink Potion
Negligible action that eats no time.

Optional:  You can add a half action called Dodging that requires an Agl - 10 roll.  If it succeeds it -10s all attempt to hit you in the coming round.

Wounds, Death, and Dying
People who have less than 0 wounds take a critical hit.  The hit location is important here even if you don't use the sophisticated armour system.  When damage is dealt to an individual with negative Wounds, use Damage (after the usual mitigation of TB and AP) - (-Wounds) to determine what on the table happens. 

It's important to remember this damage also gets dealt, so a hit on a -2 Wounds character with 3 damage getting through puts them at -5 Wounds and gets result 5 on the table.

Put another way, you add the negative amount of wounds into the damage being dealt to determine what on this chart happens.

    1-2:  Blood is splattered all over that part of you from the wound.  Roll toughness to not drop held things if arm.
    3:  Roll toughness -10 to not drop held item if an arm, regardless of that outcome take -10 to all checks with the limb (Agl with movement for leg, Agl with lockpicking for arm, WS to hit with arm, etc) until medical attention is received.
    4-5:  Armour damage is applied and armour covering this region receives -1 AP.  If an arm, anything held is dropped.  -10 on relevant checks until someone fixes you up.
    6-7:  That part of you if fucked, can't use it for shit.  If it was your head, fall unconscious and roll Toughness Bonus +10 to not bleed out thrice or until a successful medical check is made to stabilize you.
    8:  Same but +0.
    9:  Same but -10
    10:  Game over man, game OVER!

Sanity (Optional)
Anytime the player(s) encounter something fucked up to the degree you feel it ought to effect their psyche, a certain number of Insanity Points (1-4 usually) should be on the line.  Then, players make a Willpower roll at whatever the difficulty is.
All or nothing is the common form of resolution--fail and get all the IP, succeed and get none of it--but where you want to be kind or feel at least some degree of fucked up should occur, you can change the difficulty of the roll up or down and reduced IP gained by 1 per degree of success.  In some senses it sucks the joy out of success but in others you're giving them partial credit for what would otherwise have been a failed roll most likely.

It's worth noting it's easy to parlay this into a dual "Corruption" system with parallel Corruption Points staved off in much the same manner.

Once a character has 5 IP, they make a -10 WP check every time they gain IP (including the time they gain their 5th IP).  If they fail, then you roll on a d100 chart (or have them roll) of various insanity impositions, like kleptomania or similar.  It's such a broad thing that I encourage you to examine the tablesof others and come up with something setting appropriate.

If a condition is gained, lose 5 IP.

Experiencing and Progression
Exp should be doled out for accomplishing things, either plot wise, combat wise, or just general achievements.  +10 eXp for minor things like exploration or problem solving, +25 eXP for overcoming an obstacle, and +50 eXP for making it through a truly life threatening situation.  +75 eXP if it was more like you'd not have survived it.

EXP is then spent in doses of 100 to up stats by 5 or gain skills.  Upgrades to skills one already confers bonuses of +10 per upgrade on rolls utilizing that skill.  So if you've taken lock-picking three times it'll be at +20.  After you've upgraded a stat or skill 3 times it costs 100 eXP more to increase, and this continues every set of 3. 

So the first +15 to a stat will cost 300 eXP over three installments of 100 eXP, the next +15 will cost 600 eXP in three installments of 200, and so on.

Remember to recalculate SB and TB as your Strength and Toughness increase.

    +Example items and skills.
    +Character examples.
    +Combat examples.
    +Character sheet template

Feel free to comment with constructive criticism\inquiries, or PM me about them.
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